Chapter 98: Heading Home

Stardust left the mountain and walked towards a clearing hoping to meet up with his brothers. The grass was tall in the clearing, Rocks stuck up from the grass.
He stopped suddenly, someone was coming, it was more of a feeling than anything else.
Skyview was the first to run out of the forest and then Starfire. They were breathing heavily and looked tired.
"There you two are," Stardust exclaimed.
"Yeah...we...dropped the you said," Skyview said taking deep breaths.
Starfire sat down catching his breath.
"You two ran all the way down the mountain?" Stardust asked noticing how tired they looked.
"We ran...all the way here," Skyview replied.
"We think Banner and the soldiers are still chasing us," Starfire added.
"What do you mean we thing?" Skyview asked, "I knew they're following us."
"Well lets get going before they find us," Stardust lead the way through the forest.
Skyview looked at Lunarstar on Stardust's back. Starfire caught Skyview staring at Lunarstar, "What?"
"She looks peaceful," Skyview answered.
Stardust turned and looked at her face. She was indeed sleeping peaceful, he could feel he breathing ever time she took a breath. There was something about her, he could feel it. It made him almost feel bad for kidnaping her. Why did Star Cluster want her? he saw nothing spacial about her, she was just a pony wanting to have fun with her friends. A pony who lived in the other world without her real parents.
"Stardust!" his brother exclaimed.
Stardust snapped out of it, he didn't realize his brothers have been calling him.
"What?" Stardust asked.
"What is wrong with you? This is the second time I caught you staring at her," Skyview remarked.
"Sorry, I was just thinking. Lets get going," Stardust lead the way with his two brothers following him.
"The forest is getting thicker," Starfire observed, "Skyview, light your horn so we can see."
"No, don't do that!" Stardust said suddenly.
"Why? We have to see where we're going," Starfire replied.
"I know that but have you forgotten who's following us?" Stardust asked.
"Oh," Starfire muttered.
"If they see Skyview's horn they'll be on us very quickly. It's best to walk in the dark for now," Stardust remarked.
Every now and then Lunarstar's mane would get caught on the bushes and his brothers had to untangle her hair.
"I'm getting tired of this," Skyview grumbled.
"So am I and I had to walk her down the mountain. I even dropped her once," Stardust commented.
"You did?" Starfire asked.
"Yes, so she'll be out for quite a while," Stardust replied.
"Wait, Stardust," Skyview exclaimed, "Let me fix her mane so it won't get caught on anything."
Stardust stopped and stood as Skyview took Lunarstar's mane and tucked it under her so only a ends of her mane stuck out.
"That's better," Skyview commented.
"Yes, it certainly is," Stardust agreed.
They continued walking in the forest as it got dark in some spots.
"I can't wait to get back," Starfire said excitedly.
"I know already," Skyview exclaimed.
"I can't help it, I'm dying to sleep in a bed for a change," Starfire replied.
"Your not the only one," Skyview said.
"You know, once we bring the Princess to the castle our mission will be over. What do you think Star Cluster will have us do?" Starfire asked.
"I have no idea," Skyview answered.
"Probably spend the rest of our lives taking orders from him!" Stardust groaned.
As they walked skyview suddenly stopped and turned around.
"What is it?" Stardust asked.
"They're coming!" Skyview answered.
"How do you know?" Starfire asked.
"Hurry, lets hide," Stardust proposed.
They hurried off their trail and hid behind some large bushes. They laid in the grass ducking low. Skyview and Starfire laid next to Stardust to keep Lunarstar's white coat hidden.

It wasn't long till even Starfire heard the thundering hooves beating the ground. Suddenly Banner ran by with a group of soldiers behind him. Stardust looked at Lunarstar worried that the noise would wake her up.
When the Soldiers were gone and the thundering hooves couldn't be heard, Stardust and his brothers left their hiding place.
"I think we better take another way home," Stardust suggested.
"If we loose the Princess, Star Cluster will be furious," Starfire remarked.
"He's always furious when we fail to do something. I have a feeling he was just angry with us, I don't think we've seen his furious side yet," Skyview replied.
"Lets get going, I want to get there before the Princess wakes up," Stardust lead the way out of the forest across the meadow, pass homes and into the forest again. As they walked quietly, Stardust couldn't help feel that he truly didn't want to go home. He tried to shake the feeling but he couldn't.