Holiday Special: A Halloween Night

The sun had set with only a sliver still showing. Lunarstar in her Winged Unicorn form, finished eating dinner and was about to head into the living room with her father when her mother, Rosebud called for her.
"Lunarstar can you help me with the dishes?"
Lunarstar had nothing else to do so she decided to help her mother, "Sure, mom."
Rosebud washed the dishes and Lunarstar dried the dished as she put them away in the cupboards.
"Lunarstar, have you decided what kind of costume you want to wear tomorrow for Halloween?"
"I haven't decided yet."
"You could go as yourself, like you did when you were little."
"That was fine when I was little but I'm bigger now and my wings and horn have grown a lot too. I...I don't know. I think I want to go as something else this year but I'm not sure what."
Lunarstar's Father walked into the Kitchen and over heard them talking, "So you don't want to go as yourself? Halloween only comes once a year, the only time you can walk around the street as yourself.
Lunarstar thought about what her father said, she remembered the few times Patch and Raspberry saw her in the winged Unicorn form. If she did decide to go out as herself Patch and Raspberry might figure out her secret. She couldn't take the chance no mater how much she liked the idea of going out as herself.
"No, I want to go out as something else."
"How about a Princess?" the Father suggested.
"I could do your hair but you'll need a crown, I'm sure I can pick one up tomorrow." Rosebud proposed.
The more Lunarstar thought about it, the more she liked the idea, "A Princess doesn't sound to bad."
While Lunarstar and her mother talked about the princess costume Lunarstar's Father looked out the window, the sun had disappeared, the sky was dark blue and purple, a few of the star began to shine, "You don't want to be up to late, tomorrow is a big day."
"Can I go out side for a while?"
"Outsides?" the Mother asked.
"Yeah, you around and stuff?"
"I don't know. You should go to bed after you finish the dishes."
"Please? I won't be out to long,"
"Ok but only for a few hours." replied the Father.
Lunarstar quickly finished putting away the dishes, then she cleaned the counter.
"Are you leaving now?" Rosebud asked.
"I only have a few hours, right?"
"Don't forget," the Father reminded her.
Lunarstar said goodbye before disappearing. She reappeared in the forest not to far from her house. She could still see the lights at her house, her parents turned off the lights in the Kitchen and sat in the Livingroom.

The forest was dark but the half moon gave her some light, more stars started to appear as the sky got darker. The leaves on the trees were changing colors, each tree had different colors, red, yellow, orange and green. On the ground were a few red and yellow leaves that made crunching sounds as she ran.
She ran far and as fast as she could, she wanted to do some exploring and she only had a few hours to do it. As she ran she thought about her costume and what her friend her going to wear. Then she remembered the spooky stories that the boys at school were telling, she shivered at the thought of the stories and quickly stopped thinking about it.
Before she knew it, the forest ended and she came to a large meadow with three or four trees and a large rundown house in the distance, the grass ended at the cliff ahead.
It was quiet except for the crickets. She walked to a tree near the edge of cliff and looked out to the ocean as far as she could see. Lunarstar was surprised at how close she lived near the ocean, "I didn't think I lived this close."
The ocean was calm and sparkled like diamonds. She must have stood there for about an hour before she realized it was almost time to go home.
She turned around, she was about to walk away when she noticed something on the tree. She took a close look and saw what looked like an S & L carved on the tree.
Lunarstar started to leave and hadn't gone to far from the tree when she suddenly felt a gust of wind, then it suddenly stopped. She turned around and saw the ocean was still calm so it couldn't have been the wind.
"That's odd," She whispered.
She turned around and began to head for the forest when she suddenly stopped and turned around again, she felt like someone was watching but there was no one around.
"I think Halloween is starting to get to me. There's no one here," she whispered.
She quickly left the tree and ran towards the forest. She ran past bushes, trees, logs and streams but she still felt someone was watching. The more she thought about it the more she wanted to go home.
With her horn glowing she disappeared and reappeared in the room.
Her mother had just walked into her room, when Lunarstar appeared at the foot of the bed.
"I was just going to wait her for you," Rosebud knew it was not like Lunarstar to come home early, she's usually 30 minutes to an hour late, "Is there something wrong?"
