Chapter 70: Leaving Dream Castle

The sun was shining brightly and the clouds slowly drifter off in the horizon. Skyview and Starfire walked through a town full of ponies, ignoring everyone who was watching them.
"I'm getting tired of checking the other Kingdoms," Starfire complained, "It wouldn't hurt to send a note or someone else. He never sent us when Stardust was here."
"That's because we were always with Stardust. You know him, he's always out somewhere. Sometimes I think he does it on purpose so he doesn't have to take orders from Star Cluster," Skyview remarked.
"We haven't heard from the Rebels for a while," Starfire stated.
"I know, I wonder what they're up to? Moonlight Castle is one of the few Kingdoms who hasn't joined us yet," Skyview replied.
Skyview and Starfire left town and continued down the road towards Dream Castle in the distance.

When they arrived at the castle wall, Soldiers wearing blue capes on their back and swords at their sides quickly opened the gates.
"I can't wait to go to bed," Skyview commented.
"Yeah," Starfire agreed.
Skyview and Starfire walked on a flat stony path towards the castle doors. Two Soldiers with capes on stood guard at the doors. One of the Soldiers stopped them.
"King Star Cluster is looking for you two," the soldier quickly said.
Skyview and Starfire walked in the castle and headed towards the Thrown Room which was guarded by 2 soldiers with spears laying against the wall and swords at their side.
They walked in the thrown room and followed the red carpet to the throne.
Star Cluster wearing a golden crown was standing at the fountain in the middle of the room looking in the water when he noticed Skyview and Starfire walking towards him.
"Good, you’re here," Star Cluster walked back to the golden chair, "It's been quite a while since Stardust went through the gate and he hasn't returned. He never even sent word of his progress in catching the Princess. I want you two to go through the gate and help him catch her."
"Us?" Starfire asked.
"Why bother catching her?" Skyview asked, "isn't not like she can just take the throne back and rule."
Star Cluster got mad, he walked up to them staring at them angrily.
"Because I want her!" Star Cluster yelled angrily, "I want every single royal family member caught, I do not want anyone standing in my way!"
Skyview and Starfire looked at each other, not knowing what to say or think.
"Do not ask me stupid questions again!" Star Cluster yelled, "Now get out of here. Do not come back without the Princess!"
Skyview and Starfire turned and walked away.
"immediately!" Star Cluster yelled.
Skyview and Starfire ran out of the throne room.
"You shouldn't have asked that question, Skyview."
"Shut up!" Skyview hissed

Star Cluster's key around his neck started to glow and then it changed shape, turning into a staff with a blue ball on top. A Dragon claw held the ball in place.
Star Cluster stood up and grabbed the floating staff. He looked into the water, imagining the three black ponies. Star Cluster felt angrier by the minute, suddenly he swung the Scepter across the water and completely destroying the image in the water. The staff sent splashes of water across the room.
"She could ruin everything!" Star Cluster yelled angrily.
Just then one of the guards walked in, "sire, is everything ok? We heard you yell."
"Everything is fine," Star Cluster answered calmly, he turned around towards the soldier, "Go stand at the door like your suppose to!"
The soldier turned and hurried out the door.
"I will not let her ruin my plans," Star Cluster clenched on the staff tightly as it began to glow green, "Those three have better catch her!"

