Chapter 65: A visit to the docks

It was in the afternoon when Lunarstar in her earth form left the house. She hurried to the ice cream shop to find her friends but all she saw was Starlight working behind the counter. She figured Starlight was to busy to play so she left and checked out the club house but no one was there. Lunarstar wanted to do something but she didn't feel like going home just yet. She left the Club house and walked around town, looking in the store windows.
"Hi, Lunarstar!" said a familiar voice.
Lunarstar looked at the reflection in the window and immediately recognized Bright Eyes. Lunarstar turned around and smiled, "Bright Eyes!...but where are the others?"
"Busy I guess. I know Patch is having soccer practice and Sweetheart has to babysit. Melody is having band practice," Bright Eyes answered.
"Oh," Lunarstar sighed sadly.
"Well, um...want to go with me?" Bright Eyes asked.
"I'm heading to see my dad, he works at the newspaper. Maybe he'll let us look around."
"Sure, lets go," Lunarstar answered.
Bright Eyes took Lunarstar through town near the docks. Lunarstar can see the warehouses in the distance and the large boats.
"Have you ever seen the docks?" Bright Eyes asked.
"I'll have to take you there once we leave here," Bright Eyes took Lunarstar in a big two story yellow building. On top was a large sign saying 'Newspaper press'
They walked in and went up stairs through the large room full of desks and ponies walking around. Lunarstar did her best not to bump into any of the ponies.
Bright Eyes took her up a set of stairs to a large office with large windows. She walked in through The doors and was immediately greeted by a tan pony with orange and green hair, "Bright Eyes!"
The tan pony walked up to Bright Eyes and hugged her, "what brings you here?"
"I want to show my friend around. Would that be ok?"
"Your friend?" the tan pony looked towards the door and saw Lunarstar watching him.
"This is Lunarstar," Bright Eyes looked at Lunarstar, "This is my dad."
"Oh, the one you told me about," Bright Eyes father walked up to Lunarstar, "It nice to meet you."
"So can I show Lunarstar around?" Bright Eyes asked.
"Sure, just be carful."
Bright Eyes took Lunarstar out of the office and down the stairs walking around the large room. Lunarstar looked at a few desks, some had papers pilled high and others hardly had any papers. The floors was covered in papers.
"It's kind of a mess," Lunarstar observed.
"Yeah, it's like this every morning. Someone comes in and messes up the place, no one knows who's doing it," Bright Eyes yelled over the noise.
They left the room and went downstairs.
"Why would they do such a thing?...come in every night just to make a mess?" Lunarstar asked.
"I don't know."
Bright Eyes showed her around the presses and introducing her to other ponies before leaving the building.
"Wow, that's so cool. how the newspapers gets printed and ready to be shipped," said Lunarstar excitedly.
"Yeah it is, I love watching the presses," Bright Eyes looked at the docks in the distance once they outside, "Want to go check out the docks?"
"Yeah!" Lunarstar was so excited, she had never seen the docks before or the large boats close up.

They walked through the grass, down a hill to the large warehouses. They walked between the two warehouses and out to the docks. They walked for quite a while staring at the boats and the ocean. There were male ponies everywhere, walking to and from boats and warehouses.
Lunarstar gasped at the size of the boats. They stopped and looked at the boats as they moved up and down on the ocean waves.
"Hay!" yelled a familiar voice.
The girls turned around and saw a Black pony appearing from the shadows of the nearby warehouse, "Don't stand there...Move it!"
Lunarstar gasped, she had no idea Stardust was working at the docks.
Stardust noticed the surprised look and Lunarstar's face, he recognized her from the park and the race. Then suddenly he had a headache, he held his forehead with one hoof. The pain subsided after a few minutes.
"Are you alright?" Bright Eyes asked.
Lunarstar couldn't help but wonder what was wrong with Stardust, she had seen him do that once before.
"Didn't you two hear me? your in the way, now get out of here," exclaimed Stardust angrily.
Bright Eyes and Lunarstar ran from Stardust till they were sure he was out of sight.
"That pony is a grouch," Bright Eyes commented.
"Yeah," Lunarstar agreed, as she looked back trying to get a glimpse of him.

Stardust watched the two girls run til they were out of sight, "I hadn't had a headache for a while now. I wonder what caused it? it can't be that pony, she doesn't even look like the Princess."
Stardust turned and walked back into the warehouse.

