Chapter 73: First change

Lunarstar's friends continued to look at her baby pictures as they past them around to each other.
"Awww, she's so cute," Sweetheart exclaimed still looking at the pictures.
"So you never seen her mother at the door?" Bon Bon asked.
"No, there was no one at the door," Booster answered.
"That must have been so cute, to see her cry and then curl up next to you," Clover commented.
"It was. She slept with us for a few day after that," Rosebud replied.
"So how did you hide her?" Patch asked, "I mean...she doesn't look like that when we see her."
"You mean how she got the powers to change her appearance?" Booster asked.
"Yeah," Patch answered.
"Well, when we first got her, she had no powers," Booster replied.
"That's normal for baby Unicorns not to have power," Buster remarked.
"Baby Unicorns don't get their power till they're older," Charades added.
"Really?" Rosebud asked, "Lunarstar got her powers about a year later."
"Strange," Charades muttered.
"After we got Lunarstar we decided to move and start a whole new life else were," Booster began to tell the story as everyone sat quietly listening.

Rosebud was in the Kitchen making breakfast, Booster was on the couch reading a magazine. It was quiet in the house till Lunarstar woke up from her sleep and started to cry.
"Honey, can you get Lunarstar?" Rosebud asked.
"Sure," Booster stood up, setting his magazine on the couch. He walked to his room and found Lunarstar in her pink crib laying down, crying.
"He took her pink blanket off and picked her up. She continued to cry in his arms till he whispered hushing sounds in her ear, "Shhh, it's ok."
He began petting her on the head as Lunarstar started to quiet down. Once Lunarstar was quiet he walked to the living room and sat down on the couch with her in his arms.
Lunarstar had calmed down and was smiling up at Booster who just smiled back. He wanted to get back to reading his magazine, so he put Lunarstar on the floor figuring she'd walk around a bit. She stood on her wobbly legs and walked around the table falling a few times. When she stood up again, she noticed a pile of magazines on the table. It was hard to tell what it was from the floor. She stood on her hind legs reaching up to grab a magazine, only the one she grabbed was at the bottom. As she pulled hard, the pile of magazines began to tip.
Suddenly the pile fell, landing on top of Lunarstar. Booster put his magazine down and rushed over to pick up the pile that fell, he slowly began uncovering Lunarstar. Rosebud had heard the nosie and rushed out to the living room. Lunarstar's eyes were filled with tears and before Rosebud could pick her up, she started to cry. Rosebud nuzzled her face, "Shh, it's ok. Mommy is here."
Booster stroked her mane hoping it'll calm her down but the pile falling on her still scared her.
Rosebud rubbed her tummy hoping the stroking sensation would calm her down but instead she began to laugh. Rosebud and Booster were caught by surprise. They stood for a bit playing with her, making her laugh. It was a soft sweet laugh and they enjoyed seeing her smile and laughing.
"It's time for breakfast. We should eat before it gets cold," Rosebud proposed.

