Chapter 106: The day with the Princess.

It was early in the morning, the sun was starting to peak over the distant mountains. Raspberry and Blueberry walked up to Lunarstar's house, anxious to learn more about their friend. They hardly slept, thinking about Lunarstar and her changing to a winged unicorn.
Rosebud answered the door and smiled when she saw them.
"Come right in, you can join the others in the living room," Rosebud told them as she opened the door wider.
"Others?" Raspberry asked surprisingly.
She and her brother walked in the house, surprised to see the girls sitting in the living room.
"Morning, Raspberry, Blueberry," Starlight exclaimed smiling.
"You guys...know about her?" Raspberry asked.
"Yes, we do," Bright Eyes answered.
"Sorry we couldn't tell you, Raspberry," Bon Bon added.
Raspberry and Blueberry sat on the couch with their friends while Buster and Charades stood before them.
"How is Lunarstar?" Blueberry asked.
"She still hasn't woken up," Charades replied.
"What happened to her?" Melody asked curiously.
"There was a little pony from our world chasing her. He was sent to kill her but non of us knew who he was till last night," Buster explained.
"It was a pony you all knew...Blizzard," Charades added.
"What?" The girls asked surprisingly.
"He's from your world?" Sweetheart asked.
"Why go after Lunarstar and try to kill her?" Clover asked.
"We don't know and apparently, Blizzard doesn't either," Charades replied.
"Lunarstar was knocked out by a large tree branch during our fight with him," Buster added.
"Wait a minute. What do you mean our world?" Blueberry asked.
"We are from another world, a place where unicorns and pegasus are real," Charades explained, He lifted his hoof to show them his hair feet, "All males in our world have hairy feet."
"So that's why Blizzard always had those wrappings around his feet," Raspberry muttered.
"I'm sure that's why," Charades told them, "now let me tell you Lunarstar's story."

Morning had gone by while Charades told the girls about Luna as a baby, having the black ponies after her, finding her real father and going to another island called Drakon Island. He told them about Kesia and how she changed Star Cluster and how the ice Blue pony began making his appearance.
"Wow, and to think all that happened and we never knew it," Blueberry exclaimed amazingly.
"I had no idea she was even related to the black ponies. I saw all three of them once and they weren't very nice to me," Raspberry commented.
"So she really is a Princess from another world," Blueberry muttered.
"Yes and as a Princess she would have to marry a Prince unless her father changes his mind," Charades told them.
"And he hard does," added Buster.
Rosebud stood up from the floor after listening to the story, "I think I'll check on Lunarstar." She turned from the girls and went upstairs.
"So what do we call her? Luna or Lunarstar?" Blueberry asked.
"You call her Lunarstar in this world. In the other world she is Luna," Charades answered.

Rosebud went into Luna's room and saw that she was still asleep under the covers and hadn't moved. Rosebud was disappointed, she had hoped her daughter would be awake. She approached the bed and sat in front of Luna. She stroked her white hair with her hoof sadly.
"Oh, Lunarstar. Please wake up," Rosebud whispered. After awhile she stood up and turned to leave when she heard a faint voice.
Rosebud turned and smiled greatly when she saw Luna opening her eyes. She hurried to Luna and gave her a hug, "Your awake. You had me worried," She stood back and smiled at her, "How are you feeling?"
"Tired," Luna replied. She moved her legs and tried to sit up then she laid back down.
"What's wrong?" Rosebud asked worriedly.
"My shoulder hurts and my wings feels a little sore," Luna replied.
"I'm not surprised, you have a tree branch fall on you," Rosebud explained.
What Rosebud had told her suddenly brought the memories back. She had forgotten about that night with the fight between Blizzard, Buster and Charades.
Luna slowly sat up, "What happened to Blizzard?"
"He ran from what I've been told," Rosebud told her.
Luna felt sad that he had turned out to be the ice blue pony, the one pony she loved.
Rosebud walked to the dresser, grabbed the brush and walked back to Luna, "Stand up so I can brush you."
Luna slowly stood up from the bed but her right shoulder felt sore to have any weight on it. Rosebud brushed her long white tail, then her long while mane. When she was done, she walked back to the dresser and sat the brush down.
"Why don't you go downstairs? your friends are anxious to see you," Rosebud told her.
"Ok," Luna replied not sure if she wanted to see her friends, she was to sad and confused about everything to see anyone.
"Come on," Rosebud said and led her out the door. Luna quickly put on her necklace from her dresser and followed her mother down the steps.

