Chapter 100:  Catching Blizzard

Stardust and Skyview appeared at the moonlight castle gates while Starfire landed next to them. Stardust crown shined in the sunlight and their golden collar sparkled in the sunlight. The soldiers on the wall looked down at them and knew immediately who they were.
"Let us in!" Stardust yelled.
The soldiers quickly opened the gates, letting them in and soon they were met by a light pink pony wearing armor.
"I've come to speak with King Sea Mist," Stardust told him.
"Follow me," the soldier replied.
Stardust and his brothers followed the soldier to the castle and inside towards the throne room. The soldier stopped at the door and looked at one of the soldiers on guard by the throne room doors, "King Stardust and his brothers are here to talk to King Sea Mist."
"Wait here," the soldier replied and walked through the double doors.
The pink soldier turned towards Stardust, "I must be getting back to the gates." Then he left.
The soldier returned from the throne room, "You three may go in now."
Stardust and his brothers walked through the doors and approached the King and Queen on the thrones while baby Snowmist roamed around the room.
"I've come in hope that we might stay here for awhile till we've caught the ice blue pony," Stardust told him.
"Yes, of course you and your brothers can stay. Your well come to stay anytime you like," King Sea Mist replied.
"Thank you. Starfire has not sensed the ice blue pony walking through the Gate so he should be coming back any day," Stardust told him.
"I have removed my solders as you have told me the last time you were here," King Sea Mist told him.
"Good," Stardust replied.
Skyview looked at Starfire, noticing his strange blank look, "Starfire?"
Stardust looked at him, "Starfire."
Starfire blinked his eyes a few times and smiled at them, "He just walked through the Gate."
Stardust smiled, "Perfect timing. Now we go and wait for his return."
"I'll go with you," King Sea Mist quickly said.
"I will to," Queen Snowfall added.
"No, you got to watch Snowmist," King Sea Mist replied.
"I can have a maid watch him. I want to go and see the ice blue pony," Queen Snowfall replied.
"Alright then," King Sea Mist replied knowing it was a waste of time to try and get her to change her mind.
Stardust smiled at her determination, "Well lets get going then. Skyview be prepared to catch him."

The afternoon had went by fast as the black ponies, King Sea mist, Queen Snowfall and the soldier sat waiting in hiding.
They were starting to wonder if the ice blue pony was coming back when they saw something flying towards them. Stardust watched as a cluster of snowflakes landed on the ground forming a pony with a hooded cloak. Once he had returned to his pony form, he looked around still couldn't believe there was no soldier in sight. He took a few steps and looked around again as he listened but there was nothing to be heard, no pony in sight. He turned and was about to walk towards the Gate when suddenly, Skyview appeared and grabbed him. Stardust ran out of the bushes and took the little pony from Skyview.
Blizzard wiggled wildly trying to get loose but Stardust was to strong for him.
"Ahhh, let me go!" Blizzard yelled.
"It's useless to struggle with me," Stardust told her.
King Sea Mist and Queen Snowfall along with their soldiers came out of the forest and gathered around Stardust. After Blizzard had worn himself out wiggling, Skyview walked up to him and took off his hood, "So that's what you look like."
Starfire gasped, he couldn't believe who he was looking at, "Blizzard!"
Blizzard gasped worriedly and stared at Starfire.
"Blizzard?" Skyview asked.
"That's your name?" Queen Snowfall asked.
"Starfire, you know him?" Stardust asked surprisingly.
"Sort of. I met him at the fair, he was following a group of girls around. I also met him at the bonfire, he was to scared of the fire to got near it," Starfire replied, "I thought at first he might be the one but there was so many blue ponies in the other world I couldn't be sure."
"You couldn't be sure? It's was obvious," Skyview replied.
"There are many blue ponies, many white ponies. There's a lot of colored ponies. He's not the only one that has an ice blue coat," Starfire exclaimed, glaring at Skyview.
"Blizzard, that's a nice name," Queen Snowfall commented.
Blizzard looked down at the ground worriedly, They knew his name and who he is in the other world. He knew his father would be furious with him.
Just then something caught Skyview' eye. He noticed something on Blizzard hind leg. He grabbed his leg and lifted it to get a better look. On his foot was a burn spot where there was only his bare skin showing.
"Is this a burn?" Skyview asked suspiciously.
Blizzard looked at his foot, he was so busy running out of the house from an angry Teriney that he didn't have time to noticed his burn. Blizzard tried to remove his leg from Skyview's grip but couldn't.
Starfire got curious and lightly touched it, wondering if it was a fresh burn.
Blizzard cried in pain, it hurt to have anyone touch it. A tear came out of his eye at the thought of the burning pain he was now feeling. He wiggled his leg but Skyview wouldn't let go.
