Chapter 83: Captured

Lunarstar and her friends where at Sweetheart's house watching TV. Her mother walked in the Livingroom with a large bowel of Popcorn, setting it in front of them.
"Thanks, mom," Sweetheart commented.
"Your welcome," her mother replied heading to another room.
Lunarstar was in her earth form setting on the floor at the end of the girls.
"Can someone pass the popcorn down?" Lunarstar asked.
"Sure," Starlight replied scooting the bowel across the floor to the next pony.
"I can't believe Melody and her band are on TV," Bright Eyes exclaimed.
"And they're great!" added Patch.
"Didn't she say this is some kind of Contest?" Bon Bon asked.
"Yes and I hope she wins," answered Starlight.
Clover was about to grab the bowel from Lunarstar when she stopped and stared at her, "Lunarstar, you look...I don't know...umm, brighter."
The girls looked at Lunarstar.
"I do?" Lunarstar asked surprisingly. She quickly looked at her white coat, it was glowing but just barley. Lunarstar was so used to seeing herself glow she hadn't noticed it till now. She jumped off the floor and ran to the nearby window. She spread the curtains and looked out. The sun was setting, half gone in the horizon. Lunarstar turned around suddenly, "I'm sorry. I have to go. I'm so late getting home."
Lunarstar rushed out the door without saying goodbye. She could hear her friends yell, "See you tomorrow!"
Lunarstar shut the door and rushed out of the yard.
Sweetheart's mother walked in the living room after hearing the girls yell, "What's going one?"
"Lunarstar had to leave, we were just saying goodbye."
"Oh," her mother replied, "It's a shame she couldn't stay longer.

Lunarstar ran down the sidewalk as fast as her legs could move. She scanned the houses and yards as she ran pass them making sure no one was outside. She ran a few blocks till she was able to see the town.
The Sun had disappeared and all was left of it was an orange glow.
Lunarstar stopped, breathing heavily and trying to catch her breath. Her legs were worn out. From a distance she could see a few ponies walking through town. She knew she couldn't walk through town glowing.
"I wished I could just wink home but my parents said not to," Lunarstar sighed sadly.
She turned around and saw the forest, it was the only way around the town.
The sky had gotten darker and the full moon was shining brighter as did her white coat.
She ran pass the houses and into the forest. Once she was sure she couldn't be seen from the nearby houses, she changed back into a winged unicorn.
She ran pass the trees, bushes and rocks while staying close to the houses. Her legs began to ache, she had to stop and rest.
Suddenly she heard a twig snap from the darkness. As she stared nervously, she began to see three glowing figures. Lunarstar's eyes widen in fear when she saw who it was.
"Starfire, could you make more noise?" Skyview asked sarcastically as the three black ponies appeared from the darkness.
"I'm not light footed like you and Stardust," Starfire answered.
"That is obvious," Skyview muttered.
Lunarstar's heart raced as she stared at the Black ponies. Their coats were glowing but they weren't as bright as she was.
"Well, well. If it isn't Princess Lunarstar," Stardust said coldly as he looked down at her.
Their blue eyes stared coldly at Lunarstar who was to afraid to move.
"This can't be happening!" Lunarstar thought, "This just can't be."
She didn't know what to do at first but she did know she felt like running. She jumped to her feet as quickly as possible and ran through the bushes towards town. Her legs moving as fast as she could, her heart racing from fright. She could hear the thundering hooves of the Black ponies running after her. Lunarstar glanced back, Skyview and Starfire were getting closer but Stardust was even closer to her than they were. Stardust would run in high speed if Lunarstar hadn't been zig zagging through the forest. Ahead of her, she could see the lights from town which meant the forest would end soon. Stardust was getting closer, Lunarstar tried to run faster but she was to worn out to run faster, her legs was still aching. Lunarstar ran out of the forest and look a flying leap in the air, flapping her wings as fast as she could. Stardust tried to jump and grab her tail but missed.
Lunarstar felt relieved and thought she had gotten away but when she glanced back she knew she was wrong. Starfire was flying and getting closer, behind him was a gray cloud. Lunarstar knew who the gray cloud was.
Suddenly Starfire flew faster and faster till he was like a blur, passing Lunarstar. The sudden gust of strong wind blew her out of the sky. She fell toward the ground twisting and twirling not knowing which was the ground and the sky.
She landed in a tree braking the branches as she fell through. She landed hard on the ground, her coat was full of scratches and blood matted her fur from the broken branches.
She opened her eyes and saw Starfire standing not far from her and then the gray cloud appeared next to him. The cloud formed two ponies, Skyview and Stardust.
Lunarstar tried to jump to her feet and run but a cloud like net appeared over her. It fell on top of her, covering her whole body. It was light weight but solid, the cloud felt like cotton that couldn't be torn apart. Lunarstar struggled in the net trying to get to her feet, the more she tried the more she got tangled in it.
The black ponies stood and laughed.
"You can try all you want, no one has ever been able to brake free," Skyview stated with his horn still glowing.
Lunarstar looked up at them, her heart was racing so fast she felt like fainting. She breathed heavily, not sure if she was tired from running or scared to death. She didn't dare blink or turn her eyes away from them. As they came closer, she struggled in the net scooting herself away from them. Her eyes watered to the point that she could hardly see them. Tears pored from her eyes, soaking her cheeks.
"She's so scared, she's shaking," Starfire noticed as he looked down at her.
Lunarstar hadn't realized she was so scared that her body was shaking like a cold chill in the air. Starfire lifted his leg and touched her hoof, curious to see what she would do.
Lunarstar jerked her hoof away from him and continued to shake. She did her best not to cry loudly, scared of what the Black ponies might do to her if she did, so she laid in the grass crying silently.
"See? told you we could catch her if you listened to me," Stardust exclaimed.
"I can't believe after all this time we finally caught her," Skyview said, glaring at her.
"Now Star Cluster can stop yelling at us about her," Starfire added.
Lunarstar shook and cried, tears continued to pored from her eyes, she stared at them wondering if she would ever see her parents and friends again.