Chapter 76: The little spy

Lunarstar in her earth form, hurried home from school, she rushed to the Kitchen and saw her mother, Buster, Charades and Booster drinking a glass of water.
Rosebud was the first to notice Lunarstar standing in the kitchen doorway, "Hi, Honey. Did you have a good day as school?"
"Yeah, I did. The School is having a Book Fair tomorrow."
"I saw posters of that all over town the other day," Buster commented.
"What's a Book Fair?" Charades asked.
"It's when a school sells alot of books," Booster explained.
"We don't have that in the other world," Buster remarked.
"You don't" Lunarstar asked.
"Nope, the parents raises their kids and teaches them," Charades replied.
"Want to go tomorrow?" Lunarstar asked.
"Sure," Charades replied.
"I wouldn't mind checking it out," Buster added.
"I'll go with you, I'm running out of books to read," Rosebud added.
Lunarstar smiled, she was excited about going especialy with her mother.
"I have work to do," Booster commented, "But you three go have fun."
"Are you sure you don't want to go?" Rosebud asked.
"Come on dad, take a day off with us," Lunarstar pleaded.
"No, I realy have to finish the work first. I just got a lot of orders in and I have a few months to finish them."
"Oh," Lunarstar muttered, "Well I'm going to drop my school bag off and go out to play."
"Ok but becarful," Booster replied.
Lunarstar winked to her room, left her school bag on her bed and winked to the door, "Bye." Lunarstar left the house and ran out of the yard.

At the Shack hidden in the forest, Stardust had came back from work saw Starfire sitting on the cliff but Skyview was no where to be seen.
"Where's Skyview?" Stardust asked worriedly.
"I don't know," Starfire answered.
Suddenly Skyview appeared surrounded by misty clouds.
"Where have you been?" Stardust asked.
"Out, spying on other ponies. Not to worry no one saw me but I did over hear someone talk about a Book Fair...what is it anyways?"
"It's where they sell books," Stardust explained, "A few guys at work wants me to go with them to the book fair."
"While your there, could you pick up a few books for me then?" Skyview asked.
"What kind of book?"
"Anything that sounds interesting,"
"Lucky for you two, I'm suck here and can't go anywhere," Starfire complained.
"You can go for a walk in the forest but let no one see you," Stardust suggested, "Don't fly and make sure your back here before Sunset. That goes for you too Skyview."
"Great!" Starfire exclaimed.

The next day Lunarstar, Rosebud, Buster and Charades arrived at school. There were signs posted outside should where the Book fair was. They followed the signs to the gym, as they entered they were surprised at the number of tables and books.
Just then a white pony with orange hair walked up to them and handed a pink bag to them, "Welcome to the Book Fair, if you have any questions just ask," then she left and welcomed the next group of ponies that walked in.
Lunarstar loved Books and couldn't wait to check them all out. Rosebud followed her while Buster and Charades just stood gasping at the books stacked on the tables.
The gym was big, noisy and crowded with ponies. Four sets of Tables sat in four rows with Books piled on them.
"Well, shall we go look around?" Charades asked nugging Buster to keep moving.
While the two looked around the tables carrying bags in their mouth, Stardust and his Four friends arrived at the gym. Stardust couldn't get over the number of books there was.
"I know Skyview would have a blast in here," Stardust thought.
Suddenly the white pony with orange hair walked up to them and handed a bag to them, "Welcome to the Book Fair, if you have any questions just ask," She left and repeated the same thing to the next group.
"Don't stand here, Stardust, go look around," Liberty exclaimed excitedly.
Stardust walked to the first table with a bag in his mouth and started searching through the books.

