Chapter 84: Too scared to leave

The sky was pitch black, the full moon shined brightly among the twinkling stars.
Lunarstar had been caught by the Black ponies crying silently, her tears continued to pore from her eyes. She was trapped under Skyview's cloud net shaking from fear, not knowing if she'll ever see her parents and friends again.
"She's so scared," Starfire said again.
"So were all the other ponies we caught," Skyview pointed out.
"But doesn't it almost make you feel sorry for her?" Starfire asked.
Skyview looked at her, there was something about her that he couldn't help but feel a small amount of guilt, "Even so, we have our orders."
"I know," Starfire sighed, "Stardust, don't you think so?"
When they didn't get an answer they looked at Stardust hoping he didn't have another headache but to their surprise he just stood and stared at Lunarstar. It was as if he was not really there looking at her and listening to his brothers.
"Stardust!" Skyview called but there was no reply.
Stardust continued to stare blankly at her.
Skyview and Starfire looked at each other.
"Stardust!" the two called but still there was no answer.
"I don't think anyone is home," Starfire remarked.
Skyview hit Stardust with his hoof, waking him up.
Stardust blinked a few times and looked at his brothers, "What?"
"What?" the two exclaimed surprisingly.
"Stardust, what is wrong with you?" Skyview asked.
"You weren't even listening to us, all you did was stare," Starfire stated.
"Oh, I'm sorry, you two. I guess I was thinking," Stardust answered.
"Thinking?" Skyview asked suspiciously who didn't believe that's what Stardust was doing.
Stardust looked up at the sky, the Moon wasn't as big as it was a while ago, "We better go through the Gate before dawn comes, " Stardust paused, "before her two body guards comes after her."
Before Skyview had a chance to form a cloud ball Buster and Charades rushed out of the bushes and rammed into Starfire. The three Black ponies fell like dominos but it wasn't enough to brake Skyview's concentration.
Starfire quickly stood up and fought Buster, Stardust climbed out from under Skyview and fought Charades. Skyview stood up and watched while keeping Lunarstar under the net.
Lunarstar watched Buster and Charades fight but it quickly ended, her hopes of getting rescue was gone.
Buster was on the ground feeling bruised and Charades was thrown to the ground a few feet away.
"I've had it with you two, always in my way," Stardust said angrily as he walked towards him.
Skyview and Starfire watched as Stardust reared angrily.
Lunarstar gasped. She remembered when he had done that with Buster almost braking his leg, the pain he had and the time it took to heal. Lunarstar couldn't see it happening again, she knew she had to do something but she couldn't. She was trapped under a net and too scared to move. Starfire looked at Lunarstar wondering if she was still under the net.
Lunarstar felt like time had stopped, all she could think about was saving Charades.
"NO!" Lunarstar yelled loudly. She suddenly felt a gust of great power surging through her body.
For a split second Starfire thought he saw her eyes turn green but it happened so fast he thought he was just imagining it.
Suddenly and forcibly the three Black ponies were thrown back into the bushes and trees knocking themselves out.
The net on her dissolved, when it was completely gone, she stood up almost falling down again. She ran leaving Buster and Charades behind.
"Lunarstar!" Buster called but she ignored them and continued to run.
Buster and Charades quickly stood up and ran after her. For a few minutes they had lost sight of her but it didn't take long to find her.
"Over there," Buster pointed to a glowing bushes.
They walked over to the bushes and looked between the two bushes. Lunarstar was curled in a ball shaking and crying.
"Lunarstar," Charades said softly as he touched her with his hoof.
Out of fear and not looking to see who it was, she jerked away from him.
"Lunarstar, it's me...Charades."
"Don't be scared," Buster kindly said, "We are here."
Lunarstar looked up at them.
"Come on, we'll take you home," Charades whispered to her.
Lunarstar stood on her feet and walked up to Charades burying her face on his fur as she cried.
Buster noticed the scratches and matted blood in her fur covering her back and legs. He touched her back to see how bad the scratches were.
Lunarstar suddenly jump at his touch.
"It's alright, Lunarstar," Charades whispered to her trying to calm her down.
"We better get her home and clean these scratches," Buster proposed.
They turned and left the park with Lunarstar between them. Buster and Charades looked down at her, they had never seen her so frighted like that before. Lunarstar jumped at the bushes rustling in the wind, a cat running across the street, just about anything that moved in the darkness.
"Lunarstar, calm down. The Black ponies isn't here. You took care of them back there," Buster pointed out.
"That's a good point, just how did she do that?" Charades asked, "We know no Unicorn has that much power and I know she doesn't either but...yet she did."
"Just like she did with the tree on the Clubhouse," Buster reminded him.
They looked at her worriedly, neither one of them knew the answer but yet they had seen it for themselves, the sudden power burst she had but it didn't last long.
They quietly walked a few blocks from the park listening to Lunarstar sobbing.
"Look, Lunarstar. We are almost home," Buster exclaimed.
Lunarstar hadn't been looking or talking the whole time they left the park. She slowly looked up, her house was the last one on the block. The lights in her house was on and the porch light was on as well. Lunarstar bolted into a run crying and sobbing with tears still flowing from her eyes. Buster and Charades ran after her.
She burst open the door surprising her parents in the process. She didn't stop nor did she look at them, she ran upstairs and into her room slamming the door behind her.
"What happened?" Rosebud asked worriedly.
"Why is she crying?" Booster asked as Buster and Charades entered the house.
"She was caught by the three Black Ponies," Charades answered.
"Caught?" Booster and Rosebud asked.
"Poor Lunarstar, it must have scared her to death," Rosebud said worriedly.
"It did," Charades shut the door behind them.
"She couldn't stop shaking she was so scared," Buster added.
"I've got to go see if she's alright," Rosebud hurried upstairs.
"What was on her back?" Booster asked as he remembered her rushing in the house.
"Scratches," Charades answered, "I think she got them falling through a tree."
"We saw her fall which was how we were able to find her," Buster explained.
Rosebud rushed downstairs, "I can't open her door."
"What?" Booster asked surprisingly.
"It's locked and she won't open it," Rosebud continued to explain.
Booster, Rosebud, Buster and Charades rushed upstairs to her room. Booster tried to open her door but couldn't, "Lunarstar, open the door!"
"Lunarstar, honey. Let us in!" Rosebud called.
But there was no answer, all they could hear was her crying loudly.
"Lunarstar!" Charades called.
"Open the door!" Buster called.
But it was no use, Lunarstar wasn't listening nor would she open the door.
"Now what?" Buster asked.
"We wait till tomorrow and see if she'll come out then," Booster answered.
"Do you mind if we wait here at the door for her?" Charades asked.
"Not at all. Just let us know if she comes out," Booster replied.
"We will," Buster replied.
Booster and Rosebud walked downstairs leaving the two at her door.
"I'll keep the first watch," Charades exclaimed, "I'll let you know when it's your turn."
"Ok," Buster head downstairs and laid on the couch.

