Chapter 86: The unforeseen truth

The sun had risen and Lunarstar in her winged Unicorn form hurried downstairs after hearing her friends in the house. She rushed to the living room and saw all of her friends sitting on the couches.
"What's up?" Lunarstar asked.
"Did you forget?" Melody asked, "We are going to see Lancer's new boat."
"Oh, I'm sorry. I forgot," Lunarstar suddenly remembered.
"Well, lets go!" Patch exclaimed standing up from the couch.
"Lunarstar," Rosebud called from the kitchen, "Where are you going?"
"To the docks. Got to go...Bye!" Lunarstar changed into an earth pony as she reached the door.
"Have fun!" Rosebud called as Lunarstar and her friends left.

Lunarstar and the girls hurried through town. Pass the newspaper building and ran to the docks. They stopped and stood on the docks looking at the busy ponies. Ships sat docked with ponies unloading cargo.
"Come on, lets find Lancer," Starlight proposed.
As they walked trying to avoid the ponies running in and out of warehouse, they looked at the large ships. The water was calm and the wind blew slightly. Lunarstar looked in the warehouses, she was amazed at all the boxes and cargo that was stored inside. A few ships down from the largest one was a blue and white boat with 5 sails all had been taken down, Lancer stood next to it waving at the girls.
"There he is!" Bon Bon pointed.
"Lets go then," Patch exclaimed.
As the girls ran, Stardust and Liberty walked out of the warehouse, Lunarstar gasped, she felt scared again but she quickly swallowed her fear ran pass him catching up with her friends.
"Stardust, what is it about you that scares little ponies? She's not the first pony I've seen that ran from you," Liberty observed.
"Well, I've seen her before and this is the first that she got scared and ran, normally she just stares at me," Stardust turned and watched her.

Lunarstar and her friends arrived at the boat where Lancer stood and waited.
"Where are the boys?" Starlight asked.
"They'll be here, hopefully," Lancer answered.
Just then Ace, Teddy and Blueberry showed up from the crowed of ponies.
"We're here," Teddy exclaimed.
"Great, lets go. I'll show you around," Lancer walked up the plank with his friends behind him.
He took them on deck, to a door leading below it.
"Most of the sailor are on lunch brake so this is a perfect time to show you guys around," Lancer commented.
"What kind of boat is this?" Clover asked.
"It's a Sailing Boat," Lancer answered.
"Cool!" Teddy exclaimed.
"Can we look around the deck?" Ace asked.
"Sure, just don't touch anything," Lancer answered.
Everyone walked around the deck, Lunarstar hung her head over the boat watching the water waves and feeling the boat's movements.
The Boat was long, the polls that held the sails were tall, they were so tall it hurt Lunarstar's neck to look straight up. Everyone was gathering at a door waiting for Lunarstar. She ran across the Boat to the other end to join her friends as they walked through the door.
"Watch your head," Lancer warned.
The boys followed Lancer then the girls, Lunarstar was the last to go downstairs. She grabbed the wooden railings and walked down the steps. She had watched her head as she ducked but forgot about her horn. She suddenly bumped it which gave her sudden pain running through her horn.
When she reached the bottom steps she held her forehead and whispered for Sweetheart who was in front of her.
"Is something wrong?" Sweetheart asked noticing her hoof on her forehead.
When the group was safely out of whispering distance Lunarstar continued, "I bumped my horn. Can you look at it for me?"
When the group went down to another set of stairs Lunarstar made her horn glow just long enough for Sweetheart to see it.
"Looks ok to me," Sweetheart
Lunarstar sighed, she was relieved.
"Why?" Sweetheart asked, "thought your horn cracked or something?"
"No, It just hurts."
Sweetheart laughed, "I almost bumped my head getting down here. Well, we better hurry or we'll loose them," Sweetheart ran to the stairs with Lunarstar behind her.
They hurried down the steps and quickly caught up to the group. They walked through the large family room to a large dinning room with chairs around the square table.
"Anyone hungry?" Lancer asked.
"Yeah!" they cried excitedly.
"Well, I'm going to need some help," Lancer replied.
"We'll help you," Ace replied.
"No, we will. A Kitchen is for the girls," Bright Eyes exclaimed.
"A Kitchen is for boys too, my dad cooks in the kitchen," exclaimed Teddy.
"Why don't both of you help me," Lancer suggested.
"Ok," the three of them replied.
"The rest of you can have a seat," Lancer proposed.
They all took a chair and sat down, Lunarstar folded her wings and sat at the end next to Sweetheart.
A few minutes later, Bright Eyes walked in with a large plate of cookies and the boys passed out cups and two pitchers of milk.

