Chapter 79: Battle for the Gate part 1

It was in the evening and Lunarstar was in her winged unicorn form, laying on the couch in the livingroom. Her head was resting on the arm and her white hair hung from the couch onto the floor. Her wings were folder to her sides because there wasn't enough room behind her to stretch them.
Lunarstar was board and continued to stare at the floor. She took a deep breath and tried to relax but she just couldn't, she was itching to play or do something.
Charades walked in the livingroom from the kitchen after noticing Lunarstar on the couch.
"What's wrong?" Charades asked.
"I'm board."
"Board, what about your friends?"
"They're all to busy to play. Mom is busy tending her flower Garden, Dad is busy in the shed and you two are busy helping him."
"Oh, so there's nothing for you to do then,"
Lunarstar looked up at him, she suddenly had a thought, "Charades, can I ask you something?"
"Sure," Charades sat down on the other couch facing her.
"How did you get to this world?" Lunarstar asked curiously.
"I came through the Gate," Charades simply answered.
"I know but how? You said there was only one Gate and that's at the Castle."
"Oh," Charades just remembered the story he had promised to tell her, "That story."
"It's a long story. You sure you want to hear it?" Charades asked.
"Yes, I certainly do," Lunarstar quickly answered, she was anxious to hear the story. She sat up and got comfortable on the couch before Charades began to tell his story.
"Well..." Charades began to say, "It all started with Star Cluster wanting the Queen of the Flutter Ponies. Queen Calla Lilly."

It was in the afternoon when Star Cluster left his room. He wore a gold crown on his head and a gold key around his neck. He walked down hallway, on the walls hung painting of kings and Queens which he never cared to stop and look at them. The floor was marble, shining from the sunlight coming through the windows. Star Cluster walked gracefully as if he was afraid to make a sound. He walked downstairs and down another hallway towards large double doors guarded by two soldiers.
"Sire," one of the soldiers quickly said, "Stardust, Skyview and Starfire is inside waiting for you."
Star Cluster didn't reply, he continued through the doors following the red carpet. Standing next to the water fountain was the three black ponies.
"I see you finally made it back. What news have you brought concerning the 2 northern Kingdoms?" Star Cluster walked past them and sat down on his throne.
"The Kingdom close to the boarder finally decided to join you, the other one is still loyal to...the Queen," Stardust answered. He was carful not to mention the Queen's name, he knew how much Star Cluster hated to hear her name.
"I want that other kingdom on my side. They have a large army, the last thing I need is for them to plan an attack on me," Star Cluster paused, "There are other kingdoms I want as well."
"We have tried," Starfire exclaimed, "They simply refused to join you."
"You three haven't tried hard enough!" Star Cluster exclaimed. He paused and passed back and forth thinking. Then he stopped, "Bring me what is importain to them, if they don't want to join me then I'll force them to. But first, go to Flutter Valley and get the Queen to join me. The Flutter ponies are a powerful group, the last thing I need is them getting in the way. If she refuses, bring her here."
"That's 2 days trip from here," Skyview complained.
"So what. Take an army with you, incase those...Rebels hears about it," Star Cluster turned and sat down on the thrown, "Have you found the Princess?"
"No, we haven't," Stardust answered.
"You spent all these years looking for her!" Star Cluster was getting mad, "You should have found her by now!"
"I don't think she's in this world," Stardust replied.
"You three can search the other world when you get back, now get out!"
Stardust, Skyview and Starfire hurried out of the throne room.
"I seriously doubt we'll get the Queen of the Flutter pony to join us. I heard she's loyal to Queen Royal heart," Starfire remarked.
"Lets hope those Rebels don't hear about this. We lost a few prisoners because of them. Star Cluster wasn't to happy with us," Skyview replied.
Starfire looked at Stardust on the other side of Skyview. Stardust was quite which wasn't unusual but he wasn't paying attention to them talking, he just stared down the hall. Starfire could see something was troubling him.
"What's wrong, Stardust?" Starfire asked.
Stardust didn't answer, he was too deep in his thoughts to hear Starfire.
"Stardust!" Skyview exclaimed.
"Huh?...oh, um...what?" Stardust suddenly snapped out of his thoughts.
"What's wrong?" Starfire asked again.
"Nothing...nothing at all," Stardust lied, he didn't want to tell his two brothers what he was thinking, "lets gather an army and leave."
The three of them gathered Solders from all parts of the Castle into a group. Some wore plated armor on their backs and helmets for their heads, other ponies wore metal ankle bands and some carried large packs on their backs.
The three black ponies lead the small band of army out of the castle gates.

