Chapter 75: Trouble with brothers

Early in the morning even before the birds started chirping, Skyview and Starfire were sleeping soundly in the shack hidden in the thick forest. Skyview was a sleep under a blue blanket that Stardust had managed to get for him and Starfire. The two slept at the other end of the shack facing each other. Skyview had his head under the blanket with only his mane and horn showing. Suddenly Starfire kicked him in face.
Skyview jumped awake and rubbed his head with his hoof. He looked at Starfire who was completly covered by another blue Blanket. Skyview was mad and grabbed the blanket, lifting it up but to his surprise is wasn't Starfire's head, it was his tail and back legs. Skyview pulled on the blanket revealing Starfire's head at the other end. Starfire had his head buried between his front legs, sleeping peacefully.
Oh, brother," Skyview muttered, noticing Starfire sleeping at the wrong end of the bed.
Skyview turned to see if Stardust was still asleep and not woken up by Starfire's kicking but to his surprise Stardust wasn't in the Shack.
Skyview stood up and looked around to be sure he didn't decide to move his bed else where.
"Did he go to work already?" Skyview asked himself, "Can't be, he always wakes us up before he leaves."
Skyview noticed the forest was still quiet except for the wind whistling through the shack. Skyview turned towards Starfire and shook him with his hoof, "Wake up."
Starfire buried his head even farther, then fell back to sleep.
"Come on, wake up!" Skyview exclaimed.
Starfire lifted his head, yawning then buried his head again. Skyview was getting anyyoed with Starfire.
"Get up!" Skyview yelled, then he gave Starfire a kick with his front hoof.
"What?" Starfire muttered.
"Stardust isn't here," Skyview answered.
"So," Starfire lifted his head and yawned, "Maybe he went to work."
"He always wakes us up first and besides, it too early for him to leave."
"So what," Starfire yawned and then buried his head again.
"Oh...come on!" Skyview said angrily, "Get up and help me look for him."
"Why?" Starfire asked with his head still buried, "Why are you so worried about him anyways?"
"Haven't you noticed?" Skyview took the blanket off startling Starfire awake, "He hasn't been the same since we got here?"
Skyview walked to the other end of the shack, "He rarely want to talk to us and...I don't know, it's more of a feeling I have that something isn't right with him. Haven't you noticed or felt it?"
Starfire stood up looking serious which was a rare thing for him, "Yes, I have noticed. I don't say anything or ask him about it because I know we won't get any answers from him. It won't do us any good to ask each other the same questions either," Starfire smiled, "I'm not as stupid as you think I am."
Skyview was surprised that Starfire had also noticed. Skyview walked to the door, "Lets find him."
"Yeah, the sooner we find him the sooner we can play," Starfire remarked with a smile.
"Don't you ever want to do anything else in the mornings besides play?" Skyview asked as he walked out of the shack.
"Playing helps wakes us up," Stafire answered.
"I'm already a wake," Skyview remarked.
The two looked around the shack but neither one of them saw Stardust. They were about to leave and search the forest when Stafire stopped, "Look!" Starfire pointed to the trees near the edge of the cliff, "There he is!"
Stardust was a sleep between two trees, laying near the cliff.
"That's an odd place to sleep," Skyview muttered.
They wanted up to Stardust and shook him.
"Wake up," Stafire said softly.
"Mmmm?" Stardust mummbled.
"Come on, get up," Skyview said loudly.
"It's to early," Stardust whispered as he covered his face with his front leg.
"Your sleeping outside," Starfire pointed out.
"Is there something wrong with the shack?" Skyview asked.
"Stardust," the two exclaimed.
Stardust lifted his head looking very sleepy, "what?"
"What's wrong with the shack?" Starfire asked.
"Nothing is wrong," Stardust answered.
"Then what's wrong with you? We noticed you have been...acting a little strange. Like the other day you came back to the shack mad plus you rarely stay with us and talk. Your so grouchy too," Skyview pointed out.
"I remember that, he came back with a red mark on his face," Starfire began to laugh.
Stardust stood up and stretched his front legs, then his back legs , "Is it that obvious?"
"Yes," the two answered.
Stardust sigh and walked towards the shack. He stopped and turned around, "I'm sorry, I don't know what's wrong with me...I just...don't feel like myself anymore and that red mark was a ball a pony kicked me with."
"A pony? Starfire asked.
"What do you mean not feeling like yourself? When did it all start?" Skyview asked.
Stardust turned and looked at Starfire, "Some pony I keep running into, she's convenced I'm Skyview and keeps giving me nothing but trouble," Stardust looked at Skyview, "it started the night of the full moon..." Stardust walked around in circles and sat down, "I saw the Princess and began chasing her. I would have caught her if we hadn't fallen down the mine shaft. I spent 2 days in there with her. Ever since the fall, things...don't feel right."
"Maybe your just tired and need a brake from chasing the Princess?" Starfire suggested.
"I don't know."
"Maybe it's just this world that's getting to you?" Skyview wondered outloud.
"Maybe," suddenly the birds began to chirp and the horn from the boat rang through the forest, "I think it's time for me to go," Stardust stood up and left the shack but then he suddenly stopped, turned around, "Oh, I almost forgot..."
"Stay here," Skyview and Starfire said.
"We know, you told us many times," Starfire remarked.
Stardust turned and left the shack, heading out of the forest.
"I should have asked him to get some books for me," Skyview sighed knowing it was too late to catch Stardust.
"Books?...Your going to spend your time in this world reading?" Starfire asked.
"There's nothing wrong with reading, it helps pass the time," Skyview exclaimed.
"Well, lets play!"
"I don't feel like it."
"You never do," Starfire walked up to him and sightly hit him on the shoulder with his hoof, "Your such a grouch."
"No I'm not!" Skyview hissed.
"Yes you are," Stafire hit him again.
Skyview was mad and started to chase Starfire. Before he knew it, they were playing and taging each other.
"Say, Skyview! Lets go search for the Princess ourselves," Starfire suggested.
"We can't leave here. Stardust told us to..."
"I know what he said. But we have our orders as far as I can tell Stardust itsn't looking for her."
"That's true," Skyview pondered on Starfire's suggestion.
"I can search the forest and you can search the town," Starfire proposed.
"You have to be kidding me," Skyview exclaimed surprisingly.
"Come on, Skyview. Your the best at sneaking around, you can search the town easily and not be seen."
"Yes, that's true...ok but we have to be back before Stardust gets here."
"Sounds good to me," Stafire turned and ran through the forest.
"No flying!" Skyview yelled.

