Chapter 9: New Hat and Scarf

Early in the morning Lunarstar was awaken by the wind whistling outside rattling the windows. She got out of bed and brushed her hair. The room felt cold to her coat. She brushed her hair as quickly as she could, she was in a hurry to go downstairs where it was warmer. Once she was finished, she put the brush on the dresser and rushed downstairs. It was a weekend and she didn't have to change her appearance, for Buster and Charades had the weekend off.
Rosebud was watching TV when she noticed Lunarstar walking downstairs, "Good morning. I see you got up early.'
"The wind woke me up."
"The news report said it could snow any day,"
"Snow?" Lunarstar loved snow but it was the only time she wasn't allowed to go out at night.
Rosebud stood up from the couch, "Let's do some shopping."
"Yes. We could look for a new hat and scarf for you."
"I have one."
"That thing is getting old and too small for you."
"Can I have some pancakes before we leave?"
"Sure." Rosebud went to the kitchen to make Pancakes while Lunarstar sat on the couch watching TV.
Later that day, Lunarstar in her earth pony form and her mother went to town checking out the stores which they discovered there wasn't a lot of ponies outside. The windows had lights on the inside with snowpony pictures on it, Some windows had a Christmas tree or snowflakes.
"It looks like they're getting ready for Christmas," Rosebud commented.
"I guess we should start decorating soon," Lunarstar commented, looking at the windows.
"There'll be plenty of time for that later."
As they continued walking Rosebud spotted the hat store, she stopped and looked through the window, "I think this is it."
Hats of all shape and sizes hung on walls and coat racks.
Lunarstar followed her mother in the store and stopped to look around. A white pony with green hair came out from behind the counter and approach her, "Is there something your looking for?"
"Do you have scarfs?"
"Sure do and hats to go with them," the pony took them to the corner of the room next to the window. Scarfs and hats of all kinds sat on a long table.
Rosebud and Lunarstar look up and down the table, there were orange, green, red, yellow and some where white with designs on them.
"See any that you like?" Rosebud asked.
"Not really."
"I might have more in the back. Is there a certain color you're looking for?" the Pony asked.
"White or a light purple color."
The pony left to search in a room behind the counter, after a while he came out with 2 boxes and opened them.
One had a white scar with a purple lining on it and a hat to match. The other was the same except it was purple.
"I love them both but I don't know which one to pick."
"Get both."
Lunarstar looked at her surprisingly, "Are you sure?"
"If you can't decide then get both."
Rosebud payed for the scarfs and left the store. They walked along the sidewalk passing the stores.
"What am I going to do with two?" Lunarstar asked.
"You could wear one when you go out at night and wear the other one during the day."
"What about when it snows?"
"You know we don't allow you out at night when it snows. What if you fell through the snow in a whole or get caught in an avalanche or slipped on the snow and hurt yourself or..."
"Mom, I know these forest."
"Forget it Lunarstar," Rosebud looked down at her daughter. She had her head down and looking very disappointed, "Please understand, we love you too much for something to happen to you."
"I know, mom...I know."
lunarstar tried to smile at her mother but she was to disappointed to force a smile. Just then she saw the Ice cream shop ahead. She stopped and looked in the window hoping to see her friends.
"It's too cold for ice cream, Lunarstar."
"I'm just wondering if my friends are here," Then she spotted them sitting at the counter, "I see them. Can I stay with them? I want to show them my new scarf."
"Ok but which scarf?" Rosebud put the bag down and waited til Lunarstar was done looking in the bag. She then took out the purple hat and scarf.
Rosebud helped put the scarf and hat on Lunarstar.
Lunarstar held her mane above her head while her mother wrapped the scarf around her neck, then she place the hat on Lunarstar's head making sure it doesn't touch her horn, "I think it looks great on you."
Lunarstar looked at the window to see her reflection. The scarf was a very light purple compared to her purple hair.
"I'll see you later," Rosebud picked up the bag and walked towards home while Lunarstar walked in the shop.
"Lunarstar!" exclaimed Melody.
"Is that a new scarf and hat?" Bright Eyes observed.
"Yes it is. My mom just got it for me."
"It's pretty," Sweetheart commented.
Just then Teddy, Ace and Lancer came in the shop.
"It's getting cold outside," Ace commented.
"I hear it could snow any day," Bon Bon remarked.
"I love the snow. There's a hill behind my house that's great for sledding," Lancer remarked.
"We'll have to try it when it snows," said Teddy.
"Aren't you two back a little early?" Patch asked.
"It was getting cold so we decided to come home," answered Ace.
"You should have been there last night," Teddy sat down at the counter and continued, "We saw the ghost."
"Really?" Patch asked excitedly.
Lunarstar sighed, the last thing she wanted last night was to be seen especially by Teddy and Ace.
"She was real and she was glowing," added Ace.
"She was pretty too," added Teddy.
"She was white all over with a horn and wings just like the rumors says," Ace continued.
"Wow, you actually saw her," Starlight exclaimed.
"I wish I could see her," Clover remarked.
"Me too," added Bon Bon.
"I'm sure we all would want to see her," Starlight remarked.

Meanwhile Buster and Charades walked through the forest, up the hill and followed the stony trail. It wasn't long till they saw the ruins in the distance.
"It looks different during the day," Buster Commented.
"Yes, it does," Charades agreed.
They continued walking through the broken statues to a small archway.
"I wonder what this place used to be?" Buster wondered out loud.
Charades walked through the ruins and pass the walls, "Some kind of temple, would be my guess." Charades walked to the large archway that sat in the middle of the ruins.
Buster looked at the painting on the walls and stones as he slowly made his way to the large Archway, "It's the Gate alright but I thought there was only one?"
"So did I. Now there's two."
Charades inspected the broken vines while Buster inspected the Gate.
"It's in excellent condition," Buster remarked.
"I wonder who was here?" Charades muttered.
After spending most of the day looking around the ruins, it was time to go home. The sky turned orange and purple, the sun was half way down and it was starting to get colder.
"We should head back. It's getting to cold to stay here," Buster observed.
"I guess your right," Charades agreed.
They both walked back to the trail heading towards town.
Not to far away, hidden among the trees was Starfire who had been watching them since the sun began to set.
"That's just great. They're here too," Starfire complained.