Chapter 91: Start Planning

In the afternoon, the sun was shining brightly as the clouds drifted by. Stardust had walked all over the park looking for Lunarstar and her friends but there was no sign of them. He left the park and walked to the ice-cream shop peaking in the window but they weren't there either.
"They have to be at that club house of theirs," Stardust muttered.
He left town and walked into the community of houses till he came upon a familiar spot on the corner. He looked at the tall house and notice the club house in the backyard. He walked around the yard till he was behind the club house. Then he quietly walked through the bushes and tiptoed up to the club house. He sat down and leaned his ear against the wall, listening to the girls.

"Wow, Bon Bon. These rolls are great!" Melody commented as she eat a roll.
"They are great. You should make them more often for the meeting," Lunarstar suggested.
"Sure," Bon Bon replied.
"Ok, lets start the meeting," Starlight yelled over everyone's voices.
Everyone stopped talking and sat still listening to Starlight.
"We need to make plans, do something together. Maybe even invite the boys too."
"What?!" everyone exclaimed.
"You have to be kidding, Starlight," Melody replied.
"We hardly seen the boys and get together with anyone else now," Starlight replied.
"I think it's a great idea, do something with the boys," Bright Eyes agreed.
"What should we do?" Sweetheart asked.
"How about a picnic?" Bon Bon asked hoping she'll get a chance to make her favorite cake.
"We always have picnics," Lunarstar complained, she sat at the table in her winged unicorn form.
"Lunarstar's right, we do have picnics a lot," Bright Eye stated.
"Then what should we do?" Starlight asked.
"Swimming!" Patch exclaimed.
"I love to swim," Clover commented.
"Swimming is ok with me," Sweetheart added.
"We can't do it at Lancer's house. He's busy for the week with his family," Bright Eyes remarked.
"What about the lake at the park?" Lunarstar asked.
"That'll be perfect," Starlight replied.
"And I can bring some food and cake which I have been dying to make," Bon Bon exclaimed.
The girls all agreed the lake would be great.
"Then we all agree on swimming at the lake. We'll meet at the lake in a few days, It's give me time to tell the boys," Starlight replied.
"A few day?" Lunarstar asked.
"Why?" Melody asked, "Are you busy that day?"
"No...I'm never busy, it's just that. That's the day the full moon will be out," Lunarstar exclaimed.
"Oh, then we can meet at the lake early in the afternoon. Is that ok, Lunarstar?" Starlight asked.
"Yes, that's fine," Lunarstar forced a smile.

"Perfect," Thought Stardust as he left the backyard, "Now to tell Skyview and Starfire the plan."
He hurried back to the shack where he found his two brothers playing tackle.
Stardust cleared his throat to get their attention.
"Stardust, back already?" Starfire asked getting off of Skyview.
"Anything wrong?" Skyview asked as he stood up.
"Lets go to the park," Stardust said.
"Now?" Skyview asked.
"Yes, you, me and Starfire. Take us to the park, close to the ice cream shop as you can get."
"Well, ok," Skyview's horn glowed, once he touched Stardust they were instantly gone in a misty cloud.
They appeared behind some bushes and trees close to the park exit. across the street was the ice cream shop. They were far enough away that no one could see them but close enough to see the little ponies coming.
"Hurry, get Starfire!"
Skyview winked out, a second later he winked in with Starfire.
"Ok, you two. See those ponies coming?" Stardust asked.
"What about them?" Starfire asked.
"I want you two to kidnap them on the full moon."
"All of them?" Skyview asked.
"Why?" Starfire asked, "I though we were after the Princess."
"Not all of them just two, one for each of you. I will get the Princess," Stardust answered.
Skyview looked at the group of ponies and recognized Bon Bon the one who made the apple pies, "I'll take that yellow pony with purple hair."
Starfire looked at the group walking by, there was so many ponies to pick, "Um, that white one with purple hair."
"Not that one," Stardust quickly said, "how about that pink pony with blue hair?"
"Sure, that's fine," Starfire replied.
"So we take them and the Princess to King Star Cluster?" Skyview asked.
"No, only the Princess. When the full moon comes I'll set a trap for the Princess while I do that you two get those ponies you just saw and meet me at the Gate."
"So what do we do with the two little ponies?" Starfire asked.
"You remember the soldiers guarding the Gate?" Stardust asked.
"Yes," they replied.
"I want you two to take the ponies through the Gate first. The soldiers will chase you. Once you're far enough away from the Gate, drop the ponies. That should buy me time to get through the Gate safely and unseen," Stardust explained.
"Oh, that's a great plan," Starfire exclaimed.
"I hope the soldiers will chase us," Skyview replied.
"They should. Take the road down the mountain, I'll take the steep way down."
"Ok," they replied.

Suddenly Stardust heard a familiar voice heading towards him. He turned and looked. Liberty and his friends walked through the park heading towards the ice cream shop.
"So Stardust is sick again today?" One of them asked.
"I assuming he is. I didn't see him today either," Liberty answered.
They kept on walking and talking not noticing Stardust and his brothers in the bushes.

"What are you going to do about your friend?" Starfire asked.
"Nothing, We'll be gone before he checks on the shack again," Stardust answered, "Now lets get back to the shack and get some sleep. I have a feeling it's going to be a busy night when we go back home."
Skyview's horn started to glow, he touched Starfire and they winked out a second later Skyview come back for Stardust and winked back to the shack.
Stardust yawned and walked in the shack with his brothers behind him.