"No, I...well like Dad said tomorrow is a big day." Lunarstar couldn't tell her she felt someone watching her, it would make her more worried and besides, she wasn't totally certain someone was watching her.
Rosebud smiled, not totally satisfied with Lunarstar's answer. Rosebud walked to the other side of the room and opened one window, "It could get hot in here, so you'll want to leave this window open."
Lunarstar climbed in bed waiting for her mother to put the covers over her, "Goodnight, Lunarstar."
"See you in the morning."
Rosebud turned out the light and shut the door.
Lunarstar felt safe, she no longer had the feeling of someone watching her. She laid in bed feeling warm under her covers with her head on her soft blue pillow, she slowly fell asleep.

It wasn't until long after midnight that a gust of wind blew into her room. The chill in the air woke her up and she saw her curtains blowing, she got out of bed to close the window but she noticed there was no wind outside, The leave were still and so were the branches on the trees. She began to feel scared and knew something was wrong.
Lunarstar slowly walked to her door and started to open it when she heard a faint voice.
Lunarstar turned around, standing in front of her window was a ghost, she was white with yellow hair.
Lunarstar wanted to yell but lost her voice from fright.
"Find Rose...please."
Lunarstar couldn't yell so she ran out of her room and woke up her parents who were sleeping peacefully.
"What's the mater?" Rosebud asked in a whispering voice.
"I...just saw..." Lunarstar looked scared which was unusual for her.
"What did you see?" The father asked feeling a little more a wake.
"A ghost. She was just in my room!"
"A ghost?" they asked.
"Maybe you were dreaming," the Father suggested.
"No I wasn't. I really saw my room!" Lunarstar exclaimed
Her parents didn't know what to think. She was acting to serious to be joking and they knew she wasn't going to sleep, especially in her room.
'Well, it's late and your should go to sleep." Rosebud whispered. still feeling half a sleep.
"Not in my room."
"Would you like to sleep in here? You'll have to sleep on the floor." The father suggested.
Lunarstar agreed and laid on the floor at the foot of their bed while Rosebud put a blanket on her.

Early the next morning Rosebud walked in her room and lightly shook Lunarstar with her hoof, "It's breakfast time." Rosebud waited for Lunarstar to open her eyes before shutting the door.
Lunarstar yawned and stretched her front legs, then her back legs and her wings.
Downstairs her mother made some pancake and had just put them on the table when Lunarstar walked in the dinning room.
Her father was at one end of the table and her mother at the other end.
"Lunarstar, don't forget the school is having a Halloween party tonight and I want you back here be before the Trick or treat starts so I can do your hair," Rosebud reminded her.
Lunarstar knotted her head with a mouth full of Pancakes.
Her father was looking at the newspaper, something on the front interested him.
"Look at this," The father turned the paper around to show the front, "There's an old mansion that's going to be torn down."
"That's not the Historical mansion is it?" Rosebud asked.
"Yes, it is," replied the father.
The newspaper had a picture of an old run down Mansion with another picture next to showing what it used to look like.
"Is that what it used to look like?" Lunarstar asked.
"Yes. They say the family went bankrupt and couldn't afford to keep up the house," replied the father.
Suddenly something in the picture caught Lunarstar's attention. She had to get a closer look to be sure.
"Can I see the paper?" Lunarstar asked.
The father handed the newspaper to her and began eating his pancakes.
Lunarstar looked at the old picture, on the porch behind some ponies sat a girl who looked a lot like the ghost she had seen last night.
"Where's this Mansion?" Lunarstar asked.
"Near the Ocean, sitting on top of a hill. You can't miss it." answered the Father.
Lunarstar handed the paper back and took a few quick bits.
"I'm going out, I'll see you later."
Lunarstar changed forms before she reached the door. Her Horn and Wings disappeared while her hair turned purple.
"Don't forget to be back before trick or treat!" yelled Rosebud.
"I won't"
Lunarstar ran out of the house, she wanted to get to the Mansion as soon as possible. She had a feeling the mansion had something to do with the ghost and she wasn't going to let anyone tear it down until she found out more about the ghost.

When she arrived at the mansion, she saw a lot of ponies at the gate wanting to help save the Mansion.
