Chapter 67: A short trip

It was early in the morning and the girls had gathered together in their clubhouse, eating and drinking tea.
Clover poured herself a small cup of tea. Lunarstar grabbed a few rolls from the middle of the table, Starlight put a spoonful of sugar in her tea.
"It's certainly great to have you up and around," Starlight commented.
"It wasn't to bad staying in bed, I did get a lot of school work done though," Bright Eyes noticed Melody wasn't at the table, "Where's Melody?"
"I don't know," Patch answered.
"She was suppose to meet us here this morning," Clover replied.
"She said something about wanting to talk to us, I think," Sweetheart added.
"About what?" Lunarstar asked.
"I don't know," answered Sweetheart.
Just then Melody walked in the door with a rolled up piece of paper, "Hi, guys!"
"Melody," the girls replied.
"Your late," Starlight remarked.
"We already had the meeting without you," added Bright Eyes.
"I'm sorry guys but," Melody sat down at the table next to Clover and Lunarstar, "I just found out Ace and his family took a hike in the forest to see the waterfall."
"Waterfall?" the girls asked surprisingly.
Lunarstar had ran in the forest many times and she never saw a waterfall.
"Yes, Ace told me it's not far from here. We can go see it and be back in time for dinner," Melody answered.
"Where is it?" Starlight asked.
Melody laid the paper out on the table, "Ace gave me a map to the waterfall."
"He gave it to you?" Lunarstar asked.
"Ace will do anything for Melody," Patch answered.
"Lets have a picnic there," Sweetheart suggested.
Lunarstar wanted to go but her father forbid her to go in the forest. Her friends did say they'd be back be dinner, maybe she could go. Lunarstar couldn't decide, if her father found out, he'll be angry with her. She certainly didn't want her father mad at her.
"Yeah, sounds like a great idea. I can get the picnic basket ready," Bon Bon exclaimed.
"Sounds good to me. Does everyone agree then?" Starlight asked.
Everyone cheered except for Lunarstar who wasn't sure if she was going or not.
"Lunarstar," Patch began to say, "are you going?"
"I don't know."
"Why not?" Clover asked.
"It's only going to take a half a day," said Sweetheart.
"I...I want to but dad said no."
"Why?" Patch asked.
"You'll be with us, besides what can possibly happen on a short trip to the waterfall?" Melody exclaimed.
"Come on Lunarstar, go with us," Patch exclaimed.
Lunarstar thought about it and wondered if it would be ok, "I guess so but don't tell my dad."
"We won't," Starlight assured her.
"Ok then, lets go!" Lunarstar exclaimed happily.

The girls left the clubhouse and meet at the park entrance. Bon Bon was the last to arrive carrying a big basket.
The sun was shining brightly and the wind blew through their manes. Ponies walked up and down the sidewalk.
"Now that we're all here, lets go," Starlight exclaimed.

They left the park and walked through the community of houses till they reached the edge of the forest. Patch had the map in her bag, she took out the map taking a quick look at it.
"This is the entrance," Patch commented, she put the map back in her back and lead the way into the forest.
They walked for quite a while crossing small streams walking over hills and passing large rocks. They even spotted a deer and a few squirrels along the way.
Lunarstar looked around the forest remembering when Starfire and Skyview chased her in the forest. Of all the times she had explored the forest, she never ran into a waterfall, maybe it's in another part of the forest she hadn't explored yet. She didn't know but she couldn't wait to see the waterfall.
The girls stopped in a small clearing and sat down to rest.
"How far is it?" Melody asked.
"I hope we get there soon, I'm hungry," Bon Bon remarked as she eat a candy bar from the basket.
"Bon Bon!" cried Starlight.
"Relax, I have more than enough food," Bon Bon replied.
"Patch lets check the map," Bright Eyes suggested.
Patch took out the map from her bag and looked at it, "A few more hills and we'll be there."
Lunarstar was glad to hear that, she was anxious to get back before Buster and Charades started looking for her.
After they rested they continued on their way through the forest. When they got to the first hill, they stopped and looked down, they could almost see the top of the trees.
Lunarstar looked up at the sky, watching the birds flying around playing. She wished she could fly to the waterfall, she'd get there in no time but walking there could take a while.
"Let me see that map," said Bright Eyes.
Patch took the map and gave it to Bright Eyes. The wind was blowing harder on the hill, their hair flew wildly in the wind. Bright Eyes looked at the map and then the hills in the distance, studying it and trying to figure out which hill to head to next.

Suddenly a gust of wind blew the map out of Bright Eye's hooves.
"We can't loose that map!" Patch yelled.
The girls ran after the map down the hill. They ran through bushes, getting their hair coughed a few times and tripping over rocks.
Patch jumped and grabbed the map in her mouth. The girls stopped and gathered around her.
"That was close," Melody exclaimed as she sat down and rested.
"Yeah, too close," Clover agreed.
Bon Bon was the last to catch up, as soon at she had joined them, the ground began to crack.
The girls looked down wondering what was going on. Suddenly the ground they were standing on gave way and they fell in a dark hole, screaming.