She could hear her friends talking. Luna walked to the bottom step and turned to see her friends smiling at her. Luna gasped when she noticed Blueberry and Raspberry staring at her surprisingly.
"It's alright, Lunarstar. They know all about you," Rosebud assured her.
"Y-you told them ?" Luna asked surprisingly.
"They followed you last night and found out," Rosebud replied.
Luna limped to the couch and sat on the floor next to Charades in front of the square table.
"Are you ok?" Buster asked, noticing her limping.
"My shoulder hurts," Luna replied.
"It's probably just bruised," Charades guessed.
Luna looked at the surprised Blueberry and Raspberry. They had not taken their eyes off of her.
"Why were you following me yesterday?" Luna asked them
"I wanted to apologize for my actions," Blueberry replied looking sad, "I'm sorry I got mad at you."
Luna smiled at him but then she remembered Blizzard and what her mother had said.
"What happened while I was out?" Luna asked.
"Blizzard thought he had killed you. He cried so hard. I never seen a pony cry as hard as he did. He said he was sorry and that we weren't going to see him again. Then he ran off. I haven't seen him since," Blueberry answered.
"He thought I was dead?" Luna asked surprisingly, then she lowered her head sadly.
"Lunarstar, were you ever planing on telling me about yourself?" Blueberry asked.
Luna looked at him, "I...don't know. If I hadn't my dad would have."
"Your father?" Raspberry asked looking at Booster.
"Why?" Blueberry asked.
"Not me. Her real father," Booster replied.
"She is a Princess and must marry a Prince. You are not a Prince and wouldn't know the first thing about ruling a Kingdom," Charades explained, "Her father King Stardust, would have made you two brake up eventually."
"Oh, I see," Blueberry replied sadly.
Luna took off her necklace and laid it on the table in front of Blueberry, "Open it."
Blueberry picked it up and opened it.
"Those are my real parents.
"I remember him. I saw him in the park once," Blueberry exclaimed.
"He was mad at me and almost stomped on me," Raspberry added.
"Dad wasn't himself back then," Luna explained.
"We know," Raspberry replied.
"I told them your story," Charades replied.
"Oh," Luna replied.
"Cheer up Luna. Two more of your friends knows about you and are willing to keep your secret," Booster told her.
"I know," Luna replied to sad to smile, "But..Blizzard is gone and I won't see him again."
"Maybe you will, I'm sure he will here of you someday in the other world and realize your still alive," Rosebud guessed.
Luna smiled, "You really think so?"
"Sounds logical to me," Buster agreed.
"Lunarstar," Raspberry called to her, "You're the Ghost of Ponyland...aren't you?"
"Yes I am. I used to go out and run around, sometimes a pony would see me and think I'm a ghost," Luna explained.
"Well no one would think you're a ghost if it wasn't for Raspberry," Blueberry told her.
"I'm sorry but you scared me half to death that night," Raspberry replied.
Luna and her friends began to laugh.
Just then there was a knock at the door.
"I hope you all don't mind us ordering Pizza?," Booster asked.
"I love pizza!" They all explained.
"I ordered it when Charades was telling the story," Booster explained.
Luna's horn began to glow, then her hair turned purple, her wings and horn suddenly disappeared.
"That's just amazing," Raspberry exclaimed.
Luna smiled at her, "I'd never dreamed of the day you find out about me."
Rosebud answered the door and saw a golden pony with yellow hair holding four boxes of pizza. Booster and Buster took care of the boxes and laid them on the dinning room table while Rosebud paid for the pizza. When she was done paying, she closed the door and went to the kitchen. Luna quickly changed back to a winged unicorn and helped her mother bring out the plates and cups.
Blueberry and the girls stood up and hurried to the dinning room. Booster and Buster opened the boxes. Rosebud and Luna laid the plates and cups on the table.
"Alright lets dig in," Booster exclaimed.
Luna and her friends spent the day at her house, playing, talking and eating.