Chapter 85: Swimming Party

Early in the morning when the sun was rising, Lunarstar walked downstairs in her winged unicorn form. The scratches had disappeared from her body. She walked in the kitchen looking sad. Rosebud had just put a pancake on her plate when Lunarstar walked in. Booster walked in the kitchen from the shed and noticed the sad look on Lunarstar's face.
"What's wrong, Lunarstar?" Rosebud asked.
"Nothing," Lunarstar answered.
"That sad look don't look like nothing," Booster replied.
Lunarstar looked up at them, "I just can't stop thinking...about that night."
Rosebud stood on her hind legs and hugged her while stroking her hair, "Lunarstar, your safe. No need to worry or feel sad."
Lunarstar laid her head on Rosebud's coat, "I know but I can't help it."
"Do me a favor, don't think about it for the rest of the day," Rosebud muttered to her.
"I'll try not to," Lunarstar replied.
"Oh, I almost forgot," Booster quickly said, "your friends called."
Lunarstar lifted her head and stood on her four feet, "They did?"
"Yes, they said they have a surprise for you," Booster answered.
Lunarstar smiled, "What surprise?"
"Now I can't tell you that, it won't be a surprise if I did," Booster answered.
"Lunarstar, go and eat your pancakes before you friends comes and gets you," Rosebud suggested.
"We have some things we packed for you," Booster added.
"What things?" Lunarstar asked curiously.
Her Parents smiled. It was good to see Lunarstar smile and get excited.
"Will I like the surprise?" Lunarstar asked.
"Yes, I grantee you, you'll love it and have lots of fun," Rosebud answered laughing at Lunarstar's excitement.
Lunarstar smiled and sat at the table waiting for her mother to bring the plate full of pancakes. As soon as Rosebud set in on the table, Lunarstar began to eat.
Rosebud smiled and went to the kitchen.
"This surprise is just what she needs," Booster commented.
"It was nice of the girls and Lancer to have a swimming party for her," Rosebud whispered.
"I hope when she comes home, she'll be back to her old self again," Booster remarked.

After Lunarstar had finished eating there was a knock at the door.
Rosebud answered the door. Her friends were there all of them carrying their school bags.
"Lunarstar they're here!" Rosebud yelled.
Lunarstar got up from her chair and left the dinning room. She Changed into an earth pony before she reached the door, "Hi, guys!"
"Hi," the girls replied.
"Lunarstar, are you ready?" Bright Eyes asked.
"Yup!" Lunarstar exclaimed.
Rosebud laughed, "Oh, don't forget this," she took Lunarstar's school back off the door handle and placed it over Lunarstar's head, "Have fun, honey."
"I will," Lunarstar rushed out the door.

They walked down the street talking and laughing.
"So, how are you doing this morning?" Starlight asked, fearing to bring up that scarey night.
Lunarstar stared at the sidewalk, "It's ok, you can mention it. I'm doing better since that night," looked up at her forcing a smile, "I'm doing better thanks to you guys."
"That's good because your going to love what we have in store for you," Melody exclaimed.
"That's what my parents said only they wouldn't tell me what it is," Lunarstar replied.
"It's going to be fun. You know Lancer, don't you?" Starlight asked.
Lunarstar thought about it, the name sounded familiar. It took her a few minutes to remember, "He's not that blue pony with red hair is he?"
"Yes, that's him. We are going to his house," Starlight explained.
"Why?" Lunarstar asked curiously.
"Ace, Teddy and Blueberry will be there," added Bright Eyes.
"We thought it'll be great for them to liven up the party," Clover added.
"Party?" Lunarstar asked surprisingly.
"Clover!" the girls yelled.
"I'm sorry. I forgot."
"Party?" Lunarstar asked again.
"You'll see, now lets hurry," Patch exclaimed.

