Holiday Special:  A Mother's wish

On a cloudy afternoon, Lunarstar in her earth form stood at the livingroom window, watching the snow fall. It wasn't windy and the snow covered everything in sight.
"Looks like we'll have a white Christmas," Rosebud left the kitchen and went in the livingroom to join Lunarstar at the window, "I can't remember the last time I saw a white Christmas."
"Do you really think we'll have a white Christmas?" Lunarstar asked.
"I certainly do."
Just then Buster and Charades walked in to the Kitchen from the back door. Rosebud rushed to the Kitchen, "Don't move!" Rosebud stopped at the Kitchen, "Your feet is covered in snow. Dry your feet first before walking anywhere in the house."
Buster and Charades looked down at their feet. They had snow stuck to the fur on their legs and the long hairs around their feet.

Lunarstar continued to look out the window when she saw her friends walking up the driveway. Lunarstar smiled, she was happy to see them. She hurried to the front door and opened it. Patch and Bright Eyes were the first to reach the door.
"Lunarstar, we came to ask you if you'd like to help us decorate the Orphanage?" Bright Eyes asked.
"We're putting on a Christmas Party for the Orphans tomorrow," added Patch.
"Sure, I'll be happy to help. Just wait here for a minute," Lunarstar took her purple hat and Scar from the coat rack and put it on, "Mom, I'm going out!"
"Where to?" Rosebud yelled from the Kitchen.
"To the Orphanage, they want my help with the Christmas decorations."
"Ok, just be back before dinner!"
"Bye!" Lunarstar shut the door and followed her friends through the snow. They walked past the park to the other end of town. In the middle of a large yard was a three story building.
"Here we are," said Patch.
"This is it?" Lunarstar asked, she was amazed at how tall the building was.

They walked through the wooden gate and down the driveway. When they got to the door, a tall pink pony with peach hair opened the door, "Patch," The pony looked at the other 7 ponies, "I see you brought your friends to help."
"Yes I did. This is Lunarstar, Bright Eyes, Clover, Starlight, Melody, Bon Bon and Sweetheart."
"Come on in, girls. You can hang your hats and Scarfs on the coat rack next to the door," the pony took them to a large room with a tall tree in the middle and windows, two on each side, "My name is Pixie. Welcome, I'm happy you all could come. The little ponies will be thrilled to see you all, we don't get a lot of visitors."
"Patch tells us you want our help decorating," Starlight said.
"Yes, I do. The Decorations are in boxes," Pixie looked at Patch, "Do you remember where the decorations are?"
"Yes. They're in the attic."
"Good, you and your friends get the decorations down while I get everyone here."

Pixie left the girls and walked to another room while Patch took them upstairs.
"Patch, have you been here before?" Lunarstar asked.
"I used to live here."
"You were an orphan?" Lunarstar asked while going up another flight of stairs. She felt somewhat relieved that she had a friend that was an orphan like her.
"I was until I got adopted," once they reached the third floor, Patch opened a door next to the stairs and walked up another set of stairs surround by a dusty wall. It was dark and the stairs made creaking sounds with every step they took.
"Ponies rarely go up in the attic, It's large but not to dark," Patch commented once they reached the top. The attic had four windows partly covered in snow but it let enough light in for the girls to look around. There were boxes everywhere with stuff hanging out, other boxes had fallen over on the floor. Some where stacked on dusty tables and books.
"What are we looking for?" Clover asked.
"There are five big boxes marked Christmas," Patch answered.
The girls split up in different directions, checking all the boxes. Lunarstar had walked to the window checking the boxes, some were so dusty that she had to blow on the boxes, some had writing that were barley visible. Suddenly the girls heard a boxes fall and looked at each other wondering who did it.
"Sorry," yelled Bon Bon from the other side of the attic.
While Sweetheart helped Bon Bon with the fallen box, Lunarstar turned around and looked out the window. She could see Pixie yelling at a few little ponies, Lunarstar could only guess that she was still gathering the little ponies.
Lunarstar turned around and continued searching when she paused, in front of her a few rows down was a box that had the letters Chr on it. There was another box in front of the letters so she couldn't see the rest of the letters. Lunarstar walked around the tables pilled with boxes til she came upon the box. She moved the box that covered the rest of the letters, now it read Christmas Decorations.
"I found one!" yelled Lunarstar.
Patch and Melody walked over to her and check the other boxes.
"They're all here!" Patch yelled.
The rest of the girls walked over to her and took a box. Two of the boxes were to big for one pony to hold and had to have two carry the box.

