Chapter 93: Kidnapping

The sun was starting to set turning the sky orange. Skyview and Starfire left Stardust and walked through the forest towards the park. They walked close to the forest edge as close as they could get without being seen.
"Lets go," Skyview lit his horn as he bent his head down to touch Starfire. Suddenly they were gone, winking to the lake.

The little ponies were in the process of packing, the boys had left leaving the girls with the mess to clean up.
"What are they doing here? Patch asked noticing Buster and Charades standing in the distance looking around.
"I'll go find out," Starlight proposed. She left the group and walked over to Buster and Charades.
"What are you two doing here?" Starlight asked.
"We are here to pick up Lunarstar,' Buster answered.
"Where is she?" Charades asked noticing she wasn't in the group.
"She went to meet you guys at the docks," Starlight answered.
"Why would so do that?" Buster asked.
"You told her to in your letter."
"What letter?" Charades asked curiously.
"Let me go get it," Starlight left them and ran back to the group, she grabbed the letter which sat next to the basket. then she turned and ran back to Buster and Charades, handing them the letter.
Charades took the letter and read it. After he was done, he looked concern almost worried, "We didn't write this letter."
The other girls noticed the look on Charades face and were curious at what was going on, they left ran to Starlight.
"You didn't?" Starlight asked as the girls approached.
"No," Charades answered, "Where did you get this?"
"It was in our picnic basket," Melody answered.
Buster and Charades looked at each other.
"Please excuse us girls," Charades quickly said.
The girls stood and watched as the two turned and ran.
"I wonder what's going on?" Bright Eyes asked.
"Apparently they didn't write that letter," Starlight replied.
"If they didn't write it then who did?" Clover asked.

Skyview and Starfire sat behind the bushes ducking low till Buster and Charades left.
"How are we going to get them?" Starfire asked in a whispering voice.
"We'll follow that pink pony. I know where the yellow pony lives so I can always get her afterwards," Skyview answered.
They stayed low to the grass watching as the girls left, heading home. Skyview lit his horn and touched Starfire, then they disappeared in a misty cloud following Melody.

The sun was quickly setting, only half was still in the horizon. Melody left the park unknowingly that a cloud was following her. She couldn't stop thinking about the letter, "I wonder who wrote that letter?" she kept repeating the same question in her mind. The more she thought about it the more she felt something wasn't right. She walked out of town and into the community of houses. She was anxious to get home, her day at the lake left her feeling tired.
She had a few more corners to turn to and she'd be home. Suddenly she heard running hoof behind her. It didn't bother her much but it caught her by surprise when the running sound quickly disappeared. Melody turned around wondering what happend to the pony running. Suddenly without any warning something flew past her knocking her into a fence. It flew by so quickly like a blur, she couldn't even catch a glimpes of it. She slammed into the fence knocking herself out and braking the wooden fence in half.
Starfire flew half way down the street slowing himself down. He turned around and flew back to Melody, landing at her feet with Skyview standing next to her.
"Now put her on my back," Starfire said.
Skyview lifted Melody and placed her on Starfire's back with her front legs and head hanging low in front of his wings.
Skyview lit his horn, "Now for that yellow pony." he winked out while Starfire flew towards the forest as quickly as he could.

The sun had gone down and the sky started to get darker. Skyview winked to an Apple Orchard. The glow from his coat made it hard for him to hide. He quietly walked pass the apple trees trying not to make a sound, hoping no one would see him. As he walked, he got closer to Bon Bon's house. Skyview stopped behind a tree closest to the house and looked in the windows. He could see the ponies inside and the yellow pony talking to her parents.
Skyview winked to her room and waited behind the door, as he stood waiting it suddenly accord to him he was suppose to carry her. He was so used to putting ponies in his cloud ball that he forgot about carrying her through the gate like Stardust planed.
He looked around for something hard to knock out Bon Bon with, then he spotted a stack of books on the floor by the bed. He rushed over to the stack of books, grabbed a book and quickly hid behind the door.
Bon Bon entered her room and started towards her bed when she felt a hard thud on her head. It was so hard it knocked her out unconscious. Bon Bon fell only she didn't hit the floor, she had landed on a cloud shaped like a blanket.
Skyview's horn lit the room which wasn't to big, he set the book on back on the stack and stood as he lifted the cloud changing it's shape. The cloud laid on his back, slowly dissolving leaving Bon Bon resting on his back.

Skyview winked to the Gate, standing next to Starfire, "Now we wait for Stardust."
The Sky had turned pitch black as they waited with the two girls on their backs.