Chapter 74: Stardust Anger

Lunarstar woke up early in the morning and hurried downstares in her Winged Unicorn form. She rushed to the kitchen and saw her mother cooking something in a pot.
"Mom, I'm going out to play with my friends."
Rosebud stopped sturing in the pot and hugged her daughter, "have fun and be careful."
"I will, mom," Lunarstar turned and hurried through the living room, changing into an earth pony in the process.
She ran out of the house and hurried down the street. She was excitied about playing with her friends, she had waited all night for this.

She ran to the park and was on her way to the Ice Cream shop when she heard someone calling her name. Lunarstar stopped and looked around, it sounded like one of her friends but where were they?
She eventully found them in the clearing in the distance. She left the sidewalk and ran across the clearing to her friends. When she got there, she noticed they were having a Picnic under a tree.
"Another picnic?" Lunarstar asked.
"We didn't get a chance to have that Picnic at the Waterfall," Bon Bon answered.
"Oh...I guess we didn't," Lunarstar had completly forgot about Picnic they had plan on having at the Waterfall.
She looked at her friends who was still staring at her like they did at her house. Lunarstar sat down, Starlight gave Lunarstar a plate with a peice of cake on it.
"Thank you," Lunarstar replied.
"Anything for a Princess," Clover answered.
Lunarstar blushed, "I...I'm not used to ponies doing things for me."
"You'll have to get used to it. Someday you'll have ponies doing everything for you," Patch remarked.
"I wouldn't like that," Lunarstar replied, "I don't even know what's it like to be a Princess."
"You know guys, maybe the Princess in her world is different than this world," Bright Eyes commented.
"It shouldn't mater what world it is," Melody exclaimed.
"Please you guys, I shouldn't even be talking about this," Lunarstar exclaimed shyly.
"Sorry, Lunarstar. We can't help it," Starlight answered.
"Yeah, it's just amazing...I mean you don't even look the same," Melody added.
"All you did was change your hair to..." Starlight began to say but was interrupted .
"Please...I'll get in big trouble if some over hears us. It's bad enough my dad got mad the other day," Lunarstar plead for them to stop.
"Ok, we won't talk about it," Starlight apologized.
"We can talk about what ever you like in the club house but not in public," Lunarstar explained.
"We know, I guess we still can't get over it," Bright Eyes replied.
Lunarstar smiled, as she eat her cake she noticed a ball next to Patch, "Patch, is that your ball?"
"Yes it is," Patch answered, "Want to play ball?"
"Oh, yes. I sure do!" Lunarstar exclaimed.
"Anyone else want to play?" Patch asked.
"I will," Melody answered.
"Me too," Clover and Bright Eyes answered.
"Sounds like fun, count me in," Starlight added.
"Lets go," Patch took the ball into the clearing, the others girls followed her.
"That tree," Patch pointed to the one behind them, "and the tree behind me are goals. Lets split up in teams."
After the girls had split up in teams, Patch kicked the ball and everyone began chasing it. Bright Eyes had reached the ball and kicked it in the other dirrection. Lunarstar stood on her hind legs and headbutt the ball, then she kicked it once the ball landed on the grass.
The girls was having so much fun kicking the ball around, especialy Lunarstar who had waited a long time to play with friends.
Patch kicked the ball and the girls chased it. Starlight and Lunarstar both ran for the ball but bumped into each other, knocking themselve to the ground.
"Sorry, Lunarstar. Are you ok?" Starlight asked.
"Yea, I'm fine," Lunarstar quickly got to her feet and ran towards the ball. Starlight stood up, she looked at Lunarstar's back trying to see any hints of wings. She had felt her wings when they bumped into each other but she didn't see any wings, Bright Eyes was amazed.
"Starlight!" Melody yelled, "Don't stand there!"
Starlight didn't realize she was standing still watching Lunarstar, she suddenly bolted into a run and chased after the ball.
The ball came flying towards Starlight, she stood and kicked the ball back only she kicked it to hard and sent the ball pass the clearing.
The girls ran after the ball as it flew over the bushes and pass the trees. The ball eventully landed at Raspberry's feet who just stood and wondered who's ball it was. She stood on the sidewalk and looked around for anyone who would come running towards her. All she saw was the Black Pony who she was convenced lied to her about the horn.