Later that day, the sun was shining brightly. Booster was out with his friends while Rosebud stayed at home on the couch playing with Lunarstar. She was having so mush fun with Lunarstar that she didn't see the neighbors walk up to her door.
Suddenly there was a knock, she stood up and walked to the window.
"Great, not now," Rosebud turned around and saw Lunarstar had gotten into some magazines on the table at the end of the couch. She hurried over to the couch and picker her up along with the magazines she was playing with. She rushed to Lunarstar's play room which was full of her toys. She set Lunarstar on the floor with the magazines.
"Lunarstar, stay here and play. Mommy will be right back," Rosebud shut the door and answered the front door.
"Hello," Rosebud replied.
The pony was light green with pink hair, the little pony next to her was light Blue with pink and green hair.
"Hi, I'm Autumn and this is my son, Dreamer. I thought we'd come over and say hi...oh, this is for you," Autumn handed her a yellow cake in a pan with writing on the icing saying 'Welcome'.
"That's sweet of you. Well, my husband will be home soon, will you like to come in?" Rosebud asked. She didn't want to let them in but she couldn't just chase them away either, she didn't want to be known as a mean neighbor.
She lead them to the livingroom and set the cake on the table.
"Would you like some lemonade?" Rosebud asked.
"Sure," Autumn replied.
Rosebud took pitcher out of the refrigerator and fill a glass with lemonade. Then she put the pitcher away and walked back into the living room, handing the glass to Autumn.
"Do you have any fruits?" Dreamer asked.
"Yes I do, they're in the basket in the kitchen," Rosebud answered.
Dreamer stood up and walked to the kitchen while Rosebud and his mother talked. He looked around and noticed the basket on the counter. As he reached up for the basket, he heard a giggling sound. It sounded like a baby but he knew Rosebud didn't move in with a baby. He was carious and followed the noise. He stopped at the door which was where the noise was coming from.
He slowly opened the door and was shocked to see a baby winged unicorn ripping the pages out of a magazine. Lunarstar turned and looked at him smiling.
Dreamer was to shocked to move at first, he left the door opened and hurried back to the living room.
"Mom!," Dreamer cried.
"What's wrong?" Autumn asked worriedly.
Rosebud had a bad feeling what was upsetting him, she sat and started to worry about Lunarstar.
"I saw a baby!" Dreamer cried.
"Oh, is that what got you so worked up?" Autumn asked.
"No, I mean yes...but this baby is a Winged Unicorn!"
Autumn looked at him in disbelief, it was clear she didn't believe him.
"Would you excuse me," Autumn stood up and followed Dreamer to the play room with Rosebud close behind them.
When they looked in the room, Autumn stood and stared at Lunarstar on the floor. Rosebud braced herself and looked in, to her surprise Lunarstar looked different. She was pink with orange hair and looked very much normal. Once Rosebud got over the shock, she noticed Lunarstar was staring at a picture of a pony who was pink with orange hair.
Booster walked in the house and to the living room, he was about to sit down when he saw Rosebud peaking around the corner, motioning his to come.
Booster stood up and walked towards Rosebud, when he saw two ponies staring in the play room he began to worry.
"Honey, will you take care of Lunarstar?" Rosebud whispered.
Booster walked in the room and was shocked to see a baby pony he didn't recognize.
"Would you please excuse them, I think it's time for her nap," Rosebud lied.
"Yes of corse," Autumn replied.
Rosebud shut the door and walked them to the living room.
"I didn't know you had a baby. She's so cute," Autumn commented.
"Yes, she's our special baby girl," Rosebud smiled.
"But mom, she was a winged unicorn...I swear it, I really saw one!" Dreamer began to complain.
"You know there is no such thing as a winged unicorn or any kind of magical ponies. Go home, this is not how you behave as a guest," Autumn angrily remarked.
Dreamer was mad his mother didn't believe him.
"Go...Now!" Autumn cried.
Dreamer hurried out the door.
"I'm really sorry about that. He's a good boy but sometimes he like to make up stories," Autumn apologized.
Rosebud didn't know how to reply, she just smiled.
"Well, I better go home. Next time I'll leave Dreamer home," Autumn added as she left the house.
"Bye, it was nice meeting you," Rosebud replied.
Once Autumn had shut the door she hurried to the play room and found Booster with Lunarstar only she was yellow with green hair.
"Honey, you have to see this. I think our problems are solved," Booster exclaimed happily.
"Problem?" Rosebud asked, staring at Lunarstar.
"I think I know how we can hide Lunarstar...look at this," Booster held up a magazine with a pony on it, "Lunarstar, go on...change."
Lunarstar looked up at Booster smiling then she looked at the magazine. He tinny horn appeared glowing and her wings were transparent, with in minutes Lunarstar looked just like the pony in the magazine only as a baby.
"That's..that's incredible," Rosebud managed to say, shockingly.
"Yes it is," Booster looked around the room at the torn pieces of paper, "Now we have to find one that she'll be seen more often in."
Rosebud looked at the other magazine, after a while they had searched through all the papers and magazines when Rosebud spotted the perfect look for Lunarstar. A white pony with purple hair was on the back cover of the magazine she was holding, "This one. Lunarstar will look so pretty in it."
Booster took the paper and held it in front of Lunarstar, "Go on, Change Lunarstar."
With in minutes Lunarstar looked normal, she had a white coat with purple hair.
"She is so cute in that look," Rosebud exclaimed, she picked Lunarstar up and nuzzled her. Booster stood up and he too began to nuzzle her. Lunarstar had forgotten the picture and she changed back as she giggled.

Booster had finished telling the story and noticed how dark it was getting outside.
"I'm afraid you girls will have to go home, it's getting late," Booster said.
"Yes, I think we better," Bright Eyes agreed.
"Thank you for the stories," Starlight added.
Bon Bon set all the pictures on the table.
"Yes, it was nice of you guys to trust us. We promise not to say a word of it," Melody added as the headed out the door.
"I sure hope you girls keep your promise," Booster replied.
"See you tomorrow, Lunarstar!" The girls yelled as they left the house.
Lunarstar was happy to have her friends find out about her secret, it was a great relief to her. She couldn't wait to go out and play with them.