One by one, they slowly walked downstairs. Lunarstar was the last pony out of the attic, the girls had already went down the other stairs by the time Lunarstar shut the door to the Attic.
She held the box with her front legs and carefully walked down stairs. When she reached the second floor, she heard something drop, she looked down and saw that a green bulb had fallen out. A little pony picked up the bulb, "You dropped one."
The pony had a light green coat with light blue and yellow hair.
Lunarstar was about to grab the bulb when another bulb fell out of the box.
"I think there's a hole at the bottom," Lunarstar guessed.
The little pony looked under the box, "Yes, there's a small hole alright."
"What's your name?" Lunarstar asked.
"My name is Kitty."
"It's nice to meet you. My name is Lunarstar."
Kitty picked up another bulb that just fell.
"Kitty could you pick the bulbs up while I head downstairs?"
Lunarstar slowly walked downstairs with Kitty behind her.

In the large room with the tall tree in the middle were little ponies decorating the tree. Lunarstar's friends had already started decorating.
Lunarstar had just put the box down when a tall white pony with blue hair came up to her, "You must be one of Patch's friends."
"Yes I am. my name is Lunarstar."
"My name is Moon Glow," Moon Glow looked in the box, "These are part of the tree decorations. Would you mind helping us decorate the tree?"
"Sure." Lunarstar and Kitty took an arm full of ornaments and began hanging them on the tree.
After the girls had finished hanging the decorations in the room, they stood on one side of the room watching the little ponies around the tree. Lunarstar had ran out of ornaments and went to the box the get more, Kitty went with her.
Lunarstar noticed all the little ponies were so excited but Kitty seemed more excited than the rest.
"You seemed very happy. Are you looking forward to the Christmas party?"
"I love parties but I'm exited because my mom sends me a present every Christmas," Kitty picked up an arm full of ornaments, "I can't wait to see what she's sending me this time."
Lunarstar picked up a few ornaments and followed Kitty, "Your mother? I thought you were an orphan?"
"My mom left me here and said she'll come and get me when things get better for her."
"Where is she now?"
A boy pony next to her was listening, "If you ask me I think she's making it up."
"I'm not!" exclaimed Kitty.
"I've never seen her mother and Kitty's been here for a long time."
"I'm telling the truth!" Kitty exclaimed.
"Stop it," said Lunarstar angrily.
"But she's lying."
"Lunarstar, ask Pixie. She can prove I'm telling the truth," Kitty proposed.
Lunarstar hung the last ornament, "I think I will."
Lunarstar left the little ponies and joined her friends who were drinking glasses of lemonade. Pixie and Moon Glow were standing behind the girls.
"Lunarstar, how's the tree decorations?" Melody asked.
"The little ponies are almost done," Lunarstar looked up at Pixie, "Kitty told me about her mother. Is it true."
"Yes it is."
"who's mother?" Sweetheart asked.
"Kitty. Her mother dropped her off here many years ago. She used to come a visit her but stopped, now she sends Kitty presents."
"Why did she stopped visiting?" Lunarstar asked.
"Her mother hadn't been feeling to well and could no long see her daughter. I haven't seen a package or card for Kitty yet and I'm getting worried."
"I hope nothing happened," Sweetheart commented.
"Promise me you girls won't tell any of the little ponies, especially Kitty."
The girls all agreed not to tell anyone.
Kitty ran up to Lunarstar, "We're done. Now we need you to put the star one top of the tree."
Lunarstar looked up at the tree, "I don't think I can."
"What?...Why not?" Kitty asked sounding disappointed.
"I...uh...don't like heights." Lunarstar was afraid to tell anyone about her fear of heights and felt embrace about it.
"Your afraid of heights?"
"I always have been."
Patch stepped forward, "I'll do it for you."
"Thank you, Patch," replied Lunarstar.
Kitty gave her the big white star and followed Patch to the ladder.
"Don't feel to embrace about it," Starlight commented.
"I'm afraid of heights too," said Bright Eyes.
Lunarstar felt a little better that she wasn't the only one afraid of heights. She felt bad that even though she had wings she was still afraid of heights. Lunarstar couldn't help but think, "Who ever heard of a flying pony afraid of heights?"
Once Patch put the star on the tree and Moon Glow plugged in the lights to the tree, the little ponies cheered.
Lunarstar stared at the tree for a few minutes till she noticed how dak it was outside and the snow had stopped, "I should go," Lunarstar started to walked to the door but stopped and turned around, "When is the party?"
"On Christmas at 12:00 in the morning," Pixie answered.
"See you at the party." Lunarstar rushed to the door and took her scarf from the coat rack. Kitty noticed Lunarstar was leaving and ran to her, "Are you leaving?"
"I have to go but I'll see you at the party," Lunarstar took her hat off the coat rack and put it on, "bye."
"Bye, Lunarstar!" yelled Kitty as she watched Lunarstar run down the driveway.