Lunarstar turned around and saw Bright Eyes with all her friends running behind her.
"Bright Eyes, you saw the picture in the newspaper?" Lunarstar asked.
"We certainly did," answered Starlight.
Teddy and Ace came along with the girls, who also wanted to see the mansion.
Teddy was carrying the newspaper, "It looks even worse close up."
Just then an old pony came out of the mansion yelling at the ponies standing around her gate.
"Go away. There's nothing you can do to save this old house, now get!"
Everyone left except for Lunarstar and her friends.
"That goes for you too," exclaimed the old pony, looking at the group. The Old Pony was light yellow with yellow hair, she wasn't happy to see everyone at her gate and continued to yell at them until they left.
"But we want to help," replied Starlight.
"I said there's nothing you can do, now go away!" The Old Pony turned around to walk back into the Mansion.
Lunarstar refused to leave, she grabbed the Newspaper from Teddy, "Tell me, who is this girl on the porch?"
The old pony turned around, she walked back to Lunarstar and looked at the newspaper.
"That's my sister, Now go away."
Lunarstar was getting frustrated, she never meet someone so stubborn in her life. The old Pony turned around to walk back to the Mansion, Lunarstar had more questions for her, "Who's Rose?"
The old pony stopped, she stood there for a minute without saying anything. Hearing the name surprised her.
Teddy, Ace and the girls wasn't sure what was going on or what Lunarstar was talking about.
The old pony walked back to Lunarstar, "Where did you hear that name?"
Lunarstar pointed to the picture of the girl on the porch, "She told me."
The old pony stood silently before saying anything else, "Are the 9 of you with her?"
"yes, we are," answered Bright Eyes.
"They're with me," added Lunarstar.
"Alright you can come in but don't touch anything. I have a lot of valuable stuff inside and I don't want them broken."
The Old Pony unlocked the gate with a key that she had around her neck, then she quickly locked it once Lunarstar and her friends walked through.
"My name is Daisy."
The old pony as she walked into the mansion.
The mansion was a peach color, which was pealing away from the house, a set of stairs leading to the porch was off white and began to peal, six white pillars along the porch had lost some of it's paint.

Inside was dark and dusty sheets covered the furniture. Every room was dusty with the curtains closed. The livingroom was large and it was the only room that was dust free and had no sheets. There was a fireplace against the wall with 2 couches on either side of a glass gold framed table. A black piano sat in the corner of the room and book shelves against another wall.
"Have a seat on the couches," Daisy pulled a chair to the table, "What's your names?"
The 10 ponies quickly introduced themselves.
"Lunarstar, are you sure my sister told you?"
"What's the big deal who told her?" Ace asked.
"My sister died over 50 years ago."
The group were surprised and wondered how can that be? Everyone looked at Lunarstar for an answer.
"I saw a ghost in my room last night and the ghost looked just like your sister. She asked me to find Rose. The whole thing scared me so I slept in my parent's room. You can ask them if you don't believe me."
"No, that's ok. I do believe you."
Lunarstar was surprised, even her parents didn't believe her.
"You do?"
There's no such thing as a ghost," Bright Eyes commented.
"The ghost shows up every 5 years asking for Rose."
"How did she die?" Bon Bon asked.
"Her name was Lily, she was fun to be around with and loved to be around ponies but once a week she would go to her special place and wait for Seamore to come home. Seamore was a Captain of his own ship, he traveled a lot and always brought something home for her. One day he brought a red ruby tied to a gold chain. Lily loved it, she then began to call it Rose because it looked like a rose inside the ruby when you hold it to the light. He told her to never take it off. Seamore was going to make his last trip and then he was going to take lily with him to travel to different places but he never came back. Lily was heartbroken and got sick from being outside waiting for him for so long, she died a month later but she didn't have rose with her. I never got a chance to ask her where it was."
"That was so sad," sobbed Sweetheart as she rubbed her eye with a tissue.
"What special place?" Bon Bon asked.
"I don't know. She kept it a secret but she did say it's a place were the Ocean Sparkle like Diamonds and where the ships come into the harbor. That's how she knew when Seamore was home."
"That could be anywhere," remarked Bon Bon.
"Where could the Ruby be?" Lunarstar wondered out loud.