They ran through the community of houses to a clearing. In the distance near the ocean stood a large tall house surrounded by a cast iron fence.
"That's Lancer's house," Bright Eyes pointed.
"There?" Lunarstar asked looking at the large house, "it's so big."
"It's a mansion but it's not as big as your house," Melody replied.
"My house is tiny next to that," Lunarstar exclaimed.
"Not that house, your castle," Melody replied.
"Oh," Lunarstar sighed, "I don't live in it though."
"You will someday," Bon Bon remarked.
"No, I doubt it."
"Come on Lunarstar, have some hope," Starlight exclaimed.
"We better hurry," Sweetheart suddenly said.
"Yes, we better. Lets go!" Patch yelled excitedly.
The girls ran through the open gates and up to the mansion.
Bright Eyes and Melody stood on the porch knocking on the door while the others stood on the driveway behind them.
An adult dark green pony with yellow hair answered the door, "Yes, may I help you?" it took a minute for the pony to realize it was Lancer's friends, "Oh, you're here for the party."
"Yes, we are," Bright Eyes answered.
"Follow me," The pony left with the girls behind him.
He took them through a long hallway to a large yard surrounded by stony walls. In the yard was a large pool and a beach ball floating on the water. Sitting next to the walls on either side of the pool were white plastic chairs and lawn chairs with white round tables sat between them.
"Hi, everyone!" Lancer exclaimed walking up to them.
"Lunarstar, This is Lancer," Bright Eyes commented.
"Hi," Lancer replied.
Lunarstar smiled, she wasn't sure what to say to a pony she hardly know.
The green pony turned and walked back inside the mansion.

The girls walked to the chairs, setting their bags down. Lunarstar was curious to see what her parents packed. She took out a large purple and pink towel and hair band.
"Lets go swimming!" Patch said excitedly.
Patch was the first to jump in the pool, then Starlight, Melody, Bon Bon and Clover. Sweetheart was taking out her stuff in her bag. Bright Eyes went to talk to Lancer while Lunarstar spread her towel on the lawn chair.
"Thank you for doing this," Bright Eyes commented to Lancer.
"You did say Lunarstar need some cheering up. A swimming party is just the thing. Now all I'm waiting for are the boys and then I can start ordering pizza."

Lunarstar had finished spreading her towel, she tied her mane up and walked over to the edge of the pool. She stood watching Sweetheart climbing in the pool.
"Come on in!" Melody exclaimed.
Lunarstar folded her invisible wings and touched the water, "It's so cold."
"Jump in, you'll get used to it," Starlight replied.
Without Lunarstar knowing it, Patch sneaked up behind her and pushed her with her two front hoofs.
Lunarstar fell in the pool causing a big splash. She quickly surfed and gasped from the cold.
"Well, swim around. You won't warm up if you don't," Starlight said.
Suddenly Patch jumped in making a big splash.
The girls all laughed and started splashing each other.
The Dark Green pony entered the yard with the boys.
"You guys can take the other side of the pool," Lancer pointed to more chairs and lawn chairs.
"This is going to be fun," Teddy commented.
They set their bags down on the chairs and ran to the pool. Ace jumped in, then Teddy and Blueberry.
Lancer turned to the Green Pony, "Would you order 5 boxes of pizza?"
"Yes, right away," as the green pony turned to leave, he stopped and turned back around to face Lancer, "I almost forgot, your parents are on the phone."
"Thank you," Lancer replied.
"Lancer!" yelled Teddy, "Aren't you going to join us?"
"In a minute!" Lancer yelled back.
Lancer walked in the mansion to a hallway at a wooden rectangle table. On the table was a white cordless phone laying faced down. Lancer picked up the phone, "Hello?"

