Chapter 69: Cover Blown

"Lunarstar?" everyone asked surprisingly.
"She doesn't look like her," Melody exclaimed.
"Imagine the ghost without a horn and wings. Instead of white hair imagine it purple," Bright Eyes replied.
The girls stared at Lunarstar for a few minutes.
"I see what you mean," Starlight commented.
"So do I," Sweetheart added.
"I think I do," Melody remarked.
"Me too," added Clover and Bon Bon.
"But so what. So she looks like Lunarstar," Melody remarked.
"Think about it you guys. She has helps all of us, she's been everywhere we've been," Bright Eyes exclaimed.
"It would explained why she can't spend the night or why she has to be home before sunset," Patch added.
"Are you guys saying this is Lunarstar?" Melody asked.
Bright Eyes stood up and walked over to Lunarstar, "maybe...I'm not totally sure. How can the ghost change and look like a normal pony?"
Bright Eyes shook Lunarstar with her hoof but she didn't move, "She still won't wake up."
"I wonder what knocked her out?" Bon Bon wondered out loud.
"Well, I'm guessing she fell in and hit the pillar which crack and fell on her bringing part of the ceiling down on her," Bright Eyes guessed.
"So, if this is Lunarstar, then who's going to rescue us?" Sweetheart asked.
Non of them wanted to answer the question, they sat silently and looked at Lunarstar.

After several hours had went by and everyone was laying on the ground, Starlight looked up at the sky. The sun was no longer over the hole and the sky was changing colors.
"I think the sun is setting," Starlight observed.
"Great," Bon Bon exclaimed, "We should have been back by now."
After a while the sun had set and the sky turned pink and dark purple. The forest was getting darker and the birds began to quiet down.
"If it's getting darker outside then why is it getting lighter in here?" Bon Bon asked.
Everyone looked at Lunarstar, even though she was dirty, her coat was giving of light.
"She's glowing?" Patch asked.
everyone was silent, non of then knew what to say at first.
"I never seen her glow before," Melody commented.
"Neither have I," Starlight added.
"I haven't," Bright Eyes added.
None of the girls have ever seen Lunarstar glow before.
"so Raspberry was right, she really does glow," Melody exclaimed.
"Well, at lest I won't have to use my flashlight," said Patch.
When the sky had gotten dark and the stars began to shine, Lunarstar's coat glowed brighter.
"It seems the darker the sky gets the brighter she glows," Bright Eyes observed.
"I just wish she would wake up," Patch exclaimed.
"Yeah," Melody agreed.
"Shhhh...did you hear that?" Starlight asked.
"Hear what?" Sweetheart asked.
The girls listened closely, they could hear someone calling a name but they couldn't make out who's name.
"Someone's out there!" Patch exclaimed happily.
Everyone gathered under the hole and began shouting.
"What a minute!" Bright Eyes yelled, "The ceiling could collapse if we continue to yell."
"I'll try yelling for help," Patch proposed.
Everyone agreed and listened at Patch yelled for help.

Buster, Charades and Booster were in the forest calling for Lunarstar and her friends when Buster stopped and stood on a hill.
"What?" Charades asked.
"I hear something."
Neither one of them needed to carry a flashlight, the two of them glowed brightly which Booster was glad to have them along with him.
Charades and Booster stood next to Buster and listened. A minute later they heard a pony's voice calling for help.
"Where is it coming from?" Charades asked.
They stood and continued to listen.
"Down the hill," Booster answered
The boys rushed to the bottom of the hill.
"Hello?" Booster asked loudly.
The girls cheered when they heard his voice.
"Don't get to close, the ceiling could collapse!" Starlight yelled.
"Buster...the rope!" Charades
Buster was carrying a rope around him neck, he stood up and took the rope off, handing it to Charades.
"Ok girls, I'm going to throw you a rope. Climb out one at a time!" Charades yelled. He unraveled the rope and threw it in the hole. Buster and Booster held on the rope behind Charades. Starlight was the first to climb out, the sight of seeing Buster and Charades glowing, shocked her. Then Patch, Bon Bon with the basket and then Clover, Bright Eyes, Melody and Sweetheart.
"Where's Lunarstar?" Booster asked.
"Well, I think she's in the hole," Patch answered.
"If your referring to the ghost," added Starlight.
"It's is her, isn't it?" Melody asked.
The boys looked at each other with worried looks.
"Is she ok?" Buster asked.
"She's out and we can't wake her up," Bright Eyes answered.
"I'll go get her," Booster exclaimed as her took the rope.
"Get my blanket while your down there," Bon Bon yelled.
The girls turned and looked at Bon Bon.
"It's my mom's. She'd be mad if something happened to it," Bon Bon answered.

