Chapter 71: A visit to Lunarstar's house

Early in the morning, before sunrise even before the birds started chirping, Booster heard a knock at the door. He stood up from the couch and answered the door, "Come in girls."
It was Lunarstar's friends, they had all arrived at her house early like her father had asked them too.
"Did you girls eat breakfast?" Rosebud asked, standing in the living room.
"Non of us has," Patch answered.
The girls noticed Buster and Charades on the couch reading a book, the other one was looking at a magazine he got from rack next to the couch.
"Well, you girls can have a seat in the dinning room. I hope you all like Pancakes because I made plenty of them," Rosebud replied.
"Sure, we love pancakes," Starlight answered.
"Ummm," Bright Eyes hadn't seen Lunarstar, only the two male ponies and her parents, "where's Lunarstar?"
"She's in bed, so don't make a lot of noise. I'll wake her up later," Booster showed them to the dinning room, "Hurry and eat breakfast, we have a lot to talk about."
The girls gathered around the table as Rosebud carried a large plate full of pancakes stacked on it. She set it in the middle next to a large pitcher of Orange juice. Then she left and came back with plates, setting them down in front of each girl. Booster set the glasses down next to the plate.
The girls took a few pancakes from the middle and poured themselves a glass of orange juice.

After they had finished eating and their stomach were full, they left the dinning room and joined Lunarstar's father, Buster and Charades in the living room on the couches.
"So girls, you promise to keep Lunarstar a secret?" Booster asked.
"Yes," they answered.
"She's our friend, we'd never tell anyone about her," Starlight added.
"Well, I sure hope you girls will keep your promise. Lunarstar has never had any close friends after Prism left town, so we've been moving from town to town each time a pony finds out about Lunarstar or gets to close. This time, I'm determine to stay put," Booster explained.
"You moved a lot?" Patch asked.
Rosebud left the kitchen and sat on the couch next to Booster. A few of the girls sat on the other couch while the rest sat on the floor.
"Yes, we moved alot. I think Lunarstar is getting tired of moving," Rosebud answered.
"'s your daughter but you to aren’t winged unicorns," Melody observed.
Booster and Rosebud smiled.
"She's our adopted daughter," Booster answered.
"But we love her as if she was our real daughter," Rosebud added.
"So where did she come from?" Starlight asked.
"From Ponyland," Charades answered.
"I lived here all my life and I have never seen her," Bright Eyes remarked.
"Not this Ponyland, the other Ponyland in another world," Buster answered.
"Another world?" the girls asked.
"It's a long story," Charades answered, "It all started about 12 years ago when Lunarstar was just a baby..."
Charades sat on the couch with Buster, Booster and Rosebud as he told the story.

The morning had went by and the sun had risen. Booster had finally finished telling the girls the story about Dream Castle, the black ponies and the gate.
"Are you serious? she's a Princess?" Melody asked loudly.
"Yes," Buster answered.
"Cool!" Patch replied excitedly.
"So when the gate is opened to both worlds, you guys glow?" Bright Eyes asked curiously.
"Yes," Charades answered.
"I can't believe the Ghost of Ponyland was her," Melody exclaimed.
"No wonder she got mad when someone talked about the ghost," Starlight finally understood when Lunarstar got mad at them and ran off.
"But why does she have to be home by sunset?" Sweetheart asked.
"It would seem strange if she just came home early on a full moon," Booster answered.
"It happened in one town we lived in, someone had noticed Lunarstar coming home early every full moon. They followed her and eventually discovered what she was," Rosebud explained.
"So ever since then we made sure she came home early everyday," Booster added.

Time had flew by before they realized what time it was.
"I think it's time I get Lunarstar up," Booster got up from the couch and walked up stairs. He crept into Lunarstar's room and to her bed side.
She was sound asleep curled into a ball under the blankets with her head half showing on the pillow.
Booster shook her with his hoof, "time to get up."
"Mmmm?" Lunarstar mumbled.
"Come on it's time to get up," Booster repeated.
Lunarstar yawned but quickly fell back to sleep. Booster took her covers off, startling Lunarstar awake. She was still dirty and didn't take a bath last night. She was too upset last night to care and too afraid to stay up fearing she would have to face her father when he got home.
"Come one, time to get up."
Lunarstar laid in bed, for a few minutes she had forgotten about last night's events. She sat up and remembered everything, she lowered her head, still feeling bad about upsetting her father.
"Dad?" Lunarstar muttered, "I'm so sorry...I'm...sorry."
Booster sat on the bed next to Lunarstar and moved her hair away from her face so he can look at her better.
"I know you are, Lunarstar. I may have been a bit to hard on you last night," Booster kindly said.
Lunarstar hadn't expected him to apologize, she looked up at him.
"I was extremely worried about you. I thought Stardust caught you and I was worried if your friends will keep the secret and weather or not we have to move."
Lunarstar forced a smile, she felt relieved he wasn't mad at her but she couldn't get over how mad he was last night.
Booster nuzzled her checks, "Why don't you take a bath and come downstairs to the livingroom?"
"Sure," Lunarstar muttered.
Lunarstar sat and watched as he left her room.

