Chapter 96: Hunting for her Friends

The sky was pitch black and the full moon out shinnied the stars.
Skyview and Starfire continued to run with Melody and Bon Bon on their backs. The dirt on the road flew from their thundering hoofs. Banner and the Soldiers chased after the two black ponies, slowly catching up to them. Skyview and Starfire couldn't run to fast fearing they would accidently drop the two girls. They zig zag half way down the mountain passing trees and Bushes on the sides of the road. The girls on their backs glowed brightly lighting up their path down the mountain.
"I think we are far enough away from the Gate now," Starfire commented.
"Ok, we'll drop the girls off around the next bend," Skyview replied.
They ran down the road without slowing down or stopping at the bend, Skyview skidding around the bend causing Bon Bon to slide off. Starfire folded his wings, laying them flat against his sides and doing just what Skyview did. He skidded around the bend, causing Melody to fall off.
The girls hit the ground hard, rolling to a stop in the bushes.
Banner and the soldiers stopped to check on the girls. Bon Bon and Melody slowly woke up and stood on their feet, feeling dizzy. The girls gasped at all the boy ponies in front of them, staring.
"Are you two alright?" Banner asked.
Bon Bon and Melody didn't know who he was but he seemed nice and concerned for them. The girls quickly noticed Banner's cut ear but tried not to stare.
"Fine," Melody answered.
"I'm ok," Bon Bon felt slight pain on her head, she touched her head rubbing the bump that was hurting her, "except for a bump."
Bon Bon looked over at Melody and gasped, they couldn't stop staring at each other.
"Your glowing!" the two girls exclaimed together.
"Just like Lunarstar but that's..." Melody was interrupted by Banner.
"You two know Lunarstar?" Banner asked surprisingly.
"Yes," Melody answered, wondering how he knew Lunarstar.
"We're her friends," Bon Bon answered.
"Friends?" Banner asked, he looked worried, troubled about something.
"Who are you?" Melody asked.
"My name is Banner."
Suddenly Charades and Buster ran up behind him, both breathing hard and trying to catch their breaths as they hung their heads low.
"Banner," Charades said breathlessly, "We can't find Lunarstar."
"What?" Banner exclaimed, "Are you sure?"
"Yes...found a feather...looks like there was a struggle or...something," Charades answered as he looked up at the two girls, "What are you two doing here?"
"Are you sure it was Lunarstar's feather?" Banner asked.
"It had to be, the feather was large and glowing white," Charades answered.
"Skyview and Starfire caught these girls and just dropped," Banner stopped, it suddenly dawned on him. He looked at Buster and Charades, "Did you two see Stardust?"
"No," they answered.
Banner turned towards the soldiers that was guarding the Gate, "Did you two see Stardust?"
"No," The soldier answered, "only Skyview and Starfire."
Banner looked worriedly at Charades and Buster, "You two must have just missed Stardust!"
"We didn't see or hear him," Buster replied.
"His two brothers are probably on their way to meet up with him," Banner looked at Buster and Charades, "Take the girls home," Banner turned towards the two soldiers that guarded the Gate, "Go guard the Gate. The rest of you follow me!"
Buster and Charades stood back as the soldiers ran by, their feet pounded the dirt shacking the ground. Once they were gone Charades turned around, "Lets go girls. We'll take you home."

Star Cluster walked down the hall to his room looking grouchy as always. He pass the two guards and went into his room. It was a large room with a night stand on each side of the bed and a table in the middle of the room at the end of the bed. He walked to his bed laying on the silk green covers, resting his head on the silk green pillow and staring up at the ceiling.
"Where are those three? It's a full moon, they should have been back by now?" Star Cluster asked himself.
He was feeling to upset and impatient to lay down on the bed. He sat up and got off the bed, walking to the balcony, "It's been more than two months...Those three have better not turn against me," The more he thought about them the more upset he felt.
He passed around the room in silence thinking, "If those three comeback without the princess, they're going to pay."
"Send a spy," a deep voice suggested.
Star Cluster stopped, "Yes, a spy will be perfect," the key around Star Cluster's neck started to glow and then it changed shape, turning into a staff with a blue ball on top. A Dragon claw held the ball in place. The staff floated in front of him waiting for Star Cluster to grab it.
He stood up, took the staff, "A bird will do the job," He pointed the blue crystal ball at the balcony, suddenly a ray of blue light shot out from the crystal ball hitting the railing on the balcony. Once the ray of light was gone a black raven bird stood on the railing.
"Find Stardust, Skyview and Starfire. I want to know what their doing then come and report what you see. Do not let anyone see you," Star Cluster ordered.
The raven knotted his head and turned around on the railing. He spread his wings and flew from the baloney.
The staff turned back into a key appearing around his neck. Star Cluster watched the bird till he could no long see it then he laid down on his bed.
"I worked to hard for the Princess to ruin it," Star Cluster mumbled as he slowly drifted to sleep.