Skyview and Starfire left the castle, walking towards the gates.
"You know, the other gate is guarded," Starfire reminded him.
"I can take care of them. When we get there don't make a sound," Skyview ordered.
"We better hurry, the sun will set any minute," Starfire stated.
Skyview ran and took a flying leap, turning himself into a gray cloud. Starfire was close behind him flying as fast as he could.
The sun was setting and Starfire continued to fly closely behind the gray cloud. They had flown for quite a while through the clouds, flying over houses and towns. Skyview lowered himself closer to the ground when they got near Mooney Mountain. Starfire follow closely behind the gray cloud. He was getting tired of constantly flapping his wings and decided to glide for a while on the wind.
The wind rushed through his feathery wings and black coat, his hair blew wildly behind him.
The sun had gone down, only a sliver of the sun was still showing. Skyview floated to the ground and changed back into a pony. Starfire landed next to Skyview at the base of the mountain.
They sat by a tree and waited till the sky was dark.
"I wonder if he had any luck catching her?" Starfire asked out loud.
"Who?" Skyview asked, he hadn't payed much attention to Starfire, he was still thinking about what Star Cluster said.
"Stardust, of corse."
"Oh...I don't know," Skyview answered as he looked out into the forest.
"What's with you?" Starfire asked, he noticed Skyview seem to be out in space somewhere and not really paying attention to what he's was talking about.
"Just thinking," Skyview turned and looked at him, "Can't you just sit and not say anything for a while?"
"Fine," Starfire hissed as he laid down in the grass, "You can let me know when it's time to leave."
Skyview looked up at the sky, "It's almost time, the sun is down."
"Then lets go."
"No, I want to wait a while and be sure the gate is open."
"The Gate should be open now. Once the sun leaves the sky and the full moon shines, the Gate is automatically open," Starfire stated, "besides, by the time we reach the top of the mountain it'll be dark."
"Oh," Skyview had forgotten how long it took to walk to the top of the mountain. He stood up and turned around, "I forgot...your right, so lets go and don't make a sound."
Starfire stood up and followed Skyview up the mountain. They walked through the forest, passing trees and bushes. The hill was steep at times which slowed them down a little.
Skyview slowed down even more and took carful steps when they got closer to the gate. Starfire flattened his wings to his sides so they wouldn't get caught on something or be seen. Skyview stopped and stood behind a bush next to two trees, then his horn began to light up. The soldiers at the gate immediately noticed a blue glow.
They blinks a few times wondering what it was. By the time the figured it out it was to late, Skyview had formed a cloud around the two soldiers and imprisoned them in two cloud like balls.
"Lets hurry!" said Skyview running through the bushes.
Starfire ran close behind him. As soon as they ran through the Gate, the cloud Balls dissolved and the soldier fell through. They shook their heads and looked around for Skyview and Starfire.
"I think they went through the gate," the soldier guessed.
"We better tell Banner right away!" the two soldiers got to their feet and ran up the hill towards Moonlight Castle.

Skyview and Starfire ran through the ruins along the cobble stop trail.
"Where should we look?" Starfire asked.
"I don't think he would be in the cave, he's probably out searching for the princess. Lets search in the air," Skyview took a flying leap and turned into a gray cloud. Starfire flew close behind him. They flew to the beach, over the town and park but no sign of Stardust.
Starfire stopped in midair, at first he thought he saw something in the field at school. Skyview in a cloud form couldn't talk but just floated next to Starfire and waited till he said something.
"I thought I someone or something."
The cloud floated towards the school and landed in the field. Skyview changed back into a pony just as Starfire landed on the ground.
"I don't see anything," Skyview replied.
The two stood and looked around, just then they heard something, a rustling of leaves near the forest edge. A few minutes later they saw Stardust walking by, he didn't see his two brother standing in the field.
"There he is," whispered Starfire.
The two ran after Stardust calling his name.

Stardust stopped when he heard his name. He looked in the field and was surprised to see his two brothers.
"What are you two doing here?" Stardust asked.
"Looking for you," Starfire answered.
"Star Cluster wants us to help you catch the Princess," Skyview explained.
Stardust sighed, "Great. I hope the shack is big enough for the three of us."
"Shack?" they asked feeling confused.
"You don't live in the cave?" Starfire asked.
"No, too many ponies has discovered it. I found a better place but I have to work for it."
"Work?" they asked surprisingly.
"There's a lot I need to tell you guys so let me take you to the shack and I'll explain everything," Stardust proposed.
Stardust continued walking through the forest with his two brothers behind him. He was glad to see them and to be with them again, he was starting to feel lonely in his shack.