"Maybe it's in this house?" Clover suggested.
"I looked for years in this house and never found it." Daisy commented.
"It won't do Lilly any good if this house is destroyed," Starlight remarked.
"Is there any way of saving this house?" Melody asked.
"Maybe, but even if the house was saved it won't do my any good, it'll take a lot of money to fix it," answered Daisy.
"Lets just try and save the house first and worry about fixing it later," suggested Ace.
"So, how can we save the house?" Teddy asked.
"There's a deed to the Mansion in this house but I haven't been able to find it."
"We'll help you look," suggested Patch.
Daisy hesitated, she didn't want them looking around her house.
"We won't touch anything, we just want to help you look," added Patch.
"This is one of the oldest houses in Ponyland, we can't just have it destroyed," remarked Bright Eyed.
"Ok, but don't brake anything. 5 up stairs and 5 downstairs."
Lunarstar, Patch, Sweetheart, Melody and Teddy went up stair while Clover, Starlight, Bright Eyes, Bon Bon and Ace searched downstairs.
Teddy and Ace grouped together and search the first room, Patch and Sweetheart checked the rooms in a different hallway, Lunarstar and Melody took another hallway.
The rooms were dusty, some had sheets over the furniture and some didn't.
Lunarstar and Melody began looking in a large room. Lunarstar looked in the dresser drawers while Melody looked in the closets and cabinet.
"See it?" Melody asked.
"No," replied Lunarstar after she had looked in all the drawers.
Lunarstar left the room with Melody right behind her. After they had looked in every room in the hallways, Melody went to see if Patch and Sweetheart had found anything. Lunarstar went to check on the boys in the next hallway.
The hallways were dark but had some light from the windows in the rooms.
Lunarstar walked quietly once she heard the boys talking.
"Well?" Teddy asked.
"Nothing," Ace replied.
"Just look at this stuff," Teddy had found a large chest and was looking inside it, "There's old papers, photos and books."
"But did you find the deed?" Ace was looking in the drawers with The Chest that Teddy is looking at next to him.
"No," Teddy replied who was still looking in the chest, "Do you think this house is hunted?"
"No," Ace didn't want to think about it, as far as he knew, they were alone.
Lunarstar was peeking from around the doorway, listening and then, she thought of something. She looked behind her, no one in the hall except for her.
"This would be a great time to have a little fun." thought Lunarstar. Her horn began to glow as her horn faintly appeared, then the lid to the chest slammed shut, throwing Teddy back.
"What's wrong with you? you didn't have to slam it," yelled Ace.
"I didn't," Teddy yelled back.
Lunarstar's horn disappear and quietly giggled.
"What do you mean?" Ace asked as he shut the cabinet.
Teddy got stood up, "Maybe this house really is haunted."
Lunarstar walked in the room, "Have you found anything?"
"No," answered Ace.
"What about you?" Teddy asked.
"We already searched most of the rooms upstairs and found nothing."
"We have a few more room to look in," added Ace.
Lunarstar left the boys and began to head downstairs.
Most of the girls were in the livingroom wondering where the deed could be. Lunarstar walked in the room and saw them sitting down on the couches.
"Lunarstar have your found it?" Starlight asked.
"No and neither have the boys.'
"I told you girls wouldn't find it but thanks for looking," said Daisy.
Lunarstar looked out the window in the livingroom, the sun was setting and soon it'll be time for her to go home.
Just then, the boys came in the room, "We found nothing."
"Thanks for looking anyway. I guess this old house will be torn down in a few days."
"What about the stuff inside?" Patch asked.
"My Niece and Nephew are coming here tonight to put everything in a tuck."
Lunarstar looked out the window again and it had gotten darker in the last few minutes, "I'm sorry but I really must be going. My parents wants me home before the trick or treat starts."
The girls stood up and agreed.
"We're sorry we couldn't find the deed," said Bright Eyes thoughtfully.
While everyone was talking, a brick on the fireplace where Clover was standing slowly moved from it's place and fell.
"Clover...!" yelled Patch.
"I didn't do anything."
Daisy pick-up the brick, on the back was a piece of paper. Daisy read the paper to herself and started to smile.
"What is it?" Melody asked after seeing the look on Daisy's face.