Lunarstar had found a few books and set them in her bag, Rosebud found three book and set them in her bag. Buster and Charades found one book.
Stardust had searched the first row and moved the the next row, he went to the first table and grabbed a book taking a quick look at it.
"You still haven't found a book?" Liberty asked.
"Nope," Stardust set the book down and picked up another one.
"What book are you looking for?" Liberty asked.
"Anything that looks interesting," Stardust set the book down and grabbed another book.
"Try this one. It's not to bad of a book, I used to have it,"Liberty handed him a green thick book. Stardust quickly looked at it and then set it down, "It doesn't sound to interesting."
"Oh, well, I thought it was a good book."
Stardust was almost done searching the table when he felt a pony bump into him from behind. Stardust turned around and to his surprise it was Raspberry the same pony that keeps giving him trouble.
Raspberry gasped and left the table, hurring to andother row.
"What did you do to her?" one of his friends asked as the aproched the table.
"I just looked at her, that all," Stardust answered.
"You're the strangest pony I've meet," Liberty commented.
Stadust smiled, "You don't know the half of it," he left the table and continued farther down.

Rosebud was searching through a pile of books when Lunarstar rushed up to her, "Mom I got three books."
"That's great Honey," Rose bent down to Lunarstar's ear, "Fold your wings, I can feel them. You should know better, it's crowded in here and watch your head."
"Sorry, mom," Lunarstar whispered.
"Now why don't you go find Buster and Charades and see if they're ready to go?" Rosebud suggested.
Lunarstar grabbed her bag in her mouth and hurried out of the last row of books, suddenly she stopped almost bumping into Stardust who was on his ways to the last row of tables. Lunarstar slowly walked around him and hurried to the next table. Stardust couldn't figure out what scared the pony, he didn't know her but has seen her a few times. He quickly forgot about it and searched the first table. He had found a book and wanted to find a few more before leaving the fair. As he search through the books, a yellow book cought his eye. He picked up the yellow book and quickly searched through it, "looks good," Stardust set it in his bag and searched the next table. As he was about to geabe a book, a pile of books fell down landing in front of him. Stardust looked up to see who did it. Raspberry gasped, "Sorry," she quickly set the book down and hurried out of the gym.
Stardust was starting to get annoyed with Raspberry, he knew he had to do something about her but for now, he had to concentrate on finding a book for Skyview. He as he searched through the books he noticed Buster and Charades in the first row looking at books, "They're here too?" Stardust never thought he'd see thoes two, "I wonder if the Princess would be around?" Stardust continued searching through books whill watching Buster and Charades.
Stardust had found two more books and decided it was time to leave. As he was about to turn and leave, Rosebud bumped into him, "Oh,," Rosebud suddenly realized who she bumped into. She quickly left Stardust and hurried to the line to check out. Stardust was a few ponies behind her in line.

Buster, Charades and Lunarstar were waiting outside for Rosebud.
"Ready to go you guys?" Rosbud asked.
"Mom, saw Stardust in there," Lunarstar suddenly said.
"So did I," Rosebud replied.
"He's in there?" Buster asked.
"Well, lets not stand around and wait for him," Charades remarked.
The four of them quickly left the school.

Stardust and his four friends had just came out of the gym when he spotted Buster and Charades leaving.
"Liberty can you do me a favor?" Stardust asked.
"I guess so. What is it?" Liberty asked.
Stardust set the bag down, "take these books and leave them outside the shack at the door."
"Where are you going?" one of his frriends asked, "I have something important to do. See you guys tomorrow."
"Ok, bye," the four of them said.
Stardust hurried and left trying to catch Buster and Charades.

Lunarstar, Rosbud, Buster and charades had entered the park and was walking through when Starlight and her friends ran up to them.
"Lunarstar!" The girls yelled as they ran towards them carrying the same bags.
"Hi, guys," Lunarstar replied.
"Want to read in the park with us?" Bright Eyes asked.
"I guess so," Lunarstar answered.
"That doesn't sound like a bad idea," Rosebud remarked, "I can go home and make a small picnic basket for us?"
"Sounds great," Patch answered.
"Are you two going to join us too?" Bon Bon asked, looking at Buster and Charades.
"Well, I guess it wouldn't hurt to relax for the day and read a book," Charades answered.
"Besides it's such a nice quiet day, we'd be afraid to have Lunarstar fall asleep," Buster added.
"Fall asleep?" The girls asked.
"I guess we forgot to tell you girls," Rosebud commented.
Charades got close to the girls, "She reverts back when she's asleep."
"Oh," the girls exclaimed loudly.
"That's cool!" Melody exclaimed.

