Chapter 102: Choosing between love

The sun was setting fast and Blizzard and the girls continued to search, even Blueberry helped. They had split up in groups, one searched the library, another searched the shops, another searched the park, the neighborhoods, the clubhouse and the school but Lunarstar was no where to be found. Blizzard roamed around town and eventually found his way back to the ice cream shop where Lunarstar's friends meet.
"I searched everywhere," Bright Eyes exclaimed.
"So have we," Melody added.
"We didn't find her either," Clover added.
"Non of us has found her," Starlight told them, "Blueberry how about you?"
"No luck," Blueberry replied.
The girls turned to see Blizzard walk in the shop.
"Blizzard, did you find her?" Starlight asked.
"No," Blizzard flatly answered.
"Now what do we do?" Bon Bon asked.
"We have to tell her parents," Bright Eyes answered.
"I'll go with you. I started all this," Blueberry suddenly said.
"I warned you didn't I?" Raspberry exclaimed.
"Alright, so you did," Blueberry exclaimed annoyingly.
"Lets hurry, the sun is setting,' Starlight told everyone, "Blizzard are you coming?"
"No. I'm going to continue searching," Blizzard answered, then he turned and left the shop.

He walked towards the houses and roamed through many streets. As the sun was disappearing, the sky got darker, turning from pink and purple to dark blue. The street lights came on, giving Blizzard some light to see. He often felt like he was lost on the streets as he whispered for Lunarstar. By the time he found his way to town, the sky was very dark and the half moon shined brightly. The stars twinkled through the misty clouds. Blizzard lowered his head feeling very tired.
"Where could she be?" Blizzard thought. He began thinking of Lunarstar's smile, her purple eyes and laughter. He thought about when he had spent time with her.
He walked past the park and suddenly noticed a couple of Flashlights. There was two more in the distance.
Two ponies approached Blizzard, he had seen one of them before.
"Hello. Your Lunarstar's friend...aren't you?" Rosebud asked while holding the flashlight, "Our daughter never came home. Have you seen her?"
"I've been out looking for her too," Blizzard replied. Then he continued walking towards town.
He walked past the closed stores. He came to the town square and looked around the large tree. Then he continued walking till he found himself near the docks. He walked past several building and came to a hill. He stopped and glazed at the ocean almost forgetting who he was searching for. He continued walking till he stepped on the docks. He stood at the corner of the warehouse and gasped at the large ship. He had never seen a big ship before. He cautiously approached it and looked down at the water. Then he looked closely at the thick rope tired to the docks. He turned from the ship and saw many other ships, some larger, some smaller. He walked down the docks till he came to the forest and continued walking till he saw his shack.
"So that's where that leads to," Blizzard thought. He walked to the cliff and looked up at the sky as he suddenly remembered Lunarstar. He turned from the cliff and walked through the forest till he came to the houses. He walked along the sidewalk looking around for Lunarstar. He walked back to the park knowing she wasn't there. He wasn't sure where to look now. He roamed around till he came to the school. He sat down on the steps thinking of where to look next. He was already starting to feel tired. He laid down resting his body but trying to keeps his eyes opened. Soon he fell fast asleep.

Morning had came and Blizzard woke up early from the loud chirping birds. He sat up yawning and stretching. He looked at the sky and saw the sun was staring to rise.
"I fell asleep?" Blizzard thought, "And I still haven't found her. Where could she be?" He stood up and looked around as he thought, "A place where no one would find her. A special place for her," Blizzard paused, he suddenly realized where she could be, "She's got to be there. Her special spot!" Blizzard ran through the park and out of it. He ran towards town not knowing that Blueberry saw him and was following him.
Blizzard ran into town, not caring who he bumped into. He turned the corner and ran straight for the forest, "I hope she's there."

He ran into the thick forest and up a steep hill. He ran through bushes and over rocks till he reached the edge of the forest. He stopped and smiled greatly at the sight of Lunarstar standing on the hill looking at towards town. Her purple hair was blowing in the wind as the morning sun rose. He stepped out of the forest and walked up the hill towards a very surprised Lunarstar.
"Blizzard?" Lunarstar asked surprisingly.
"I remembered your special spot," Blizzard explained, then he stopped in front of her looking at the grass, "I'm sorry if we made you choose between us. Who ever you choose is fine with me." Blizzard turned around facing the town, "I spent all night looking for you so I can tell you that."
"Wait, Blizzard," Lunarstar suddenly said.
Blizzard turned and faced her.
"I just woke up and was about to go home. I didn't mean to spend all night here. While I was here I thought about the question. I do love Blueberry but...I liked you the moment I saw you. I wanted to talk to you but you weren't the type to talk or wanting to do anything," Lunarstar began to blush, "I think of you a lot. Blizzard, you're the one I choose. You're the one I truly love."

Blueberry hid in the forest listening. When he heard who Lunarstar choose, he turned from her looking mad.
"I just knew it," Blueberry whispered.

Blizzard smiled at her for a minute, then his smiled faded to a blank look, "I've always loved you, I just didn't know what the word was till you told me. You see, Lunarstar. You're the only one I've ever cared or're the first," Blizzard told her. Then he felt the suddenly urge to get close to her. He smiled and stretched out his neck, rubbing his head on cheeks. Lunarstar closed her eyes smiling, "It took me awhile to I realized I loved you. I've just been fooling myself. I've sat up here thinking about it all night."
Blizzard pulled back and instinctively kissed her on the lips. After a minute they pulled back and nuzzled each other.
"I should be going home," Lunarstar whispered to him.
"I'll walk you home," Blizzard proposed.
"No, it's ok..."
"I insist. I spent all night looking for you. I'm going to make sure you get home," Blizzard told her.
Lunarstar smiled and began walking with Blizzard at her side.

They walked through the forest towards town. When they arrived in town, the sidewalk was starting to get crowded, They hurried out of town and walked through the park. Blizzard walked her past a few blocks till he came to her street. Lunarstar walked half way up the hill then she stopped and turned towards him, "I can go the rest of the way from here. My parents will be mad when I get home." Then she kissed him, "See you soon." She turned and continued walking.
Blizzard stood and watched her walked into the house, then he turned. He felt happy, something he never really felt before. He knew he wasn't the same as he was when he first got to this world, he had changed and he liked the change but he knew his father might detect it.
Blizzard shook his head, "Not today. I will not think of him," He turned into a cluster of snowflakes and flew from the ground back to his shack to continued sleeping.