Chapter 107: Blizzard crying for help

Night had fallen and Buster and Charades waited for Luna at the bottom of the stairs.
"Hurry, the Gate is opened," Charades yelled.
"I'm coming in a minute. I have to clean my face first," Luna yelled back.

Meanwhile, not to far, Stardust and his brothers walked through the gate with two soldiers who stood guard by the gate. Their coats glowed as did the black ponies golden callers and Stardust's crown. The ruins was lit brightly, enabling them to see around. The sky was very dark, only the Full moon and the twinkling stars glowed brightly. The forest was quiet except for the crickets in the meadow.
"She should be here," Stardust remarked looking around.
"Maybe they left the house late?" Starfire guessed.
"Or we could be to late," Skyview added.
"Skyview, go to the house and find out where Luna is," Stardust told him.
"Ok," Skyview replied and then he winked out.

Skyview appeared in the house at the door, surprisingly, Buster and Charades. Luna was just going downstairs when she saw Skyview. She smiled greatly and ran to him, giving him a hug.
"I missed you," Luna exclaimed happily.
"So have I," Skyview replied smiling, "Wait here. I'll be right back." Skyview let go and winked out, reappeared in front of his brothers, "She is there. She was just late getting out of the house."
"Take us there," Stardust told him.
"At the same time?" Skyview asked, "I don't think I've done that before."
"You could try," Starfire proposed, "It shouldn't hurt to find out if you can."
"Well, normally I just touch you but I can't touch both of you at the same time," Skyview replied.
"How about if we touch you?" Stardust suggested.
Skyview smiled, "It might work." He lit his horn and bent his head down, "Now go ahead."
Stardust and Starfire both touched his horn and suddenly they winked out. They reappeared in the living room surprising everyone.
Luna smiled greatly, "Dad!"
Stardust turned and smiled, he stood on his hind legs and hugged Luna tightly.
"Not..too..tight," Luna breathed.
"Sorry, I'm just happy to see you and unharmed," Stardust replied.
"I'm fine, why wouldn't I be?" Luna asked letting go and looking up at him.
"Luna, we've come to warn you about the ice blue pony. Thanks to Starfire, we learned he is Blizzard."
"I know," Luna replied sadly, "He ran and isn't coming back."
"What?" his brothers asked.
"What do you mean?" Stardust asked, "What happened?"
Charades came forward, "King Stardust, I think I have better explain. A few nights ago, Me and Buster saw him flying over the park. We followed him hoping to catch him and get some answers. I had no idea Princess Luna was following us and her two friends, Blueberry and Raspberry was following her."
"I have a feeling where this is going," Starfire muttered.
"Well, we found him at a shack in the forest..." Charades explained.
"A shack?" Stardust asked, "It was it near the cliffs by the ocean?"
"Yes it was," Charades looked at him surprisingly.
"Me and my brothers stayed there while we were here in this world," Stardust explained, "Blizzard must have ran across it by accident."
"Well, we fought him there. Then he threw icy darts at us, one of them hit a tree branch above Princess Luna. The branch broke and fell on her, knocking her out. Blizzard was so upset thinking he had killed her. He apologized and ran off. That's that last time we saw him," Charades finished explaining.
"Luna, are you alright?" Stardust asked her.
"Yes I'm find. I just have a slight bruise on my shoulder," Luna replied smiling.
"Do you know where Blizzard went?" Skyview asked.
"No I don't," Charades asked.
Rosebud approached the black ponies, "Why are you looking for him. He's gone and isn't coming after Lunarstar."
"Because he's in serious trouble with his father and we got to help him," Stardust replied.
Luna looked at him worriedly, "What do you mean trouble?"
Stardust looked at her seriously, "His father punishes him with fire, burning his legs and from what I can tell he yells at him a lot. Blizzard is scared of his father, so scared that he won't let anyone help him. I was hoping you could talk him into letting us help him but we are to late."
Luna looked at his flightily, "he never told me that. Burn?...Dad, will he be alright?"
"I don't know. Now that he thinks he had accomplished his orders..." Stardust began to say.
"He hasn't," Buster suddenly said interrupting him, "I'm sorry but I heard Blizzard say his father wanted proof that Princess Luna was dead. He was to bring her horn to him as proof and as you can see, he did not do that."
"He's in serious trouble with his father," Starfire muttered.
Everyone stood silently wondering what had became of Blizzard. Was he alright? Did his father kill him? Or did he get burned badly?

As they started to talk, there was a faint knock at the door. Everyone in the room didn't hear it except for Skyview.
"Someone is at the door," Skyview said.
"Are you sure?" Rosebud asked him, "I didn't hear anything."
"Super ears can hear a pin drop," Starfire explained.
Skyview glared at him, "Super ears?"
Starfire smiled at him.
Rosebud walked to the door and cracked it opened to her shocking surprise it was Blizzard. Most of his fur was gone, his mane was gone and he was covered in some green thin slime.
"Blizzard?" Rosebud asked. She could hardly recognize him.
He didn't dare move, only his tears dripped to the ground. Luna opened the door when she heard his name. She stopped and gasped shockingly at him. Blizzard looked up at her surprisingly forgetting the stinging pain he was feeling.
"Your...alive?" Blizzard whispered.
Luna was to shocked at the sight of him to answer.
"Starfire, take her to bed," Stardust told him.

