Chapter 72: A new arrival

Lunarstar, her friends, Buster, Charades, Booster and Rosebud sat in the living room as they continued to talk about Lunarstar.
"So that's why you never wanted to play with us," Patch exclaimed.
"You hung out with us a lot though," Starlight added.
"Yes," Lunarstar looked at her friends shyly, "well, I have to be careful when I play. Ponies can't see my horns or wings."
"Tell me about it," Buster suddenly said, "I'll never forget the day she bumped into me...I can still feel you horn too."
"I'm sorry about that."
"No need to be sorry, I have a feeling it was meant to happen," Buster replied.
"Oh..Lunarstar. Can you get the little green box from my room?" Rosebud asked suddenly.
"Green box?" Lunarstar asked, it sounded familiar but she just couldn't remember a green box.
"You know...the one with your pictures in them?"
"Oh!" Lunarstar suddenly remembered.
"Go on, Lunarstar. Hurry and get them," said Rosebud.
Suddenly Lunarstar winked out, catching the girls totally by surprise. It was the last thing they had expected her to do, disappear in front of them.
A second later Lunarstar appeared in the same spot she had been in. Lunarstar held a Green rectangle box between her hoofs. Rosebud took the box from Lunarstar and set it on the table in front of her. She took the lid off and began taking out little pictures.
"I've been wanting to show these pictures for a long time," Rosebud commented.
The girls each took a picture and looked at it, even Buster and Charades took a picture.
"That's Lunarstar when she was a baby," Rosebud added.
"She's just as I remembered her," Charades commented.
"She's so cute," Starlight commented.
"She was the cutest baby I've seen," Rosebud remarked, "and those tiny wings and horn...those small little feet...she was so cute."
"Mom," Lunarstar exclaimed, blushing from her mother's reaction to the pictures.
"Sorry honey but you were so adorable," Rosebud replied.
"What's this she's in?" Sweetheart asked handing the picture to Rosebud.
Rosebud took the picture, "Why that's her little basket we found her in."
Booster took the picture and stared at it, "I remember. We had a hard time with her that night."
Rosebud laughed, "Yeah, I remember. She didn't take to us right away. It took us a while to get her to trust us."
Buster and Charades laughed.
"I almost forgot about that," Charades remarked.
"She cried when she saw all of us. I guess so many soldiers and servants staring at her scared her," Buster added.
"Would you girls like to hear the story?" Rosebud asked excitedly.
Lunarstar had heard her baby story many times from her mother but one more time would prove interesting just to see her friends reaction.
"Yeah!" the girls exclaimed.
"Well, it started the night we heard someone knocking at the door. We opened it and found Lunarstar in that little basket. We knew we had to take her and adopt her as our own," Rosebud continued to tell the story and the girls sat quietly listening.

Rosebud carried the basket to the couch, Booster was right behind her.
She took the blanket off and stood looking lovingly at the glowing Baby winged Unicorn, "Honey, she's so cute."
Booster lightly touched that baby's wings and tiny horn just to be sure they were real and not some sort of trick, "They're real."
Rosebud couldn't resist it any longer. She reached in the basket and pickup the baby. She held the her carefully in her arms.
Booster looked in the basket taking out the blankets, "I don't see a note."
"Nothing?" Rosebud whispered, so the baby wouldn't wake up.
"Nothing, just a bunch of blankets," Booster put the blankets back in the basket, "So I guess we have to name her."
"But what?" Rosebud asked.
They both looked at the baby who lit the living room area with her glow.
" about Glow or Starglow or Moonglow?" Booster suggested.
"I don't know about Glow, I mean it's...just to obvious," Rosebud whispered looking at the baby.
"Well, she does glow like the Moon and Stars about Starbright or Moon Star or..." Booster still couldn't think of any more names.
"Oh...Moon Star..." Rosebud muttered.
"I'm not crazy about that name."
"I mean Lunarstar," Rosebud quickly said.
"Yes, I like that name...fits her perfectly," Booster said excitedly.
Lunarstar was stretched out in her arms with her front feet curled under her chin and her head leaning agents Rosebud's coat.
"Lunarstar," Rosebud whispered.
Then a suddenly, Lunarstar began to move her feet then her head. She slowly opened her eyes and stared at Rosebud and Booster.
"It just accrued to me...what do we feed her?" Booster asked.
Lunarstar looked at Booster and then tears started to fill her eyes, She looked up at Rosebud trying not to cry.
