Chapter 108: Visitors welome

It was morning and Luna in her winged unicorn form, left her room and walked down stairs. She went to the dinning room and sat at the table as he mother brought her pan cakes.
"Mom, where's Blizzard?" Luna asked.
"He's still asleep," Rosebud answered.
"Where's Skyview and Starfire?" Luna asked.
"Outside in the back yard," Rosebud answered, walking back into the kitchen.
"Oh," Luna replied.
There was no one in the house except for her, Rosebud and Blizzard who was still sleeping. She had hoped Blizzard was awake. She wanted to see him and talk to him.
"Mom, I'm going to ask my friends to come over," Luna yelled.
"I don't know Luna. Blizzard just got here, he may not be ready to see anyone," Rosebud replied.
"He needs friends," Luna replied. She stood up and walked to the phone. She called each of her friends and asked them to come over. Starfire walked in just as Luna had called her last friend.
"Starfire!" Luna exclaimed happily. She rushed across the living room and hugged him, "I'm so glad your staying."
Starfire smiled, "So am I Luna. Now I must check on Blizzard."
Rosebud walked into the living room, "Lunarstar. Hurry and eat your breakfast before your friends gets here."
"Friends?" Starfire asked, "They're coming over?"
"I invited them and I hope Blizzard wakes up in time to see them," Luna replied.
Luna turned and went to the dinning room and ate her breakfast.

Just as Luna had finished, there was a knock at the door. Rosebud walked to the door and answered it.
"Hello girls...Blueberry," Rosebud smiled, "Come on it."
Luna walked into the Kitchen and sat her plate on the counter, then she went to the living room where her friends sat on the couches and floor waiting.
"Hi, Lunarstar," Patch exclaimed happily.
"So where is Blizzard?" Starlight asked.
"He's a sleep," Luna answered.
"He said he wasn't coming back," Blueberry exclaimed.
"Well, he came back last night and looked awful," Luna replied
Just then Skyview walked in the house from the kitchen and entered the living room, surprising, Raspberry and Blueberry.
Skyview stopped and smiled, "Hi, girls," Then he noticed two familiar ponies, "Hello. It's...nice to see you two."
"Umm. Hi," Blueberry replied.
"It's been a long time since you saw me. You must be Blueberry," Skyview replied.
"Yes," Blueberry replied.
"I'm Raspberry."
"I remember you. You got lost in the forest," Skyview replied smiling.
"Well, thank you for helping me," Raspberry replied smiling.
"Lost in the forest?" Blueberry asked curiously.
"That was a while ago, Blueberry. Oh, How is Little Flitter?" Raspberry asked.
"Just fine, She's always curious and tends to get in trouble because of it," Skyview replied.
"Who?" Blueberry asked.
"She was my friend," Raspberry explained.
"She's a summer wing pony," Skyview answered, "She's very small with large butterfly wings."
Just then Starfire walked downstairs and approached Skyview.
"What took you so long?" Skyview asked him.
"He woke up and doesn't want to get out of bed because he felt sore," Starfire answered, "It took me all this time to talk him into coming downstairs." Starfire looked at Raspberry and Blueberry, "Hello."
"Hi," Raspberry muttered not wanting to say more to him. She remembered that last few times she met him.
"I guess you haven't forgotten about me. I scared you off last time. I couldn't have you following me," Starfire explained.
"What did you do to her?" Skyview asked.
"I just told her we would get rid of her," Starfire answered, then he glared at him, "You scared her too not so long ago either. When we were visiting here and you left to scare her off from the house."
Skyview glared at him, "You would have to remember that."
Starfire looked at Raspberry and smiled, "I'm sorry about scaring you. I'm really a fun loving pony."
Raspberry smiled feeling relieved he was really nice.
"Yeah, fun loving. That pretty much fits you," Skyview replied.
"A super ear grouch fits you," Starfire replied.
Luna couldn't hold it, she began to laugh as the two argued