Stafire continued to run searching through the forest for any sigh of a white pony. Skyview turned into a cloud and floated out of the forest hiding in the shadows. Ponies were unaware of Skyview sneaking around in the shadows.
They spent all morning searching but they didn't find her. Starfire had ventured close to someone's backyard. There was no fence but it had a large pool and a tall tree next to it.
Starfire just had an idea, since he couldn't fly, he'd spy on the neighborhood from the top of the tallest trees. The one next to the pool looked like a perfect tree to hang out for a bit and there was no one around. He flapped his wings and flew up near to the top of the tree, landing on a branch. He folded his wings at his side trying to be as skinny as the branch he was on. He looked out and saw lots of houses and ponies walking around. None of the ponies where pure white or looked even close to the Princess.
Just then a group of little ponies rushed out of the house with a large ball and a music box which played loud music.
"Mom, I thought dad was going to get rid of that tree while I was in school?" The pink pony asked.
"He is. He's got to get some help cuting it down for tomorrow. Don't let your friend near the tree, it's so rotten it could fall and moment," the light pink pony answered.
"Have fun sweety. I'll be in the house of you and your friends need me for anything," the mother turned and walked back in the house.
"Rotten?" Starfire asked himself, "That's just great and I can't get down without them seeing me. I just hope they don't spend all day in the pool."

Skyview landed in a dead end alley, he turned back into himself. Ponies shopped in many different stores, quite a few ponies walked on the sidewalk passing the alley. Skyview had forgotten what the town was like in this world. He was so amazed with the number of ponies walking by that he didn't see a baby green ponies peeking at him from around the corner.
"Mommy!" the baby pony yelled.
Skyview imeaditly saw the baby pony and changed into a cloud turning into a dark cloud so he would blend in with the shadow.
An orange pony showed up and looked down at the baby pony, "What is it?"
"I saw one!"
"Saw what?"
"A unicorn."
"Oh, sweetheart, there's no such thing as a Unicorn."
"But I has one, he was black and tall."
"They're just stories. There's no such thing as a unicorn, especially a male unicorn. Now lets go, we don't want to be late." The baby pony followed her mother and left the alley.
Skyview changed back and was relieved that no on else saw him.
"That was too close," Skyview thought to himself, "I searched all over town except for the park...Stardust spends his time there too. I wonder what he finds there that's so interesting?"
Skyview just had to know, he changed back into a cloud and left the alley.

