Chapter 97: The loss

Charades and Buster walked through the Gate with Bon Bon and Melody. The minute they got to the other side, Charades and Buster began to glow and Bon Bon and Melody stopped glowing.
"That is so cool!" Melody exclaimed.
"What is?" Buster asked.
"The way we glowed and then stopped glowing," Melody answered.
"Oh," Buster chuckled.
"Come on you two. I'm sure your parents are worried about you," Charades remarked.
"I'm going to be in big trouble when I get home and I can't even tell them what happened," Bon Bon exclaimed worriedly.
Charades lead the way through the ruins, walking along the cobble stone trail and making noises with their hoofs. the animals near by got scar and ran. They walked through the dark forest with Buster and Charades as their light. It was quiet except for the crickets, Owls sat on branches making noises as walked into a clearing.
"What was that?" Bon Bon asked feeling a bit scared.
"Just an owl," Buster answered.
Suddenly a couple of rabbets ran from the tall grass across the girls path. Bon Bon and Melody screamed.
"Just a couple of scared rabbits," Charades quickly said, "relax you two. There's nothing to be scared of."
"Sorry," The girls replied.
As they walked awhile in silence, Melody could help but wonder about Banner's ear.
"He lost part of it on a battle," Charades answered.
"A battle?" Bon Bon asked.
"Yes when he first lost Dream Castle," Charades answered.
"Do you think they'll get Lunarstar back?" Melody asked.
"I don't know, girls," Charades sadly answered.
"Don't tell anyone about tonight or what happened to Lunarstar," Buster said.
"What about her friends?" Bon Bon asked.
"You can tell them but no one else," Charades answered.
"What if you don't get Lunarstar?" Bon Bon asked.
The boy stopped looking even more worried.
"Lets just hope they do," Charades answered.
They continued walking till they reached the hill top just before the hill goes down.
"Buster, take the girls home, I'm going to tell her parents. Meet me at the house," Charades ordered.
"Ok," Buster replied.
They walked down hill in different directions. Buster and the girls went towards the town while Charades kept on heading straight through the forest towards the house.

Buster led the girls through trees, streams and bushes till they came to the forests edge. Buster looked around, there was no one on the street. Some of the houses had lights on inside. They left the forest and walked along the sidewalk.
"Who lives close by?" Buster asked.
"I do," Melody answered.
"Lead the way then," Buster proposed.
As they followed Melody, Buster thought about Lunarstar, he hoped Banner could catch up to the Black ponies and rescue Lunarstar. What troubled him the most was how did they find out who Lunarstar was in her earth form?
As they walked Bon Bon asked, "What am I going to tell my parents?"
"Yeah, I'm going to have to tell my mom something," Melody exclaimed.
"I don't know. You can't tell them the truth, though," Buster replied.
"Why not?" Melody asked, "Our Parents won't believe us anyways. Besides I feel bad just lying to my mom."
"No mater what I tell my parents I’m going to be grounded," Bon Bon remarked.
"The Gates is a secret, you can't tell them what happened tonight," Buster replied, "even if they don't believe you, they remember your story if they find the Gate."
"Oh," Melody sighed, "I didn't think of that."
"Tell them you went shopping or something or don't say anything at all but what ever you tell them don't mention..."
"We know," Melody interrupted, "I won't tell them about tonight, I promise."
"Me too," added Bon Bon.
They continued walking through the neighborhood, peaking around corners to be sure no one was out walking around.

Melody walked pass the house, she recognized a fence ahead of her, the one she was knocked into. It was still broken and laying in the yard.
Melody turned on another street and walked to her house. Buster and Bon Bon stood waiting as she walked inside her house.
"Melody!" her mother exclaimed sitting at the dinning room table with the baby twins, "Where have you been? it's late, you almost missed dinner."
"Sorry mom, I didn't mean to stay out to late., was know to find something new to wear in the band?"
"Melody, I want you to babysit the twins tomorrow."
"Why? I can just get a babysitter for them."
"No Melody. I want you to babysit them, think of this as your punishment for getting home late."
Melody sighed, "Ok mom."

Buster and Bon Bon left Melody's house walking down the street.
"Where do you live?" Buster asked.
"I'll show you," Bon Bon replied taking the lead.
She took him pass the community of houses to a field of apple trees, in the distance sat a tall house, "That where I live."
Buster followed her as far as the edge of the apple orchard. Bon Bon said goodbye and hurried in the house.
"Bon Bon!" Yelled her mother entering from the Dinning room, her voice didn't sound to happy.
"Where have you been?" her father asked who wasn't looking to happy.
"Out shopping with Melody," Bon Bon lied.
"You missed dinner. Go to you room your grounded for a few day," her father said.
It was no surprised to Bon Bon, she walked upstairs and into her room. She looked out her windows and saw Buster leaving the apple orchard, she couldn't see him but she could see his glowing coat.

Charades entered the house, Rosebud and Booster were still on the couch talking about the first day they got Lunarstar.
As soon as They saw Charades, they stood up and walked over to him.
"Any luck?" Booster asked.
"Not yet, Banner sent some soldiers after the Black ponies so hopefully he will catch them in time.
Rosebud's eyes was still full of tears, she wanted to say something but she couldn't think of anything.
"Skyview and Starfire had caught her two friends. Banner had managed to rescue them. Buster is taking them home now."
Rosebud sat down on the couch she had hoped they had rescued Lunarstar. Booster sat on the couch with her as Charades explained everything.
After awhile Buster walked in the house and saw Charades on the couch.
"I took the girls home," Buster commented.
"Good," Charades stood up, "We have to go back, I don't know when we'll be back or if we'll be back at all."
"Please hurry and rescue Lunarstar," Rosebud pleaded.
"We will do our best," Charades replied.
Rosebud and Booster walked outside to watch them leave knowing it'll be a long time till they comeback.