After they had eaten and laughed at the table, Lancer took them back up on deck, this Time Lunarstar made sure she didn't bump her horn.
Sweetheart turned and looked at Lunarstar who just smiled. They walked off the boat and onto the docks.
Lancer waved goodbye as they left. The boys hurried through the docks feeling excited about the tour on Lances family boat.

Stardust was in the warehouses checking the list on a clipboard. Once he was done he hung the clipboard on the stairs and started to leave heading to the back door.
"Stardust!" Liberty called, "Want to go to the restaurant with us?"
"No, not today," Stardust turned and left Liberty sight. He walked through pass the tall boxes and some stacked higher than others. When he got to the back of the warehouse he opened the door and took a sigh of relief. He was glad the work was over.
Suddenly he heard some voices coming his way.
"What's the mater, Lunarstar?" Patch asked.
"Look," Lunarstar pointed to the big ship.
The girls turned around and looked.
Stardust looked around the warehouse and saw the little ponies especially Lunarstar who he hadn't forgotten when she bumped into him.
The ship was tall and long, a tall crane held 4 large heavy red and blue boxes.
"Sir, the boxes are slipping out of the net!" one of the ponies yelled.
Lunarstar and her friends gasped at the boxes slowly ripping the net. Below was a pony standing there and gasping. Suddenly the boxes fell out of the net and everyone began to yell and run.
Without giving it a second thought, Lunarstar's horn glowed, her wings appeared transparent. Just as the boxes were about to hit the ground the pony fell back into the water. The boxes fell cracking into pieces.
Lunarstar's horn stopped glowing and her horn and wings disappeared.
"What did you do?" Melody asked.
"That pony under the boxes was going to get hit so I pushed him in the water. It was the best I could do," Lunarstar answered, "Please don't tell my parents. They'd be so mad if they found out I did that."
"We won't tell anyone, including your parents," Patch replied.
Lunarstar smiled and sighed, "Thanks guys."
Stardust stood and gasped, staring at Lunarstar, "That's not possible. It...can't be." Suddenly he saw two familiar ponies on the docks heading towards the girls.
"Lunarstar, there you are," Charades exclaimed.
"I said I'd be on the docks," Lunarstar replied.
"Do you realize just how big the Docks is?" Buster asked.
"Well, I didn't think it'll be too hard to find me" Lunarstar replied.
Charades smiled, "Well, we found you so are you ready to go home?"
"Already?" Lunarstar asked.
"It's almost sunset," Buster answered.
"Oh," Lunarstar replied.
"We'll go with lest to town," Starlight quickly said.
"Well, ok, lets go," Charades walked ahead of the girls between the warehouses.

Stardust quickly ran to the other side of the warehouse and hid till they had left and was out of sight. Stardust was still shocked at what he had seen Lunarstar do, he tried to convinced himself he was seeing things.
"It's not possible for a pony to change her appearance explains why she can be everywhere and we can't find...But still, no unicorn can have more than one unicorn magic and yet..." Stardust was confused, he simply couldn't believe what he had seen. The confusion was beginning to wear him out so he decided to head back to the shack.
He walked pass the all the warehouses off the docks and into the forest, heading to the shack hidden in the deep forest. Skyview and Starfire was looking out the ocean and talking when Stardust arrived.
"Hay Stardust!" Starfire exclaimed.
Stardust ignored him, to much on his mind to hear Starfire.
"Stardust!" Skyview yelled.
"What?" Stardust stopped short of the shack door.
"Is something wrong?" Skyview asked.
"No, I just want to lay down for a bit," Stardust lied, he didn't want to tell his brothers what he had seen, he had to be sure that pony was in fact Princess Lunarstar.
"Do you mind if we searched for the princess tonight?" Starfire asked.
"Not at all," Stardust answered.
His two brother looked at each other in surprise, it was the first time Stardust didn't mind them searching without him.
Stardust headed into the shack knowing that his brother will be wasting their time looking for the Princess.
He laid down on his blue blanket and continued to think about what he had seen. When the sun had set Stardust fell asleep.