Starfire was stuck in the tree suffering from the loud music below.
"If that's what ponies in this world is listening to then I'm glad I don't live here," Starfire muttered.
On the ground were three squirrels running around, chasing each other. They ran up the tree going from one branch to another. Starfire noticed the squirrels and hopped they wouldn't bother him. He watched them run to the top of the tree and jump down to another branch than they jumped down to his branch.
"Get you stupid squirrels," whispered Starfire.
The squirrels ran all over the branch and eventually up to Starfire. He swung his tail at them and when that didn't work and waved his front leg at them trying the scare them away. All the swinging Starfire was doing was causing the branch to crack.
The squirrels ran off the branch and onto another.
"Good," he whispered.
Suddenly he heard a cracking sound, he turned his head and gasped, the branch he was on started to brake. Before he could get off the branch, it broke from the tree falling into the pool with Starfire on it.
The little ponies screamed and quckly got out of the pool. The mother ran out of the house and gasped at the large branch in the pool but she also noticed something black moving at the bottom of the pool.
Starfire swam out from under the branch and quickly swam up to the surface. As soon as his head came out from the water, he took a deep breath.
He could hear voices whispering among themseves, he looked around the pool and saw the little ponies staring at him. His wings floated on the surface with a few feathers scattered around the pool. Starfire swam to the edge of the pool and slowly climbed out. He was heavy with water on his coat and found it hard to pull himself out. Once he was out he turned and looked at the little ponies again. They were all speachless and shocked at his wings.
Starfire was soaking wet, his wings hung down from his sides touching the ground and dripping with water. His hair was soaked and dripping with water.
Starfire shook his coat and wings till he was no longer dripping with water but he felt damp.
He turned from the pool and ran into the forest as quickly as he could.
"I sure hope Stardust doesn't hear about this," Starfire whispered to himself.

Skyview appeared in the park hiding among the bushes and trees watching a group of ponies playing. He found it interesting to watch them play, kicking the ball between the 2 teams.
Behind Skyview not far from him were a group of baby ponies playing in the large sand box. The mothers sat near by reading a book and watching other ponies.
One of the baby ponies spotted Skyview and quickly left the group. The other baby ponies followed. Skyview felt something touching him, he looked down and saw a little baby pink pony smiling at him. Then he noticed the other baby ponies behind him.
"Go away," Skyview whispered but the baby ponies didn't listen instead they tackled him. Skyview fell in the bushes while trying to get the baby ponies off of him without hurting them.
The mother heard a noise and noticed their babies were missing. They started to worry greatly but was quickly relieved when they heard the babies laughing in the bushes.
The mothers quickly ran to the bushes and called for their babies back.
"You...just what do you think your doing?" one of the mothers yelled angrily.
"Trying to steal our babies, uh?" another yelled.
Skyview peeked through the bushes and saw a group of adult ponies standing around him looking mad.
The mothers grabbed a stick, some took a part of the branch on the bushes, they started towards him.
"What a minute I didn't..." Skyview tried to explain but it was too late, they came at him throwing sticks and braches at him.
Skyview quickly got out of the bushes and reared on his hind legs. The mothers imeaditly stopped when they saw his glowing horn. Within minute Skyview disappeared.
The mothers stood speachless, looking around for him but he was no where to be seen.
Skyview appeared at the shack and walked around it towards the cliff. He suddenly stopped when he saw Starfire sitting next to a tree in the sun.

Starfire heard Skyview and turned to look at him. Skyview was a mess, his hair sent in all dirrections and so did his coat. Stafire burst out laughing, "What happened to you?"
"It's not funny," Skyview sat down next to Starfire who had fallen over from laughing to hard.
"It's not my fault, those baby ponies wouldn't leave me alone."
"Baby ponies did that to you?" Starfire laughed.
"The baby ponies were bad enough but their mothers..." Skyview began to complain.
"Their mothers too?" Starfire continued to laugh.
Skyview glared at Starfire but then he noticed he looked wet. Skyview touched Starfire and realized he realy was wet.
"And why are you so wet?" Skyview smirked.
Starfire stopped laughing and sat up, "I a tree and little ponies came out from a house to swim in the pool. A bunch of stupid squirrels were chasing each other in the tree and landed on the branch I was on. The branch broke and I..."
"You fell in the pool?" Skyview exclimed as he started to laugh.
Starfire glared at him, it was rare to see Skyview laughing so hard.
"It wasn't my fault...those stupid squirrels didn't help either."
Skyview continued to laugh, "I can just see you in the pool."
"I certainly didn't find it funny," Stafire continued to stare at Skyview feeling embaraced at what happened.