A few ponies stood outside the nearby town on the dirt road, they turned around after hearing hoof step. They gasped at the army leaving the castle. They had seen the army before but it always shook them up to see them leave the castle.
"It doesn't look good," the pink Pony commented.
"I wonder where they're going this time?" the blue pony asked.
"I don't know but we'll be safer if we mind our own business," the pink pony answered.

After three days had gone by, two Flutter ponies, one was yellow with white hair and a stip of orange in her mane, the other one was pink with light orange and green hair.
They had flown all night and were very tired by morning.
"Look, Sparkle," The yellow Flutter pointed, "It's Moony mountain!"
"I'm so relieved we made it. I don't think I could fly any farther," Sparkle muttered while catching her breath.
The two ponies landed on the dirt road at the Castle walls. The solders on the wall watched the two flutter ponies walk to the gate.
"We want to see King Sea Mist. It's important that we talk to him!" Sparkle yelled to the Soldiers on the gate wall.
Banner had seen the Flutter ponies landing and had hurried to the gate to find out who they were, "Who are you?"
"I'm Sparkle and this is Twinkle, we are from Flutter valley."
Banner didn't reply, he left the wall and told the soldiers to open the gate.
The two Flutter ponies enter through the gate and stood in front of Banner.
"Follow me," Banner left the gate with the two flutter ponies behind him, they walked up the stair and into the Castle. The walked on the red rug down a long hallway. Banner Stopped at the white door guarded by two soldiers.
"They are here to see King Sea Mist," Banner told the soldiers.
One of the soldier knotted, "Wait here," he walked in the throne room, a minute later he came out, "You may go see the King."
Banner didn't see any reason for going in so he waited outside the throne room. The two flutter ponies entered the Throne room and slightly bowed their heads at the King and Queen sitting on the throne.
"I hear you wish to speak with me," King Sea Mist studied the two flutter ponies, it wasn't very often that he got a chance to see one.
"I am Sparkle and this is Twinkle. We came a long way from Flutter Valley to ask for your help."
"The three Black ponies came to our Valley asking Queen Calla Lilly to join King Star Cluster," Twinkle began explaining, "Our queen refused to join King Star Cluster. The Black ponies got mad and immediately captured her. We did our best but the soldiers did their best to fight us off some that wore armor blinded us with the sun reflection. Starfire caught us all be surprise. We had heard rumors that he could fly fast but we didn't know how fast. With his flying speed abilities he easily knocked us out of the sky."
"After they fled with our Queen, me and Twinkle were chosen to leave Flutter Valley in search for help," Sparkle added.
"I'm not sure my soldiers will be of much help. We are small and have not been very successful in rescuing prisoners. We have been lucky to rescue a few though," The King looked at the Queen wondering if she felt they should help the two flutter ponies. She smile and knotted at him, King Sea Mist smiled back and then looked at the two flutter ponies, "I will do what I can to help you."
King Sea Mist yelled for one of him soldiers to enter the throne room. The soldier entered the room and bowed that the King, "You called your Majesty?"
"Yes, I did. I want you to bring Banner here."
"Yes, sire," the soldier let the room and told Banner to enter the room. Banner knotted his head at the King, "You asked for me?"
"Yes, I did. I want you to gather an army and plan to rescue Queen Calla Lilly," King Sea Mist ordered.
"A rescue?" Banner asked looking up at the King.
"These two are Twinkle and Sparkle, their Queen was taken by the Black ponies," King Sea Mist explained.
"Where are the Black ponies now?" Banner asked.
"Far from here," Sparkle answered, "but close to Ponyland."
"Then there is no time to waste," King Sea Mist exclaimed, "Take an army and leave immediately."
Banner knotted his head at the King and left with the two Flutter ponies behind him. They walked outside and over to the wall.
"Charades!" Banner yelled from the ground.
A light mint green with light purple and pink hair walked down the stair case on the wall.
"Gather an army. This will be a rescue mission," Banner suddenly said, "get some strong ponies, we are going to be in a rush. There will be no need for heavy armor. Make sure they have bows and arrows."
"Sure," Charades rushed up the stairs and gathered a small army. Then they meet at the gate.
most of the soldiers had an ankle band, a few wore metal ankle bands. The all carried swords at their sides, bows and arrows strapped to their backs and wore short cloaks. Each cloak had a stripe of either yellow or Green.
The gates opened and Banner lead the solders through with the Flutter ponies next to him.

