Chapter 81: The Big Surprise

The Sun light peaked through the cracks of Lunarstar's blue curtains, waking her up. The birds chirped loudly on a tree just outside her window.
Lunarstar threw the covers off of her and stood up, stretching her legs and wings, then she walked to her dresser. She took her brush and began brushing her long white mane, then she grabbed her long tail and started to brush it. When she was done her hair was long, straight and shining in the sunlight. Lunarstar set her brush back on the dresser and headed downstairs, she didn't smell breakfast nor did she see her breakfast on the dinning room table. The house was unusually quiet. Lunarstar hurried to the Kitchen but her Mother wasn't there, only Charades who stood on his hind legs leaning on the counter.
"Good afternoon, Lunarstar," Charades commented.
"Afternoon?" Lunarstar asked, looking at the clock in the kitchen.
"You slept all morning," Charades answered.
"All morning?" Lunarstar turned and looked at Charades, "Why didn't anyone wake me up?"
"You were so tired that everyone thought it was best if you slept in," Charades answered.
"Oh," Lunarstar sighed. She took out a glass from the cupboard, setting it on the counter next to Charades. Then she took out a pitcher of Lemonade from the refrigerator and filled her glass. She put the pitcher back in the refrigerator and turned around to get her glass. She noticed Charades was just standing there watching her.
"What?" Lunarstar asked.
"Nothing," Charades smiled.
Lunarstar looked at him suspiciously. He wasn't doing anything but standing there.
"Where's mom?" Lunarstar asked noticing her mother wasn't anywhere in sight.
"Out," Charades answered.
"Out where?"
"I don't know."
Lunarstar also noticed the shed door was shut, it was only closed when no one was inside it.
"Where's Dad?" Lunarstar asked.
"Out with your mother."
Lunarstar noticed the yard was empty and Buster was no where in sight.
"And Buster?" Lunarstar asked
"Out with your Parents."
Lunarstar took her glass and drank all her lemonade.
"And you don't know where they went?" Lunarstar asked suspiciously.
"Nope, I was to watch the place while they were gone."
"Oh," Lunarstar still didn't believe him. She knew he was up to something. Everyone was gone and all Charades could do is stand there.
Charades smiled at her, he grabbed her empty glass and took it to the sink, "Don't be so suspicious. They didn't tell me where they were going."
"I'm sorry, Charades. It's just that...Mom or Dad is always here when I get up."
"Lunarstar, don't worry about it. Why don't you go out and play?" Charades suggested.
"Ok," Lunarstar forced a smile, "I'll see you later then."
"You'll walk home instead of winking home won't you?" Charades suddenly asked.
"Yes, of course I will," Lunarstar looked at him suspiciously, "Why?"
"Just making sure, Lunarstar. Now go have fun."
"Ok, Bye!" Lunarstar ran out of the kitchen changing from a winged unicorn to an earth pony before she reached the door, "See you later!"
Charades stood in the living room and watched her leave the yard. Once he was sure she was far from the house, he went to the kitchen and yelled, "She's gone!"

Lunarstar ran down the Street and into the Park looking for her friends but they were no where to be found. She checked the Lake, playgrounds and the open spaces but all she saw were other ponies playing. She sighed as she left the park and headed into the Ice Cream shop. She looked around but her friends wasn't there, she did see Stardust sitting with his 3 friends which was pretty much the only normal thing Lunarstar had seen so far, everything else seem out of the ordinary. Lunarstar hurried to the counter to talk to the pony behind it.
"Excuse me," Lunarstar quickly said as she walked by.
The pony stopped, "Yes, may I help you?"
"Do you know where Starlight and her friends are?" Lunarstar asked.
"Starlight took the day off. I don't know where she's at."
"Oh, well...Thank you," Lunarstar turned and left the shop, she had hoped to find at lest Starlight there. Lunarstar had a sudden thought, there was only one place they could be. She was sure they were at the Club House. She ran through town and through the community of houses till she came to a familiar corner. She looked over the bushes and saw the Club house behind a large blue house.
Lunarstar rushed through the bushes and into the Clubhouse but there was no one there. She sighed sadly, "Looks like it'll be another boring day. Mom, Dad and Buster are gone and I can't find my friends...humm....Maybe Charades will want to play?"
Lunarstar hoped that Charades was still at the house.
She left the Club house and ran home. When she walked up to her house, she notice it was quiet and no sound of anyone working in the shed. Nothing had changed since she left.
She sighed sadly and walked in the house. It was dark and quiet, Charades was gone and no one seem to be home. Before Lunarstar had a chance to walk in the Livingroom to sit on the couch, the light suddenly came on and her friends jumped out from behind the couch shouting, "Surprise!"
Buster, Charades and her Parents also came out from their hiding spot.
Lunarstar gasped, everyone wore party hats and the table in the dinning room was covered with a pink and yellow party cloth decorated with balloons. Yellow Plates, Napkins and empty cups sat on the table matching the table cover.
In the center of the table was a Birthday centrepiece with large words on it saying 'Happy Birthday'.
Above the Table was a Pink and Yellow garland made of tissue paper hanging down over the table like a Canopy. There were Pink and Yellow Metallic balloons all over the livingroom with a Happy Birthday banner metallic hung on the ceiling.
"Surprised?" Rosebud asked.
"Yeah," Which was all Lunarstar could say at the moment, she was still wondering if it was all real.
Rosebud walked up to her and place a pink prismatic birthday hat on her head, just behind her invisible horn. All her friend wore the same thing.
"It's my Birthday?" Lunarstar finally managed to ask.
"Yes, today is your 13th birthday. Don't you remember, we celebrated your birthday on the day we found you since we didn't know when you where born. Buster and Charades said they knew when your Birthday was which is today."
"So it's today?" Lunarstar asked still not believing it.
Everyone giggled, the look on Lunarstar's face was too cute not the laugh at. Buster walked up to Lunarstar, "Yes, it's today."
"Really?" Lunarstar asked, she was still surprised.
"Yes, Lunarstar," Her father said trying not to laugh.
Lunarstar walked to the living room changing back into a winged Unicorn.
"Charades, is this what you were up to earlier today?" Lunarstar asked.
Her friend stood giggling and staring at her when she changed forms.
"Yes. It wasn't easy keeping it from you, you were getting to suspicious of me," Charades answered smiling.
Lunarstar smiled, "Oh."
"Come on!" Patch exclaimed, "Let party!"

