Chapter 68: Trapped

Starlight was the first to wake up. She opened her eyes and coughed from the dust in the air. She sat up, looking around. The other were just waking up, a few of them coughed.
"Everyone ok?" Starlight asked.
"Yeah," they replied.
Bon Bon looked around and noticed the Basket against the wall, she stood up and walked over to the basket which was laying on it's side. She sat the basket right side up and checked the inside, "The basket is ok."
Starlight walked into the sunlight that was shining through the hole they fell through, "I don't think we can climb out of here."
Bright Eyes studied the dirt wall, "I don't think we can climb out either."
"Are you sure?" Melody asked, "Lets, try at lest."
The girls gathered together and tried to climb the dirt wall but they couldn't get a grip on the wall. Clover grabbed a part of a root sticking out of the wall but it broke and the dirt around it crumbled on top of Clover.
"Told you we can't climb it," Bright Eyes exclaimed.
Clover stood up and shook the dirt off her head.
Starlight looked at her friends in the light, they all looked dirty and covered in scratches. Then She realized someone was missing. Starlight looked at each of her friends and counted them, there were seven.
"What's the mater, Starlight?" Sweetheart asked noticing the worried look on her face.
"Someone is missing."
"Who?" Bon Bon asked.
Starlight wasn't sure who. She looked around at her friends again, then it dawned on her, "Lunarstar!"
The girls looked around, Starlight was right. Lunarstar wasn't with them.
"Where is she?" Patch asked.
"Lunarstar!" they yelled.
"Shhhhh, don't yell," Bright Eyes exclaimed, "The ceiling could collapse or cause a cave in."
"Lunarstar!" they whispered but there was no answer.
Patch looked in her bag and took out a flashlight.
"You bought a flashlight?" Melody asked.
"I bought some things I thought we would need, including a flashlight," Patch replied, as she shined it around the cave.
"Were in a cave?" Sweetheart asked.
"Looks like a big hole in the ground to me," Melody remarked.
"It's only a mater of time till the ground collapse," Bright Eye commented while looking up.
They walked around the cave whispering for Lunarstar. The walls her rocky with rocky like pillars around.
"She's not in here," Bon Bon exclaimed.
"Doesn't look like it," Bright Eyes agreed.
"She probably didn't fall in like we did. Hopefully she's gone to get help," Starlight guessed.
"In the case why don't we eat? I'm hungry," Bon Bon replied.
Patch flashed the light at Bon Bon, "I guess so."
"Look!" Starlight exclaimed pointing behind Bon Bon.
Bon Bon turned around and saw a pile of dirt, "What? I don't see anything."
"Your standing on someone hair, Bon Bon," Bright Eye's answered.
Bon Bon jump back and looked down. At first they thought is was Lunarstar buried under a pile of dirt.
"I don't think that's Lunarstar. Her hair is purple," Bright Eyes pointed out.
Long white hair shown from under the dirt.
"Who is it?" Sweetheart asked is a whispering voice.
"Lets find out," Patch answered.
"What if this pony is..." Bon Bon feared to say it.
"There's only one way to find out," Starlight replied.
Patch gave the flashlight to Bon Bon and began digging the pony out.
First the uncovered the legs, then the body and then the head. They gasped when they uncovered her horn and wings.
"It can't be," Starlight exclaimed shockingly.
"The ghost!" everyone answered.
Lunarstar laid in a pile of dirt with some scratches on her body.
"I must be dreaming...The ghost here?" Melody asked loudly.
Patch walking up to Lunarstar and touched her horn and wings, "She's real."
"She doesn't look like a ghost to me," Bright Eyes commented.
"Yeah, she a little pony," Cover replied.
"Like us," added Bon Bon.
Starlight walked up to Lunarstar and lightly shook her but Lunarstar didn't wake up.
"Wake up," said Starlight but Lunarstar still didn't wake up.
"Lets bring her closer to the light," Bright Eyes proposed, "so she can have fresh air."
Patch and Starlight picked Lunarstar up and carried her into the light near the hole. The set her down slowly, Patch carefully set her head down.
"Bon Bon, did you bring a blanket with you?" Bright Eyes asked.
"We need it for the ghost," Bright Eyes remarked.
Bon Bon opened the basket and took out a folded up pink blanket. Bright Eyes took the blanket and set it under Lunarstar's head.
"There, Hopefully she'll wake up and help us," Bright Eye sat down with the girls and looked at Lunarstar.
A few of them laid down, some sat but they all watched Lunarstar.
Her coat was dirty and had turned brown, her hair was dirty too except for the ends which wasn't covered in the dirt.
"I still can't believe it, I mean...she's right in front of us," Melody exclaimed.
"It's amazing and to think she helped us so many times," Starlight commented as she thought about the time she was trapped under a tree.
Melody thought about the time she had lost her music sheet and her two sister at the concert. Patch thought about the time she help her Uncle. Clover thought about the time she help find Sprinkle's parents. Bon Bon thought about the time she was save from the Black Unicorn.
"She certainly has help us," Melody remarked.
"I never seen her but my Uncle said something about her once but he wouldn't tell me more about it," said Sweetheart.
Bon Bon looked at the sky, the sun was right over the hole and the birds chirped loudly in the forest, "Do you think anyone will find us?"
"Hopefully Lunarstar went to get help," Patch answered.
Bright Eyes was quiet, she sat and stared at Lunarstar while the others talked. She was surprised to see the Ghost of Ponyland in the cave with her but there was something about the pony.
The girls noticed Bright Eyes staring with a straight face.
"Bright Eyes, she sure is amazing to look at, isn't she?" Melody asked with a smile.
"Yes but that's not what bothers me."
"It isn't?" Sweetheart asked.
"No, I mean...look at her."
The girls looked but all they saw was the ghost laying in the sunlight.
"What about her?" Starlight asked.
"Doesn't she look familiar?" Bright Eyes answered.
The girls looked again.
"I never seen a pure white pony before," Bon Bon replied.
"There's something about her...she reminds me of someone," Bright Eye thought hard but she couldn't figure out who the ghost reminded her of.
"I think I know what you mean, Bright Eyes," Starlight looked at the ghost, she too felt there was something familiar about the ghost.
"I simply don't see it!" Clover exclaimed.
"She...looks a lot like Lunarstar," Bright Eyes muttered.