"Oh, she's going to cry," Rosebud muttered.
Then as they had expected, she started to cry softly, sounding louder by the minute.
"Think she's hungry?" Rosebud asked.
"I don't know."
Rosebud walked over to Booster and gave him Lunarstar. Rosebud went to the kitchen while Booster sat down on the couch trying to calm Lunarstar down. As he sat on the couch listening to her cry, he could her Rosebud in the kitchen warming something up. A minute later she came out with a small bowel and sat next to him.
Lunarstar held her front feet close to her stomach and cried louder. Rosebud took a spoon and tried to feed Lunarstar but she refused to eat.
"I don't think she's hungry," Rosebud remarked as she continued to try and feed her.
"Ummm..."Booster muttered, "She could just be scared of us."
Rosebud put the bowel on the table, "I guess your right but how do we get her to stop crying?"
Booster handed Lunarstar back to Rosebud and stood up, "Well, we find something to calm her down."
Booster looked around but all he saw were flowers in the vase on the table. He took one of the flowers and held it up to Lunarstar. She seem interested at first but then she went back to crying.
Tears fell down Lunarstar's tinny checks, her eyes continued to water.
"It's getting late, lets take her to our room and try to get her to sleep," Booster proposed, he took the basket in his mouth and carried it to his room setting it by the bed on the floor. Rosebud followed him and sat down on the green sheets that was spread out on her bed.
Booster sat next to Rosebud, petting Lunarstar on the head to get her to calm down.
Rosebud even tried to rock Lunarstar to sleep but it didn't work. Rosebud stood up and put Lunarstar over her shoulder, patting her on the back, hopping it would get her to sleep. Lunarstar calmed down a bit but when she saw Booster on the bed, she cried louder.
"I'm getting tired," Rosebud muttered.
Booster stood up and took Lunarstar in his arms, he walk around the room to get her to sleep but it didn't work.
Rosebud took out the blankets in the basket while she glanced outside. She noticed how dark it was and wondered if who ever dropped off Lunarstar was still out there?
Booster had tried everything, just when he thought he got her to quiet down, she'd look at him and start crying again.
"You try for a little bit," Booster said tiredly. He handed her Lunarstar and took the Blankets from Rosebud.
He was so tied, he sat on the floor, setting the blankets near the basket.
Rosebud walked around the room a bit, sing a song in Lunarstar's ear. Slowly Lunarstar began to fall asleep. Her eyes felt heavy and her body began to feel relax. it wasn't to long till Lunarstar was sound asleep.
Rosebud was about to say something to Booster when she noticed he too was a sleep, curled up in a ball on the floor. Rosebud set Lunarstar down on the blanket next to the basket.
She yawned and curled up next to Booster with her face right up next to his. They slept soundly next to each other, Booster on the left and Rosebud on the right with Lunarstar sleeping close by.
it was well after midnight when Lunarstar stirred in her sleep. She woke up feeling cold, she didn't have a blanket on, Rosebud was so tired she forgot to cover her.
Lunarstar looked at Booster and Rosebud, they were huddling together to keep each other warm. Lunarstar could feel the warmth coming from their bodies. She slowly stood on her wobbly feet. She took a few steps out of her blanket only to loose her balance and fall down on her side.
She stood up and took a few steps. When she felt she was about to loose her balance, she stopped and stood on her wobbly legs til she felt ready to continue walking.
She slowly and carefully walked to Booster, suddenly she lost her balance and fell bumping into his face.
Booster opened his eyes and was surprised to see Lunarstar struggling to her feet. Once she was on her feet, she climbed up on his nose and over to Rosebud's nose.
Rosebud woke up and gasped at Lunarstar stretched out across their noses.
"Don't move," Booster whispered.
Lunarstar fell off their face and carefully walked to a small empty spot between them. She laid down next to their stomachs and curled up in a ball, falling back to sleep again.
"Awwww, I guess she got cold," Rosebud said in a sweet voice.
"I don't think she's scared of us anymore," Booster whispered.
Rosebud smiled agreeing to what he said. She looked next to the basket and saw Lunarstar pink Blanket. She grabbed the blanket in her mouth and covered Lunarstar with it. Then she nuzzled her on her tinny checks, "Goodnight, Lunarstar."
Booster and Rosebud fell back to sleep feeling happy to have Lunarstar, their special little baby girl.