The girls ran over the hill and saw the ball under Raspberry's feet.
"That's our ball!" Patch exclaimed.
"So what!" Reaspberry yelled.
The girls stopped in front of Raspberry.
"Give us the ball, Raspberry!" Melody yelled.
Raspberry just laughed, "Well, if you want the ball, then go get it," she stood on her hind legs and kicked the ball as hard as she could towards the other clearing but instead the ball hit a tree and bounced back at her. The girls ducked and watched as the ball flew at Stardust hitting him on the head.
Stardust sat up and held his head with his hoves. The throbing where the ball had hit him was starting to hurt. Suddenly Stardust saw images flashing before his eyes, it was to fast for him to tell what the images looked like but it was starting to give him headaches. After a few minutes the flashing and headaches stopped. He looked up angerily and saw the girls staring at him. Raspberry was scared, she remembered what Skyview did to Pearl Light and was afraid he was going to do it to her. She slowly backed away, when she noticed how mad he was she turned and ran.
Stardust stood and bolted into a run, the girls couldn't believe how fast he was running. It took Stardust a few seconds to catch Raspberry. He stood in front of her, Raspberry gasbed and slid trying to stop. She bumped into him and fell on the ground, layed on her back. She looking up at Stardust who turned towards her angirly.
"I...I...uhhh..." Raspberry was to scared to know what to say to him. As she scooted herself back, Stardust took a few steps towards her.
" was an...accident," Raspberry muttered.
Stardust continued to walk towards her. The girls knew who he was and were to scared to say anything to Stardust.
Raspberry continued to scoot herself back, "You're not going to put me in that cloud shaped like a ball are you? It was just an accident."
Stardust put one hoof on her tail preventing Raspberry from moving back any farther.
"I'm not who you think I am!" Stardust said angrily.
"But you are.."
Stardust didn't give her a chance to say anything more. He lifted his other hoof above her head. Raspbery closed her eyes and covered her face with her hooves, "I'm sorry!"
Stardust stomped down on the ground missing her face be inches.
"You are nothing but trouble to me. Stay out of my way!" Stardust said angily. He then turned and walked out of the park. Raspberry looked up and was relieved he had left. She stood up still a little shaky on her legs. She looked down at where he had stomped his hoof and noticed an imprint in the ground. It was at lest an inch in the ground.
Raspberry was so embarrassed in front of the girls that she turned and ran from their sight.
The girls stood in disbelief at what just happened. Lunarstar hid behind the girls, she realized Stardust was a pony you wouldn't want to be friendly with.
"Wow, was he mad or what?" Melody exclaimed.
"I wonder what the other two are like?" Bright Eyes asked.
Patch started to laugh, "did you see the look on Raspberry's face?"
"I never seen her so scared!" Melody laugh.
The girls all began to laugh except for Lunarstar who couldn't get over at what she just saw.
"Lunarstar, are you ok?" Starlight asked.
"Yeah, I'm sorry. It just that...he scared me."
"Yeah, I know what you mean," Patch replied.
"My dad never got that mad," Clover commented.
"Well, not to worry, Lunarstar. We will watch out for you," Starlight remarked.
"Thanks you guys," Lunarstar smiled.
"Well, lets finish this game," Melody Proposed.
The girls ran towards the ball and Patch kicked it, back toward their clearing.
One thing that was still bugging Lunarstar, she noticed he was holding his head, like she had seen him do before but this time something was different, it was more of a felling she had than anything else.
"Lunarstar!" her friends yelled.
Lunarstar quickly forgot about what had happened and smiled as she ran to join the game.