Lunarstar knew she was late for dinner and it'll take her awhile running home in the snow. She stopped suddenly, looked around and disappeared. She reappeared at the door and saw her parents eating along with Buster and Charades. Lunarstar's Father almost choked on his food when he was Lunarstar at the door in her winged unicorn form.
Lunarstar's heart began to pound louder when she noticed Buster at the table. She quickly disappeared and reappeared outside.
"Are you alright?" Charades asked.
"I'm fine."
Buster looked at the door just in time to catch a few falling stars.
"What is it?" Rosebud asked.
"I thought I saw stars at the door."
"Your seeing stars?" Charades asked, almost laughing.
Buster gave him a serious look and didn't appreciate Charades laughing.
Lunarstar walked in the house in her earth form, "I'm home."
"You’re a little late," Rosebud remarked.
"And we have guests," added Booster.
Lunarstar could still feel her heart pounding from the shock of seeing Buster and Charades in her house.
"Have aseet and I'll get your dinner," Rosebud added as she walked to the Kitchen.

Later that night, at the orphanage, all the little ponies were sound asleep except for Kitty who couldn't wait to open her present from her mother. Kitty laid in bed with a room of 9 other beds and 2 large windows. She was thinking about her present when she heard the doorbell. Kitty was curious who was at the door, no one visited the orphanage after midnight.
Kitty got out of bed and tip toed to the door, she slowly and quietly opened the door and tip toed halfway downstairs.
She stopped on the stair but making sure Pixie or Moon Glow couldn't see her.
Pixie came out of another room after she heard a few knocks at the door.
"I'm coming," whispered Pixie.
She hurried to the door and opened it. To her surprise it was a policemen with a letter, "Are you Pixie?"
"I was told to give this to you immediate," he handed the letter to Pixie, "Sorry to bother you. Goodnight and Merry Christmas."
"Merry Christmas," Pixie answered back, then she shut the door.
Moon Glow came out of another room and saw Pixie looking at the letter. Moon Glow was concerned, the look on Pixie's face was getting her worried, "What's wrong?"
"The letter is about Kitty's mother."
"What about her?"
After Pixie finished reading the letter Moon Glow knew the letter held bad news, Pixie's face looked sad and worried.
"She's dead."
"Her sickness got worse and she died yesterday."
Kitty's heart began to race, she couldn't believe what she just heard. She kept telling herself it was a lie, there had to be some mistake.
"Should I tell her now?" Moon Glow asked.
Kitty hurried up stairs and went to bed with tears falling down her checks. One of the little ponies noticed her climbing in bed, "Where did you go?"
"To the bathroom," Kitty whispered.
The little pony went back to sleep but Kitty couldn't sleep.
Pixie and Moon Glow walked up stairs and past the room, as they walked by Kitty could hear them whispering.
"I'll tell her after Christmas."
"What about the couples that wanted her?"
"I'll call them tomorrow morning."
Soon it was quiet in the hall and Kitty stared out the window in front of her. She still couldn't believe what she heard.
"That can't be true," she thought.
It was long after midnight and Kitty was still awake. "I'll go find her myself and prove they were wrong about mom being dead," she thought.
Kitty quietly climbed out of bed, she grabbed her bag placing it around her neck and tip toed out the door. She tip toed downstairs and in another room. The room wasn't too big, it had two bookcases and a tall window. Kitty noticed it was snowing outside but that wasn't going to stop her from searching for her mother. Before she left she decided she'll need a map. Kitty searched through the desk drawers that sat in front of the window. She found the map but she also found the letter about her mother.
She didn't bother reading the letter only the address on the letter.
"That's not to far from here."
Kitty opened the map of ponyland and saw the town she wanted to go, "The shortest way to get there is through the forest.
Kitty folded the map and placed it in her bag, then she tip toed out of Pixie's office and out the front door.
She ran down the driveway and down the snow covered sidewalk.

