Chapter 80: Battle for the Gate part 2

Banner sat on the couch in the Library thinking. A soldier stood at the door and another above him guarding the other door. The room was quiet which was how Banner liked it, it helped him think better.
King Sea Mist walked in, the Soldier bowed his head at the him. King Sea Mist continued walking towards the couch, "is anything wrong? you've been in here all day."
Banner hadn't heard the King walk in, hearing a voice surprised him. Banner quickly stood up and bowed his head, "Sorry, your Majesty. I was thinking."
"Please relax," The King kindly said, "Tell me what's on your mind." King Sea Mist sat down on another couch and then Banner sat down on the other couch.
"The Black ponies are going to continue searching for the Princess in the other world. I need Charades and Buster to go through the Gate and find her before the Black ponies do but I'm not sure how to get them to the Gate. We haven't been able to sneak in Dream Castle or get near it without Star Cluster's Soldiers spotting us," Banner explained.
"I see...hummm," King Sea Mist thought about what Banner said. He knew there had to be away of getting close to the castle.
"I thought about attacking Dream Castle and have Charades and Buster sneak in during the fight," Banner suddenly said.
"I don't think I have enough soldiers for an all out battle like that," King Sea Mist replied.
"I don't know how else I can sneak them in."
King Sea Mist was still thinking about the problem. After a few minutes he had thought of an idea, something he was sure would work, "the Flutter ponies might be able to help."
"Yes, That's a perfect idea. They can distract the soldiers on the wall long enough for us to get in..." Banner suddenly fell silent, he liked the idea but there was one problem, "but the Black ponies, we'll be lucky if Charades and Buster can get near the Gate if those three are there."
"Maybe the Flutter ponies can keep them busy?" King Sea Mist suggested.
Just then Queen Calla Lilly walked in. She was surprised to find a soldier at the door with King Sea Mist and Banner on the couch.
"Oh, I'm sorry your Majesty," Queen Calla Lilly quickly said, "I didn't expect you to be in here. I was about to go see you. I wanted to tell you I plan on leaving tonight."
"Please come in," King Sea Mist kindly said, "Perhaps you can help us."
Queen Calla Lilly walked to the couch, "I'll be happy to help you in anyway I can."
Banner noticed her white coat looked cleaner than he last saw her and her wings no longer had Honey on them.
"Will you help us in the attack on Dream Castle?" King Sea Mist asked.
"Attack on Dream Castle?" Queen Calla Lilly exclaimed, surprisingly.
"I need Charades and Buster to get over the wall but The Black ponies may be there to stop us." Banner explained.
"I'll gladly help you," Queen Calla Lilly replied smiling, "I remember recalling only one time that all the Flutter ponies was actually at Dream Castle. It was centuries ago when Queen Rosedust saved Ponyland from the Smooze."
"This will be the second time then," King Sea Mist remarked smiling back at her.
"Your Majesty, we'll have to leave tonight. We have to get to Dream Castle before the Full Moon," Banner remarked.
"Yes, of course," King Sea Mist replied, "Banner, you might want to try on the new armor I had made for you and your soldiers."
"Armor, for us?" Banner asked.
"Yes, it's an exact copy of the Armor your soldiers had at Dream Castle. I know that you and your Soldier wasn't wearing armor when you first arrived."
"You weren't?" Queen Calla Lilly asked surprisingly.
"No, there wasn't time to get ready for war. We hadn't expect a battle in the middle of the night. No one saw them coming, no one heard rumors of them coming," Banner explained.
"Oh. Where did King Star Cluster come from?" Queen Calla Lilly asked.
"No one knows. That is one question no one has dared to ask," King Sea Mist replied.
The room was silent for a few minutes, only their breathing could be heard.
"Your Majesty, we had better be going. It's a long walk to Ponyland," Banner said braking the silence.
"I hope you have a safe return and is successful on your mission," King Sea Mist replied.
Banner knotted his head and left with Queen Calla Lilly behind him.

