Chapter 90: Stardust Problems

It was late in the evening, the sun hadn't touched the horizon yet. The forest was shady, the wind blew slightly, rustling the leaves. Stardust sat on the soft grass next to the shack eating donuts with his two brothers. Starfire had finished eating his donut and grabbed another one from the box, then Skyview and Stardust grabbed a donut.
"I'm glad you didn't forget about us this time," Skyview commented.
"What do you mean?" Stardust asked still eating a donut.
"The last time you were gone all day and forgot about us. I had to go out and get us something to eat," Skyview answered.
"Oh, well I didn't forget this time," Stardust replied smiling.
"I'm glad you didn't," Starfire remarked, "These donuts are good."
When they had finished the box, Stardust stood up and yawned, "I'm feeling tired you two," he turned and headed back into the shack, "Goodnight."
"Goodnight," they replied as the watched Stardust shut the door.
"He sure goes to bed early," Starfire commented.
"He has to work tomorrow," Skyview pointed out.
"I know but he always goes to bed before us," Starfire complained.
Skyview smiled, "he gets up early too."
"I know," groaned Starfire as he sat and stared at the shack, "I wonder what's wrong with him, though?"
"You still thinking about it?" Skyview asked.
"I know you have too," Starfire remarked.
"Well...yes, I have," Skyview hesitated to answered, "I just can't figure out what's wrong with him."
"Have you noticed he's been sleeping outside a lot?" Starfire pointed out.
"Now that you mentioned it, I have," Skyview answered.
They continued to talk til the sun began to set, the sky turned orange, pink and purple. Sun light reflected on the water going in a sparkly look.
Starfire stood up and yawned, stretching his wings, "Well, I guess I'll be going to bed."
"I'll go with you. No need for me to stay out here either," Skyview stood up and followed Starfire into the shack.

When they walked in the Shack, they found Stardust had already fallen asleep. His head was resting on a pillow half covered by a blanket.
Starfire laid down on his blanket and covered himself with the other blanket. Skyview did the same sleeping on the opposite side of the wall.
They both yawned and rested their heads on the pillows. The Sun was almost gone, only a sliver of light shined through the window. The shack was quiet while the three black ponies slept soundly. The birds were asleep and the wind had died leaving the forest quiet.

The sky quickly turn dark and the sun had completely left the sky. The half moon shined brightly, not a cloud in the sky could be seen.
Skyview was sleeping peacefully and comfortable under his blanket when Starfire suddenly kicked him in the face.
Skyview woke up and saw Starfire's feet sticking out from under the blanket. He rubbed his face, "Starfire and his big feet."
Skyview was about to roll over and go back to sleep when he heard a noise. He looked at Starfire thinking he was moving in his sleep again but he wasn't, Starfire didn't move at all. Skyview looked at Stardust and to his surprise Stardust was kicking his feet and grunting. His breathing was heavy while he turned in his sleep.
Skyview laid his head down and continued to watch Stardust.
"No," Stardust cried, then he quickly woke up.
Skyview quickly closed his eyes.
Stardust sat up and rubbed his head, "When will I ever get a good nights sleep?" he whispered to himself.
He stood up, looking at his brother's sleeping before leaving the shack.
When Skyview heard the door shut, he opened his eyes and saw that Stardust was gone. Skyview stood up and walked to the window, standing on Stardust's bed in the process.
Stardust held his head low and walked to the edge of the cliff. He laid down and stared at the ocean.
Skyview continued to watch curiously for several minutes, then he went to his bed and sat down thinking about what had happen to Stardust.
Suddenly he felt a pull at his tail, he swung his head around. Starfire looked up at him with his eyes half closed, he held Skyview's tail in his hoofs yanking on it, "Keep that tail of yours out of my face," Starfire let go of his tail and turned over facing the other direction. He wings spread out, only he larger feathers stuck out from under his blanket.
"And he calls me a grouch," Skyview muttered.

The next morning Skyview woke up when he heard the birds singing in the forest. He had expected to see Starfire's feet in his face but Starfire had turned over facing the wall.
Skyview sat up and noticed Stardust was gone, it took him a minute to remember last night.
"Starfire!" Skyview shook him with his hoof, "Wake up!"
"Mmmm?" Starfire muttered.
"Get up," Skyview cried.
"Why?" Starfire muttered.
"Stardust didn't wake us up again," Skyview replied.
Starfire sat up and looked at Stardust's empty bed, "Where is he?"
"Outside asleep again," Skyview answered
"again?" Starfire asked.
"Stardust had a nightmare, he woke up and laid down outside. I think he's been having nightmares every night."
"Every night?" Starfire asked.
"You noticed yourself how many times we've found him outside."
"Oh, I see your point," Starfire replied.
"We better go wake him," Skyview suggested standing up.
Starfire threw the covers off as he stood up to follow Skyview.

They left the shack and walked over to Stardust who was sound asleep on the cliff.
"It's no wonder he doesn't fall over," Starfire commented.
"If he moved as much as you do, he probably would have," Skyview replied.
"I don't move that much."
"You are the most active sleeper I know of," Skyview smiled.
"Well, I don't know how you sleep at all, your such a light sleeper," Starfire remarked.
The two stood and glared at each other.
Suddenly Skyview heard grass rustling and twigs braking, he swung around towards the sound.
"What?" Starfire asked curiously.
"Someone is coming," Skyview answered.
"I don't hear anything," Starfire replied as he listened quietly.
"Go check it out," Skyview ordered.
Starfire left the shack and hurried into the forest, soon he was out of Skyview sight. A few minutes later he ran back to Skyview, "Someone is coming. I think it's Stardust friend."
"Meet me in the shack!" Skyview's horn glowed as he lowered his head. When he touched Stardust, they instantly winked out in a misty cloud.