The next day, Lunarstar in her winged unicorn form was in her room reading a book when she heard someone knocking on the front door.
Rosebud opened the door, Patch, Starlight and Bon Bon were at the door.
"Can we see Lunarstar?" Bon Bon asked.
"Come on in,"Rosebud opened the door wider and waited for them to walk in, "Wait her while I get her." Rosebud shut the door and walked up stairs. She poked her head in the room, "Lunarstar, your friends are here."
Lunarstar put the book on her dresser and changed forms, her horn and wings disappeared while her hair turned purple.
Rosebud walked downstairs with Lunarstar behind her.
"Lunarstar...," Bon Bon began to say.
Lunarstar could see something was wrong, they looked tired and worried.
"Lunarstar, Kitty ran away," Patch added.
Lunarstar was surprised, "What? are you sure? why would she run away?"
"I don't know. Pixie just called me. Why don't you come with us and we'll talk to Pixie," Patch suggested.
"Mom, I'm going out!" Lunarstar yelled, she put on her scarf and hat, then followed her friends out the door.
They raced to the Orphanage and soon meet up with Melody, Clover, Bright Eyes and Sweetheart.

When the got to the Orphanage, they saw the police talking to Pixie and Moon Glow. The little ponies were looking out the windows.
Lunarstar and her friends hurried up the driveway.
"Pixie, any news?" Patch asked.
"We came as soon as we heard about Kitty," Bright Eyes commented.
Then to everyone’s surprise, a car drove up the driveway and stopped. Two ponies came out of the car, one was light blue with dark blue hair the other pony was Pink with light pink hair.
"We'd like to help look for her," said the blue pony.
Pixie looked at the girls, "These are Kitty's new parents. They've been wanting to adopt her for a week."
"We were going to wait til Christmas to bring her home but..." the pink pony trailed off as she began to cry, the blue Pony tried to comfort her.
"We'll do all we can," said the police thoughtfully and then he left.
"Why don't you all come in and I'll tell you what I know," suggested Pixie.
She led them to the large room where the tall tree was, "I had received a letter last night about Kitty's mother. She died the other day and her last wish was for her daughter to have a family and be happy. Apparently, Kitty must have heard about her mother and decided to search for her. She also took my map and I noticed this morning the letter was on my desk which I was sure I left it in my drawer."
"Where do you think she went?" Bright Eyes asked.
"To Red Rock. It's cold outside so I doubt she went very far."
"Can we have a picture of Kitty?" the blue pony asked.
"Sure." Pixie left and went to her office, a few minutes later she cam back with a picture.
"Thank you," the pink pony took the picture and left.
"We'd like to help too," Melody proposed.
"You can search in town or check the park," Pixie suggested.

The girls left searching through town and any place that had little ponies playing.
"I don't think we'll find her," Clover remarked after watching the little ponies playing in the snow.
"Lets split up," Bright Eyes suggested, as she looked around the area.
The girls liked the idea and went their separate ways, some went in the park and some through town but none of them could find her. Starlight, Melody, Sweetheat and Bon Bon meet at the Park entrance waiting for the others to show up.
"We couldn't find her," said Bon Bon.
"Neither could we," added Melody.
"Now where do we search?" Sweetheart asked.
Just then Lunarstar, Patch, Bright Eyes and Clover arrived, they had been walking through the park talking.
"Patch!" yelled Starlight.
The girls all grouped together at the park.
"We couldn't find her," said Clover.
"Neither could we," added Melody.
"Where could she have gone to?" Sweetheart asked.
Lunarstar and her friends had a deep feeling she had gone through the forest. They looked at the forest and the mountain.
"She couldn't have," said Melody after a few minutes of silence.
"If she did, there's nothing anyone can do right now," Starlight looked at the sky, the sun had turned orange and the sky was purple and yellow. The half moon can be clearly seen, "It's getting to late for the police to search through the forest."
"She could be anywhere in the forest," added Bright Eyes.
Lunarstar looked up at the sky, she had been so worried about Kitty that she hadn't realized how late it was getting, "I should be going. Let me know if anyone finds her."
"We will," replied Melody.
Lunarstar left the girls and ran through the park towards home.