"Skyview if you hold his foot for a few minutes, I can have someone take care of his burns," King Sea Mist exclaimed.
"Let go!" Blizzard yelled in pain then he took a deep breath and blew snow and wind in his face. Skyview let go trying to cover his face. Blizzard lifted his leg and blew ice on his burn. Stardust and everyone watched as ice formed on the burn spot. Once Blizzard was done, he laid his head back on Stardust's black coat, relaxing.
"How did you get that burn spot?" Stardust asked him.
Blizzard stared at the ground not wanting to tell them, he knew Teriney was angry as it is at him.
"Please, Blizzard. We're not going to hurt you," Queen Snowfall said, "We just want to help you."
"Help me?" Blizzard muttered, "No one can help me."
"You said last time you had gotten in trouble with your father. Is that what he did?" Queen Snowfall asked curiously.
Blizzard looked away and stared at his frozen burns.
"Why did he do it?" Skyview asked guessing that Queen Snowfall was right.
"He was mad at me," Blizzard finally said, "I had knocked out Princess Luna in the other world at the circus. She was right there in front of me. I could have killed her just like father told me but...I hesitated. Father got angry with me for hesitating...he was so angry."
"He burned you for that?" King Sea Mist asked.
"He tried to burn my leg I ran and he missed. That burn was probably from the sparks of his flames," Blizzard answered.
"Why?" Starfire asked, "Why burn you though?"
"He often does it as punishment or a warning," Blizzard replied.
"So that's why your afraid of fire," Starfire exclaimed finally understanding his previous actions at the bonfire.
"Yes," Blizzard replied sadly.
Skyview took Blizzard's leg and parted his fur, "You have a few dark patches."
Queen Snowfall took his front leg and parted his fur, "Some here too."
Blizzard removed his front leg and hind leg from their grip, "Those are previous burns. It's all over my legs. Some of the older one are fading though."
"I know a few unicorns that can clear those up for you," Stardust remarked.
Queen Snowfall looked at him worriedly, "That's awful. How could your father do such a thing?"
"No one deserves getting burned, not even you," King Sea Mist told him.
"Sure I do. I have not fallowed father's orders. I'll get even a worse punishment if I don't do as I am told," Blizzard replied.
"To kill my daughter?" Stardust asked, "and you agree to what he's doing?"
"I have to follow orders no mater what I think," Blizzard replied.
"That wasn't my question. I want to know what you think," Stardust told him.
"I...I don't know. I don't know nothing anymore. I' lost," Blizzard muttered, then he looked at the Gate and began wiggling, "You have to let me go!"
"No, you are staying with us, where you'll be safe," Stardust told him.
"I'm not safe from father no mater where I go!" Blizzard exclaimed. He kicked his hind legs and tried to squeeze out of Stardust's grip but Stardust was just to strong for him. Blizzard wiggled wildly getting mad that he couldn't get away.
"Blizzard please let us help," Queen Snowfall begged.
Blizzard was to mad to listen. He wanted to get away before his father found out. Suddenly ice formed on Stardust's arms and Blizzard fell to the ground. He wasn't sure why Stardust let him go but he wasn't about to stay and find out. He jumped to his feet and dashed past Skyview and Starfire. He ran through the Gate before Skyview could grab him.
"Stardust, why did you let him go?" Starfire asked.
"He was freezing me," Stardust replied as he used his other hoof to brake the thin ice.
"But he got away. He'll kill her," King Sea Mist said worriedly.
"I don't' think he will. He had his chance before and didn't kill her. I don't thinks it's in him to kill anyone," Stardust replied.
"Are you sure?" Starfire asked, "He tried many time to kill us."
"Are you so sure about that, Starfire?" Stardust asked, "All he did was chase you around with icy darts. He could have easily killed you. Skyview, he chased you too and froze you in the ice dome but has he really gone out and tried to kill you? He went in my daughter's room to kill her but all he did was tried to freeze her. You see he had many chances and didn't do it," Stardust explained.
"I see your point, Stardust," Skyview commented.
"That poor pony," Queen Snowfall exclaimed worriedly, "Why doesn't he just turn from his father?"
"He's to scared to," King Sea Mist replied.
"Yes, he certainly is. I felt him shake when he was telling us about his father. It's going to take a lot for Blizzard to turn away," Stardust replied, "When the Gate opens we'll tell Luna, Buster and Charades about Blizzard. Maybe they can help him."
"He's taking a liking to Luna in her earth form. She could get him to change," Starfire suggested.
"He has?" Stardust asked surprisingly.
"Humm...What will he do when he finds out the one he's trying to kill is the one he likes?" Skyview asked.
"I have no idea," Stardust replied worriedly, "Lets hope we tell Luna about him before that happens."