Starfire rushed into the shack, closing the door behind him. He had expected to see Stardust in his own bed but found him sleeping in Skyview's bed.
"What's wrong with his bed?" Starfire asked.
"I don't want his friend seeing him," Skyview answered.
Starfire just looked at him feeling rather confused, "What are you talking about, aren't you going to wake him up?"
"No," Skyview answered, "There's something wrong with him and I don't think it's a good idea for him to go to work."
"Oh. Well, the full moon is in a week and Stardust had better come up with a plan," Starfire replied.
As they stood anxiously waiting for the pony, they heard a knock at the door ,"Stardust!"
"Now what?" Starfire asked in a whispering voice.
"Fold your wings," Skyview answered in a whispering voice, he threw a blanket over Starfire's back completely covering his wings, "Pretend to be Stardust and that your sick."
Starfire answered the door, "Hi..." Starfire didn't know the pony's name.
"Liberty," Skyview whispered from the other side of the door.
"Hi, Liberty," Starfire said.
"Are you ok, Stardust? Your late for work."
"I'm not feeling to good so I thought I'd stay here and get some sleep," Starfire lied.
"Oh, I'm sorry, Stardust," Liberty turned around, "I hope you feel better soon," Starfire watched Liberty leave till he was out of sight.
Starfire shut the door and smiled, "He actually thought I was Stardust."
"Of course he did, we are triplets after all," Skyview answered.
"I know actually talk to a pony beside you and Stardust..."
"Oh," Skyview understood what Starfire was talking about, "I can't wait to go back home and to talk to other ponies besides you two."
Suddenly Stardust stirred in his sleep, shortly afterwards he woke up. He sat up and looked around, "I thought I was outside?"
"You were, I brought you in," Skyview answered.
Stardust heard the sounds of boat horns in the distance, "Why didn't you wake me up? I'm late for work."
"The Full Moon is in a week, you should be thinking about catching the Princess. Besides your friend, Liberty thinks your sick."
"Stardust, I rather just catch her and head home, I'm a bit tired of staying here," Starfire complained.
"So am I," added Skyview.
Stardust stood up, "We won't have to catch her or chase her," He left the shack to get some fresh air with his brothers following him.
"What do you mean?" Skyview asked.
"How are we going to get her then?" Starfire asked.
"We won't, she'll come to us or..should I say, me," Stardust answered with a smile across his face.
"huh?" his two brothers replied not sure what Stardust was talking about.
"I have other plans for you two but I'll tell you later once I have completely thought it all out," Stardust walked around the shack, "In the mean time, I'm going for a walk to do more thinking." Stardust walked deep into the forest, he was heading to the gate where it was quiet and easier to think.
"You should have asked him about his nightmares," Starfire remarked.
"I will tonight. Stay up late with me, I want you to see him dreaming. He more active than you are when he's dreaming," Skyview proposed.
"Oh? I'll definitely have to see that."

Later that night Stardust began dreaming. Skyview shook Starfire who looked like he was sound asleep.
"I wasn't sleeping," Starfire whispered.
"Oh, sorry."
They laid on their beds with their heads held high to watch Stardust kicking and grunting.
"That's some nightmare he's having," Starfire observed.
"You see?" Skyview exclaimed quietly.
"And he has that dream every night?" Starfire asked.
"He did last night and I'm guessing he has for quite awhile," Skyview replied.
Stardust turned and grunted, then he yelled, "No!" and woke up.
Skyview and Starfire quickly laid their head down before Stardust noticed they were awake. Starfire kept one eye open since he was sleeping at the opposite end of Skyview.
Stardust sat up and rubbed his face then he stood up and left the shack, closing the door behind him.
Skyview and Starfire sat up and glanced at each other.
"Lets go," Skyview whispered.
They stood up and left the shack walking towards the cliff where Stardust was laying. They walked up to him quietly not wanting to startle him.
"Stardust?" Starfire called.
Stardust turned his head around, he looked very tired like he was half asleep.
"Why didn't you tell us about the dream?" Skyview asked.
Stardust sighed and lowered his head as if he was going to fall asleep.
"Because it's just a dream," Stardust whispered, too tired to talk louder.
"It's not just some dream," Starfire stated, "You have it every night."
Stardust sat up, "Most nights not every night."
"What's the dream about?" Skyview asked.
"I don't know. I can't remember much of it," Stardust paused to think, "I'm in the dark surrounded by a fog, I...think...I can't remember."
"Try," Starfire urged him.
"I see...a flash of light and that's it," Stardust explained.
"That's your nightmare?" Skyview asked, "Why do you yell no in your sleep?"
"I do?" Stardust asked.
"Yes, I heard you the other night and tonight," Skyview answered.
"I don't remember saying anything in my dream," Stardust replied.
His two brother sat beside him at the cliff.
"I'm sorry you two, I...I just feel like I don't know who I am anymore," Stardust whispered staring at the ocean.
Skyview and Starfire didn't know how to respond, they felt it was best if they said nothing and watched the sunrise with Stardust.