They traveled down the mountain and through the forest. They stopped to rest for a bit but quickly continued walking. The soldiers were very tired but they all knew how important it was to rescue the Queen of the Flutter ponies. They stopped every now and then to drink water from a nearby stream.
When morning came, they began walking, even before the sun had risen. The two Flutter ponies had left them a while a go to check on how far they were.
Banner and the soldier looked for them in the sky hoping they'll return soon.
Twinkle and Sparkle flew back to Banner and hovered in front of him.
"They're not far, just over that hill and across a lake," Twinkle reported.
They walked quietly toward the hill. The forest got thicker the closer they came to the Lake.
The Soldier stopped and hid behind trees and bushes, Banner and Charades hid behind a bush next to a lake.
Across the Lake was a small army and a few tents. Starfire and Skyview sat at the edge of the Lake in front of a tent. the tent behind them had two solders at the tent door and a Soldier inside the ten guarding a white Flutter pony with Green and white hair. She was her legs tied together with a rope tied to the soldier's front leg.

"She must be in that tent," Charades guessed.
"They probably have a soldier inside too," added Banner.
"It's not gong to be easy getting the Queen with those two in front of the tent," Charades pointed out.
"We need a diversion and I think I have a plan for one," Banner quietly sneaked back into the forest with Charades and the soldiers behind him. Banner lead them far from the camp sight and stopped once he felt they were far enough away not to be over heard.
"Ok, here's what we are going to do. Me and Charades will rescue the Queen while the rest of you attack the camp out front," Banner ordered.
"Wouldn't it be better to attack them from behind?" one of the soldiers asked.
"No, I need you guys in front distraction the Soldiers and the Black ponies while me and Charades sneak in back," Banner looked at the two Flutter ponies standing next to the soldiers, "I'll need you two to keep Skyview busy and watch out for Starfire."
"Ok," the two Flutter ponies replied.
"Good, now let go," Banner and Charades walked back to the Lake while the soldier went to the front of the camp sight.

Stardust had just left the tent from checking on the Queen and was heading to where his brothers are when suddenly three arrow shot out from the forest and landed at their feet.
Then a few more arrow flew out of the forest.
The soldiers in camp were ready for battle, they stood with their swords and spears drawn. Stardust and his brothers stood behind the soldiers looking in the forest. Suddenly soldier ran out of the forest with their swords.
Skyview was about to use his horn to catch a few of the soldiers when 2 Flutter ponies flew closely at him missing him with an inch. Skyview chased one flutter pony while the other flutter pony flew at him causing him to loose his concentration. Skyview was feeling frustrated with the two Flutter ponies, "There's nothing worse than trying to catch a Flutter pony!" Skyview looked at Starfire who was fighting off a soldier with a spear, "Starfire, do something about those two Flutter ponies!"
Starfire hit the soldier with the spear knocking the Soldier back a few step then he flew from the ground and kicked the Solder to the ground.
While the fight continued and the Black ponies where busy, Banner and Charades sneaked behind the camp sight, hiding behind tents as they came closer to the guards.
Banner took out his Sword and Charades did the same. They hid behind a tent ready to jump out, Banner knotted at Charades and suddenly they ran out and attacked the two guards. The third soldier ran out and began attacking Charades. As Charades came closer to the lake, three Sea ponies poked their heads out of the water. the first one was white with red hair, the second one was green with blue hair and the third one was Purple with pink hair. They had been watching the battle from under the water for quite a while.
Charades hadn't noticed the sea ponies, neither have Banner. As Charades came closer to the Lake so did the two soldiers. Then with out any warning the three sea ponies hosed water from their mouths at the Guards. It distracted the guards long enough for Charades to finish them off. banner had just killed the third guard when he noticed the two guards on the ground. Charades turned to the three Sea ponies and thanked them.
"Charades, let go," Banner hurried into the tent and cute the ropes that held the Queen. Charades stood at the tent entrance keeping watch, "All clear."
Queen Calla Lilly shook her coat but her wings had honey on them which was to keep her from flying away.
"Thank you," Queen Calla Lilly whispered.
"Thank us when we get you out of here," Banner replied.