When she finally got home, she took off her hat and scar and placed them on the coat rack, "I'm home!"
"So what's all the excitement this morning?" Rosebud walked out of the Kitchen, "You and your friends rushed out of the house so fast."
"Our friend, Kitty she's an orphan at the Orphanage, she ran away last night."
"To find her mother."
"Oh, that poor thing. Did they find her?"
"As far as I know, no one has found her yet."
In the Kitchen, Booster walked in the Kitchen through the back door. He looked in the livingroom and noticed the two of them standing at the door talking, "What's going on?"
"An orphan at the Orphanage ran away last night and no one has found her yet," Rosebud answered.
"I sorry the hear that,' replied Booster.
"Mom, Dad, can I go out and search the forest?"
"You should leave that for the police," Booster answered.
"But they're not going to look for her until day light, in the meantime she'll freeze outside in the snow."
Booster and Rosebud looked at each other, they knew Lunarstar was right. They stood silently for a few minutes deciding weather they should let her go.
"Do you know where she's going?" Booster asked.
"To some place called Red Rock."
"That's a two days drive from here, towards the north," Booster paused, "Ok, you can go just to search for the little pony."
"Avoid the Mountains," added Rosebud.
"Thank you," Lunarstar hugged her parents. Then she ran upstairs to her room, took her white hat and scar from her dresser drawer, putting them on and then ran downstairs changing to a winged unicorn in the process.
"Becarful," said Rosebud.
"I will." Lunarstar disappeared and reappeared in the forest.

