Chapter 7: Surprise Party

Early in the morning Lunarstar left the house heading to town to find her friends. As she walked on along the sidewalk, she noticed how cold it was getting, the wind was blowing and most of the leaves had fallen off the trees. Lunarstar knew snow would soon come.
It had been a week since Buster and Charades found their own place, which she was glad they didn't stay longer than two days.
Once she was in town, she went to the Ice Cream Shop, she knew they like to go there a lot and hoped they'd be there today.
When she walked in, she saw, Bright Eyes, Patch, Clover, Melody, Bon Bon and Sweetheart talking to a dark pink pony behind the counter.
Melody saw Lunarstar walked in and greeted her, "Lunarstar, you're just in time."
"In time for what?" Lunarstar had no idea what was going on but they all were very exited about it.
Patch leaned over to Lunarstar, "It' Starlight's birthday today."
"We plan on giving her a surprise slumber party," whispered Melody.
Lunarstar remembered what her parents said about spending the night. This was one of the main reasons why she hated being different.
"I can't spend the night," answered Lunarstar in a disappointed voice.
"Why?" Sweetheart asked.
"My parents won't let me," answered Lunarstar, she could give them a real answer.
"Why not?" Patch asked.
Lunarstar didn't answer her. She didn't know what to say.
The pony behind the counter walked around the counter and up to Lunarstar, "it's all right. You don't have to spend the night but I hope you can come to the party. Starlight would love to see you there."
"And you could walk hope afterwards," added Sweetheart.
"Ok but I still have to ask my parents."
"Oh, Lunarstar, this is Starlight's mom. It was her idea about the surprise party," remarked Bright Eyes.
"Starlight has forgotten what today is and I thought it would be a perfect time to surprise her. Half of you guys, needs to keep Starlight busy til dawn while the rest of us decorate and make the cake," ordered Starlight's Mother.
"I can help with the cake," added Bon Bon.
"I can help with the decorations," added Clover.
"I'll help too," added Sweetheart.
"Great the rest of you can keep Starlight busy. Lunarstar, since you weren't here earlier, I'll tell you what I told them, if your parents let you come to the party go next door and knock on the door three times," Starlight's Mother ordered.
Just then Starlight walked in catching everyone off guard, "Hi, everyone. What's up?"
"Nothing," replied Clover.
"Starlight, do you want to do something?" Melody asked.
"Like what?"
"Bike riding?" Bright Eyes suggested
"Or Roller Stating" Patch suggested.
"I don't know. I have to take care of the Ice Cream shop."
"Take a day off, Starlight. Go have fun," Starlight's mother remarked.
"Lets go!" cried Patch.
Patch, Starlight, Bright Eyes and Lunarstar left the shop.
"Let go girls," Starlight's Mother ordered.
They went through the double door behind the counter to the Kitchen and through another door to a small room with an open closet. Then they went through another door and into the livingroom where they began to decorate.
Meanwhile as Patch, Bright Eyes, Starlight and Lunarstar walked past the shops, Lunarstar stopped.
"You mind if I go home for a few minutes?"
"Maybe we could go with you?" Bright Eyes asked.
It sounded like a good idea but how was she going to ask her parents with her friends there? Lunarstar wasn't sure how but she was sure she'll think of something.
"Sure, maybe my mom will make us some cookies or something."
They both liked the idea, and they followed Lunarstar home through the park.
When they got to Lunarstar's house, she led them into the kitchen where her mother was making three glasses of water.
"Hi, mom.'
Her mother turned around and to her surprise Lunarstar had three other ponies with her.
"Who are your friends?"
"This is Patch, Starlight and Bright Eyes."
"Hi, girls. My name is Rosebud."
"Hi," replied the three girls.
"Would you girls like a glass of Lemonade?"
"Sure," answered the three girls.
"Have a seat in the livingroom and I'll bring them right out to you."
Rosebud took the three Glasses of water and walked outside with them while the girls sat down in the livingroom.
Patch and Starlight on one side of the Couch while Lunarstar and Bright Eyes sat on the other Couch.
The livingroom was peach with light brown floor and a small rectangle table in between the two couches. Two recliner chairs sat at one end of the table next to the Couches. A large TV that stood on the floor against the wall on the other end of the table.
"Wow, Lunarstar. This is the first time I've been to your house." said Bright Eyes'
"And you even have a big TV. Bigger than mine," said Patch.
After they sat a while and waited, Rosebud walked in with four glasses of Lemonade and set them on the table, "Here you go girls."
They took the glasses of Lemonade and began to drink them.
"That was good," Starlight commented.
"Yeah, I loved it," Patch added.
"I'm glad you all liked it," Rosebud with a smile at there comments.
"Mom, where's dad?"
"He's in the shed."
"I have to ask him something. I'll be right back." Lunarstar put her half empty glass of Lemonade on the table and walked outside. Buster and Charades her cutting a wooden board in the shed while her father was outside getting another wooden board form the pile of boards.
"Dad, can I talk to you?"
"Sure what is it?" he asked as he picked up the board.
"My friend, Starlight is having a surprise slumber party tonight since it's her birthday and they asked me to join them.'
"You know what we said about slumber parties."
"I know but could I at least go to the party? I'll come home afterwards."
"When is the party?"
"Sometime after sunset."
"Ok, you can go as long as you come home after the party."
Lunarstar smiled, she couldn't believe he was letting her go to a party.
"Be careful while you're there."
"I will, thanks Dad!"
After spending half the day at Lunarstar's house, showing her friends around and meeting Buster and Charades, it was time to leave.