As the girls played games, they soon forgot about Lunarstar's winged unicorn look. Buster, Charades and her Parents stood, watching the girls play.
Buster quietly and suddenly he began to laugh.
"What?" Charades asked.
"Oh, I was just remembering when Lunarstar walked in and the look on her face."
Charades, Rosebud and Booster began to laugh.
"She sure was surprised," Booster commented.
"And it was so cute the way she kept asking if it was really her birthday," Rosebud added.
"Charades," Buster began to say still laughing, "I can imagine you had a hard time with her earlier today.
"She knew I was up to something," Charades remarked still laughing.

After the games, They all gathered in the Dinning room. the girls sat in the chairs with Lunarstar at the end of the table. Buster and Charades stood next to her. Booster and Rosebud carried a long rectangle birthday cake from the kitchen to the table, setting it in front of Lunarstar.
The Cake was white with purple and pink flower designs in each corner and sides. On top was her family royal crest with a purple ribbon strung from the sides.
"That's your Family's royal crest. I thought it'll be a great idea to have it on the cake," Charades remarked.
"Royal Crest?" Lunarstar asked, she hadn't dreamed she would have a crest.
The crest was a gold shield, on it was a red heart placed over the crescent moon. In the middle of the heart was a gold crown and on the crown was another crescent moon. Sitting on the shield was a feathered Dragon. Coming out from the sides were large wings, the tips of the wings pointed down at a banner strung across the bottom of the shield. On the Banner it said 'The Keys to your heart'
"What does that mean?" Lunarstar asked.
"I don't know, "Charades answered, "No one knows what that really means."
"The Crest is very pretty," Sweetheart commented.
"I love it," Bon Bon commented.
"Your lucky to have a family crest," Starlight remarked.
"Lunarstar," Rosebud began to say, "Make a wish and blow the candles."
Lunarstar stood up and stared at the cake. She had so many wishes to make, she wasn't sure what to wish for.
"Lunarstar?" Charades asked, noticing her staring.
"Sorry, I'm thinking."
Buster laugh, "To many wishes to make?"
Lunarstar blushed and the girls began to laugh.
"I don't know what to wish for," Lunarstar remarked.
"Lunarstar, just wish for something you have always wanted," Rosebud proposed.
Lunarstar thought about it and knew what she had always wished for. She wanted to find out who her real father was. She knew she has a father but no one seem to know who he is.
Lunarstar took a deep breath and blew the candles.
"What did you wish for?" Buster asked.
"I can't tell you that, my wish won't come true if I did," Lunarstar replied.
Charades laughed, "That's true."
Booster took a knife and cut a square piece for Lunarstar, placing it on her plate.
"Oh, Lunarstar. We almost forgot to tell you," Rosebud suddenly said.
"Forgot what?" Lunarstar asked curiously.
"Not only did we invite your friends but we also invited them to spend the night," Rosebud answered.
Lunarstar smiled happily, she couldn't believe what her mother just told her, " did?"
"Yes, they'll be sleeping in you room with you," Booster added.
"We can't wait," Starlight exclaimed as Booster put a piece of cake on her plate.
"It'll be fun," Patch added.
"Well, Lunarstar?" Charades asked, "Do you like the party?"
"Yes, I do. I never had a birthday party before. I never even had friends at my birthday. I want to thank you all for coming, this has been a wish come true," Lunarstar looked up at Buster, "That's not what my wish was by the way."
Everyone began to laugh. It was the day Lunarstar will never forget.