"is that the deed?" Teddy asked.
"It sure is. I guess my sister doesn't want this old house torn down either."
"That's great!" said Patch excitedly.
Ace suddenly noticed there was only 9 ponies in the room.
'I think one of us is missing," Ace observed.
Everyone looked around the room and realized Lunarstar was gone.
"She left already?" Teddy asked.
"I didn't even hear her leave," Starlight commented.
Bright Eyes looked out the window, "she couldn't have left, the gate is still locked."
"She must have left, she's not here," remarked Patch.
"I think your friend left, she did say she had to go home," Daisy suggested.
Meanwhile Lunarstar's Parents were in the livingroom waiting for lunarstar when suddenly, she appeared.
"Sorry, me and my friends were in the house helping Daisy find the deed to the house."
"Who's Daisy?" Rosebud asked.
"She's the one that owns the mansion."
"Oh, and did you find the deed?"
"Sure did after that, I left."
"So the house is saved, I guess they won't tar it down," Rosebud grabbed a brush from a near by table, "Lets hurry, it's almost time for the Trick or Treat to start.

When the sun had set and the stars were out, all the little ponies dressed in costumes and carrying bags began to walk the streets, going from one house to another.
Lunarstar's Parents were at the house passing out candy while Lunarstar went on her own. Rosebud had did a beautiful job on her hair.
Lunarstar's hair was tied up in a bun with strands of curly hair coming out, the rest of her hair hung down in several curls. Her tail was curled in strands as well. On her head she wore a sparkly gold crown with swirly designs all over it and jewels all around it. Around her neck she wore shiny white purls.
She had just gone to a few houses when her friends showed up.
"Lunarstar?" Patch asked.
"Is that you?" Starlight asked.
"What do you think? My mom did my hair." Lunarstar turned around so her friend could see her tail.
"Wow, she could work in the my mom's hair Salon," suggested Starlight who was wearing gypsy costume.
"Let's go, we have more candy to get!" said Patch excitedly, who was wearing a pirate's Costume.
For most of the night they went from house to house, Lunarstar had gone three blocks away from home.

As they were about to walk up to another house, Lunarstar heard someone call her name.
Lunarstar turned around and saw Raspberry in an angel costume, she wore a halo on her head and pink sparkly wings on her back.
"You're a Princess, right?" Raspberry asked.
"Yes I am and your...what are you anyway?"
"An Angel of course. Can't you tell?"
"I didn't know Angels had pink wings," Bright eyes teased, who was wearing scarecrow costume.
"This was the only thing my mom could find."
Raspberry looked at Lunarstar's hair which she had to admit, it was pretty but the neckless, she didn't like.
"You know, if your going to be a princess, you should wear a diamond neckless instead, then it'll shine and sparkle like your hair."
What Raspberry had said suddenly reminded Lunarstar of something.
"I think Purls looks great on her." Bon Bon commented, wearing a ghost costume.
Just then Teddy and Ace showed up, they both were wearing Pirate costumes like Patch was.
"Your Pirate too?" Patch asked.
"We couldn't decide who was going to be captain so we both decided to be captains," answered Teddy.
Starlight noticed Lunarstar wasn't paying attention, she seems to be out in space somewhere, "Lunarstar, what is it?"
"I think I know where their special place was."
"Where?" Clover asked who was wearing a Viking Costume.
"Where the ocean sparkles like diamonds."
That wasn't the answer they had expected. Non of them knew what she was talking about.
Lunarstar left the house and ran towards the mansion.
"Let's go," shouted Ace.

They followed Lunarstar through the forest to a clearing in the meadow. Lunarstar had stopped at a tree near the cliff and waited for the others to show up, "This is it. This their special place."
"Here?" Teddy asked.
Just then everyone turned around and saw a pony walking towards them. At first it was hard to see who it was but as she got closer they all recognized her.
"Daisy!" they exclaimed.
"What are you doing here?" Bright Eyes asked.
"I was out for a walk and saw you girls going here. I was going to asked the same thing."
Lunarstar walked next to the tree, "This is their Special place." Lunarstar stood on her hind legs and pointed at the S & L carvings on the tree.
Daisy took a closer look, she couldn't believe it. It was Lily's special place and it wasn't to far from the Mansion.
