Chapter 8: Starfire is his name

Late in the evening before the sun began to set, Lunarstar was at the lake in the park with her friends. They were all walking round the lake talking as the wind continued to blow.
"It's starting to get colder now," Melody remarked.
"I hope it doesn't get to cold tonight. Teddy and Ace are out camping tonight," said Sweetheart, worriedly.
Lunarstar stopped and looked at the Sun which was starting to set. She could see the full moon on the other end of the sky, "The sun is starting to set. I should go home."
"See you tomorrow!" yelled Starlight as Lunarstar galloped away.
Meanwhile Buster and Charades were also in a hurry to get home. They walked through the park which was a short cut to their home.
"Charades, are we returning home tonight?"
"We can't. Remember we promised to help Lunarstar's father with the orders," Charades fell silent, something was troubling him, "Besides, we still have to keep searching for her."
"We looked all over town and she's not here."
"I...feel she's here and very close by."
Buster sigh lowering his head, "Ok then, where should we look?"
"We'll try the forest tonight."
Suddenly Lunarstar ran by surprising Buster and Charades.
"Lunarstar! What's the hurry?" Charades asked.
"I have to get home before sun set or my parents will be upset with me."
"You better hurry then," Buster Suggested and then they continued walking.
Charades stopped suddenly and turned around, for there was something he wanted to ask her, "Lunar-?" Lunarstar was gone. Charades looked all around but didn't see her, "She's gone?"
Buster helped look but no sign of Lunarstar, "Maybe she took my suggestion and hurried home?"
"Maybe she did," Charades felt confused. She was just a normal earth pony, how could she run out of sight that fast?

Lunarstar appeared at the door of her house in her Winged Unicorn form. She could see her coat starting to shine brighter. It won't be long till nightfall and she'll have to either leave the house or stay in her room.
Lunarstar went to the kitchen, took out a glass from the cubers and poured her a glass of milk from the refrigerator. Once she had filled her glass, she put the milk away and took her glass to her room.
Lunarstar sat on the bed with her milk on the dresser and read a book. She didn't need to turn on a light, the light she was giving off enabled her to see the book and anything else that was next to her. As it got darker outside, she glowed brighter. She had drank all of her milk by the time her mother came into the room, "Lunarstar, are you going outside or are you staying here?"
Lunarstar wasn't sure, she looked out her window and remembered the Black Pony who chased her the other day. She had seen him in that part of the forest but maybe she could explore the other part of the forest. Her chances of running into him would be very slime.
"I guess I'll go outside."
'Don't forget, tomorrow is a weekend so you can stay out a little longer than you usually do."
"Thanks mom."
"Be careful."
"I will," Lunarstar's horn began to glow then she quickly disappeared leaving sparkling stars in her place. She reappeared at the edge of the forest that she had previously explored. Lunarstar walked quietly through the grass hoping the Black pony won't hear her. The light of the moon gave her some light but the glow from her coat helped the most. She continued to walk away from the town, heading deeper into the forest. After awhile she began to feel more relaxed. She was certain the Black pony wouldn't come in this part of the forest.

Meanwhile Buster and Charades walked through the forest as they looked around. The wind continued to blow, as did their mane and tail. The forest was dark but the light from their coats made it easy to watch where their walking.
Every now and then, they would stop and listen hoping to hear someone walking through the grass or on the leaves but all they heard was the wind. They continued walking to a small clearing towards a hill. After a while they realized the hill was going higher and they were no longer walking on grass but on cobble stones that seem to make a trail uphill.
"I think we're walking on some kind of trail," whispered Buster.
"Lets see were it leads to," Charades whispered back.
Once they had reached the top, Charades pulled Buster back with his hoof.
"What?" Buster hissed.
"Be quiet," Charades ducked down just barley making himself seen, "Look who showed up."
Buster looked ahead across the meadow. He gasped when he saw the Black pony walking across the grassy meadow.
"Starfire? But when did he get here?" whispered Buster.
"If he's here then we don't have a lot of time to find her," Whispered Charades.
Once the Black pony had disappeared in the forest, Buster and Charades stood up and quietly followed the trail.

