Chapter 92: Setting the Trap

In the evening, the sun shined brightly in the clear blue sky. Lunarstar and her friends swam at the lake in the park. The boys had join the girls earlier and was splashing at them. They screamed and laughed as they played. Bon Bon got out of the water and walked over to the basket. She sat on the grass and looking in the basket for food.

Stardust and his brothers woke up in the shack, yawning and stretching their legs. Stardust lifted his pillow and took a white envelope that was hidden under it.
Skyview and Starfire noticed the small white envelope in his hoof and was curious at what he was going to do with it.
"Where did you get that?" Skyview asked pointing to the envelope.
"I got it yesterday while you two were asleep," Stardust answered, "Skyview, take me to the park at the lake."
"Now?" Skyview asked.
Skyview's horn light up, he bent his head down and touched Stardust. Suddenly they were gone in a misty cloud.

They appeared behind some bushes and trees close to the lake. Skyview recognized Bon Bon who was eating a sandwich.
"Did you know they were going to be here?" Skyview asked in a whispering voice.
"Yes," Stardust answered, "Now here's what I want you to do. Take this envelope and drop it in that basket without anyone seeing you."
"What's that for?" Skyview asked.
"It's part of my plan, now don't ask me anymore question. Just take it and hurry," Stardust whispered.
Skyview turned himself into a cloud and took the envelope. He floated out of the bushes along the grass like smoke blowing in the wind. The little ponies were to busy playing to notice the cloud slithering towards the basket.
Skyview came up behind Bon Bon to the basket which sat next to her. He dropped the envelope in the basket and then quickly left. Once he was behind the bushes with Stardust, he turned back into his normal self, "It's done."
"Good. Now lets get back to the shack and wait till sun set," Stardust ordered.
Skyview's horn glowed and as soon as he touched Stardust they were gone.

They laid in the shack on their beds waiting till sun set and talking about the plan one last time. As they waiting Skyview heard something outside. He turned his head and looked at the door, "Someone is coming."
"I don't hear anything," Starfire commented.
Stardust stood up ready to answer the door. He looked out the window to see if the sun had set yet, "It's almost time, the sun is about to set. We should be going"
Just then there was a knock at the door.
"Stardust, I know it's late but I'm just wondering if your going to be at work tomorrow?" asked a familiar voice.
Stardust answered the door and looked at Liberty who stood at the door waiting for an answer.
"I'm not coming back to work," Stardust answered, he turned and looked at his brothers hiding behind the door, "Lets go."
"Now?" Starfire asked.
"Yes, now," Stardust answered.
Stardust stepped out of the shack with his two brothers behind him. The three of them stood side by side. Liberty stared at them with complete shock. They looked alike but he couldn't stop staring at Skyview's horn and Starfire's wings.

"These two are my brothers, Skyview and Starfire. We're going home so I won't be seeing you again. Goodbye, Liberty," Stardust turned and walked towards the dock.
"Bye," Starfire commented as he turned to follow Skyview. Starfire quickly flapped his wings once just to see what Liberty would do.
Liberty jumped back, he knew the wings were real but to see them move unexpectedly caught him by surprise. Starfire couldn't help but chuckle.
Liberty stood and continued to stare, he remembered the stories he heard a while back about a Unicorn and Pegasus who looked just like Stardust.
"I don't believe it, they're real. That's not possible, they're just stories and fairy tales," Liberty muttered, "I wonder if the ghost is real too?"

Stardust stopped once Liberty was out of sight. He waited for his two brothers to catch up.
"Now you know what to do?" Stardust asked.
"Yes, we went over it many times," Skyview answered.
"Starfire?" Stardust asked.
"I haven't forgotten the plan. Don't worry, we'll be at the Gate waiting for you," Starfire replied.
Stardust smiled, "Good," Then he ran out of the forest towards the docks.
He ran behind the warehouses since there were a few ponies still on the docks.

Lunarstar was out of the water, drying off with the girls and boys, eating when Clover looked in the basket for food. She took out a white envelope, "Look what I found."
Bright Eyes took the envelope, "What's it doing in there?"
"I didn't put it in there," Bon Bon replied.
"Open it," Teddy exclaimed, "Let see what's in it."
Bright Eyes opened the envelope and took out a piece of paper, "Dear Lunarstar..." Bright Eyes stopped reading once she realized who it was, "Lunarstar this is for you."
Lunarstar took the paper and began reading it to herself, "Dear Lunarstar, since it's a full moon we thought we would spend the night on the docks. Meet us at Warehouse C. Sincerely, Buster and Charades."
"Well?" Melody asked hoping Lunarstar would read it out loud.
"It's from Buster and Charades, they want to meet me at the dock," Lunarstar looked at the sun and realized is was starting to set, "I should be going. It was a lot of fun, see you guys tomorrow."
"Bye!" Lunarstar stood up and ran from the lake, she hurried out of the park towards town.

By the time she reached the dock the sun was setting. She walked along the dock looking at the Warehouse and the letters above the large garage like doors. The dock was deserted, not a single pony insight. She had a long way to go before she reached C. The more the sun disappeared in the horizon the more she began to glow.
She couldn't wait to meet Buster and Charades, it's been a while since she spent time with them. She was so excited she couldn't stand walking, so she began running again. The letters quickly dropped and soon she found herself close to C. She ran pass a few more large warehouses and soon found C. The small door was open and the lights were on inside. Lunarstar hesitated to enter the Warehouse at first, she poked her head in the door ways looking around. There were a lot of boxes and large items wrapped in plastic wrapping. It was quiet and no one seemed to be around. Lunarstar entered slowly hoping to find Buster and Charades.
"Hello?" Lunarstar called but there was no answer. She walked through a maze of stacked boxes.
"Buster, Charades!" Lunarstar called, "Don't play with me like this...please," Lunarstar was getting worried.
She began to feel scared, thinking someone was going to jump out from around the corner.
The Sun had set and she was glowing brightly. The room looked brighter with her glow and the lights being on. Suddenly she heard a loud noise. She looked around not sure where it was coming from. Before she knew it, the boxes around her fell. Lunarstar had no time to wink out, seeing the boxes falling on her shocked her.
Stardust jumped down from the tallest box to the next smallest like a set of staircases. When he reached the floor he quickly threw the boxes off of her. Lunarstar laid on the floor with a cut on her head and legs. Her eyes were half closed. She looked up, she found herself trying hard to focus on the pony standing above her. She gave it all she got to focus, slowly she began to see clearly catching a glimpse of Stardust before her vision became blurry and then she closed her eyes. Stardust stood over her and stared as she changed back into a winged Unicorn.
"Simply amazing...truly amazing to see," Stardust whispered, "I guess we better go."
Stardust lifter her over his back and then walked out of the Warehouse.