Stardust had kicked a soldier knocking him into another soldier and then chased the two soldiers back into the forest. Stardust stopped once the two soldiers had left the Camp sight. He turned around and watched the battle. He noticed something was odd about the battle something didn't seem quite right. He saw Starfire chasing the two Flutter ponies while Skyview was trying to catch them. Stardust looked at the soldiers, all of them were fighting but the leader and his second in command was no where to be seen. Then it hit him, "I should have known. This is nothing but a diversion!"
Stardust ran through the battle and hurried to where Skyview was standing, "Hurry, follow me!"
Skyview ran after Stardust through camp.

Banner, Charades and Queen Calla Lilly left the tent and quietly walked towards the forest but just as they had feared two of the Black ponies surprised them as the walked out from the side of a tent.
"Just where do you think your going with our prisoner?" Stardust asked glaring at Banner and Charades.
Skyview had quickly discovered what was happening once he saw Banner and Charades sneaking off with Queen Calla Lilly.
"That was very clever of you, distracting us while you take our Prisoner" Skyview said, glaring at them.
"Don't think you'll get to far with her," Stardust added.
Stardust and Skyview bolted into a run heading straight towards them. The Queen backed away fearing the battle between the two will be fierce. Banner and Charades knew they may not have a chance of escaping.
All of a sudden the three Sea ponies jumped high above the water and hosed the two black ponies, then made a big splash as they hit the water.
Stardust and Skyview shook their heads from the water, when they looked up Banner, Charades and the queen was gone. Stardust quickly turned around and saw the three ponies running into the forest, he bolted into a run but was quickly stopped by the two sea ponies squirting water at him.
The third sea pony was about to join the other two when she noticed a cage like cloud boxing the two sea ponies in. Fearing she would be caught if she got any closer.
As Skyview came close to the lake the third sea pony hid in the seaweed blending in with her green body. Skyview looked in the water for the third sea pony but she was no where to be found.
Once the battle was over Starfire landed behind his two brothers and noticed they were wet.
"What happened to you two?" Starfire asked.
Stardust turned around and looked at Starfire angrily, "We lost our Prisoner!"
"What?!" Starfire asked surprisingly.
"That battle was a distraction!" Stardust answered.
"We would have caught The Queen if it wasn't," Skyview turned and glared at the two sea ponies, "for those two. The third one got away."
"Star Cluster won't be happy with us," Starfire sighed, he remembered the last few times that they had lost their prisoner. Star Cluster was angry with them.
"He can yell at those two Sea ponies since they are partly to blame," Stardust replied.
The third sea pony quickly swam away, she had to tell the other sea ponies what happened.

Banner and the soldiers quickly hurried back to Moony Mountain. The two flutter ponies flew above the soldiers while their queen ran along side Banner and Charades.
once they had gotten far from the Black ponies Banner slowed down to a walk. Queen Calla Lilly was relieved to be walking instead of running, she had spent to much time flying and wasn't used to running.
"Are you alright, Queen Calla Lilly?" Banner asked.
"Yes, I am. Thank you all for rescuing me."
"You are one of the few we were lucky to rescue. I don't think we could have gotten away if it wasn't for those three Sea Ponies," Banner looked up at the two Flutter ponies, "And you two as well."
"I hope those Sea ponies were able to escape," Queen Calla Lilly said worriedly.
"I don't think they did," Charades replied, "I looked back after we ran away and I saw Skyview's horn light up."
They all fell silent, they all knew what had happened.
"We'll always be glad they were there to help us," Banner said thoughtfully.
After they had walked awhile in silence, Queen Calla Lilly suddenly remembered something, "While they held me prisoner, I heard one of the black ponies talking."
Banner and Charades looked at her waiting for her to continue.
"They said something about who was going to go through the Gate first," Queen Calla Lilly paused, she was confused at what he at heard, "But why would they be deciding that? Does it mater who goes through the castle Gate?"
Banner was worried about what she had said, he knew that meant the Black ponies hadn't found the Princess and that they plan on searching the other world.
"Banner?" Queen Calla Lilly asked noticing his concern look.
Banner looked down at her, "They weren't talking about the Castle Gate."
"What Gate are they talking about?"
"I can not tell you. I'm sorry Queen Calla Lilly. That is a secret I can not tell but I am glad you told me."
"So it was important? the gate I mean?"
"Yes, very important."
Queen Calla Lilly didn't know anything about the Gate but she knew what she had told him was very important.
"Lets hurry back to Moonlight Castle. You can take a bath and rest a bit before heading back to Flutter Valley," Banner suggested.
"Yes, that would be wonderful. I doubt I'll be staying in Flutter Valley, I'm afraid they'll come back for me."
"Why did they want you?" Charades asked curiously.
"They asked me to join King Star Cluster. I said no and they captured me," Queen Calla Lilly answered.
"We better warn the other Kingdoms of this," Banner suddenly said.