Starfire grabbed her and carried her in his arms up the stairs.
"Starfire, let me go. That was him wasn't it?" Luna asked.
Starfire carried her into her room and sat her on her bed.
"Starfire," Luna called to him.
"Yes it was him. Now stay here," Starfire told her.
"But Starfire. What happened to him?" Luna asked.
"I don't know but you'll just get in the way if you come downstairs. He looks like he's in a lot of pain and we're going to do our best to help him. Now I want your promise me that you'll stay in your room," Starfire replied.
"Ok as long as you promise to tell me what's going on," Luna replied.
Starfire smiled, "Ok I will." Then he turned and left the room. He walked down stairs and joined his brothers outside.
"Lets put him in back," Skyview suggested.
"Why not in the house?" Rosebud asked.
"That stuff that's on him is eating at his skin. It'll eat anything it touches. I don't think you want holes in your floors," Skyview explained.
"Well, the back yard sounds like a better place," Rosebud replied.
"Blizzard, follow me to the backyard," Booster told him and led the way around the side of the house. Blizzard walked slowly, feeling every pain on his body.
When he reached the back yard, he stopped and stood there not wanting to move again.
"Blizzard, what happened?" Stardust asked, "how did you get that stuff on you?"
Blizzard's tears continued to fall as he thought of his furious father, "I returned without proof that Princess Luna was dead. Father was so furious at me. He threw fireballs at me. I had no idea he could throw fireballs. He missed me and got angrier. When he couldn't fry me, he spit at me. I cried so loudly, it hurt. I ran out of the house with father chasing me. I flew to a lake to wash it off but it wouldn't come off. It's stuck to me. I didn't know where to go so I came here. I haven't slept for a day and...I'm so very tired."
"Well that explains why your not yelling in pain," Skyview muttered.
"Too tired," Blizzard replied.
"If it's suppose to eat anything then why isn't it eating his necklace?" Buster asked observing the slim covered golden necklace on Blizzard's neck.
"Blizzard, is that pure gold?" Stardust asked.
"Yes," Blizzard answered as tears continued to fall from the pain he was feeling.
"Apparently, it can't eat everything," Stardust replied.
"How can we get that off of him?" Rosebud asked.
"He will have to be scrubbed," Stardust replied.
"And it's going to hurt worse than that slimy stuff," Skyview replied.
"I got a few scrub brushes then," Rosebud told them.
"It's probably best we give him a bath outside," Skyview replied.
"Are you two staying here?" Stardust asked.
"Well...uh...yes, me and Starfire can watch out for Blizzard," Skyview replied.
"Thanks for inviting me," Starfire whispered, glaring at him.
Skyview smiled at Starfire.
"Skyview can you take me back to the gate?" Stardust asked.
"Sure," Skyview replied.
"Let me say goodbye to Luna first," Stardust told him, then he turned and walked into the house.
"I'm going to need a rope or something to muzzle him so he doesn't wake the neighbors and we'll need a lot of scrub brushes," Skyview told Rosebud and Booster.

Stardust went upstairs and into Luna's room. He caught her looking out her window. Luna turned and smiled greatly when she saw her father.
"Dad, Blizzard looks awful," Luna told him.
"I know and he's going to be taken care of," Stardust replied walking around her bed.
"What's all over his legs?" Luna asked worriedly.
"Burns his father gave him. I plan to take him back to Dream Castle and have those cleared up," Stardust replied.
"That can be gone?" Luna asked surprisingly.
"I know a few unicorns than can clear anything the skin touches," Stardust replied.
"How come your so nice to him. I thought you would hate him for what he's done," Luna remarked.
"He's a lost little pony and very confused. I just feel sorry for him and want to help him get on his feet the right way," Stardust replied.
"Dad what's all over Blizzard's body?" Luna asked.
"The burns?" Stardust asked.
"No the green stuff," Luna replied.
"Oh, he said his father spit at him. It eats anything it touches," Stardust replied.
"Spit at him?" Luna asked. She couldn't help be felt it sounded familiar, like she had heard it once before.
"What is it?" Stardust asked worriedly seeing the puzzled look on her face.
"It sounds familiar," Luna replied.
"Skyview and Starfire had it on them once," Stardust said.
"They have?" Luna asked.
"You didn't know?" Stardust asked.
"No," Luna replied, "But still It feels familiar."
"Luna, you know something I don't?" Stardust asked.
"I don't know Dad. I can't remember what it was," Luna replied.
"Well tell me as soon as you remember," Stardust told her.
"I will. You'll be the first to know,"Luna replied.
"Well, I came up here to say goodbye," Stardust said, changing the subject.
Luna looked at him sadly, "Your leaving?"
"Yes Luna, I got a Kingdom to run," Stardust replied. He sat on the bed with Luna, "Your mother misses you."
Luna reached over to him and hugged him tightly, "Say hi to mom for me."
"I will," Stardust replied, "Stay out of trouble while I'm gone."
"I will," Luna replied as a tear came out of her eye. She hated to see him leave but she knew he had to go.
Stardust let go and stroked her long white hair, "I'll miss you. I hope someday you can stay at the castle with me and your mother."
"I wish the gate was always opened," Luna muttered.
"Well, you made them didn't you, so maybe you know away for the gates to stay opened and you just forgot," Stardust guessed.
"I would certainly not forget something like that," Luna replied.
Stardust smiled, "Well I have better be going. See you when the gate opens again."
"Bye," Luna exclaimed and sat watching as her father leave her room.