"I need to go and get the rest of the Flutter ponies. I'll meet you at Dream Castle," Queen Calla Lilly Proposed.
"Ok, I'll see you there," Banner replied.
Queen Calla Lilly hurried out of the castle with Sparkle and Twinkle behind her. They left the mountain and quickly flew back to Flutter Valley.
Banner was on his was out of the Castle when he saw Queen Snowfall walking towards him. Banner bowed, "Hello your Highness."
"Hello, Banner. Do you know where my husband went?"
"Yes, He's in the Library. Please excuse me. I must go."
"Where are you going?" Queen Snowfall asked curiously.
"Going to have war at Dream Castle," Banner answered.
"Oh, did King Sea Mist tell you about the new armor?" Queen Snowfall asked.
"Yes, he did."
"Did he tell you, you'll find them under some blankets in the back of the armory room?" Queen Snowfall asked.
"No he didn't. Thank you Queen Snowfall," Banner knotted his head and left the castle.
Queen Snowfall smiled at him and then left to find King Sea Mist.

Banner quickly gathered the soldiers and went to the armory room deep under the castle. He found a dusty brown blanket and threw it off. Dust from the Blanket flew high in the air. Banner and his soldiers were surprised, the armor looked like the ones they had at Dream Castle. The armor was completely silver with swirl designs in every corner of the armor. A Crescent Moon shape was in the middle of every swirl. The Royal Symbol, a heart with a crown in the middle was above every swirl. On the larger piece armor was a small symbol of a sitting dragon in the center of the armor. Trapezoid shapes outlined the armor. The metal Leg bands had swirls on them with a large Royal Symbol and Trapezoid shapes outlined the band.
The armor was the same for all his soldiers except for Banner who wore a long green Cloak that partly covered his tail, on the cloak was a large Royal Symbol.
The King's soldier wore silver armor with large diamond patterns on them. They all carried Swords, some carried spears and Bows & Arrows, a few carried ropes. Buster and Charades just wore short cloaks.
The soldier lined up in a 2 rows with Banner, Charades and Buster in front.
"We are going to Dream Castle. This is not a battle to win, only a diversion to get Charades and Buster over the wall. Once we have completed out mission we will retreat!" Banner yelled for all the soldiers to hear.
The Gate opened and Banner lead the army through the gate along the dirt road which zig zag down the mountain. They walked closely by Woodlock and through the near by villages. Ponies that saw them stopped and stared, they knew Banner was going to war. It had been a long time since anyone see King Sea Mist soldiers wear armor.

They had walked 2 days to Ponyland, crossing over another Kingdom. When they crossed Ponyland's board it took a day till they were close to the Castle. Banner leads the group into the thick forest and waited with a soldier at the edge of the forest to watch for the Flutter ponies. In the far off distance was a tall pink, white and gold castle. Near it was a large town with quite a few villages near by. The Sun was beginning to set and Banner was getting worried about the Flutter ponies. He hoped they would arrive in time. After the afternoon had gone by and the sun was starting to set Banner continued walking through the thick forest. They walked around the villages making sure they weren't seen. When they came to a stop at the edge of the forest, the sun had disappeared in the horizon leaving the sky pink and purple. Across the meadow was the Castle wall which had soldier walking on it. Some had metal leg bands, a few at the Gate wore armor.
"Do you see the Flutter ponies yet?" Banner whispered to Charades.
"No not yet."
"We can't wait for to long," Banner whispered.
When the sky was completely dark and the Full moon shined brightly, Buster noticed something is the sky.
"Look," Buster whispered, point to the sky.
Banner looked and saw a band of sparkling stars. At times he thought he was a rainbow reflection, "I think it's the Flutter ponies. I don't know any kind of pony that has sparkling rainbow like wings," Banner turned toward Buster and Charades, "You two wait here till we are on the wall," then Banner looked at the wall anctiously, "Lets go!"
The soldiers charged out of the forest across the meadow.
The soldiers on the wall were surprised, they hadn't expect a battle.

Star Cluster was sitting on his throne fiddling with his crown and thinking. Suddenly a soldier burst through the doors and ran up to Star Cluster, "Sire, we are under attack!"
Star Cluster jumped off the throne and ran across the room to a tall large window. He stood on his hind legs and saw Soldiers with familiar armor on, climbing the wall.
"Where are Stardust, Skyview and Starfire?" Star Cluster asked.
"Starfire went through the gate. The other two are asleep in their beds."
"Wake them up. Tell them to get outside!" Star Cluster roared.
The soldier ran out of the room and hurried upstairs to wake Stardust and Skyview up.