"So, where could the Ruby be?" Clover asked.
"Daisy, you said you looked everywhere, just maybe, Lily dropped it here while she was waiting for Seamore," Lunarstar suggested.
"You could be right.'
Everyone looked around the tree and in the tree but saw nothing, just then Teddy thought he saw something over the cliff at the bottom between the rocks.
"What is it?" Ace asked.
"Maybe it's down there. For a few seconds I thought I saw something shinny."
"I wouldn't be surprised if you found something down there. All kinds of junk washes up on shore."
"Let's go down there and look. Maybe she dropped it down there," Patch suggested.
Everyone walked along the cliff until the cliff was low enough that they could jump down. The sand felt cold to Lunarstar's feet, she left foot imprints as she walk. Lunarstar hadn't walked on sand before, it was different than the grass.
"There's the rocks," shouted Patch.
The sandy beach was starting to get narrow and soon they came upon the rocks which were bigger than they looked above.
"I don't think it's safe to be climbing over them," Daisy observed.
"We can go and you girls can stay here," suggested Ace.
"Yeah," Teddy agreed.
"I'm going with you," added Patch.
"So will I" added Melody.
"It'll take a lot of energy to climb those rocks, I think I'll just stay here," Bon Bon remarked.
While the other ponies stayed behind, Teddy, Ace, Patch and Melody climbed over the rocks.
once they had reached the top, they began looking around while climbing over other rocks. In between the rock and on the small rocks were Plastic, cups, paper and pieces of wood.
"This place is a mess, someone should clean it up," Melody commented as she pick up a beat up old cup.
As they talked about the trash on the rocks, Teddy spotted something shinny and climbed over the rock to a smaller rock. He removed the old paper as he scooped up the shinny object.
"Look!" yelled Teddy as he showed them the object covered in mud.
On the other side of the big rock, the girls could hear Teddy and the other talking.
"Did you find it?" Daisy yelled.
"We don't know, it's so dirty!" Teddy yelled back.
"Well, bring it over here and clean it in the water!"
Teddy and the others climbed down the rock and showed it to Daisy who took it and washed it in the ocean. Slowly the mud began to wash away reveling a shinny Red Ruby, lined in gold that connected to a gold chain.
"You found it!" shouted Daisy.
Everyone cheered and was very happy the search was over.

Suddenly a gust of wind blew past everyone. Lunarstar and Daisy looked out the ocean but it was calm. Lunarstar felt that it was the same wind the blew at her the night before Halloween.
"Look!," yelled Starlight.
On the beach stood a Ghost, she didn't leave imprints in the sand and you could see through her. Lunarstar recognized her from the ghost that was in her room.
Lily stood for a few minutes before saying anything, "You found Rose."
Clover and Bon Bon hid behind Patch and Melody. Lunarstar was relieved that the search for Rose was finally over.
Daisy walked up to Lilly, "I missed you so much."
"I know I've been watching you."
"How did you loose Rose?"
"I fell a sleep at the tree waiting for Seamore and I must have dropped Rose while I was a sleep. I was to upset at the time to notice Rose was gone."
Daisy handed Rose to Lily but she refused to take it.
"Don't you want it?" Lunarstar asked.
"I do but I can not take it with me. I wanted Daisy to have it while I'm gone."
Daisy's eyes watered and tears began to fall from her cheeks, "Thank you."
Suddenly everyone noticed another ghost in the distance.
"Another ghost," whispered Patch.
Lily turned around and began to cry, she knew who it was and ran to him.
"who's that?" Ace asked.
"I don't believe it, That's Seamore. He must have been waiting here for Lily all this time," answered Daisy.
Seamore had a blueish-green coat with Green hair and a strip of white, his eyes were blue.
Lily and Seamore hugged, embracing each other for several minutes. Then a small row boat appeared next to them, they climbed in the both and Seamore began to row before waving goodbye. The girls stood on the beach watching the boat sail into the thick fog.
"That's was so sweet," Sweetheart commented.

After awhile the fog began to lighten and soon they were able to see threw it, Lily and Seamore had disappeared.
"They're gone!" exclaimed Bright Eyes.
As they watched Clover walked up to Daisy who was holding Rose, "It looks pretty.'