Raspberry was just passing by when she niticed the group of girls huddled together, "I wonder what their up to?"
Raspberry quickly hid in the bushes and watched. The group walked to a trees next to the bushes, they sat down and began taking out their books. Raspberry wanted to get close and hear wht they were talking about. She noticed a tree next to her and thought it would be perfect to climb it and get as close as possible.
She she climbed it and found a comfertable spot, Stardust had quietly walked up behind the bushes, watching.
Suddenly, the Branch Raspberry was on broke and she fell to the ground landing on Stardust.
Charades, Buster and the girls jump up as soon as they heard the noise.
Stardust stood up as Raspberry fell off his back, when he saw Charades coming towards him he quickly felt.
By the Time Charades got to the bushes on the otherside of the sidwalk, Stardust was no where in sight except for Raspberry who was in the process of getting on her feet.
"Was that you making all that noise?" Charades asked suspiously.
"Uh...yeah, I just uh...fell out of the tree," Raspberry qiuckly got up and ran out of sight.
Charades didn't know what to think of it, he returned to the girls and told what had happend.
"That sounds like Raspberry," Melody guessed.
"Yeah but what was she doing over there in the tree?" Patch asked.
"Spying on us?" Bright Eyes wondered outloud.
"She certainly is a nosy little pony," Buster observed.
"Yes, she certainly is," Lunarstar agreed.
Rosebud returned with a picnic basket. The girls helped set the blanket on the grass and take out the food.

They spent most of the day eating and reading together under to tree in the cool shade. When the sun began to set, the girls helped put the blanket and the plates back in the basket.
"Thanks girls," Rosebud commented.
"Your welcome," Bright Eyes replied.
"It was nice spending time with you guys," Starlight commented.
"We'll see you tomorrow, Lunarstar," Melody exclaimed.
"Yesh, good-bye," Bon Bon aggreed.
The girls all said their good-byes and left.

Stardust followed Buster and Charades out of the park and down the deserted street. He hid behinde a big bush and peeked through the branches. Raspberry was on the other side watching when suddenly a rabbet dashed out of the bushes scarring her to death. She stood up and tripped over a rack falling to the other side of the bushes. She noticed she had landed on something soft, she looked up and gasped with fear, she had fallen on top of Stardust.
Stardust was mad at Raspberry but as soon as he saw Charades running towards him, he stood up and ran off. Raspberry couldn't believe how fast he was running. She got to her feet and gasped when she saw Charades coming at her. She turned and ran to the next street.
Charades had just got to the corner when he saw Raspberry running around the other corner but he didn't see Stardust. He turned and headed back to the others.
"What was that?" Rosebud asked worriedly.
"Raspberry, I think." He wasn't sure if it was her or not, she was to far but looked like a small pony.
"Again?" Buster asked.
"Yeah, we are going to have to keep an eye on her," Charades replied.

Stardust ran to the shack and found the bag of books gone, then he heard a noise and walked around the back. Starfire was a sleep with his head on a book and laying next to Skyview who was too busy reading to notice Stardust.
"I see you got the books.'
Skyview was starttled and looked up at Stardust, "Yes I certainly did but why did you send a pony here to drop the books off?"
"I wanted to fallow Buster and Charades."
"Those two are still here?" Skyview asked surprisingly.
"Yes, they are and I didn't see the Princess," he looked down at Starfire who was still asleep at his feet.
"He got board so I gave him a book to read, apparently he found it boring and fell asleep," Skyview remarked, noticing the questioning look on his face.
"Books always puts him to sleep," Stardust commented.
"I know, that's why I gave him a book to read. It's been quiet all day," Sykview smiled.
Stardust lightly shook Starfire, "Get up!"
Starfire slowly woke up and then stood up streching his legs and wings.
"I have a job for you two," Stardust suddenly said.
"What job?" Starfire asked yawning.
"There's a pony who is getting in my way. Find her and get rid of her!"
"What pony?" Starfire asked.
"I think Skyview would know. She seems to think I'm you."
Skyview took a few minutes to remember, "I think I know, she had red hair and is very nosy."
"Yes, that's her," Stardust smiled.