Chapter 89: Out of School

The School bell rang and the little ponies ran out of school, they were all excited about leaving school since it was the last day of school. Lunarstar and her friends left school carrying their school bags full of all their school stuff, some bags had more stuff than others. The sun was shining brightly through the drifting clouds, the wind blew slightly through their hair.
"I can't believe this is the last day of school!" Patch exclaimed.
"I've been waiting a week for this day," Melody commented.
"Today is going to be fun, we'll have a blast at the party," Clover commented.
"Lunarstar, it's so good of your mother to let us have the party at your house," Starlight commented.
"She loves to plan parties and cook for it. Dad is having the day off from working in the shed so we can play in the backyard. Buster and Charades will be at the party too. Mom and Dad said I can know, myself in the backyard, Buster and Charades are going to be watching the front yard in case anyone shows up unexpectedly," Lunarstar replied.
"Isn't it dangerous to be yourself in the backyard?" Bon Bon asked.
"Sort of, but the backyard is fenced in so the neighbors can't see in," Lunarstar answered.
"Great!" Melody exclaimed.
"Well, lets hurry. We'll go home and get some things ready, see you at your house Lunarstar," Bright Eyes replied.
The girls split up and ran home, Lunarstar ran home as fast as she could, she was anxious for the party to start, she was more excited about playing the games. She ran up the hill to her yard and hurried into the house. She ran upstairs to her room, left her school bag on her bed and hurried to the kitchen. When she entered the Kitchen she discovered no one was there. She poked her head out the back door and saw Buster, Charades and her parents setting up two long tables on the patio.
"Lunarstar, home already?" Rosebud asked noticing her daughter standing at the door.
"Yes, Lunarstar paused looking at the tables,"What's the tables for?"
"For food and drinks. You can't have a party without them," Rosebud answered.
"Oh," Lunarstar replied.
Once the tables were set in place, Rosebud went in the house. Lunarstar walked outside to check out the tables. A few minutes later Rosebud came back outside and set two white table clothes on the tables.
"Now to get that cake ready," Rosebud commented.
"Cake?" Lunarstar asked curiously.
"Sure, this is a party isn't it?" Buster asked.
"Yes...but I didn't think you guys would go this far for the last day of school."
"We just want you to have fun," Booster replied rubbing his cheek on hers.
"Thanks dad," Lunarstar looked around the yard to see if there was any ponies in the next fence, "Are you sure it's ok for me to be myself?"
"Yes, the wooden fence is tall so no one can see over the fence and besides the neighbor isn't home. They haven't been home for a couple of days, I think they went on vacation. You'll be fine as long as you stay in the backyard. Buster and Charades will be in front to keep an eye out for ponies," Booster answered.
"Don't worry, Lunarstar, just have fun," Charades added.
Lunarstar smiled, "Thanks," She walked in the house to find out about the cake her mother was talking about. On the counter sat a long rectangle cake, Rosebud was in the process of putting on the icing.
"Wow, that's big," Lunarstar exclaimed.
"It's for all of us, not just your friends," Rosebud replied.
"Oh," Lunarstar replied.
Just then the doorbell rang. Lunarstar could see her mother was too busy and the boys outside didn't hear the bell, she was the only one not doing anything. Lunarstar left the kitchen and walked through the living room to answer the door.
Her friends all gathered at the door, a few of them carried a bag full of toys and games.
"Come on it," Lunarstar exclaimed.
They followed Lunarstar through the house to the backyard.
"I see you girls made it," Booster commented.
"We brought some games too," Patch replied.

Stardust walked through the forest to the shack. His two brothers, sat at the cliff looking at the ocean when they heard Stardust approach them. Skyview and Starfire stood up facing Stardust.
"What's up?" Starfire asked.
"I'm going for a walk and I want you two to stay here," Stardust answered.
Skyview and Starfire looked at each other, "Okey."
"I mean it, I don't want either of you to follow me," Stardust turned and left the shack heading deep into the thick forest. The forest was shady, sunlight could hardly shine through the tree tops. He walked far from the shack passing large trees and bushes. He stopped and turned around to see if any of his brothers was following him, he scanned the forest and shadows but didn't see them. He turned and continued walking through the forest.
"I know her house is near the forest but where?" Stardust wondered out loud.
He continued to search the forest and soon found the Cobble stone trail, "I know this leads to the Gate," Stardust turned around and walked through the forest till he came to a small hill. In the distance he saw the house he was looking for, "There it the Princess lives near the trail, how interesting."
Stardust got as close has he could and came to a sudden stop when he saw ponies playing in the backyard. He laid down in the grass hiding himself behind a bush and making sure he wasn't sticking out. He poked his head through the bush and watched.

