Chapter 77: The hunt for Raspberry

Skyview followed Stardust out of the shack, streching his front legs then his back legs.
"Now remember..." Stardust began to say.
"I know, don't let anyone see you," Skyview had heard Stardust say many times and was getting tired of hearing it.
"Bring that pony to the feild behind the school. Me and Starfire will meet you there...oh one more thing don't let her see you till we get there," Stardust ordered.
"Ok," Skyview's horn started to glow, then he turned himself into a cloud.
He floated through the forest and into town. He stayed on the roof tops so ponies wouldn't see a strange cloud moving.
He searched from within allies all over town looking at the little ponies as they walked by but non of them was the pony he's been searching for.
He floated to the museum and peaked inside, there were lots of little ponies but non of the had red hair. He had went all over town and was begining to wonder if she was even in town. He didn't know what else to do so he went back to the shack.

He appeared behind Starfire who was spying ponies at the docks. Starfire had himself well hidden on a hill behind a bunch of trees. He was so interested in watching the ponies that he didn't even noticed Skyview standing behind him.
"I can't find her." Skyview whispered.
Starfire jumped, his fur stood on end. He turned around looking upset, "don't do that!"
Skyview smiled, "Sorry," he loved to make his brothers jump, especially Starfire.
Starfire left his hiding spot and walked deeper into the forest towards the shack.
"Where's Stardust?" Skyview asked.
"I don't know."
Skyview turned into a cloud and floated back to town. He looked all over but didn't see Stardust, then he remembered, Stardust is usually at the park. He floated to the park hoping to see Stardust.
Suddenly he spotted him laying down next to some bushes and trees. Skyview floated down to the ground behind the bushes. Once he had changed back, he poked his head through the bushes, "Stardust."
Stardust jumped, his fur stood up.
"Sorry Stardust."
"Do you have to do that?" Stardust asked, "What are you doing here?"
Stardust looked up at Skyview who could barely be seen, only his face and horn was showing.
"I can't find her. I searched all over town."
"Have you tried the park?" Stardust asked in a whispering voice so other ponies near by wouldn't hear him.
"The park?"
"Little ponies love to spend their time playing in the park."
"really? hummm...well I'm off to go look for her," as Skyview left the bushes he heard Stardust calling him. Skyview poked his head through the bushes again and looked at Stardust, "What?"
"She's over there," Stardust pointed ahead of him with his front hoof.
Skyview looked up and saw a light Blue pony with Red hair sitting down next to a tree talking to two other ponies.
Skyview's horn began to glow and suddenly he was gone. Once Skyview had left, Stardust sat up and began brushing his fur so it would lay flat.

Raspberry said goodbye to her friends and left. She walked through the park and just as Skyview was about to capture her with his Cloud, she yelled for her brother.
"Blueberry!" Raspberry yelled.
Blueberry was on the otherside of the sidewalk playing soccor with Ace and Teddy. She ran across the field and stopped under a tree, "Blueberry, we have to go!"
Blueberry stopped and noticed how late it was getting, "sorry guys, got to go."
"Ok, see you tomorrow!" Ace replied.
Blueberry and Raspberry walked home with Skyview following them in his cloud form.
As soon as they walk in they could smell dinner being brought out to the Dinning room.

Skyview hid in the bushes next to the house. He peaked in the window, try to get a good look at her while he was carful not to let his horn hit the glass window.
As soon as the sun had gone down and Raspberry headed upstair to bed, Skyview turned into a cloud and looked into each window upstairs till he saw her. Raspberry's parents came in and kissed her good night then they left. As soon as the house was quiet, Skyview winked into her room.
Raspberry was warm and sound asleep in bed. Skyiew was careful not to make a sound, his horn began to light up and a cloud apeared above Raspberry's bed. The cloud carfuly took the covers off of her and wrapped itself around her turning into a cloudball.
Skyview smiled, he had cought her, the one he spent all day searching for.
He winked out of her room and in his cloud form he floated over the park to the school with the cloudball behind him.

He landed in the feild behind the school and changed back but leaving Raspberry in the cloudball.
"Did you get her?" Stardust asked.
"Yes, I did."
"Drop her."
The light from Skyview's horn dimbed till it was no longer glowing then suddenly Raspberry fell through the cloud and onto the ground. She looked up and saw what was left of the cloudball which was still disolveing. She heard a noise of hooves walking on the grass, she looked in front of her and gasped.
"I didn't bother you today. Yesterday was just an accident!" Raspberry exclaimed. She was scared, she still hadn'r forgot the day she made him mad.
"I want you to meet my two brothers," Stardust suddenly said looking past her.
Raspberry turned her head and saw two more black ponies who looked just like him. Raspberry quickly got to her feet staring at Skyview and Starfire then back to Stardust. She was surprised, scared and confused. They looked a like except for the horn and wings. Raspberry reconized the Unicorn but she never seen the pegasus.
"Three..of you?" Raspberry whispered shackly.
The three black ponies stood and smiled.
"Skyview, get rid of her," Stardust said glaring at Raspberry.
"What should I do with her?" Skyview asked.
"I don't know. I just want her out of my sight, take her to some Island for all I care," Stardust answered.
Raspberry was scared, she didn't want to leave Ponyland. How will she get home? Where would Skyview take her? Raspberry stood and stared at Skyview who just continued to stare back.