Chapter 99: Sudden Change

It was still dark, Stardust brothers were still tired from the run they had.
"Now aren't you glad we rested all day for this night?" Stardust asked.
"Yes, I am," Starfire replied, "I'd be even more tired if I hadn't rested."
"It sure has been one busy night though," Skyview observed.
"Yes it has, just as I thought it would be," Stardust replied.
They walked through the forest which wasn't as thick as the other forest. The moonlight shined through the tops of the trees lighting their way.
"We'll never make it to the castle by day break at the rate we're walking," Starfire remarked.
"I can get us there faster," Skyview suggested then he looked at Starfire, "You can fly."
"Gee, thanks," Starfire muttered.
Stardust stopped and turned around, "Ok, get me their then."
Skyview's horn glowed and suddenly a cloud appeared. It changed shapes looking like a soft square blanket. Skyview stepped on it and then Stardust. They laid down side by side tucking this hooves under them.
"Lets go," Stardust said.
The cloud lifted them going higher than the trees. Stardust looked on the ground, everything looked small but pretty in away. Sometimes he wished he could fly like Starfire.
"Pretty isn't it?" Starfire asked who flew next to him.
"Yes it is," Stardust agreed.
Their manes and tails blew in the wind ruffling their coats. Stardust turned and looked at Lunarstar, her long tail blew pass his own.
"Why don't you put her down, rest till we get their?" Skyview asked.
"No, I can carry her, it's no problem at all," Stardust replied.
Stardust didn't want to put her down, he didn't know why or why he found himself staring at her every now and then.

At Dream Castle, Star Cluster laid asleep on his bed, sleeping peacefully till the bird got back.
Suddenly the bird flew on the balcony and landed on the railing, making noises so that Star Cluster would wake up. Star Cluster jumped off the bed and hurried to the balcony.
"Well?" Star Cluster asked.
"They're on their way here," The bird answered.
"And the Princess?" Star Cluster asked
"Stardust has her."
Star Cluster smiled, for once he was happy his plans was going great. He laughed with joy, "Wonderful!"
The bird turned into pure light and flew back into Star Cluster's key.
He sat on the bed, "After all these years, they finally got her."

They flew across the sky for over an hour. The sky began look lighter and the moon look smaller. There were less stars in the sky, only the brightest stars stayed out till sun rise.
"Dawn is almost here," Stardust said.
"Lets walk, holding the cloud up this long is wearing me out. I'm getting to tired to carry the three of use," Skyview complained.
"That's fine with me," Stardust replied.
Skyview lowered the cloud into a small clearing. When the cloud touched the ground it instantly dissolved. Stardust carefully stood up making sure Lunarstar stayed on his back. Starfire landed with a thud next to Stardust.
"We're so close to Dream Castle," Starfire exclaimed.
"I'm getting to tired to hold the cloud for much longer," Skyview snapped back.
"You are a grouch when your tired," Starfire stated.
Skyview glared at him.
"Knock it off you two!" Stardust yelled, "Now lets get going."
They walked through the forest to a clearing on a hill. In the distance was Dream Castle, it was to far to get a good look all they could see was the top of the castle.
"So close to home," Skyview muttered.
"So close to my bed," added Starfire.
The closer they got to Dream Castle the worse Stardust felt about going home. Deep down he didn't want to return home. They continued to walk getting closer to the castle, they could see the large town that sat some distance away.
Stardust stopped on the hill top and stared at the castle. He didn't see any reason for not returning home. He glanced at Lunarstar and thinking, then looked up at the castle.
"What is it?" Starfire asked.
Stardust didn't answer, he was to troubled by the mix feeling he was having. One told him to go home and see Star Cluster, the other told him not to. Why did he follow Star Cluster orders anyways, he couldn't stand to take orders from him.
Suddenly something flashed before his eyes. Stardust put a hoof on his forehead, waiting till the flashing has stopped.
"Stardust?" Skyview called.
"Must be another headache," Starfire guessed.
Stardust tired to remember what he had seen, images of the castle and Star Cluster.
"Stardust?" Skyview asked.
"I'm fine," Stardust replied.
"No your not, as soon as we get in the castle. I'll ask Star Cluster to see if he can do something about your headaches," Skyview said.
Stardust didn't like the idea of Star Cluster helping. It felt like a bad idea. Stardust turned away from Dream Castle and ran.
"Stardust!" His brothers called. They turned and ran after him.
"What is wrong with him?" Starfire asked.
"He could at least leave the Princess with us," Skyview remarked.
"Some how I doubt that. Have you noticed how he kept looking at her?" Starfire asked.
"Well there does seem to be something about her though," Skyview replied.
"You think that's why he took off with her?" Starfire asked.
"Well what ever the reason is, we have to get the Princess and talk Stardust into going home with us," Skyview said.
They ran into the forest after Stardust who made sure he didn't drop Lunarstar again.