Chapter 64: Headaches

Stardust laid on a thick dark blue blanket with a light blue blanket over him and a blue pillow for his head. He slept peacefully on his side in the dark wooden shack, his feet curled under him, his head was half cover under the blanket. The forest was quiet, the wind wasn't blowing and the birds were still sleeping.
As the sun rose the birds chirped and the light shown in the shack through the window. Stardust was a sleep under the window so he could avoid the sunlight.
He stirred in his sleep, his feet moved slightly and he raised his head over the blanket. Slowly he heard the birds at the top of the trees, and the boats sounding their horn. He opened his eyes and sat up. He was glad do be at the shack and not sleeping in the Mine Shaft, he couldn't help but wonder who the green pony was.
Suddenly he felt a strange headache, Stardust grabbed his head with his hooves and moaned in pain. He couldn't understand why he was having headaches, was it from falling in the mine? If so, why is he having it now?
After a few minutes the headache subsided and then it was gone.
"That was strange," Stardust muttered.
He stood up, folded the blankets under the pillow and walked outside. He stretched his front legs and then his back legs. He looked around the forest thinking about the Princess, the time he spent with her.
Suddenly his head began to ache. Stardust sat down and held his head, after a few minutes his headache went away.
Stardust began to feel concern, would he be able to work today? Why was he having headaches. He didn't know but he'll have to think about it later. He walked through the forest to the docs. The shack sat far from the docs which was how he liked it.
There wasn't a lot of ponies on the Docs yet, only a few. He walked pass the small dinning restaurant, which was built for workers and boaters. He walked pass the warehouses and large boats.
As he walked he wondered what happened to the Princess, where did Buster and Charades take her? What home was she talking about? Why did she feel so familiar to him?
Suddenly his head began to ache, he held his head with a hoof and several minutes later, his headache was gone. Stardust was really worried, having that many headache in the last hour wasn't normal.
"Stardust!" a familiar voice yelled. Liberty rushed over to Stardust, "I'm glad you’re here. He have a lot to do. There's a ship coming in today and we have to make room for that large cargo it's carrying."
Stardust followed him into a large warehouse. They spent most of the day moving boxes around and taking inventory. Stardust was on the cat walk checking off the list on his clipboard and thinking about the green pony at the Mine Shaft. Who was the green pony?
"Stardust!" yelled Liberty.
Stardust looked down at Liberty, "What?"
"I was saying, It's time for lunch."
"Ok," Stardust held the clipboard in his mouth and walked downstairs. As soon as her reach the bottom steps, he hung the clipboard on the railing and followed Liberty outside.
"Lets eat at that new restaurant," Liberty suggested.
They walked the restaurant at the end of the warehouses and went in. They sat down at the booths next to the windows. The restaurant was small with booths along the windows and stools at the bar.
A waitress walked up to their table, "What are you having to drink?"
"Water," Liberty answered.
"Lemonade," answered Stardust.
"Coming right up," The waitress left their table.
"So where have you been for 2 days?" Liberty asked.
"Sick," Stardust lied.
"Oh, are you feeling better?"
"You missed the excitement the last few days. One of the ships had a real live animal which got loose..." Liberty continued to talk while Stardust thought about the Mine Shaft. He wondered where the Princess was? he knew she was close by, he could sense her. He had never sense her presence before the fall of the Mine shaft, so why now? Stardust had a feeling something about the Princess was very important to Star Cluster but he didn't know what it was.
Suddenly in the middle of his thoughts, his head began to hurt. It ached more than this morning. Stardust griped his head and closed his eyes, a few minutes later the headache subsided. He was so busy concentrating on his headache that he didn't hear Liberty calling him, "Stardust."
Stardust looked up at him.
"Are you alright?" Liberty asked.
"I'm fine."
"Are you sure?"
"You've been doing that all day so what is it?"
Stardust knew Liberty will never stop asking, he was kind hearted and cared about other ponies.
"It's just a headache," Stardust finally answered.
"Why don't you go back to bed and lay down. I can tell the boss you weren't feeling well."
"After I finish my lemonade," Stardust answered.
That waitress brought the drinks, "have you decided on what you want to eat?"
"I'll take a hot dog," Liberty answered.
"Nothing for me," Stardust answered.
"Ok, your food will be out shortly," the waitress smiled and left.
Stardust quickly finished his lemonade and left the restaurant. He was happy to leave, he wanted to spend the day by himself thinking.
The full moon will be out in a this month, he had to make plans and hope he could catch her this time.

He walked to his shack in the forest and spread the thick blanket on the floor than he laid down. He laid for several hours trying to sleep but he wasn't tired nor did he have any headaches now. he laid on the blanket and watched the sunlight slowly disappear at the sun began to set. The birds continued to chirp and the distance sounds of boat horns echoing through the forest. He began to wonder what his brothers were doing? Did they continue to argue while he was gone?
One the sun had disappeared in the horizon and the sky was dark, Stardust stood up and left the shack.
"I wander if the Princess will me out tonight?"
Stardust left the forest and walked along the sidewalk, he went to the park since it seem to be her favorite place to go. He searched the lake, Playground and near the sidewalk and she wasn't there. He remembered the night he was Lunarstar playing with another pony, he wondered if she would be there now. He left the park and went to the school. He hid behind some bushes and trees near the Playground. In the field was Lunarstar in her winged unicorn form, playing ball with Buster while Charades kept watch.
Lunarstar was having fun, she giggled and teased Buster with the ball. Buster ran after the ball and finally got it, then he kicked it from Lunarstar. Lunarstar chased after the ball which was heading towards Stardust. The ball rolled far from Buster, across the field to the playground.
"You kicked it to hard," Charades exclaimed and followed Lunarstar.
"It's a light ball. You try kicking it," Buster replied.
The Ball rolled to a tree and stopped, Lunarstar hurried over to the ball and was about to grab it when she noticed a dark figure. The dark figure came out from under the tree. Lunarstar gasped when she saw Stardust walk out from under the tree.
Stardust stared at her as he continued to walk towards her. Lunarstar remembered what he had said the last time she saw him 'Don't expect me to just let you go next time. I still have my orders' Lunarstar felt scared and began backing up.
Charades ran to Lunarstar and suddenly stopped in front of her. Buster stopped and stood next to her. Buster and Charades didn't say anything, they stood guarded over Lunarstar and glared at Stardust.
Stardust stopped and looked at Lunarstar, suddenly his head began to ache, he put a hoof on his forehead till the throbbing stopped. After a few minutes his headache was gone.
"Darn headache," Stardust muttered, he looked at Lunarstar angrily and then he left. Buster, Charades and Lunarstar stared at him wondering what was that all about.
As Stardust walked back to the Shack he wondered what was causing his headaches. He thought about the times he had the headaches, this morning, at work and just now. It was during the time he was thinking about the Princess but why would that cause his headaches?
Stardust didn't know the answer but he hoped the headache will go away by the next full moon