The ground was covered in snow up to 3 inches, in some spots it reached 5 inches. Lunarstar ran through the forest looking for the orphanage, she wanted to start heading north from the Orphanage. She had ran far from home and stopped near a fence, in the distance she could see a tall building, she could only guess it was the orphanage. She could see a pony looking out the window, it had to be Pixie or Moon Glow.
Lunarstar left the Orphanage and headed north. She walked through the snow, sliding at times on the hills and tripping over rocks covered in snow. The trees had no leaves and were covered in snow, a few branches had fallen to the ground laying on top of the snow.
Lunarstar kept walking until she came upon small hoof prints. Lunarstar looked ahead noticing they led deeper into the forest.
"This has to be Kitty's tracks."
Lunarstar only hoped it wasn't Starfire's tracks. She slowly made her way up the hill, slipping at times till she reached the top. Just then she noticed a flake or two, a minute later it started to snow.
Lunarstar ran along the tracks, she wanted to hurry and find Kitty before the tracks disappeared. She ran deeper into the forest. After awhile she stopped on a small hill to catch her breath. The tracks she had been following were almost gone. As she stood there, she noticed the tracks which were barley visible, disappeared at a pine tree.
Lunarstar walked up to the tree and dug the snow out from around the tree, she then poked her head down for a peak. To her surprise and greatly relieved, it was Kitty curled in a little ball at the base of the tree.
Kitty opened her eyes to see a white pony staring at her. The last thing she expect was to have someone find her in the forest.
Lunarstar noticed Kitty was shaking from the cold.
"Why don't you com out?" Lunarstar asked.
Kitty was afraid to move, she just laid there and continued to shake.
"Your name is Kitty, right?" Kitty knotted her head, "Come on out or you'll freeze to death," Lunarstar noticed she seemed to be afraid, "Don't worry I won't hurt you."
Kitty slowly crawled out from under the tree and froze at the sight of seeing a white winged Unicorn.
"What's the mater?" Lunarstar asked after noticing the look on Kitty's face.
"Your...Your...that ghost everyone is talking about."
"They call me The Ghost but I'm not a ghost."
Kitty slowly walked up to Lunarstar, touching Lunarstar's leg with her hoof, "Your real."
"Of course I'm real. I came out here to find you."
"Me?" Kitty asked surprisingly.
"Yes, everyone is looking for you."
Kitty hadn't realized everyone missed her. As Kitty stood there shaking and deep in her thoughts, Lunarstar took Off her scarf and wrapped in around Kitty's neck.
Kitty looked at the scarf, "It's pretty."
"That should keep you a little warm until I get you back home."
"Back? I'm not going back," Kitty left Lunarstar and began walking north, "I'm going to find mom."
Lunarstar felt sorry for Kitty, she barley knew her mother and learn she had lost her the day before Christmas Eve. Lunarstar ran after Kitty and stopped in front of her, "You can't go to Red Rock. There's nothing there."
"Sure there is. My mother!"
"No your Mother is..."
"No she's not and I'm going to prove it!" yelled Kitty angrily.
Lunarstar lowered her head staring at Kitty in the face, "She's gone. You have nothing left there. Everything your looking for is in Ponyland!"
"NO!" Kitty ran under Lunarstar and continued to run farther from town and in the thick forest.
Lunarstar turned around and ran after her, "Kitty!"
"No. you don't know what it's like!" Kitty's voice echoed.
Lunarstar had lost sight of her but continued to follow her tracks in the snow. As Lunarstar ran through the forest she began to feel she had seen this part of the forest before, it took her a few minutes to realize why. It was the forest where Teddy and Ace where camping in and she knew where the tracks were heading to. Just then she heard a scream, Lunarstar ran as fast as she could only to catch Kitty tumbling down the hill and over the cliff. Without thinking about her fear of heights she leaped off the cliff and flew towards Kitty. The wind blew at her mane and tail, her coat felt cold and her wings continued to flap, all she cared about was catching Kitty.
As soon as she was close to Kitty she stopped flapping her wings and glide under her catching Kitty on her back. Kitty held onto Lunarstar's neck and closed her eyes as they came closer to the ground.
Lunarstar managed to pull herself up and flew above the tree tops and soon realized she was flying for the first time. She flew higher and higher until she could see Ponyland in the distance.
"Kitty, are you ok?"
Kitty slowly opened her eyes to find herself miles off the ground.
"Your...Flying!" Kitty gasped.
"I know," replied Lunarstar with excitement.
Kitty looked around and noticed they weren't hading north, "Where are you going?"
"Back to Ponyland."
Kitty looked back, Lunarstar took a quick glance at Kitty, "You must face the truth. Your mother is gone."
Kitty sigh and rested her head on Lunarstar's neck, "It can't be true."
"You mother has been sick for a long time. Did you even read the leter before you left?"
"No," whisper Kitty, too surprised at what Lunarstar had said to say anything else. For quite sometime, Lunarstar flew in silence catching a glimpse of Kitty's tears falling down her checks.
"Having adopted Parents isn't so bad."
"How would you know?" Kitty asked in a whispering voice.
"Because I'm adopted."
Kitty looked up at Lunarstar surprisingly, "You?"
"Yes, I'm adopted."
"What happed to your real parents?"
"I don't know. I don't remember them. I don't know nothing of my real parents," Lunarstar turned her head and looked at Kitty in the eyes, "You can't tell anyone what I just told you."
"I have my reasons. Promise me you won't tell anyone? it's important to me."
"Ok I won't tell anyone, but do you think you'll ever find your real parents?
"I don't know." Lunarstar deeply hoped she would one day.
It had gotten dark and everyone had went home by the time Lunarstar reached the town.
"Look!" yelled Kitty pointing at the lights on the houses.
"I don't see anyone out on the streets, so lets go looking at lights before I take you home," Lunarstar proposed.
"Yeah!" Kitty agreed.
Lunarstar glide down towards the houses, flying above the rooftops. Every block had a house or two decorated with lights of all different colors. Soon they reach the town and Lunarstar had to fly higher.
"The town square!" Kitty yelled pointing to the tallest tree covered in colorful lights.
Lunarstar flew low just barley touching the tree top. Kitty laughed, looking from left to right trying to catch all the lights on the houses and stores. Lunarstar was happy to see Kitty happy again.
Once Lunarstar had flewn all over Ponyland, she turned around and headed back to the Orphanage.
"What's my adopted parents like?" Kitty asked.
"They're very nice and very worried about you."
"They were?"
"They asked Pixie for a photo of you so they can help search for you. When you get home, read the leter about your mother."
"Why? I already heard what it said."
"There's more to the letter," Lunarstar remembered what Pixi said, her last wish was for her daughter to have a family and be happy, "Something I think you should read for yourself."
Lunarstar could see the Orphanage in the distance, all the lights were off except for the first floor.
"It looks like they have visitors," Lunarstar observed.
"Your adopted parents. I can't believe they've been out all this time looking for you."
Kitty was as surprised at Lunarstar was.

