Chapter 87: Feeling Confused

It was later in the afternoon when Stardust left the docks. He hadn't forgotten about Lunarstar. He was still surprised that a pony would have the power to change their appearance. It surprised him even more knowing how close he always was to her and didn't know it. He walked to the park since that was the place he had seen her at the most. He laid on the grass under a tree watching the park and thinking, replaying the memories of when he had seen her change.
He remembered the night he saw the Princess playing, it was the first time he had seen a Winged Unicorn.

Skyview and Starfire sat at the cliff watching the ocean.
"He's still hasn't came back," Skyview complained.
"He probably went with his friends," Starfire guessed.
"I don't know...You seen him yesterday, something was bothering him," Skyview pointed out.
"Hummm...I noticed but you'll be lucky if he tells you what it is," Starfire replied.
"Something is always bothering him and it makes me mad when he doesn't give us a straight answer."
"Well, why don't you go watch him all day?" Starfire suggested, "Maybe you can figure out what's bothering him and then come and tell me."
Skyview stood up, "Ok, I will," his horn began to glow, suddenly he winked out. He winked in behind some bushes and trees in the park. There wasn't too many ponies around, a few of them walked around the park or in a boat at the lake. In the distance Skyview noticed a Black pony.
"There's only one pony I know who looks like me...well, actually two," Skyview muttered, "But I wonder what he's doing?"

Suddenly a group of little ponies wearing school bags ran by, non of then noticed Stardust. As they ran by he recognized one of the ponies, the one he knew was the Princess. Lunarstar was laughing and talking with her friends, she didn't see Stardust watching her.
Stardust stood up once the girls were gone, he decided to walk around the park thinking about the Princess. He followed the sidewalk towards the lake. Trees stood on both sides of the sidewalk, the wind blew causing the shadows to dance. Stardust stopped, there was a spot ahead that he remembered seeing Lunarstar on Skates. She had bumped into him after she couldn't stop, she looked up at him and stared.

Skyview followed Stardust and wondered why he stopped. He just stood and stared. When Stardust continued, he followed him. Skyview did his best walking through the trees and bushes while making sure no one was around.

Stardust walked to the lake and saw the water fountain, he remembered when he saw the Princess's friend. He did his best to get her to tell him where the Princess was. He was sure she would have told him if it wasn't for the Princess on skates bumping him into the lake.
Stardust walked around the lake and then a group of little ponies ran by, one of them was Lunarstar, she almost stopped but her friends nudged her to keep going. Stardust watch Lunarstar as she disappeared over the hill.
He followed them over the hill and saw them playing. He decided it was best if they didn't know he was watching them. He walked around them behind some bushes and tree. He came to a spot under a tree where he could watch the group of ponies playing ball,
Stardust laid down, folding his hoofs under him.

Skyview hid behind a tree and watched curiously at Stardust. Skyview winked back to the shack and found Starfire asleep under a tree. He walked up to him and shook him with his hoof, "Starfire!"
After a few shakes Starfire woke up, "What?" as he yawned.
"Stardust walked around the park staring at a few place."
"What's he doing now?" Starfire asked as he stood up.
"Nothing, he's just watching some little ponies play. Here, I'll show you," Skyview's horn began to glow, as soon as he touched Starfire, they winked back to the park hidden behind a tree.
Starfire noticed Stardust watching the ponies playing in the open field. When they ran to one end of the field, Stardust looked, when they ran to the other direction, he continued to watch. He was more interested in Lunarstar than any other pony. As he watched he suddenly remembered the night he and his brothers saw the princess with a few of her friends. Stardust had a feeling the ponies playing in the field where the same ponies he had seen that night.

Skyview put his horn on Starfire, winking back to the shack.
"You see?" Skyview asked, "something isn't right with him."
"Well, he sure was interested in those ponies playing."
"I wonder why?" Skyview asked.

Stardust laid in the grass and continued to watch all evening long. He remembered the first time Lunarstar saw him, she was scarred and hid behind Buster and Charades.
Then there was the time he talked to her at the Games. The thought of him having to actually talk to her was surprising, and yet he never knew that was the Princess.

Melody ran with the ball then Starlight took the ball and ran for goal. When the games was over Starlight noticed Buster and Charades standing on the sidewalk waiting.
"Lunarstar look who's here," Starlight exclaimed.
Lunarstar turned and looked, "I have to go. See you guys tomorrow, perhaps I'll bring my ball next time."
"Bye!" everyone yelled.
Lunarstar ran to Buster and Charades
"Are you ready to go home?" Charades asked.
"Sure," Lunarstar answered.
"Lets go," Buster proposed.
Stardust watched Buster and Charades walking out of the park with Lunarstar.
"Those two again, always coming to get interesting." Stardust muttered.
When the girls left and the field was empty, Stardust stood up and walked out of the park.

Stardust walked through town and into the forest towards the shack.
His brothers were sitting at the cliff watching the sunset when they heard Stardust approach them.
"Stardust!," Starfire exclaimed, "Where have you been all day?"
"Just walked around," Stardust answered, "I'm going to bed, see you guys later." Stardust turned and headed into the shack.
His two brothers didn't know what to think, they just looked at each other.
"He's up to something," Skyview said.
"Good luck trying to figure it out," Starfire replied.
They turned and continued to watch the sunset.