Stardust walked through the park with is four friends. They had talked him into going to the Ice Cream Shop. Stardust didn't want to go, he wanted to go back to the shack. He was worried about what his brothers where doing.
"Lighten up, Stardust," exclaimed the white male pony.
"Yeah, don't be so serious all the time," added the yellow male pony.
"Sorry guys, I just have alot on my mind," Stardust replied.
"Forget about it and think about it later," Liberity suggested, "Lets hurry. That ice cream is sounding better every minute."
They hurried into the Ice Cream Shop and sat down at the booth. Stardust sat on the outside looking around the shop as they ordered ice cream.
When their orders came, Stardust didn't waste anytime eating his ice cream. As they eat and were enjoying it, 2 little ponies walked in and sat at the table. Stardust couldn't help but over hear them talking when they mention how much he looked like the ponies they had just heard about.
"He looks like like the pony we just heard about. He was pure black with black and blue hair," The blue pony observed.
Stardust tried not to look at them and pretended he wasn't listening.
"Yeah he sure does but I heard he had wings and fell in a pool. It scared the little ponies to death," The purple pony commented.
"I heard he was in the park attacking a group of baby ponies but he had a horn instead of wings," the Blue pony remarked.
"Stardust, sounds like they're talking about you," the Pink male pony whispered.
"I can promise you it's not me their talking about."
"We know Stardust, you've been with us all day," the white pony replied.
"Besides there's no such thing as a unicorn or a pony with wings," Liberity added.
"What about the Ghost I keep hearing about?" the while pony asked.
"I heard some pony made that up," the yellow pony answered.
"Would you guys excuse me. I'm going to head to the shack. See you guys tomorrow," Stardust tood up and left the shop. He knew who the little ponies were talking about. As he walked through the park a few ponies stopped and stared at him.
Stardust wanted to hurry back to the shack, his brothers had some explaining to do.

Skyview was still brushing his coat and hair down with his hoof and Starfire laid in the sun trying to dry off.
"That was a terrible idea you had," Skyview exclaimed.
"You agreed to it so is wasn't entirely my fault."
"I'll listen to Stardust next time at lest I know I'm not going to get hit or attacked by ponies."
Stardust had just showed up at the shack and heard them talking. He walked around the shack and saw them sitting next to a tree.
"Stardust, I see your finaly back," Starfire exclaimed as he sat up.
"So any luck finding the Princess?" Skyview asked.
"I should be asking you two that."
Skyview and Starfire looked at each other with worried looks.
"What do you mean?" Starfire asked with a fake smile.
Stadust walked up to his two brothers, "Tell me, Starfire. Did you enjoy your swim at the pool?"
Stafire looked worried, he stood up shifting his feet nervously.
"Skyview, did you enjoy your time in the park?" Stardust asked suspisiously.
Skyview stood up feeling a bit nervous, "The Park?"
"You heard?" Starfire asked.
"It was hard not too. Ponies are talking about you two are all over Ponyland. Thanks to you two ponies are going to give me strange looks," Stardust answered.
"We had our orders from Star Cluster," Skyview commented.
"Orders?" Stardust asked angrily as he pawed the ground with his hoof.
Skyview and Starfire noticed he was getting mad and they started to back away as Stardust walked towards them, "Your with me in this world. I'll search and catch her on my own time. Star Cluster can just wait for all I care."
"But..." Starfire began to say.
"Oh, by the way, the Princess comes out at night not during the day," added Stardust.
"At night?" the two asked surprisingly.
"It was his stupid idea," Skyview pointed at Starfire.
"You agreed to it!" Stafire yelled back.
"And I told you to stay here!" Stardust yelled.
Skyview and Starfire turned and ran, running as fast as they could through the forest.
"The next time you get an idea, don't tell me about it!" Skyview yelled.
"Fine, I won't!" Stafire yelled back.
The two continued running from Stardust who secretly enjoyed chasing his brothers.