Pixie and Moon Glow were talking to Kitty's adopted Parents when Moon Glow noticed something in the sky, "Pixie, Look. There's something flying,"
Everyone looked up, it was hard to tell what it was at first. As it got closer they realized what it was.
"It can't be. There's no such thing," Pixie gasped.
"What?" Moon Glow asked.
"A flying Unicorn but there's no such thing."
"She must be the Ghost I heard about," the Pink pony comented.
"And look who she has with her!" said the Blue pony excitedly.
Everyone was shocked at seeing a Flying Unicorn. They watched as Lunarstar softly landed on the ground and galloping towards them.
Lunarstar stopped just a few feet away from them and laid on the ground for Kitty to climb off her.
"Kitty!" yelled Pixie.
Kitty ran to Pixie and hugged her, "I'm so sorry. I won't run away again."
"Kitty, we're just happy to have you back," added Moon Glow.
Pixie stopped hugging Kitty, "Kitty these are your new Parents."
"Hello," said the Blue pony.
"Hi," Kitty replied.
Kitty looked at Lunarstar and noticed she was leaving. Then she remembered the scarf and hadn't given it back yet, "Wait!" Kitty ran towards her, "Ghost!"
Lunarstar stopped and turned around. Kitty stood in front of her, "I forgot to give you your scarf back."
"No Kitty. The scarf is yours."
Lunarstar lowered her head, "Think of it as an early Christmas Present."
Kitty smile and rubbed the scar on her checks.
"Oh, I almost forgot," Lunarstar reach for her hat on her head and placed it on Kitty's head, "There."
"The hat too?"
"It goes with the scarf."
Kitty smile and hugged Lunarstar, "Thank you!" Kitty stood back looking up at Lunarstar, "You've given me so much, I wish there was something I can give you."
"You already have."
"I have?"
"Yes. Thanks to you I can fly."
"You mean, that was your first time flying?" Kitty asked surprisingly.
"Yes...I must go, Kitty," Lunarstar rubbed her face next to Kitty's face, "Merry Christmas."
Lunarstar turned and ran taking a leap in the air and flying away. They all stood watching as Lunarstar disappeared leaving a trail of stars.
Kitty turned around, looking at her adopted parents, "Is it ok if I call you Mom and Dad?"
Her parents smiled and hugged Kitty.

The next day Lunarstar and her friends went to the party, playing with the little ponies and eating. Lunarstar and her friends had given Kitty presents which she spent sometime opening them all. By the time the sun had gone down, it was time for Kitty to leave. Kitty hugged Pixie, Moon Glow, Lunarstar and her friends. Then she spent a few minutes saying goodbye to the orphans.
Kitty got in the car with her new parents and drove down the driveway. Kitty was waving goodbye as she held her bag and then she noticed something sticking out of her bag. She took out the pink envelope.
"Looks like you forgot to open a Christmas Card," the pink pony observed.
Kitty took the card out, revealing a green card with a picture of houses decorated in colorful lights. Kitty opened the card and read it to herself, "Merry Christmas. Sincerely your friend The Ghost."
Kitty was surprised. She never saw the Ghost at the party. The Ghost didn't have the card with her last night. Kitty thought about it but couldn't figure out how the card got in her bag,
Kitty realized she'll never know and might as well leave it at that, "Merry Christmas."