Just then Blizzard walked downstairs carefully to the bottom step. He turned and stopped suddenly staring at the girls in the living room.
"Blizzard come and join us," Starfire suggested.
As Blizzard approached them, the girls noticed his hairy feet and couldn't believe he kept it hidden from them. He sat on the floor but making sure he wasn't to close to everyone.
"I see you could finally join us downstairs," Skyview exclaimed smiling.
Blizzard looked up at Starfire annoyingly, "I didn't have much choice. I got pushed off the bed."
Skyview chuckled, "He's persistent, isn't he?"
"Blizzard I thought you wasn't coming back," Raspberry said.
"I had no choice. I didn't know where else to go," Blizzard answered sadly.
"What happened to you?" Blueberry asked, "Where did you go after the fight?"
Blizzard sighed sadly staring at the floor, "Well it started when I thought Princess Luna was dead. I ran back through the gate and flew home."
"Where do you live?" Skyview asked.
Blizzard hesitated, wondering if he should tell them. He thought about what his father had did to him and knew his father never loved him.
"At the Volcano of Gloom," Blizzard answered.
"The witches mountain?" Skyview exclaimed.
Blizzard looked at him curiously, not sure what he's was talking about.
"The what?" Luna asked not sure she heard him right.
"Centuries ago there used to be three witches living in the volcano. They caused a lot of trouble but the mother was the one you had to watch out for. After awhile they just disappeared, no one had ever seen them again," Skyview explained.
"There's paintings of them in the hall. I don't know anything else about them. Father refuse to tell me," Blizzard replied, "Well, anyways. I returned home upset over the fact Luna was dead. Father saw me upset and asked what happened. So I told him Princess Luna was dead. He stared at me silently. He had guessed I had feelings for her. He asked for proof and I told him I forgot it. He was furious with me. He said I was useless. He said raising me was a waste of time. He said I should never have fallen in love and because of that he called me a traitor. He repeated me the rules and that I had broken everyone of them and lied to his face. He threw a fireball at me which caught me by surprise. I ran and he was doing his best not to miss me. When he couldn't hit me with fire, he suddenly spit at me."
"Eww," the girls exclaimed.
"Well, it was slimy and it ate my fur. The green slime stung my skin. It hurt so bad but I had to keep running. Father chased me out the door and as far as he could. I flew from the volcano and went to a lake. I walked in it but the slime wouldn't come off. It hurt to even try and pull it off. I left the lake and came here. The soldiers at the gate gave me a hard time but I managed to get through them."
"What do you mean by throwing fireballs?" Starfire asked.
"He can breath fire," Blizzard answered.
"A pony that can breath fire?" Patch asked.
"That's not possible," Bright Eyes exclaimed.
"It's true. He breaths fire," Blizzard calmly said.
"If you needed proof that she was dead, why didn't you get a fake one and lie about it?" Raspberry asked.
"I was to bring Princess Luna's horn back with me as proof," Blizzard replied.
"Why didn't you get another horn and say it was hers?" Bon Bon asked.
Blizzard looked at Luna standing next to him, "Her horn is pearly. I can not find another horn like it."
The girls looked as if they just noticed it for the first time. Luna looked away, not liking the stares.
"So what are you going to do now?" Raspberry asked.
Blizzard looked at the floor sadly, "I don't know. I can't return home either."
Rosebud walked in the living room after hearing everything he said, "You are welcome to stay here with us."
Blizzard looked at her and the black ponies then at a very excited Luna, "For now."
"Blizzard, who is your father?" Skyview asked, "What's his name? Where did he come from?"
Blizzard sighed at the thought of his father, "his name is Teriney. He even forbids me to call him father. I don't know anything else about him."
"Are you serious?" Raspberry asked, "He's your father. That's what your suppose to call him."
"Try and tell him that," Blizzard replied.
"I had never heard of the name Teriney before," Starfire exclaimed, "What does he look like?"
"He's dark green with red and white hair. He's got golden yellow eyes and can be very mean," Blizzard answered.
"I know I have never heard or seen a pony like that," Skyview exclaimed.
"You wouldn't either. He never shows himself to anyone other than me," Blizzard told him.
"That's awful, I mean to think what he's done to you all this time and you had to live with him," Luna muttered sadly.
Blizzard sighed sadly at the thought of Teriney.
"I'm sorry Blizzard I didn't mean to bring back memories," Luna quickly said.
"I'll always have them," Blizzard told her.
"But it'll get easier over the years," Skyview told him.
Rosebud walked up to Blizzard and smiled, "Lets celebrate."
"Why" Luna asked looking up at her.
"He is here and is staying with us. We're all together. I just feel like celebrating," Rosebud paused for a minute, "how about a picnic?"
"Sure," The girls exclaimed.
"You can count me out," Skyview said, "I'm not going out in public."
"Well we could have a picnic else where, far from other ponies," Rosebud proposed.
"Oh, how about the gate?" Luna asked, "It's quiet, no one goes there and it's pretty at this time of year."
Rosebud smiled, "That's perfect."
"I'll go then," Skyview remarked.
"Great, I just have to pack the food," Rosebud replied.
"I'll go home and pack some food too," Bon Bon said. She stood up and left the house, hurrying home as fast as she could.
"Luna, go tell your father where we're going," Rosebud told her.
Luna stood up and left the living room. She hurried outside towards the shed. Blizzard watched her leave, then he stood up and followed her. Everyone watched wondering what he was up to. Skyview stood up and watched through the kitchen.

Blizzard left the kitchen and walked outside waiting on the porch. Luna told her father about the picnic and the gate, then she turned and left. She was surprised to see Blizzard on the porch and wondered why he was outside. She stepped on the porch and looked at him curiously, "What is it?"
Blizzard looked at her sadly, "I'm so sorry, Princess Luna. I really am."
Luna smiled, "Please call me Luna or Lunarstar," She leaned towards him and lightly kissed him on the cheek, "I'll give you a proper kiss when your feeling better."
Blizzard smiled at her, "I still love you."
"So do I Blizzard," Luna replied.

Skyview watched suspiously, "Does Luna love Blizzard?"
"Yes," everyone replied.
"We'll have to tell Stardust this when we see him again," Skyview replied.
"Well, don't say anything today," Rosebud told him, "I want Blizzard to enjoy himself and forget about his father. He's had a rough few nights."
Skyview looked at her surprisingly at her tone of voice. She sounded determine not to let anything ruin today's picnic.
"Ok, I suppose I can let Stardust do all the talking," Skyview replied.
"Great, now to start packing food," Rosebud exclaimed smiling.
She turned and went into the kitchen.

Luna, her mother, friends and uncles spent the day by the Gate, eating and laughing, trying their best to get Blizzard to enjoy himself. Blizzard remained the calm clueless pony who didn't want to try and have fun, he would rather sit and relax his sore skin.