Banner and the soldier had managed to climb the wall with the Flutter Ponies help. Charades and Buster were relieved to see Banner had reached the top of the wall.
"Lets go!" Charades cried.
They ran out of the forest and climbed the wall. Charades was the first to climb the rope. Once he was on the wall a soldier stood guard till Buster was on the wall.
"Thanks," Charades quickly said.
Charades and Buster ran down the wall till they found the stairs. Star Cluster's soldiers on the ground began to approach them when a few Flutter ponies swopped by and knocked the soldiers to the ground. Charades and Buster ran pass the Soldiers and headed to the small wall where the garden was.
Suddenly Stardust walked through the door from the garden and stood in front of Buster and Charades, "Going somewhere?"
Skyview appeared next to Stardust and glared at Charades and Buster.
"Now what?" Buster asked.
Charades didn't answer, he wasn't sure what to tell Buster. As they began to back away, Skyview's horn started to glow. Charades and Buster turned around and gasped, a large cloud appeared and started to cover them.
Suddenly four Flutter ponies flew by Stardust and Skyview, knocking them to the ground. Skyview lost his concentration when he saw the Flutter ponies. He hadn't forgot about the last battle and the trouble he had with the two flutter ponies.
Suddenly four more Flutter ponies flew around them in circles making them dizzy. Stardust noticed Buster and Charades sneak pass them into the garden.
"Skyview!" Stardust cried but it was to late, he was already dizzy and had fallen to the ground. Stardust was mad, he reached out and grabbed the two flutter ponies that was flying around him. He held their tales and threw them at the other two flutter ponies. The four of them was thrown across the battle field and into the group of soldiers fighting each other.
"Skyview!" Stardust lightly shook him.
"I'm fine, hurry and get those two!" Skyview slowly said still feeling dizzy.
Stardust ran through the door and had just saw Buster and Charades going through the gate. Stardust hurried to the Gate and walked through it. He stopped on the other side of the Gate looking around but there was no sign of them.
"That's just great!" Stardust muttered as he walked back through the Gate.
Just behind a small cliff laying up against the dirt wall was Buster and Charades.
Charades took a peak over the grass above him.
"He's gone," Charades whispered.
"That was close," Buster remarked.
"Yes, that was very close. If it wasn't for those Flutter ponies, we would have never made it through the Gate," Charades stood up, "Now we have to find The Princess."
"What about the Queen?" Buster asked.
"Starfire is after the Princess, we have to find her first."

Banner had gotten word that Charades and Buster had gone through the Gate. He signaled his soldiers to retreat.
Star Cluster stood at the window watching them leave, "That's odd. They barley got started on the battle," Star Cluster walked back to his throne, "maybe they didn't plan to take Dream Castle what was their real reason for attacking?"
Banner and the soldiers ran into the thick forest and continued to run till they reached a clearing. The Flutter ponies followed them.
"Is everyone ok?" Banner asked.
"A few of the soldiers are injured and some were caught," one of the Soldiers answered.
One of the flutter ponies flying above them was rubbing her head, "me and three others where thrown across the battle field."
"Thrown?" Banner asked sounding surprised.
"Yes," another flutter pony answered rubbing her flank, "and it still hurts."
"Banner," Queen Calla Lilly began to say, "are you alright?"
"Yes, I'm fine," Banner turned his head and looked at his armor, he could see dents and scratched on it, "It's a good thing I had this armor on. If we were prepared in the first place we wouldn't have lost Dream Castle."
"You still blaming yourself for that?" one of the soldier asked.
"I know it couldn't have been helped. We hadn't had a war in a hundred years but still...I'm Captain and I'm responsible for your actions and the orders I give. I will always feel a bit guilty about losing Dream Castle."
"Banner," Queen Calla Lilly began to say, "Don't be to hard on yourself. From what I heard of Star Cluster's soldiers, you would have lost Dream Castle anyways," the Queen smiled at Banner, "We should be going. If you ever need us again let me know."
Queen Calla Lilly turned and flew away but not toward Flutter Valley.
Banner took a deep breath, he felt better at what Queen Calla Lilly had said. He knew she was right.
"Lets go home," Banner turned and walked back to Moony Mountain.

Lunarstar was sound asleep on the couch. The sun had set an hour ago and the sky was turning from purple to black. The stars shinned brightly through the drifting clouds. Rosebud was in the kitchen getting dinner ready, Buster and Boster helped set up the dinning room table. Charades looked at Lunarstar, she was stretched out on the couch with her head hanging over the edge. Charades thought it would be best to put Lunarstar to bed after seeing how tired and board she was all day. He pick her up in his arms and carried her to her room. He laid her gently on her bed. Charades smiled covering her with a blanket.
"Goodnight, Princess," Charades whispered and then left the room shutting the door behind him.