Booster climbed down and immediately noticed Lunarstar laying on the ground with her head on a blanket. Booster hurried over to Lunarstar and picked her up, "Wake up. Lunarstar, wake up."
as hard as he tried she wouldn't wake up.
Booster carried her to the rope and tied it around her waste close to her wings. Then he climbed up the rope and walked over to Buster and Charades, "Lets pull her out."
The three of the pulled and slowly Lunarstar lifted off the ground.
The girls could decided who to watch first Buster and Charades glowing or the hole.
Eventually Lunarstar was pulled out of the hole and dragged to safety. Booster quickly untied the ropes.
"Lunarstar!" Booster called, but she still didn't wake up.
"She's must have been knocked out hard," Buster commented.
Bon Bon noticed a small stream nearby, "maybe splashing water on her would help?"
"It might," Charades replied.
Bon Bon took out a cup from her basket and handed it to Charades who left and got a cup of water.
Booster called for Lunarstar one last time before Charades threw the water on Lunarstar.
Lunarstar jumped awake and began coughing. After a few coughs, she opened her eyes and saw her father standing over her.
"Are you alright?" Booster asked.
As soon as Lunarstar sat up she felt a pain on her head. She put her hoofs on her head where the pain was.
"I guess she hit her head," Charades observed.
"Are you ok...Lunarstar?" Starlight asked.
Lunarstar suddenly realized it wasn't Buster, Charades or her father's voice. He put her hoofs on the ground and looked up at her 7 friends staring at her.
Lunarstar was shocked that they knew who she was. She then felt scared at what her father was going to do to her.
"Lunarstar," Booster began to say in a serious ton of voice. Lunarstar turned and looked up at her father.
"You blew your secret!" Booster said angrily.
Lunarstar felt her eyes began to water. She stood up and turn towards her father.
"Just what did you think your doing in the forest?" Booster asked angrily, "we have strictly told you not to go in the forest without one of us with you."
Lunarstar felt tears fall from her checks.
"I'm...sorry," Lunarstar whispered.
"um, it's not her fault," Melody remarked.
"We talked her into it," Patch added.
"But she agreed to go, didn't she?" Booster asked.
The girls didn't answer they knew he was right.
"Lunarstar, how can we protect you if you don't listen?" Buster asked.
Lunarstar looked up at Buster and Charades, they were mad like her father was.
"We were worried to death about you. We thought Stardust had caught you," added Charades.
"Sorry," Lunarstar muttered. her tears flowed heavier. She didn't like seeing her father so mad but it was even worse when Buster and Charades where mad.
"I bet you forgot the full moon is tonight," Booster guessed.
Lunarstar lowered her head, "I'm sorry...I..."
"You broke the one important rule...your friends found out about your big secret," Booster said angrily.
Lunarstar looked up at her father, her checks were soaked and her eyes were filled with tears, "I'm sorry...I’m so sorry."
Booster didn't reply, he just looked at her angrily.
Lunarstar turned and looked at her friends then she turn and looked at her father, "I'm glad they found out!" Lunarstar turned and ran pass her friends.
"Lunarstar!" Booster yelled.
Lunarstar jumped in the air and flew towards the stars.
The girls looked at Lunarstar flying, she looked like a shining star high in the sky.
"Where is she going?" Charades wondered out loud.
Booster sigh sadly, "Maybe I was a bit to hard."
"I think I know where she's going. I'll go get her and bring her home," Buster left them and ran up the hill towards town.
"Um...that really was Lunarstar...wasn't it?" Melody asked.
"Yes, " Booster answered.
"So, why doesn't she look normal like before?" Sweetheart asked.
"Why does she glow?" Bright Eyes asked.
"Tell me Lunarstar your best friend?" Booster asked.
"Yes she is," Starlight answered.
"If you truly are you friends then I ask you to keep her secret, never to tell a soul."
"She's helped us and saved some of us. We'd never tell anyone," Bright Eyes replied.
"But why is he glowing too?" Bon Bon asked pointing at Charades.
"It has something to do with the full moon," Charades answered.
"Girls, if you want answers, come to my house in the morning, as early as possible," Booster replied.
"ok," the girls replied.
"Now lets get you girls home," Charades exclaimed.

Buster had spent a while in the forest and was relieved to get to town. He hurried to the park and ran to the lake. He immediately noticed Lunarstar across the lake. He ran around the lake and walked through the bushes breathing heavily.
"There you are," he was relieved to find Lunarstar. He sat down next to her.
Lunarstar couldn't stop crying, she had her face covered with her front legs. Buster could hear her sobbing.
"Lunarstar...we were worried about you."
Lunarstar peaked at Buster and then she turned her head in the other direction, crying. She was too embarrassed to have him see her cry.
"Lunarstar, We're not mad, just..." Buster stood up and walked around Lunarstar facing her, "Just really worried."
"Really?" Lunarstar asked in a shaky voice.
Lunarstar turned her head, "But dad was angry."
"Yes he was. He was worried and you broke some rules. Now your friends knows what you are."
"I know," Lunarstar muttered.
Buster smiled, "you remind me of my sister."
Lunarstar looked up at him, "I do?"
"Yes, she didn't listen to us and got herself caught," Buster answered sadly.
Lunarstar remembered what Charades had told her, "I'm sorry, Buster," Lunarstar stopped crying and stood up, "I can't help it. I...I 'm sorry."
"Well, my sister was full of energy like you. I wished you could have meet her."
"May be I will some day."
"I don't know, Lunarstar...I don't know what Star Cluster does with his prisoners...maybe," Buster paused, "maybe he kills them."
Buster looked up at Lunarstar, she looked surprised and worried. Buster realized she was thinking about her mother, Queen Royal Heart.
"I'm sorry, Lunarstar. I was just guessing...that's all," Buster quickly said.
"She...I hope she's not," Lunarstar muttered.
"It's just a guess, I really shouldn't have said anything. Lunarstar, why don't you go to bed, you had a long day."
"I'll walk you home and explain to your mother what happened," Buster proposed.
"I guess so."
"Just promise me, you won't go in the forest without one of use with you?"
Lunarstar smiled slightly, "not to worry, I've learn my lesson."
Lunarstar stood up and followed Buster home.