Patch, Melody and Bon Bon carried deep buckets of water balloons to the backyard from the kitchen.
"Here's the water balloons!" Patch exclaimed.
The girls gathered around the three buckets each taking a water balloon and throwing it at each other. Melody threw her balloon at Lunarstar who saw it and winked out. Sweetheart saw standing behind Lunarstar and got wet.
"I'm sorry, Sweetheart," Melody said.
Lunarstar laughed. Everyone took a water balloon and threw it at her but they missed. Lunarstar winked out and the water balloon hit Booster instead.
Booster was soak, his fur was wet and water dripped onto the porch. He was covered with colorful balloon pieces on his face and back
"Oh, we're so sorry," Starlight exclaimed.
"It's alright girls. Lunarstar isn't an easy pony to hit," Booster replied.
"So we've noticed," Bright Eyes picked up a water balloon.

Stardust laughed, he couldn't remember when he laughed so hard. He enjoyed watching the girls running around the yard throwing Balloons and miss every time. Lunarstar either ducked or winked out.

Lunarstar ran around the shed, when she came to the front her friends wasn't there. She looked around but only saw her parents sitting on the porch. Lunarstar decided to check around the shed, just as she was about to go around the corner she heard something. Lunarstar stopped and turned her head just in time to see a balloon flying towards her. She winked out just barley missing her, at the same time Starlight was coming around the corner to get Lunarstar but got hit with a water balloon instead.
Lunarstar stood and laughed.
"That's it!" Starlight cried. She threw a few balloons but missed.
The girls ran back and forth to the buckets, slowly emptying them. Once the first bucket was emptied they went to the second one and quickly empted it then they went to the last bucket.
"Hurry, you guys. I think we're tiring her out!" Starlight yelled.
Melody went to the last bucket to get a water balloon but there wasn't any left.
"There's no more left!" Melody replied.
"No, there's got to be more," Patch cried.
The girls gathered around the buckets feeling rather disappointed.
Lunarstar winked in front of them and slowly and cautiously looked in the bucket to be sure there wasn't any more balloons left.
"I'm sorry guys," Lunarstar finally said.
"It's alright, at lest we had fun," Bright Eyes replied.
"Yeah, we all got wet!" Bon Bon exclaimed.
Lunarstar laughed, they all had balloon pieces on them and were completely wet.
"Lunarstar," Booster called from the porch.
Lunarstar turned and look just in time to get hit with the last water balloon.
The girls laughed.
"Now, you didn't think you'd get away dry playing Water Balloons, did you?" Booster smiled.
Lunarstar smiled and began to giggle with her friends.
"Alright girls, take a towel and dry yourself off while I bring the cake out," Rosebud proposed.
The girls all got a towel from the stack under the table while Rosebud carried the long cake to the table on the left. Booster got a large pitcher of punch and set in on the right.
The girls set the towels down and hurried to the table to see the cake. It was a plain white cake with pink flowers on it. Rosebud cut the cake into little squares and placing them on a plate. Booster handed the plates to each girl and then took two plates to Buster and Charades.

Stardust yawned, he was getting board laying behind the bush all day. He had watched the girls play and eat, then they continued to play. When the Sun began to set, the girls helped put the food and drinks into the kitchen while the boys put the tables back in the house.
Stardust stood up and left the bush, the party was over and he didn't see any need to stay and watch. He walked through the forest heading back to the Shack.
Starfire and Skyview sat by a tree eating apples. They were so busy eating and talking that they didn't hear Stardust approach them.
"Where did you get the apples?" Stardust asked.
Skyview and Starfire looked up surprisingly.
"I got them from an apple orchard," Skyview answered.
"We were starving and you've been gone all day," Starfire added.
"Sorry guys," Stardust sat down and took an apple.
"Did you go to the park?" Skyview asked.
Stardust took a bite out of the apple, "No, I didn't."
"Where did you go then?" Starfire asked curiously.
Stardust finished the apple, he had forgotten how hungry he was, "I was watching the Princess."
"The Princess?" His two brothers asked.
"Yes, she had a party," Stardust smiled at the thought of the water balloon fight, "She had cake and played games." Stardust thought about the girls playing and running all over the yard, something about it felt familiar, he wasn't sure why though. Suddenly in the middle of his thoughts he felt a headache giving him great pain. Stardust held his head, he could no longer hear his Brother calling to him. A few minutes later the headache was gone.
"Stardust," his brothers exclaimed.
"Are you alright?" Skyview asked.
"You still having headaches?" Starfire asked.
"Yes but I hardly have them now," Stardust paused, "I'm sorry guys, I...I think I'll just go to bed." Stardust stood up and walked into the shack closing the door behind him.
"Skyview, I normally don't worry about him but...I'm terribly worried," Starfire said worriedly.
"So am I. Those headaches of his are not normal," Skyview observed.
"Most certainly not...I wonder what's he thinking before his headaches?" Starfire asked.
"Thinking?" Skyview asked.
"Haven't you noticed?" Starfire asked, "He seems to be thinking about something and then he gets those headaches...well, maybe it's just my imagination."
"I don't know. I'll have to ask King Star Cluster about it when we return to Dream Castle," Skyview replied.