Stardust walked downstairs, through the kitchen and out the back door. He stood on the porch of the wood beams watching Starfire and Skyview scrub Blizzard in a large tub bucket, filled with water. Blizzard close his eyes tightly as tears streaming out of his eyes from the burning pain of being scrubbed hard. His mouth was tied shut with a rope so he couldn't make any sounds.
"Where's Buster and Charades?" Stardust asked.
"They went to get more brushes," Booster answered.
A small patch of green slim was finally scrubbed off and Blizzard's fur suddenly grew.
"That's just amazing," Rosebud muttered, "I mean to see it grow back."
"Just wait till they get done," Stardust replied smiling, "Skyview, take me to the Gate."
Skyview put the brush down and walked up to Stardust with his horn glowing. He laid him horn on Stardust and suddenly winked out. A few minutes later he winked back again. Then he took his brush and continued scrubbing. Buster and Charades finally returned with six more brushes.
"We're very tired," Charades told Skyview, "We're going to leave. See you tomorrow."
"Ok," Skyview replied.
Rosebud and Booster stood outside watching as the green slime on Blizzard was slowly being scrubbed from him body.
A few hours had went by and Blizzard's coat finely grew back. All that was left was one leg to scrub.
"We'll need some towels and a bucket of water," Skyview told them.
Rosebud went in the house for towels while Booster went inside to fill a bucket with water.Rosebud came downstairs just as Booster had finished filling the bucket. They walked outside and saw Skyview had finished scrubbing the leg. Blizzard stood with his head lowered and his eyes closed. He had stopped crying and looked content.
Skyview took the bucket and slowly poured it on Blizzard's back and neck. Skyview put the bucket on the grass and took a towel from Rosebud.
"Blizzard, move out of the tub bucket," Skyview told him but Blizzard didn't move.
Starfire lightly shook him to wake him up, "Blizzard step out of the tub."
Blizzard opened his eyes and stepped out of the tub then he stood in the grass with his eyes closed again. Starfire took a towel and the two began rubbing him dry.
Blizzard felt so very tired he didn't care how sore he felt, he just wanted to sleep. His legs felt shaky and he was starting to loose his vision.
Suddenly his knees gave in and he fell to the ground.
"Blizzard, are you ok?" Starfire asked.
Blizzard laid his head in the grass with his eyes half closed.
"So tired," he whispered tiredly.
"Come on, let hurry and dry him," Skyview told Starfire, "Booster, do you still have that guest room?"
"Yes," Booster replied.
"The three of us will be sleeping in there," Skyview told him.
"I'll get the room ready for you three then," Booster replied, then he and Rosebud turned walking back into the house.
Once Blizzard was dried, Starfire left the towels on the pouch while Skyview picked up Blizzard who had fallen asleep.
"He's really tired not to feel the soreness," Starfire commented.
"Well, he's going to feel it in the morning," Skyview told him.
Starfire opened the door letting Skyview carry Blizzard into the house. Then they walked up stairs and into the guest room. Starfire caught Luna peaking out the door.
"Is he alright?" Luna asked, "Are you two staying here?"
"He will be fine now and yes we are staying," Starfire answered.
Luna smiled greatly, "Really?....both of you?"
Starfire walked up to her and smiled, "Yes now get some sleep. I'll see you tomorrow."
Luna smiled, "Goodnight." then she closed the door.
Starfire walked into the guest room and saw Skyview laying Blizzard on the bed on top of the covers.
Rosebud and Booster had blankets and pillows on the floor on each side of the bed.
"Should you put the covers over him?" Starfire asked.
"No, he'll be to sore to have anything touch him. Trust me I know how it feels to have half of your body scrubbed," Skyview answered.
Rosebud and Booster said goodnight to them and left the room closing the door behind them.
"Well lets get some sleep," Skyview told him after laying Blizzard on the bed.
They took their Blankets and laid them on the floor then they took their pillow and sat it above their blanket.
"Goodnight," they said to each other. Then they laid down under their blanket and fell fast asleep.