Lunarstar walked them to the door, "Bye."
"See you tomorrow!" replied Starlight.
Lunarstar stayed in the house until Patch, Starlight and Bright eyes were out of sight.
"Mom, Starlight is having a surprise slumber party. Dad said I can stay for the party. I'll be home sometime tonight when the party is over."
"Ok, but be careful."
"I will." Lunarstar ran out of the house and down the street as she carefully avoid being seen by her friends.
Lunarstar ran ahead of them and to a light brown door next to the Ice Cream Shop.
She remembered what Starlight's mother said and she knocked three times.
The door opened, Starlight's Mother answered the door.
"Hurry inside."
Lunarstar walked into the living room where were friends were waiting.
"Did she see you?" Starlight's mother asked.
"No but she should be here any minute."
Starlight's mother turned off the lights, "When she walks in, yell surprise."
They didn't have to wait to long. The door knob turned and everyone braced themselves. As soon as Starlight turned on the lights, everyone yelled, "Surprise!"
Starlight was very surprised. She didn't expect to see anyone home except for her mother.
"What's going on?" Starlight asked.
"Did you forget?" Patch asked.
"It's your birthday,' cried Bright Eyes with excitement.
Starlight felt embarrassed, she rarely forgot her own birthday.
"Lunarstar, we just left you." commented Starlight after noticing Lunarstar standing at the table.
"I hurried on over after you left. I can only stay for the party, though."
"What do you mean?"
"You mother asked us to spend the night and party," answered Clover.
"Thank you everyone. I'll never forget this."
"Me and your mom baked the cake," added Bon Bon.
Starlight went to the kitchen and on the table was a three layered cake, it was mostly while with pink and yellow icing. On top were pink Numbered Candles.
Starlight's mother lit the number 12 on the cake.
"Don't forget to make a wish," remarked Sweetheart.
Starlight took a deep breath and blew the two candles out.
Starlight's mother cut the cake and gave them all a piece along with ice cream. Most of the night, they played games, board games, Charades and after that they watched a movie.
It was close to midnight when the movie was over and everyone had to go to bed. Lunarstar had to leave, she wished Starlight a Happy Birthday and left with her friends saying, goodnight.
Lunarstar the house and walked home. She thought about the party and how fun it was. She had eaten three pieces of cake and two scoops of ice cream. She even won some of the games.
As Lunarstar reached the corner of one street, she heard voices and took a peek around the corner.
To her surprise Buster and Charades were out walking. It was unusual to see a pony walking out at night.
She stood for a few minutes trying to listen but she was too far to hear why they were saying.
"What are they doing out at night? They couldn't have left work now. My dad doesn't let them go till sunset." thought Lunarstar.
Buster and Charades crossed the street and continued walking, unfortunately they were heading her way.
Lunarstar didn't want them to see her, they would think she was spying on them. Lunarstar disappeared and reappeared across the street just around the corner from Buster and Charade's corner. Lunarstar ran down the street to the other corner.
Buster and Charades heard someone and ran to the corner but missed her as she turned the corner.
"Around that corner," whispered Buster.
Lunarstar's heart was beating faster as they came closer. She couldn't run all night. Just as they reached the corner Lunarstar disappeared. All Buster and Charades saw were her sparkling stars fall, disappearing as they touched the ground.
The 2 ponies didn't know what to make of it.
"This is just strange," Buster commented.
"Your telling me. Footsteps, and now stars," added Charades.
Meanwhile Lunarstar appeared in the forest not far from where she was. The forest was the first thing she thought of instead of going home.
Lunarstar's horn began to glow and then her horn appeared, along with her wings. Her hair changed from purple to white.
She decided to walk home though the forest, As she walked she thought about the black pony. Would he still be in the forest? Could he come this close to town? What would happen if he saw her?
Suddenly, she heard leaves rustling and cracking. The sound was coming from the right in the direction of the ruins.
Then the black pony appeared, he was so black in the pitch black forest that if wasn't for his blue hair and blue eyes you wouldn't know he was there.
Lunarstar was shocked just as the Black pony was. She noticed his black wings on his back and big hair feet which she thought was odd. Buster and Charades feet were just like his.
The black pony took a step toward her. Lunarstar suddenly felt fear, there was something very wrong and it had something to do with him. Lunarstar broke into a run, moving her legs as fast as she could. The Black pony also ran and was right on her heals. Lunarstar's horn began to glow and she suddenly disappeared leaving a trail of stars.
The Black pony stop and looked around but she was nowhere to be found.
Meanwhile Lunarstar appeared in the livingroom scaring her mother half to death as she walked into the lining room.
"Lunarstar, do you have to do that?"
"Sorry, mom."
"If your going to appear like that, do it in your room or at the door. I'm afraid I'm going to run into you one of these days."
Lunarstar knotted her head in agreement to what her mother just said.
"Did you have fun at the party?"
"I sure did!"
The father stood up from his chair after noticing Lunarstar was home, What did you do?"
"We played games, ate Cake and ice cream and watched a movie."
"Sounds like fun."
"It was,"
"It's after midnight, why don't you go to bed." suggested Rosebud.
"Ok." Half way up the stair, Lunarstar stopped, "Dad?"
"When did Buster and Charades leave here?"
"At sunset like they always do. Why do you ask?"
"I was just wondering."
Her parents said goodnight as she went up stairs.
Once she was in bed, she thought about the Black Pony. One thing was certain about him, he was chasing her but why? What did he want? If she ever went in the forest again, she'll have to be very careful.
Lunarstar pulled the covers over her head and fell asleep.