Chapter 94: Thinking the worst

Buster and Charades left the girls and ran out of the park heading towards the docks. Ponies nearby stared at them wondering what was going on. Buster and Charades didn't care how many ponies stopped and looked, they were too worried about Lunarstar to notice.
"Who could have wrote that note?" Buster asked.
"It wasn't her friends, it had to be someone who knows us and..." Charades stopped, he had a scared look on his face.
"What?" Buster asked almost yelling.
"Who ever wrote that note knows about Lunarstar changing," Charades finally answered.
"Are you serious?" Buster asked surprisingly.
"They had to know about Lunarstar in order to know about the full moon."
Buster just looked at him felling lost at what he was talking about, "What did the letter say?"
"Oh, I forgot you didn't read the it said....Dear Lunarstar, since it's a full moon we thought we would spend the night on the docks. Meet us at Warehouse C. Sincerely, Buster and Charades."
"Lets hurry!" Buster exclaimed.
They continued to run through town till the Sun was almost gone.
"You don't think," Buster hated to even mention it, "one of the Black ponies found out, do you?"
Charades didn't answer he didn't want to believe the Black ponies had discovered her big secret.

When they arrived at the docks the sky had turned dark, leaving a faint orange color in the horizon. The Docks were deserted and quiet, not a pony in sight. They stood trying to catch their breaths, their coats glowed giving light to the area around them.
"I don't see her," Buster said worriedly as he looked around.
"Lets find C, hopefully she's there waiting," Charades proposed.
They ran down the docks passing the warehouses. Their legs were worn out and they breathed heavily. " is," Charades said breathlessly.
They ran to a warehouse with a large C above the large door. Buster and Charades saw a door next to the large door that was wide open. The lights were still on inside.
"She has to be in there," Buster exclaimed.
They hurried inside calling for Lunarstar but there was no answer, only the echos of their voices. They walked around the boxes through the pathways. Buster and Charades went in different direction each calling for Lunarstar till they came upon some fallen boxes.
Charades looked around the boxes, he wasn't sure what he expected to find, maybe evidence that Lunarstar was there or what caused the boxes to fall.
Suddenly his eyes caught something under a small box. He moved the box aside to reveal a white feather.
Buster pushed a box towards Charades, "Look at this box."
Charades looked and noticed the corner of the box had blood on it, Charades touched the blood with his hoof, "It's fresh. I wouldn't be surprise if that's Lunarstar's blood," Charades picked up the white feather, "And there's only one pony in this world with white wings."
"Lunarstar," Buster muttered.
"It looks to me someone made those boxes to fall on her," Charades said.
"The Black ponies," Buster muttered knowing he was right.
"We better get to the Gate quickly while we still have time. Tell Lunarstar's Parents what's going on and meet me at the Gate," Charades said.
They hurried out of the warehouse and ran through the forest. The sky had turned pitch black and the moon shined brightly by the time they could see Lunarstar's house. They stood felling the pain in their legs from running so far.

Rosebud passed in the living room, watching the window every now and then. Booster stood at the window watching the sidewalk hoping to see Buster and Charades with Lunarstar.
"Where is she? Buster and Charades should have been back by now," Rosebud said worriedly, "You don't think they got themselves in trouble with those Black ponies, do you?"
Booster didn't want to answer, it would only make Rosebud worry even more. Booster walked up to Rosebud and rubbed his head against her cheeks hoping it would calm her down a bit. Rosebud put her head under his, leaning against the warmth of his coat.
Tears began to fall down her cheeks as she began to think the worst.
Suddenly Buster walked in out of breath.
"Where's Lunarstar?" Rosebud asked noticing he was the only one in the doorway.
"And Charades isn't with you?" Booster asked.
"No...He's at the Gate," Buster breathed heavily trying his best to catch his breath, "We can't find...Lunarstar....her friends got a note from us only we didn't write it," Buster stopped and took a deep breath which helped quite a bit, "We think the Black ponies took her so we are going through the Gate to find her."
"Oh, please..." Rosebud began to cry.
"Hurry and find her," Booster added.
Buster rushed out of the door and ran into the forest. Rosebud and Booster stood outside watching till they could no longer see his glowing coat.
"Lunarstar..." Rosebud sobbed.
Booster walked Rosebud in the house and sat on the couch with her wrapped around his arms.
"I'm sure Buster and Charades will find her," Booster whispered in her ear.
"My little Lunastar...she must be so scared," Rosebud sobbed.

Buster ran through the forest, running pass trees and bushes. He quickly found the cobble stone trail and continued to run up the hill but quickly slowed down to a walk. When he reached the top, he stopped and rested for a few minutes.
Once he had caught his breath he ran through the forest and to the meadow. It wasn't to hard to find Charades waiting, his coat glowed, lighting up his surrounding.