Lunarstar had walked a very long way and was getting tired of walking. She felt it was safe to run through the forest, looking around one last time before braking into a run. She ran as fast as she could and forgetting about her worries. She jumped over fallen branches and rocks, ran across streams and through bushes. At first it felt like she was running up hill but then the land flattened out.
She was begining to feel tired from running and figured it would be best to save her strength for the journey home. She slowed down to a walk and tried to catch her breath. As she walked, she thought about how lonely she sometimes felt and wished she had someone she could share her secret with. Her Parents knows her secret but she didn't dare tell them everything, they would worry even more to the point they may not let her out at night. She couldn't bare the thought of not being able to go out at night.
Lunarstar looked up at the stars, since most of the trees had lost their leaves it was easy to see the stars. Looking at the stars sometimes made her wonder where she came from. Why was she left behind? Who were her parents? She had so many questions to ask her real parents but most of all, she wondered if she would ever find the answers to her questions.
Lunarstar stopped, the sound she heard wasn't the wind or the animals running around in the night, it was faint voices ahead of her and was curious as to who they were. The two voice sounded familiar but she just couldn't place them.
Lunarstar carefully followed the voices till it sounded like she was on top of them. Ahead of her was a light coming from over the cliff. She quietly walked to the cliff and looked down which she discovered the cliff wasn't as high as she thought.
3 ponies sat around a camp fire talking, behind them were 3 tents. Lunarstar recognized the 2 small ponies, Teddy and Ace. The third pony had to be Teddy's father who looked a lot like Teddy, he was dark blue with yellow and orange hair.
The 2 ponies were so busy talking that they didn't realize Lunarstar was above them, listening.

Meanwhile Buster and Charades had discovered the Ruins and were quite surprised. They walked around the stones and walls. They had spotted the large Archway and were making there way towards it.
"Is this what I think it is?" Buster asked.
"I think it is." Charades answered.
They looked up and down the Large Archway, Charades noticed the shield carved in stone with a heart and a crown on it, "This is defiantly the gate," he looked on the grown and noticed the broken vines scattered all over, "It looks like someone else was here besides us."
Buster looked down on the ground, he too noticed the broken vines, "maybe it was Starfire?"
"I don't think so. He looked like he was just passing through and could care less the ruins was here," Charades turned around and began walking back to the trail, "Lets look at it tomorrow, we'll have better light then."

Lunarstar decided to leave before they noticed her on the cliff. She walked into the forest till she no longer heard their voices. She left the forest and walked out to a tall grassy meadow and stood on a hill looking out. She knew Ponyland was big but it looked so small from on the hill top. Ponyland was surrounded by a large amount of forest and a few mountains. The town sat in a low valley and the houses scattered just beyond the town. Lunarstar laid down, folding her feet under her and continued to look over Ponyland. The sky had become pitch black with the moon outshining the stars. The clouds slowly moved as they changed shapes.
Once again, she thought about where she came from. Were there other ponies like her? Did her real parents not love her and maybe that's why they left her on the porch?
Not to far from where she laid stood the Black Pony. He stood quietly for a few minutes watching her, he was astonished at how bright she glowed.
Lunarstar felt someone watching her, she looked towards the forest that Teddy and Ace were camping but saw no one. Suddenly she heard a twig snap from the other direction, she turned her head around and to her surprise, the Black Pony had found her.
He smirked and held his head high, he was in deed happy to see her.
Lunarstar jumped up and ran as fast as she could. She felt her heart pounded hard and she breathed heavly. She had never felt so scared in her life. The Black pony was on top of her, she could feel him breathing on her. She suddenly disappeared and reappeared a few yards ahead of him which caught the Black pony by surprise.
She continued to run while glancing back every now and then. With every step she took, he was getting closer.
Lunarstar was to worried what was behind her that she almost didn't see the cliff ahead. She stopped, skidding to the edge of the cliff. She looked over the cliff, it was a long way down and she hadn't learned how to fly yet.
"What's the mater? Can't you fly?" he asked.
Lunarstar spun around to face him. Something in his voice gave her the chills and his blue eyes looked at her coldly.
He was so close, she could see his wings more clearly, they were like her's except his was black and large. And to top it off, his coat was glowing except not as bright as her's.
Lunarstar knew she couldn't fly down, and even if she could fly the black pony would fly after her.
"Who are you?" Lunarstar asked.
"My name is Starfire." He took a step forward and Lunarstar suddenly disappeared. He looked around but there was no sign of her.
"She could be harder to catch than I thought," Starfire muttered.
Lunarstar appeared on the hill in the meadow and ran towards the forest. She continued to run until she got to a stream. She stood for a few minutes catching her breath and bent down to drink the water when a bucket came floating towards her. She grabbed the bucket with her mouth, wondering where the bucket came from. Just then she heard some voices heading towards her. The voices sounded like Teddy and Ace.

"You should have let me do it," Ace hissed.
"Dad, let me do it," yelled Teddy.
"At lest I wouldn't have dropped the bucket," Aced yelled back.
The two boys froze when they saw Lunarstar standing by the stream with the bucket in her mouth.
They stood for quite a while before Lunarstar made a move. She put the bucket down and ran into the forest.
"It was the ghost!" cried Ace.
"I don't believe it. She really is real," said Teddy excitedly.

Lunarstar ran towards town, once she was close to town she disappeared and reappeared in her room. She jumped on her bed and covered herself in blankets.
"That's the last time I go in that part of the forest," Lunarstar muttered.