Chapter 66: Unable to sleep

It was in the evening and Stardust left the warehouse, walking along the docks. He was tired from working all day and hot from being outside in the sun. All he wanted at the moment was to sleep for a few hours.
"Stardust!" called a familiar voice.
Stardust stopped and turned around, "now what?"
Liberty hurried down the docks to Stardust, "Where are you going?
"To bed."
"Now?...Come to the Ice Cream shop with us to get some Ice cream?"
"Us?" Stardust asked suspiciously.
"Me and a few boys. We're hot and we thought we would go to the ice cream shop to cool off."
Just them 3 boys walked up to Liberty. The first one was yellow with blue hair. The second one was Pink with white hair. The third one was white with red hair.
"Come on, lets go!" exclaimed the yellow pony.
"Hay, Stardust. Are you coming?" The white pony asked.
"Come on, you have to go. It'll cool you off," the pink pony proposed.
"Ok but just for a little bit," Stardust finally gave in and decided to go.

They left the docks and went through town till they came to the ice cream shop at the edge of town.
Stardust followed them inside and sat down at a booth. He sat on the outside with the yellow pony. Across from him was the pink and white ponies sitting next to Liberty.
Starlight wearing an Apron walked up to their table, "What are you having?"
"Banana split," replied the pink pony.
"Vanilla ice cream with three scoops," said the yellow pony.
"Milkshake," said the white pony.
"Cookie Blizzard," said Liberty.
"Banana Milkshake," said Stardust.
"Ok, be right up!" Starlight left the table and went behind the counter to make their order. A few minutes later Starlight return with a tray. She started handing out their orders and took the money they gave her.
Stardust quickly started drinking his Milkshake and listening to the boys talking.

Patch, Melody, Clover and Sweetheart were sitting at the counter talking when Lunarstar in her earth form, walked in.
"Lunarstar!" Patch exclaimed when she saw her enter the shop.
Stardust heard the familiar name and looked at the pony walking towards the counter. She was the same pony he had seen many times before. He remembered when she bumps into him, one of her friends called her Lunarstar.
"Hay Stardust, what's so interesting over there?" the white pony asked, noticing him staring in another direction.
"Just watching those little ponies," Stardust lied, he was only interested in Lunarstar.
Lunarstar sat at the counter next to Sweetheart.
"So where's Bon Bon?" Starlight asked standing behind the counter.
"She's baking a cake for Bright Eyes," Lunarstar answered.
"Oh," Starlight mumbled.
"How is Bright Eyes anyways?" Clover asked.
"Fine from what she told me on the phone," Patch answered.
"I heard she has some burns on her from the fire," Sweetheart commented.
"She won't be able to leave the bed for a while. He father is going to rebuild the Newspaper Press," Melody remarked.
"Yeah," Starlight giggled, "But this time he's going to make sure the building is animal proof."
"Say, why don't we go to Bright Eye's house and see how she's doing?" Melody suggested.
"I can't go, I have to stay here," Starlight sighed.
"I'm sure she'll understand why you couldn't go with us," Clover replied.
"We could go with Bon Bon when she goes to Bright Eye's house?" Patch proposed.
"Well, we better hurry then. When I left Bon Bon's house she was in the process of putting the icing on the cake," Lunarstar remarked.
"Lets go," Patch exclaimed.
The girls got up and hurried out of the shop, as Lunarstar started to leave she noticed Stardust which caught her by surprise. She never thought she'd see Stardust in the shop.
Stardust watched till the girls left. He wondered if the name Lunarstar was a popular name? The pony with purple hair reminded him of someone. Suddenly he began feeling a headache and it wasn't from his milkshake. The headache wasn't very painful this time and only lasted a few minutes.
He continued drinking his milkshake till there was no more left in his cup, "Well, I'm going to go. see you guys tomorrow," Stardust got up and left the table, he could hear the boys, "ok, see you tomorrow!"

Stardust left the shop and walked into the park. The sun was setting and he thought he'd wait a while in the park till it was dark. He knew night time was the only time the Princess came out to play.
He laid on the grass under a tree watching a few ponies that was still left in the park. Then suddenly Lunarstar ran by.
"She must be heading home but why in such a rush?" Stardust wondered out loud.
Stardust lied under the tree for quite a while feeling very tired, till the sun when down and the sky turned dark. A half moon shined brightly like the stars.
Stardust stood up and walked around the park, all the ponies had left and went home so Stardust was the only one in the park. It was quiet, not even the birds were chirping. The wind blew slightly, rustling the leaves on the trees. Once he had looked all over the park, he checked the school and then the Track N field and the forest but there was no sign of the Princess.
Stardust yawned, "I might as well quite for the night and go to bed. I don't think she's out to night."
He turned around and walked through the forest till he spotted the shack partly showing in the moonlight.
Stardust walked in the shack, it was dark except for the moonlight shining through the window. He laid out the thick blanket on the floor. Then he fluffed up the pillow and lied down, covering himself with another blanket. He yawned one last time before falling a sleep.
The night sky had turned black and the stars twinkled brighter. Everyone in Ponyland was sleeping peacefully except for Stardust.
He kicked his legs and kept turning in his sleep. He breathed heavily and grunted a few times.
"Stop!" Stardust yelled, suddenly he woke up and quickly sat up in bed.
"What...what was that?" he mumbled.
Stardust put a hoof in his forehead and thought about the nightmare he just had. Images from the nightmare started flashing before his eyes, images of him in the dark surrounded by a thick fog.
Stardust laid back down but the nightmare bothered him, he couldn't get back to sleep. He stood up and left the shack. He walked to the cliff and laid down in the grass.
"A nightmare but I never had one before," Stardust muttered to himself, "headaches and now a nightmare. Something doesn't feel right."
Stardust stared out into the ocean watching the moon and stars reflection on the water. His eyes felt heavy and dry. His body began to fell relaxed and then he laid his head down on his front leg.
"Something...feels wrong," Stardust whispered as he slowly fell asleep.