After their two day travel, Queen Calla Lilly meet the King and Queen who were relieved of Queen Calla Lilly's safe return. King Sea Mist offered her to stay awhile and rest before heading home.
"Thank you King Sea Mist. I will not forget this. Me and my subject will be at your service if you ever have need of us," Queen Calla Lilly replied and thanked them before leaving the throne room.
Banner, Charades and a few soldiers sat in the library talking about what Queen Calla Lilly had told him. Banner had set a soldier above them to guard the door, he hadn't forgot the time Skyview snuck in and listened to their conversation.
"So the Black ponies plan on going through the Gate?" Charades asked, still surprised.
"Many years had gone by since Queen Royal heart and the Princess went through the Gate," Banner reminded them.
"I heard rumors that they are still looking for the Princess," The soldier paused, "but what about Queen Royal Heart? Why aren't they searching for her?"
"That's a good question," Charades remarked.
"I wonder that myself," Banner added.
"Do you think they already caught her?" another soldier asked.
"I don't know," Banner replied, "We need to go through the Gate and find them before the Black ponies do."
"But how?" Charades asked, "We can't even sneak in Dream Castle."
"I'll have to give that some thought but I would like you and someone else to go through the Gate and find Queen Royal Hart and the Princess."
"Who would go with me?" Charades asked.
"I'll leave that for you to decide but make sure it's someone you trust," Banner answered.
Charades sat on the couch wondering who he would take with him. It would have to be someone he trusted, someone he know. He suddenly remembered the perfect pony, "My cousin."
"Your cousin?" Banner asked.
"Buster, he's my cousin," Charades replied.
"Oh," Banner muttered, "Yes, he'll be perfect."
"Getting to the Gate isn't going to be easy," one of the soldiers pointed out.
"I know, we hadn't been able to get near the castle," Banner remarked.

Stardust and his two brothers arrived at the castle, Skyview set the sea ponies in the large water fountain while leaving the cage like cloud around them.
"Why have you brought me sea ponies?" Star Cluster got up from his throne and walked over to the Water Fountain, "I asked for The Queen of the Flutter ponies."
"She refused to join you so we caught her and was bringing her here when the Rebels attacked us. We would have gotten her back but these Sea ponies distracted us," Stardust explained.
"So you lost her?!" Star Cluster exclaimed angrily.
The three black ponies just stared, non of them wanted to answer him.
Star Cluster turned and looked at the Sea ponies who were scared to death.
"Leave us!" Star Cluster ordered.
Skyview let the sea ponies go and left the room with his brothers.
"I'm tired of others always trying to stop me!" Star Cluster was frustrated and felt mad the more he thought about it.
Stardust lead his brothers out of the room and down the hall.
"So who's going though the gate?" Starfire asked.
"You, since you keep asking," Stardust answered.
"Me?" Starfire asked, he hadn't expect to be the first to go through the Gate.
"Yes. You have a few days to be ready. if you don't find her then Skyview will go but don't you two be seen by anyone in the other world," Stardust remarked at he headed upstairs.
"Where are you going?" Skyview asked standing at the bottom of the steps.
"Going to bed, I'm tired. It's been a long day."
"I guess we should too," Skyview admitted.
The two followed Stardust up the steps. Stardust paused for a minute, he heard a thunder cracking noise coming from the throne room. He had heard it before but always wondered what it was.
He yawned and continued upstairs.