Lunarstar and Bright Eyes walked on the edge of the dock and watching the fish in the ocean. They had walked half way down the dock when Bright Eyes saw the restaurant, "Lunarstar, are you hungry?"
"Sure, I guess." Lunarstar wasn't sure, she was too interested in the fish swimming in the water below her.
"It's a new restaurant. It's not fancy but it's cheap."
Lunarstar followed Bright Eyes to the restaurant and sat down at a booth near the window. A pony walked up to them, she was white with pink and purple hair, "May I take your order?"
"I'll take a milkshake," Bright Eyes replied.
"Sounds good, I'll take the same," added Lunarstar.
It wasn't long till the pony came back with their milkshakes. Lunarstar quickly began drinking her milkshake, she had such an exciting day that she didn't realize how hungry she was. As she sipped on her milkshake, she began wondering about the newspaper press and who was making the mess at night. She thought maybe she could comeback tonight and take a peek at the Newspaper Press but could she convince Buster and Charades to come to the Newspaper Press? She didn't know but she hoped they wouldn't disagree.
"Lunarstar, is anything wrong?" Bright Eyes asked.
"Not really...I was just thinking about who would sneak into the building and make a mess."
"Here's the strange part, all doors and windows are locked and non of the windows are broken either," Bright Eyes whispered.
That made Lunarstar even more carious, she just had to look tonight.
She continued to finish her milkshake as she looked out the window and out into the ocean. The sun was starting to set and the sky turned orange.
"I better go home," Lunarstar remarked.
"Ok, see you tomorrow," Bright Eyes replied.

Lunarstar got up and left the restaurant. She saw the forest ahead and thought it would make a great short-cut.
As soon as she had left the docks, she ran into the forest. She ran up hill and into the thick forest, passing trees and bushes.
She ran to the top of the hill and continued in the direction of her house. Once she was sure she was alone in the forest, her horn appeared glowing and then her wings appeared and her hair turned white.
Lunarstar had forgotten how it felt to run through the forest. She knew she wasn't aloud in the forest but who was going to know? She certainly wasn't going to tell.
Stardust sat near the shake next to a tree and relaxing waiting till the sun had set before searching for the Princess, suddenly he heard a noise. Stardust stood up and looked around, a minute later he saw Lunarstar run by. He was to stunned to move his feet, he didn't expect to find her so close to the shake. She never even noticed him, she looked to concerned about something.
Stardust left the tree and ran after her.
Lunarstar looked behind her and gasped when she saw Stardust leaping over rocks and logs as he ran after her. Just as he had caught up to her, Lunarstar winked out.
Stardust stopped in his tracks and looked around, "Where could she have gone?"
Lunarstar winked home and appeared at the door, scaring Charades to death.
"What is wrong with walking home?" Charades asked.
"I didn't think I was going to make it home in time," Lunarstar answered.
"Oh?" Rosebud asked walking towards the door, "Where did you go today?"
"To the Newspaper Press and to the Docks. The boats are so big and the ocean is so pretty close up," Lunarstar replied.
"Isn't the Docks on the other side of town?" Buster asked.
"Mom, can I go out to night?" Lunarstar asked.
"I guess so," Rosebud answered, "wait till after dinner."
"I could use some fresh air," Charades commented.
"I could stretch my legs," added Buster.