Starfire woke up, and looked around, Lunarstar was gone and so was Buster and Charades. He noticed his two brothers laid in the bushes knocked out cold. Starfire got to his feet and walked over to Skyview shaking him awake.
Skyview woke up and saw Starfire standing over him.
"Come on," Starfire muttered as he walked over to Stardust with Skyview behind him.
They shook Stardust awake. Stardust moaned and slowly woke up.
"What happened?" Stardust asked.
"I have no idea,' Skyview answered.
"I might know but I find it hard to believe," Starfire answered.
"Well?" Stardust asked as he stood up.
"The Princess threw us back but.." Starfire paused, "It could just be my imagination..."
"Just tell us," Skyview exclaimed.
"I thought I saw her eyes turning green," Starfire finally answered.
"Turning green?" The two asked surprisingly.
"Well, like I said I thought I saw it," Starfire replied.
"Well, I don't know about the eyes turning green but that power of hers...something doesn't seem right," Stardust muttered.

The next morning Charades woke up from sleeping on the couch, Rosebud and Booster woke up and walked out of their rooms. Charades hurried upstairs only to find Buster asleep in front of her door.
"I guess she hadn't opened the door yet," Booster commented as he walked up to Buster.
Charades lightly shook Buster, waking him up.
"Anything?" Charades asked.
"No, she eventually cried herself to sleep and I hadn't heard anything since then."
"Maybe she's not in there?" Rosebud wondered.
"She must still be in there. I don't think she would have left after being so scared last night," Charades pointed out.
Booster tried to open her door but it was still locked.

Lunarstar laid in bed under her covers, her face was soaked in tears. She could hear everyone at the door calling her but she was to scared to leave her bed. The thought of last night scared her, she even imagined Skyview appearing in her room.

