Chapter 62: The Mine Shaft

Lunarstar stood in the tunnel, afraid to take a step, afraid what would be around the corner. It was very dark, only the light from her horn light up the surround area. Every now and then the light would dimming when she felt a headache.
"Don't stand there. Go on," Stardust ordered.
Lunarstar turned around, Stardust was so black he practically blend in with the darkness, all you could see were his blue eyes and partly blue hair.
Lunarstar looked up at him, she was afraid to be next to him. He wasn't nice to her and he always looked at her suspiciously which made her nervous.
Stardust took a few steps forward and stopped next to her, "Lets go and don't fall behind."
Stardust began walking with Lunarstar next to him. The tunnel was held up by large wooden polls that stretched to the top of the ceiling and a cross. The ground was covered in dirt and dust. The walls were made of dirt and large rocks, the tunnels was big enough for one more pony. Lunarstar looked up at Stardust, he was looking ahead. Lunarstar could see he was thinking about something but she was afraid to ask or to talk to him.
Stardust roamed the tunnels and wondering if there was even an exit at the end of the tunnels. He glanced at Lunarstar every now and then to see if she had fallen behind. Stardust still wondered why would Star Cluster want Lunarstar? Star Cluster could leave her in this world and remain ruler of Ponyland. After all Lunarstar is a girl and she can't rule a Kingdom by herself without marrying a Prince.
Stardust and Lunarstar had walked the tunnel for quite sometime without talking to each other. At times they felt like they were walking down a slight hill and around a curb, then walking back up hill. It was so dark, it was hard to tell if they were going up or down.
Suddenly Stardust heard a rumbling noise. He stopped and looked around but saw nothing, the tunnel didn't shake nor did the ground. What was causing that noise?
The noise was very close, Stardust looked down at Lunarstar who was blushing.
"Is that you making that noise?" Stardust asked curiously.
Lunarstar looked up at Stardust, "I'm hungry."
Stardust sighed, "You'll have to starve."
"But..." Her stomach started to rumble again.
"You're not the only one hungry. There is simply nothing in these tunnels to eat," Stardust continued walking, "come on. I can't see in the dark."
Lunarstar walked next to Stardust, she felt even worse, her head hurts and she was starving. She began to think about food, and how much she'd love to go home and eat.
Then a thought crossed her mind, was Buster and Charades looking for her? did her parents know she was missing? She began to worry.

