Chapter 61: Desperate Search for Lunarstar

The sky was dark, the full moon shined brightly through the clouds blowing by.
Buster and Charades ran across the meadow and into the dark forest, the glow from their coats lit up the area so it wasn't to hard to see. They ran across streems, passing trees and bushes as they called for Lunarstar but there was no answer.
"We're not going to find her," said Buster worriedly.
"Don't say that, we must find her," Charades replied.
They continued to look, splitting up in different dirrections but neither one went out of each other's sight, they didn't know the forest and didn't want to get themselves lost. Buster looked over the land from a large rock on a hill, calling her name but all he heard was crickets and owls. Charades looked around trees, in bushes and behind rocks calling for Lunarstar but there was no answer. Charades noticed how light it was getting, he turned and ran to Buster, "It's starting to get lighter, we should get Rosebud and Booster to help search."
"What if she went through the Gate?"
"I doubt it, we were near the gate and didn't see Stardust. The other Gate is to far to travel in one night...No, he and Lunarstar are still around," Charades anwered, "Now, get get back to the house."
They left the forest and ran back to Lunarstar's house as quickly as possible.

Once they reached the house, Charades was first to enter and then Buster. Rosebud and Booster were in the living room waiting for them.
"Where's Lunarstar?" Rosebud asked, noticing her daughter wasn't with them.
"We don't know," Buster answered.
"What do you mean?" Booster asked.
"Stardust showed up, we did our best to stop him but he got away from us and chased Lunarstar into the forest. We searched the forest but can't find her," Charades answered.
Booster and Rosebud looked very worried.
"We'll help you look," Booster turned towards Rosebud, "You can search the town."
They agreed and left the house, Rosebud walked in the opposite dirrection towards town. Booster followed Buster and Charades into the forest.
The sky was getting lighter which made it easier for the boys to search the forest. Buster and Charades coats were giving off less light. They walked up the hill along the trail calling for Lunarstar. Booster scanned the forest hoping to see Lunarstar or anything that might move. He was very worried and wondered were she was, if she was alright or what she was thinking now? Questions kept racing through his mind and he bagan to remember the times he had fun with her, making her laugh, smile and playing with her.
They reach the top of the hill and stopped. They scanned the meadow and high grass but there was no sign of her, they called for her again but there was no answer.

Rosebud Searched the park which she knew was one of Lunarstar's favorite place. She searched around the lake and in playgrounds, behind bushes but there was no sign of Lunarstar. Rosebud left the part and looked in the windows of the Ice cream shop. There was no one inside, it took her a few minutes to realize why, on the door said "Closed"
It was too early for the stores to open. Rosebud went to the school but there was no sign of Lunarstar. She walked to the Stadium, it was closed and she hoped Lunarstar wasn't inside.
The longer she looked, the more worried she got. The sun was starting to rise and the birds began to chirp. Rosebud decided to go home, hoping the boys had found her.

"Were did you last see her?" Booster asked.
"At the far side of the meadow, she ran into the dark forest," Buster answered.
"We already searched it though," added Charades.
"Lets search it again," Booster hurried over the to forest with the two ponies behind him.
The grass was high, reaching up to their knees. Every now and then a Rabbit or small animal would run through the grass catching the boys off guard.
"Could he have taken her though the Gate?" Booster asked.
"No, we were at the Gate when she ran off. The other Gate is to far to reach it over night," Charades answered, "I beleive she's still in the forest somewhere."
"She should have winked home," said Booster.
"I think she was too scared to think about it," Buster guessed.
The sun had risen, the wind blew slightly across the grass which the ponies shadows danced around.
The three of them walked in the forest calling for Lunarstar, they looked around trees and rocks but all they saw were animals.
They continued walking up a hill and to a flat land. Buster stopped and looked at the ground, Charades turned around wondering what he was looking at, "What is it?"
"A hoof print."
Booster and Charades looked, in the dirt was a small hoof print.
"Could be Lunarstar's," Booster guessed, hoping it was her's
"If so, then we're going the right way," Charades replied.
They continued walking in the dirrection of the hoof print, they all hoped she ran straight and didn't change dirrections.

Deep in the hole far from the three ponies, Lunarstar began moving her front leg. Stardust was half a sleep when he heard her move. Lunarstar felt the cold ground and wondered what she was laying on. She slowly opened her eyes and stared at the dirt wall for several minutes. Then with her front hooves she held her head, the pain in her head hurt.
Lunarstar layed her head down til the throbing had subsided. She looked around and gasped when she saw Stardust staring at her. She kicked with her legs and scooted herself back a bit. Her heart began to race, she couldn't beleive he leyed on the ground so close to her, staring. She wanted to wink out but she couldn't, she counldn't consintrate with a headache.
"Can you wink us out?" Stardust asked.
"I...I can't...I have a headache," Lunarstar slowly answered.
"Great," Stardust sighed, "Can you fly?"
"The walls are to narrow," Lunarstar answered as she looked up.
Stardust got on his feet and walked to the borded up cave, "I guess we don't have a choice but to go through this cave."
Lunarstar stared at Stardust surprisingly, "We?"
"Yes, now lets go," Stardust ordered.
"But it's dark in there," Lunarstar complained.
"You are a unicorn, you can light your horn."
"Think about light."
Lunarstar sat up and thought about light but her horn didn't light up, "it doesn't work. My head hurts."
"Try again!" Stardust ordered.
Lunarstar thought hard but it still didn't work. She tried and tried but each time, her horn did nothing.
"Think about lighting your horn," Stardust suggested.
Lunarstar closed her eyes and thought about light, she imagined her horn glowing but she quickly lost her thought.
"You almost had it," Stardust exclaimed.
"I did?" Lunarstar asked opening her eyes.
"Try again and this time, keep your horn lit."
Lunarstar tried again and this time her horn began to glow but each time she felt her head hurt, the glow dimmed and brighten again.
Stardust looked at her suspisously.
"I can't help it, my head hurts!" Lunarstar exclaimed as she stood.
"Well, it'll have to do," Stardust turned towards the boards and began ripping them off one by one, like they were a peice of paper, "Lets go and keep that horn lit."
Lunarstar froze she didn't want to do in a cave, especially with him. Stardust walked around her and pushed her in the cave with his front hoof.
"This is going to be an interesting day," Stardust walked in the cave after Lunarstar.