"Lunarstar!" Rosebud called again.
"I don't think she's going to answer the door for us," Booster guessed.
"I'll call her friends and see if they can get her to open the door," Rosebud suggested, she hurried downstairs calling all of Lunarstar's friends.
It didn't take long till they had arrived at her house.
"Come on in girls," Rosebud said inviting them in.
"Is Lunarstar ok?" Bright Eyes asked.
Booster walked downstairs after hearing the girls in the house, "She was caught last night by the Black ponies and now she has locked herself in her room. She won't open the door for us. We hope you girls can get her to open the door."
"We can try," Starlight replied.
They walked upstairs to Lunarstar door.
"Lunarstar," Charades called, "Your friends are here!"
Lunarstar didn't answer, she continued to hide herself on her bed.
"Lunarstar!" Starlight called.
"We are all here," Melody called.
"Can you open the door?" Sweetheart asked.
But there was still no answer.
"Nothing?" Booster asked.
"No, Patch turned around, "Not a word or sound."
"Hummm," Booster muttered.
"Honey?" Rosebud asked wondering what Booster was up to.
"I'll be right back," Booster rushed downstairs and outside to his shed.
While he was gone the girls continued to call but soon found it was a waste of time.
"Why did she lock herself in her room?" Bright Eyes asked.
"She's scared from last night," Rosebud answered.
"Poor Lunarstar," Clover muttered.
A few minutes later Booster hurried in the house and rushed upstairs with a Screwdriver in his mouth.
"What are you going to do?" Rosebud asked noticing the Screwdriver.
"I'm going to take the door off," Booster answered.
"That a great idea," Charades remarked.
Everyone moved aside for Booster as he took the hinges off the door. Then he forcivly took the door off setting it against a wall in the hallway. Booster entered her room with Rosebud, Charades, Buster and her friend behind him.
"Lunarstar," Booster called her.
Lunarstar buried her face in her blankets.
Booster took her covers off. Lunarstar was curled in a ball with her wings folded, suddenly her horn began to glow and the covers was thrown back on her. Booster tried to take her covers off but it stuck to her like glue, Lunarstar's horn continued to glow making sure no one took her covers off.
"Lunarstar," Rosebud quietly called to her, "it's me your mother."
There was no answer.
Booster took his hoofs under her and lifted her off the bed. Lunarstar curled in a ball against his coat, letting the covers fall and the light from her horn dimmed.
Tears began to fall from her cheeks. Rosebud and everyone gasped at her scratches on her body.
"Girls, have you had breakfast yet?" Rosebud asked.
"No, we were in a hurry to get over here," Bon Bon answered.
"Well, lets go down stairs and make you girls some breakfast."
"Is Lunarstar going to be alright?" Melody asked.
"Yes, she'll be fine now," Rosebud headed out the room with the girls behind her.
When they left the room Booster sat down on the bed still holding Lunarstar. Buster and Charades stood in front of him.
Lunarstar began to cry loudly.
Booster rubbed his head on Lunarstar, "It's ok. Your safe now."
"I'm...sorry," Lunarstar muttered in a shaky voice.
"What for?" Booster asked.
"I...forgot about the time..." Lunarstar cried a bit more, "I went through the forest...I thought it would be...better if I avoided the town."
"Lunarstar..." Booster rubbed his head on hers.
"I'm so sorry," Lunarstar continued to cry loudly, "I thought I'd never see you again."
"Why didn't you just wink home?" Charades asked.
"Dad said not to," Lunarstar said shakily.
"Lunarstar, if you are ever in trouble again, you can always wink home. We maybe mad at you but we don't want to loose you," Booster kindly said as he hugged her.
"We should clean her coat, it's a complete mess," Buster observed.
"Lunarstar, are you hungry?" Booster asked.
"I guess," Lunarstar answered.
She had calmed down but tears still trickled down her face.
"Lets clean you first. Can you boys help me?" Booster asked.
"Yes, we'll be glad to help," Charades answered.
Booster stood up holding Lunarstar and left the room, walking into the bathroom.

After a while the girls sat at the table waiting. A few of the girls watched the stairs hoping Lunarstar would come down and join them.
Rosebud entered the dinning room with a large stack of Chocolate Chip Pancakes, "I made some special pancakes for Lunarstar and you girls."
"I love Chocolate Chip Pancakes!" Patch exclaimed.
"It looks so good!" Bon Bon said drooling over the tall stack of Pancakes in front of her.
"Is Lunarstar going to join us?" Bright Eyes asked.
"I hope so," Rosebud answered worriedly.
Just then Booster entered the dinning room with Lunarstar at his side, her coat was clean. Her scratches could hardly be seen, the blood that matted her fur was gone. Her mane and tail was brushed and clean, she looked like herself only she didn't acted like herself.
She was quiet and stared at the floor. Buster and Charades stood behind her.
"Lunarstar," Booster began to say, "Go sit at the table."
Lunarstar sat in her chair while Rosebud set a couple of Pancakes on the plate in front of her.
"Can you girls do us a favor?" Booster asked.
"Sure," Starlight replied.
"Can you girls take her outside?" Booster asked.
"I don't want to go out," Lunarstar complained in a quiet voice.
"I want you to go out," Booster replied in a serious ton of voice.
"Lunarstar, we can come and get you before sunset...if you like," Charades suggested.
"I guess," Lunarstar muttered.
"Take her some place where there's lots of ponies around," Booster suggested.
"The park?" Patch asked.
Lunarstar closed her eyes at the thought of what happened in the park.
"No girls, another place," Booster answered.
"Well, umm..." Starlight started thinking.
"The museum?" Buster asked.
"Yes, that'll be great," Booster answered.
Rosebud walked up to Lunarstar and stroked her hair from her face, "It'll be ok. You'll have your friends with you and Buster and Charades will come get you when it's time. Now go ahead and eat."
Lunarstar cracked a smile and began eating her pancakes.
She wasn't looking forward to leaving the house but her parents insisted that she leave. As she eat, she hoped she wouldn't run into Stardust either at the museum or the park or the Ice Cream shop. He was the last pony she ever wanted to see.