Everyone gathered around Daisy to get a better look at Rose.
"It sure is," Melody agreed.
"My I hold it?" Clover asked.
Daisy handed Rose to Clover who continued to stare at it, suddenly Clover dropped Rose.
Rose hit the sand and fell off the golden chain.
"Clover!" everyone yelled.
"I'm sorry."
Daisy picked up Rose which had something on the back.
"What is it?" Lunarstar asked.
"It's a torn piece of paper." Daisy unfolded the paper, it had a drawing of the Tree that stood near the cliff.
"A drawing of a tree?" Teddy asked.
"May I see that?" Bright Eyes asked.
Daisy handed her the paper, Bright Eyes studied the drawing, "I think I know."
"Know what?" Melody asked.
"It's the drawing of that tree above us."
"I could have told you that," Teddy muttered.
"But did you noticed the S & L carving on the tree with a small arrow between the letters?"
Everyone looked at the drawing, between the S & L was a small arrow pointing down.
"Let's not stand here. This sounds like a treasure hunt!" yelled Patch excitedly.
Everyone ran back to the tree and searched for the carved letters.
"Here," exclaimed Lunarstar.
"Good, now lets dig," Bright Eyes ordered.
After a while of digging Ace came upon a wooden box, it was small and felt light. Ace picked the box up and set it down in the grass. Daisy opened the box, inside were 3 small bags and a note.
Daisy picked up the bags while Starlight read the letter, "You always said the Ocean sparkled like Diamonds. love Seamore"
Daisy opened the bad and took out a hooves full of diamonds.
"Wow," everyone gasped.
"Are those real?" Clover asked, who still couldn't believe what she was seeing.
"Yes," replied Daisy.
"Now you can fix the Mansion," Ace commented.
"And still have lots of money left over," added Starlight.
"If we don't hurry, we'll miss the Halloween party at school," said Teddy.
"I almost forgot," commented Bon Bon.
"Daisy, are you coming to the party" Bright Eyes asked.
"I wouldn't miss it for anything. Thanks you girls and guys for helping me."
Daisy put the Diamonds back in the bag and placed it in the box with Rose, "I'll see you at the party."
Daisy picked up the box and walked back to the mansion. The others decided to leave and go to the party.

Later that night at the party, The girls stood near a table with their drinks as they talked.
There were a lot of ponies at the party wearing costumes, a few had drinks and cake while other ponies talked.
Just then Daisy walked in with 2 ponies behind her.
"Daisy, you made it," exclaimed Patch.
"It took me while but I found a costume to wear." It was much, she had on a white and yellow a flower hat, with white purls around her neck, "This is my Niece and Nephew. Rosy and Surfer."
The 2 ponies walked forwards and, "Hi."
The girls were amazed, they looked just like the 2 ghosts.
"Wow, you look like Lily and Seamore," Melody commented.
"We hear that a lot," replied Surfer.
Just then Teddy and Ace joined the group, they too were surprised.
"I thought you left?" asked Teddy.
"No, that was lily and Seamore. I'm Surfer and this is my cousin Rosy."
"Oh," said Ace and Teddy.
As they continued to talk a gust of wind blew in the room, not to many ponies noticed it but Lunarstar sure did. The wind blew around her and out the door. Lunarstar started to walk towards the door when Melody stopped her.
"Where are you going?"
"Outside for some fresh air, I won't be long."
Once she was outside, the wind blew around her then left as if it wanted her to follow it. Lunarstar followed the wind which was easy since it dragged along a few leaves.
After a while she began to realize where the wind was going, she broke into a run with the wind blowing even faster. She ran through the forest to a clearing in the meadow, the same place where they had found the Diamonds.
The wind blew out into the ocean and into a thick fog. As Lunarstar stood watching, a ghostly ship came out of the fog, Lunarstar could hear the crew talking but on top where the wheel was, stood Seamore and Lily waving at her.
Lunarstar changed forms, her horn and wings appeared while her hair turned white.
Seamore was surprised at first but quickly got over it and continued to wave.
"Thank you!" yelled Seamore.
Lunarstar stood on her hind legs, rearing at them. The ship slowly disappeared into the fog, it was the last time Lunarstar ever saw them again.