They had walked for so long and there stomachs echoed through the tunnel.
Lunarstar was beginning to relax, she felt less afraid after their short talk a while back. She glanced up at Stardust who at the same time glanced down at her.
Lunarstar blushed, she felt embarrassed that he caught her looking at him. Stardust smiled and continued walking. Lunarstar wanted to ask him so many questions but she didn't. She didn't feel comfortable enough to start asking him questions.
They walked around a curve and came to a four way tunnel. Stardust stood and looked in all directions but there was nothing to see, they were as dark as the tunnel he and Lunarstar was in.
Then Stardust heard a noise but very faintly.
"What?" Lunarstar asked.
"Shhhh." Stardust listened closely over the rumbling sounds or their stomachs. He wondered what could make such a strange noise. Stardust followed the sound down another tunnel.
"What?" Lunarstar asked again, this time more louder.
"I hear something. Don't you?"
Lunarstar listened closely, he was right. She could hear a strange sound but she had no idea what it was.
They followed the sound down a tunnel which wasn't much bigger than the tunnel they had just left. Lunarstar noticed the dry and hard hoof tracks on the ground.
"Those are miner tracks from long ago," Stardust stated.
"Miners?" Lunarstar asked, curiously.
"Workers who digs in tunnels for special rocks."
"Oh. So what are we in?"
"This is a Mine Shaft, they can be quite long, full of twists and turns like a maze."
Lunarstar continued to look at the ground, she found it fascinating the tracks were ponies who lived a long time ago.
The strange sound they had been following was getting louder. Stardust could now make out what it sounded like.
"I can hear it more clearly now," Lunarstar exclaimed, "It sounds like..."
"Water dripping," Stardust interpreted.
They walked a little faster, the tunnel turned and went down hill. Stardust gasped and quickly stopped. The tunnel lead straight into the water. The dripping sound was a water seeping through the cracks on the wall.
Lunarstar stood next to Stardust just as surprised as he was.
"The tunnel is flooded," Stardust remarked.
"How can a tunnel be flooded?"
"I don't know and don't care. Right now I'm dying of thirst." Stardust walk up to the edge of the water and began drinking.
Lunarstar was no longer afraid of Stardust but she was still cautious of him.
"Well?" Stardust asked, "come on, this will quiet your stomach."
Lunarstar walked up to the edge of the water and began drinking. She felt better, drinking the cool water. She could feel the water reaching her empty stomach as she continued drinking.
The glow from her horn reflect off the water. She stopped drinking and looked at herself in the water.
"What's the mater?" Stardust asked, after he finished drinking.
"I'm dirty."
To her surprised, Stardust laughed, "Of corse you are. we fell in a Mine Shaft."
Lunarstar looked at Stardust, "I'm so dirty and your not."
"I'm just as dirty as you. Your white so it's more visible on you," Stardust turned, "Lets go."
Lunarstar followed him back down the tunnel.
They had walked for what seemed like hours through different tunnels, some were dead ends and others lead to other tunnels. Some tunnels had more tracks and others had less. some had deep tracks.
"Will we be able to find our way out?" Lunarstar asked.
"I hope so."
Ahead was what Lunarstar thought was another tunnel but it wasn't. It was a dead end with a deep hole in the ground. Above the hole was an old elevator made of wood.
Lunarstar stopped to get a closer looked at the old elevator. There were a few spider webs stretching from the elevator to the wall and under neath it.
"No!" Stardust yelled, "Don't go near it."
"It looks very old and could easily fall at any moment. The wood is rotting away and the ropes that hold the elevator is half chewed."
Lunarstar kicked a rock onto the elevator, it rolled off and fell through the spider webs down the hole.
The elevator began making creaking noise and suddenly, it dropped down the hole. Lunarstar jumped and fell on her back. A minute later she heard the elevator crash.
"Do you believe me now? Stardust asked, "Lets go, I want to spend less time in her as possible."
Lunarstar rolled over and stood on her feet. She could still hear the elevator fall.

They walked for quite a while till Lunarstar began feeling tired. The more she walked the tired she got. She lowered her head, yawning a few times. Stardust looked down at her and noticed her yawning.
"I'm tired," Lunarstar muttered.
Stardust didn't answer, he didn't know what to tell her. He continued walking, ahead was another tunnel, he decided to go straight. Lunarstar had her head down and wasn't paying attention to where she was going. Suddenly she tripped and fell to the ground, losing her concentration on the light.
The tunnel suddenly got pitch black and Stardust turned around, "Lunarstar!"
A minute later Lunarstar relit her horn. Stardust looked down and saw Lunarstar had tripped over some cart tracks.
The tracks were covered in dirt which made it hard to see. Lunarstar stood up, "What is this?"
"Cart Tracks."
"Cart Tracks?" Lunarstar asked.
"It's was what miners use to move rocks in and out of the mine shaft," Stardust paused, why hadn't he thought of it. It was the only why they'll be able to get out, "Lets follow these tracks."
Stardust turned down another tunnel walking along the tracks. They walked for a while till Lunarstar started slowing down.
"Why are you walking so slow?" Stardust asked.
"I'm tired," Lunarstar stopped and sat down, "To tired to keep walking," she yawned a few times.
Stardust looked down the tunnel, it was dark and didn't seem to lead outside anytime soon. He suddenly realized, he too was tired. He was anxious to get outside but without Lunarstar he'd never find his way out, "Ok, I guess we could sleep for a while."
Lunarstar yawned and laid down on the ground. She was too tired to care how dirty or rocky the ground was. Stardust laid down, watching Lunarstar fall asleep and the light from her horn dimming.