Chapter 95: Heading home

Skyview and Starfire stood in front of the Gate waiting for Stardust. The Gate behind them was open, looked like water rippling in midair casting an image of a thinker forest on the other side of the Gate. The light from the full moon gave some light to the forest but the glow from their coats gave light to the area around them.
Starfire stood on three legs resting his hind leg. He was itching to go through the gate and home to dream castle. The more he thought about his soft warm bed the more he wanted to go home.
"Where is he?" Starfire asked feeling impatient.
"He will be here, just wait and see," Skyview answered.
"Waiting is killing me," Starfire replied.
Skyview smiled, "Dying to get home?"
"Yes, I can't wait to sleep in my bed," Starfire replied.
"I can't either. For once I'd like to wake up without seeing your feet in my face," Skyview replied.
The two stood and stared at each other till Skyview heard a noise.
"What is it now?" Starfire asked noticing Skyview jerking his head towards the darkness in the meadow.
"I think he's coming," Skyview answered.
"Finally," Starfire exclaimed.
As they stood and stared at the darkness, faint light slowly appeared. As the light got closer the glow got brighter.

Stardust walked through the tall grass in the meadow, the glow from his coat and Lunarstar's coat made the area light up even brighter, it seemed like daylight. He walked carefully with each step he took, making sure Lunarstar didn't slide off his back. Her mane and tail hung low which made it hard not to step on it.
He continued to walk towards the ruins where Skyview and Starfire stood in surprise staring at Lunarstar.
"I don't believe it!" Starfire exclaimed when Stardust approached them.
"You got her but how?" Skyview asked, just as surprise as Starfire.
"Of course I got her. I said I would. Now there's no time to explain. Buster and Charades probably notice she's missing and will be looking for the Princess," Stardust answered.
"Buster and Charades saw your note," Skyview suddenly remember.
"Lets hurry and go through the gate, I'll count to 10 before I go through the Gate," Stardust remarked, "Remember..."
"We know...take the road down the mountain," the two replied.
"Go!" Stardust yelled as he looked behind him hoping Buster and Charades wasn't coming.

Skyview and Starfire ran through the Gate catching the two soldiers by surprise. The two Soldier wearing cloaks on their backs and swords at their side noticed two little ponies on Skyview and Starfire's backs. The two soldiers glanced at each other and ran after the two black ponies.
Skyview and Starfire ran up the hill, when they ran through the bushes they were surprised and startled. Banner and a few soldiers were walking down the hill from the Castle and suddenly stopped, they were just as surprised and the two black ponies. Skyview and Starfire didn't stop, they slowed down when they saw Banner but quickly ran even faster on the dirt road down hill.

Stardust finished counting to 10 and walked through the Gate, the glow from his coat instantly disappeared. He stood in front of the Gate and looked around, there was no soldiers in sight.
"Good," Stardust smiled.
He walked into the forest through the thick bushes, stopping every now and then the untangle Lunarstar's hair from the bushes.
"I can't wait to get off this Mountain," Stardust muttered.
He walked around trees while trying to avoid the bushes and watching out for Lunarstar's hair. As he walked the hill got steeper, he could feel Lunarstar sliding towards his neck. He continued walking carefully talking the path that he and his brothers always went when going up or down the mountain. He turned to the right walking carefully. Lunarstar was slowly slipping off his back without Stardust realizing it at first. By the time he realized she was sliding off his back, it was too late. She hit the ground and tumbled down the hill. Stardust ran after her but couldn't go to fast fearing he wouldn't be able to stop. He did his best going down hill but when it got to steep to run, he slipped and slid down hill on he back. He could feel every rock and bump in the grass.
Lunarstar woke up from all the bumps on the grass. Her eyes got wide when she realized she was falling down hill. Before she could stop herself, she rammed into a rock knocking herself out again.
Stardust continued to slide down hill after Lunarstar, he could see her ahead but gasped when he noticed a cliff.
The cliff wasn't to high but high enough that it could kill Lunarstar if she fell over.
Trees and bushes flew past him as he got closer to Lunarstar. The cliff was coming up on them fast and he had seconds to grab Lunarstar.
The Cliff came up on her and Lunarstar dropped over the cliff. Stardust grabbed her tail in his mouth and swung his body around, stopping himself with his hoofs. He skidded to the edge of the cliff. Lunarstar hung over the cliff, her hair covered her face, her legs hung low over her face, Her wings spread out.
Stardust stood on his feet slowly backing away from the cliff and dragging her onto the grass. He continued to pull up the hill till he found a small flat ground to rest on. He grabbed Lunarstar with his front hoofs and held her as he took a deep breath. he sat and stared at Lunarstar, he was relieved he had caught Lunarstar and deep down he felt guilty about dropping her and hurting her. He wasn't sure way.
He checked her legs and head to be sure she didn't brake any bones. He did notice the back of her head had a cut, "She must have hit her head down hill. She'll be out for a day or so."
Stardust put her on his back and carefully continued walked down hill taking a rout he never took before.
Once he reached the bottom of the mountain, he continued into the forest towards a meadow.