Everyone at the pool was enjoying themselves, they splashed each other and continued to jump in the pool. Teddy swam to the end of the pool and took the beach ball.
"Anyone want to play ball?" Teddy asked loudly.
"Sure!" everyone replied.
"Boys against girls!" Ace yelled.
Teddy hit the ball toward the girls, Clover jumped up from the water and hit the ball, Blueberry hit the ball back towards the girls. Lunarstar jumped up and hit the ball, Ace caught it in time and hit it back.
While everyone was hitting the ball back and forth, Lancer came into the yard.
"Lancer, come on!" Teddy yelled.
"I'm coming!" Lancer called back
He jumped in the water and began playing.
"Lancer, what took you so long?" Ace asked.
"I was talking to my parents on the phone. They got a new boat which won't be here for a few days."
"A new boat?" The girls asked.
"Yes...You can come and see it if you like?"
"Really?" Teddy asked.
"Yes, my parents said it was alright."
"Cool!" Blueberry exclaimed.
"I'll go," Ace said.
"Me too," added Teddy.
"I will," Patch added.
Soon everyone agreed to see his boat.
"Great, meet me at the docs in a few days then," Lancer replied.
The boys and girls spent the rest of the afternoon playing, Lunarstar had soon forgotten about the Black ponies and her scary night. She laughed and played with all her friends in the pool.

After awhile the green pony entered the yard with a few servants behind him all carrying boxes of pizza. They set the boxes on the table, three boxes for the girls and two boxes for the boys. The boys and girls jumped out of the pool and rushed to the pizza boxes. They were all soaked to the skin under their fur, their mane and tail dripped with water.
"Why do they get 3 boxes?" Teddy asked
"Because there's more girls than boys," Lancer answered.
"Oh," Teddy replied.
Lunarstar took a slice of pizza and laid down on the lawn Chairs. Her mane hung over the sides, her tail stretched to the end of the lawn chair pass her feet. The others were either standing or sitting as they continued to eat pizza.
The sun was beginning to set turning the sky yellow and pink. Everyone was in the pool playing again when the Green pony entered the yard with two other ponies.
Lancer saw the two ponies that he had not seen them before. The first thing he noticed was their feet, they were hairy which he had never seen on a pony before. He got out of the pool and walked up to the two ponies.
"May I help you?" Lancer asked.
"Yes, we are here for Lunarstar," Charades answered.
"Ok, just a minute," Lancer walked over to the pool and called for Lunarstar.
"Yeah?" Lunarstar asked smiling.
"Someone is here for you," Lancer pointed at the two ponies.
"Oh, Buster and Charades. They work for my dad. I guess it's time to go home," Lunarstar climbed out of the pool and walked over to the lawn chair. She picked up her towel, dried her coat and hair as best as she could and packed it in her bag. Then she took her mane down and put the hair band in her bag.
"Your leaving already?" Patch asked from the pool.
"Yes, I have to go."
"We'll see you tomorrow then!" Starlight replied.
"Bye," everyone yelled.
"Bye!" Lunarstar walked up to Lancer, "Thank you for the great party."
"I hope you had fun."
"Yes, I did. It was a lot of fun...Well, Goodbye," Lunarstar turned and walked up to Buster and Charades.
"Ready to go home?" Charades asked.
"Yes, I'm ready," Lunarstar answered.
The green ponies showed them out to the front door. As Buster and Charades walked down the long driveway, they noticed how happy she was.
"Did you have fun?" Buster asked.
"Yes, I did."
"What did you do?" Charades asked.
Lunarstar looked up at them smiling, "We played games in the pool and eat pizza and played some more. It was great...Oh, what did you think of his house?"
"It was very nice," Charades answered.
"Not as big or nice as Dream Castle though," added Buster.
"Do you think we'll get the castle back?" Lunarstar asked.
"We might someday," Charades answered.
"Well, I hope so. I can't wait to see the castle and explore it," Lunarstar exclaimed excitedly.
Buster and Charades giggled, it was good to see Lunarstar back to her old self.
"Come on, I want to hurry home and tell mom and dad about the party!" Lunarstar exclaimed.
She took off running towards the gates, Buster and Charades ran after her and quickly caught up with her at the gate.
"Lets walk home from here," Charades proposed.
"Well, ok but don't walk to slow!" Lunarstar walked as fast as she could home.