Chapter 103: Mad Blueberry

Morning came and the sun shined brightly through he clouds. Blizzard walked up Lunarstar's street heading for her house when he saw her run out and smiled the minute she saw him. Her purple hair waved wildly in the wind, her coat looked bright and shinny. She stopped in front of him and nuzzled his cheeks.
"Were you coming to see me?" she asked.
"I was but you beat me to it," Blizzard replied, "Where were you going in a hurry?"
Lunarstar looked down at the ground sadly, "I was going to tell Blueberry who I choose. I should at lest tell him."
"I'll go with you," Blizzard told her.
Lunarstar smiled at him and began walking with him at her side. Blizzard glanced at her, he knew something was special about her, he felt drawn to her. She looked at him and caught him staring at her. Blizzard just smiled at her.
"What?" Lunarstar asked.
"Nothing," Blizzard replied still looking at her. He wanted to go with her incase Blueberry said or did something to her. He knew Blueberry would be angry and Blizzard didn't want any harm to come to her. He felt strange as if he had the urge to protect her always, it was something he never felt or experienced before.

They walked into the forest and approached the hill where the boys usually play but Blueberry wasn't there. Ace, Teddy and Lancer was playing soccer by themselves.
"I wonder where he is," Lunarstar asked herself.
She turned and continued walking till she was out of the park and into the ice cream shop where her friends was waiting with worriedly looks.
"Lunarstar!" the girls exclaimed happily.
"Blizzard found me," Lunarstar quickly said.
"Where were you?" Sweetheart asked.
"At my secret spot. Remember, where I took my picture for my dad's birthday?" Lunarstar asked.
"Oh," The girls replied.
"So have you decided which boy you want?" Patch anxiously asked.
"Blizzard," Lunarstar replied.
"Well, it's about time," Melody replied.
Lunarstar and Blizzard looked at them surprisingly wondering what she meant by that.
The girls began to laugh.
"We were wondering when you two were going to get together," Starlight explained.
"You..knew?" Lunarstar surprisingly asked.
"Your our friend, of course we knew," Sweetheart replied.
"Lunarstar, it was so obvious," Patch exclaimed.
"The way you looked at him. Talk about him, smile at him," Bright Eyes explained.
Lunarstar blushed, "Was it that obvious?"
The girls laughed.
"I don't think anyone else noticed," Raspberry replied.
"Raspberry, where is Blueberry?" Lunarstar asked.
Raspberry stopped smiling and looked at her seriously, "he's out sulking. He came home pretty upset."
"Why?" Lunarstar asked.
"I don't know. You'll have to look for him," Raspberry replied.
"Lets go find him then," Blizzard told her.

Lunarstar and Blizzard turned around and walked out of the ice cream shop. They walked into the park and roamed around while enjoying each other's company. Then they left the park and walked around the street hoping to see Blueberry. Just then Blizzard saw him turning around the corner of the park, "There he is!"
Lunarstar and Blizzard ran to him.
"Blueberry wait!" Lunarstar yelled.
Blueberry stopped and looked at her angrily. Which made Lunarstar stop suddenly and not wanting to get to close to him.
"I wanted to tell you who I choose," Lunarstar began to say, "I..."
"I know, Lunarstar. You choose Blizzard. I was there in the forest and heard you. Now go away," Blueberry told her then he turned and began walking away.
Lunarstar followed him, "I'm sorry but I do love you but my true love is with Blizzard. I know that now."
Blueberry stopped and turned towards her, "Love me? You have to be joking," Blueberry turned from her and ran.
Lunarstar looked at him with tear in her eyes.
"Lunarstar, he's just upset," Blizzard told her.
Lunarstar looked at him, "I just thought we could be friends." She rubbed her face against his neck drying her eyes.
"Let him be for the day, he's to upset to talk. We can go to town and do something instead. Maybe try on some hats or something?" Blizzard suggested.
Lunarstar stood back and smiled weakly, "Ok."

They walked to town looking in all the stores. They went to the hat store and tried out all the hats. Then they went to the toy store and looked around. Lunarstar laughed watching Blizzard curiously checking out the toys, he wasn't sure what to make of it. Then they went to the soup restaurant and had noodle soup. Lunarstar laughed watching Blizzard trying to picked up noodles in his spoon.
The left and went to the shoes store trying on all the different kinds of shoes. They spent the day in town checking everything out. When the sun was setting Blizzard walked her home. They stood in front of her house looking at each other.
"I had such a fun time. I don't think I laughed so much in quite awhile. Thank you Blizzard," Lunarstar leaned towards him and kissed him. Blizzard left go and smiled at her, "I'll see you tomorrow."
"Goodnight, Blizzard," Lunarstar turned from him and hurried into the house.
Blizzard turned and began walking. He had not even once thought of his father or Princess Luna. He wished everyday could be like this but he knew he would soon have to face his father and then his dream with Lunarstar would all be over.