After dinner and the sun had gone down Lunarstar in her earth form left the house with Buster and Charades. They walked through the community of houses and through town.
"Where are we going?" Charades finally asked.
"To the docks."
"Won't there be ponies there?" Buster asked.
"At night?" Lunarstar asked, "no one works at night."
"But still, we better be careful," Charades remarked.
They left town and walked along the forest edge till Lunarstar saw the ocean, "There it is!"
"What?" Buster asked.
"The docks and the ocean," Lunarstar ran though the forest as she changed forms. Buster and Charades were close behind her.
"Lunarstar, I don't know if that'll be a good idea going out to the docks like that," said Charades.
"I don't see anyone there," Lunarstar remarked.
"Lunarstar, wait!" Charades cried.
Lunarstar stopped at the edge of the forest.
"Let us got first," Charades suggested.
Lunarstar followed Buster and Charades to the docks, it was quiet and no one was around. Lunarstar hurried to the edge of the dock looking out into the ocean.
"It certainly is pretty," Buster commented as he looks at the reflection of the clouds and stars on the water.
"Sure is," Charades agreed.
Lunarstar laid down and looked down at the water, below her were a few fishes but it was too dark to see them clearly.
Lunarstar decided to light her horn to help her see the large fishes better. Buster and Charades looked at her surprisingly.
"I didn't know you could do that," Charades remarked.
"What else can you do?" Buster asked.
"Stardust taught me to light my horn and you two has seen all I can do," Lunarstar answered.
"Stardust taught you?" Buster asked.
Just then they heard a loud boom. Lunarstar stood up and looked in the direction of the sound. She gasped when she saw a fire from a building in the hill. It took Lunarstar a few minutes to recognize the building.
"A building on fire?" Buster asked.
"That's the Newspaper Press Building!" Lunarstar yelled, she dashed off up the hill with Buster and Charades behind her.
Lunarstar stopped half way up the hill.
"Don't get any closer, Lunarstar," ordered Charades.
Lunarstar just stared at the building, she couldn't believe it was on fire.
As they stood and watched, they could hear a faint cry for help.
"Lunarstar..." Buster and Charades began to say but it was too late, Lunarstar winked out. She winked in at the top floor. The cry for help was faint but she could tell it was nearby. The fire was hot against her coat and her eyes burned. Soon she found a pony who was coughing. Lunarstar recognized the pony, it was Bright Eye's father.
He looked up at Lunarstar and gasped. Was she real or was he seeing things in the mist of the fire? He wasn't sure, his eyes hurt from the smoke and he couldn't stop coughing.
Lunarstar lowered her head and lightly touch him with her horn, suddenly they had winked out and winked in next to Buster and Charades.
The pony continued to cough, his eye hurt to much to look but he could tell he was no longer in the building, "My daughter...she...inside!"
Lunarstar winked back in the building looking around, suddenly a wooden beam fell. Lunarstar jumped out of the way but her tail was caught under the fiery beam. She couldn't tough the wood, it was too hot and she tried yanking her tail out from under the beam but she couldn't. Lunarstar began to panic when she saw the ceiling began falling apart.
As she pulled on her tail, fire from the wood began burning her tail and suddenly she was free but her tail continued to burn. Lunarstar quickly put out the fire on her tail which was only half short now.
"Dad?" a faint voice cried.
Lunarstar recognized the voice, she hurried towards the voice and found Bright Eyes in a corner on the floor, coughing. By the time Lunarstar had reached Bright Eyes, she had fainted.
Lunarstar touched her with her horn and suddenly they winked out and appeared outside next to Bright Eye's father.
Lunarstar coughed a bit and her eyes bothered her.
"Come," Charades whispered.
"Who are you?" the father asked as he opened his eyes but all he could see was blurry images.
Buster and Charades took Lunarstar to the dock.
"Lunarstar, wash your eyes in the water," said Charades.
Lunarstar leaned over the edge and splashed her face with water. After a while her eyes began to feel better.
"Are you ok?" Buster asked.
"I'm ...sorry," Lunarstar muttered.
"Well, you did save them and I'm just glad your ok," Charades replied.
Lunarstar looked at the hill, the building was still on fire and she could hear the fire tucks coming.
"We better go," Buster suggested.
"Yes, I think we better," Charades agreed.
Lunarstar followed them down the dock passing the warehouses and boats. Lunarstar remembered her tail was burn half short, she was afraid of what her parents would say. They had never cut her hair and never wanted her to which was fine with her, she loved her hair long.
Lunarstar took a deep breath and prepared to look at her tail. When she looked, she gasped shockingly and stopped. Buster and Charades noticed Lunarstar was no longer following them, she had stopped and was looking behind her.
"Come on, we have to take you home," said Charades.
" tail...."
Buster and Charades looked at her confused, as far as they could tell her tail was fine.
"What about it?" Buster asked.
"It's long!"
Buster and Charades laughed.
"We know that," Charades smiled.
"No, I mean is was short but it's lest I thought it was short...wasn't it? I mean I saw it or thought I did...I think. But..." Lunarstar was at lost for words, she didn't know what to think. She was certain her tail was short. Lunarstar looked at her tail to be certain, it was long stretching pass her feet.
"I saw it. I did!" Lunarstar cried.
"Lunarstar," Charades began to say, "have you ever had your hair cut?"
"No! never. I would never think of cutting my hair," Lunarstar exclaimed.
To her surprise they both smiled.
"I wouldn't worry about your hair," Buster remarked.
"Your hair just grew back," added Charades.
"It did what?" Lunarstar asked surprisingly.
"It grew back," Charades repeated.
"Come on, no body's hair can grow that fast."
"Yours can and so can ours. In fact all the ponies from our world can," Charades explained.
"It's normal for your hair to instantly grow back," added Buster.
"Boys can do it?"
"yes," Buster answered.
"yes," Charades answered.
"Lunarstar, every pony in our world mean you never knew about your hair growing back?" Charades asked.
Charades smiled, "try cutting your hair sometime, you’ll find it fascinating to watch it grow back."
Buster looked at the hill and saw the fire trucks, "We better go."
"I think we have a lot of explaining to do when we get you home," Charades remarked.
"Your going to tell my parents?"
"We'll have to. Your almost black looking from all the smoke," Charades answered.
Lunarstar looked at her coat, he was right. She was partly gray and partly black.
"Come on," said Buster.
Lunarstar follow them through the forest to her house.

The next day Lunarstar was clean and the boys had explain everything to her parents.
"Bye?" Lunarstar yelled and she ran out of the house in her earth form. She hurried to the ice cream shop but her friends wasn't there. She ran to the Clubhouse and found all of them inside.
"Lunarstar!" Melody exclaimed.
"Did you hear the news?" Patch asked.
"Hear what?" Lunarstar asked.
"You know the Newspaper Press building?" Starlight asked.
"It burned down," added Patch.
"Bright Eyes and her father was inside," Bon Bon added.
"Her father claimed to have seen the ghost but most of the ponies thinks he was seeing smoke and illusions," Melody added.
"What about Bright Eyes?" Lunarstar asked.
"She's in bed for a few days," Clover answered.
"What caused the fire?" Lunarstar asked. She had wanted to know all night long.
"A family of raccoons had gotten in the building from the vents and made a mess, they think the Raccoons may have caused the fire," Starlight answered.
Lunarstar sat down at the table, she was relieved Bright Eyes was going to be alight. As she sat and listened she thought about what Buster and Charades had told her that night about her hair. She had thought about it all night and even dreamt about it. She couldn't help but feel she was truly a special pony.