She sat and was feeling relieved he didn't blow up at her again. She got up from her bed and left her room, walking down the hall to the bathroom.
On the floor was two towels folded up. Lunarstar figured her mother had left them there for her. She started the warm water and in no time at all the tub was filled. Lunarstar got in the tub and laid down. She grabbed a scrub brush and began scrubbing her coat and hair till she was completely white again. She washed her face which felt good to her skin. She climbed out of the tub, grabbed a towel and started rubbing her coat dry. Then she took the other towel and dried her hair. When she was done the two towels were socked. She dropped them in the basket and then she started brushing her hair till it shined again.
When she was done, she left the bathroom and hurried downstairs. It was quiet downstairs like it always does. When she reached the bottom step and was about to head into the living room, she gasped and took a few steps back.
To her surprise, her friends were sitting in the living room staring at her. They still couldn't get over Lunarstar's white wings, horn and hair. It seemed like it was all a dream to them.
"It's ok, Lunarstar," Booster quickly said, "Come and sit down."
Lunarstar hesitated at first, she wasn't used to her friends seeing her in this form.
"It's alright, honey," Rosebud added.
Lunarstar walked into the living room. She sat on the floor by the couch and table. She wanted to say something but she simply couldn't think of anything."
"Lunarstar, I invited your friends over this morning. Buster and Charades told them all about you and about Dream Castle."
", you did?" Lunarstar asked surprisingly.
"Yes," Buster answered, smiling.
"They have promised not to tell anyone," Charades added.
"They..umm..I mean you...umm," Lunarstar couldn't believe her father was trusting her friends to keep such a big secret.
"Yes," Melody answered.
"We wouldn't tell a soul about you," Starlight added.
"Besides, who would believe us? Clover asked.
"I know one pony," Melody answered.
"Who?" Booster asked.
"Raspberry," the girls answered.
"You girls are going to have to be careful when your around her," said Rosebud.
"We know," Starlight replied.
"So is it true, you were at the old track N field when she went there?" Bon Bon asked.
"Yes," Lunarstar answered, "She was going to take a group of girls and scare everyone with a ghost story she made up. She and Blueberry was going to pretend to be ghosts and scare them away...till they saw me. They thought I was a ghost and the two ran away, ever since then she's convince there's a ghost in Ponyland."
The girls all giggled at the thought of Raspberry running scared.
"What about the three Black ponies?" Bright Eyes suddenly asked, "They're still after Lunarstar?"
"Yes and they're not going to stop till they have caught her," Buster answered.
"That reminds me. After I dropped you girls off at home, I went through the gate to give Banner an update on last night. He was worried like we were but while I was there he told me Skyview and Starfire had gotten pass the soldiers at the gate and went through," Charades remarked.
"You mean they're here?" Rosebud asked.
"Yes. All three of them," Charades looked at Lunarstar, "We can barley handle one of them but not three. I think it's best if you didn't go out at night anymore."
Lunarstar didn't know weather to be shocked or disappointed. She loved to run and play, especially with Buster and Charades but she was surprised to hear the three black ponies are in this world.
"I can't?...but...," Lunarstar began to complain.
"I'm sorry, Lunarstar but they're right," Booster replied.
"I won't be able to play?" Lunarstar asked.
"You can play with us," Starlight quickly answered.
"Yeah, now that we know about your secret," Melody added.
Lunarstar smiled, she knew they were right. The more she thought about it the more she got excited.
"Does that mean I can play with them?" Lunarstar asked excitedly, "like ball or tag?...or go to the theaters or...maybe...they could spend the night here, sometime?"
Buster, Charades, Booster and Rosebud laughed when they saw how excited she was getting.
"Yes, Lunarstar, you can play with your friends...but you be careful, they can't see your horn or wings," Booster answered.
Lunarstar smiled, she was finally able to play with her friends and hoped they could one day spend the night.