Chapter 60: Nearly cought

They sky was pitch black. The full moon shinned brightly, out shinning the nearby stars.
Buster and Charades left the Gate and followed the cobble stone trail towards home.
Their Coats shinned brightly as the left the ruins, walking into the meadow.
"So what did you think of Moonlight Castle?" Buster asked.
"It's so pretty inside. It was nice of the King and Queen to let us walk around their castle and explore. I can't wait to go back, I want to see more," Lunarstar answered excitedly.
"You can if you want next time," Charades replied.
"I'd love to see the Queen's garden."
"You'll have to ask her. It's her private garden though," Charades replied.
"Oh," Lunarstar sighed.
"Don't worry, I'm sure she would let you see it if you ask," Buster encoreged her.
Lunarstar smiled at Buster, she knew he was right.
"What about Dream Castle what's it like?" Lunarstar asked.
"Well, it's bigger than Moonlight Castle," Charades answered.
"Centuries ago it used to be small but when Ponyland got bigger and ponies began spreading though out ponyland, they decided to make the castle bigger and taller," Buster explained.
"Wow," Lunarstar exclaimed, "that was Centuries ago?"
"yup," Charades answered.
"will we get Ponyland back?"
"We will someday," Buster answered.
"But Banner and the Soldeirs hadn't done anthing that I can tell. And what about my mom?"
"Banner has been fighting since we were in this world with you," Charades answered, he stopped and looked at Lunarstar, "Star Cluster has other ponies and Creatures working for him and spying for him. Ponyland and the surrounding Kindgoms has changed, they lost their will to fight and are scared to go aginst Star Cluster."
"Banner and the King and Queen of Moonlight castle are the only ones fighting," added Buster.
"As for your mother, we don't know. The last time we saw her was when she went through the Gate with you. We found you but not your mother," Charades explained.
"What about my father?"
"We don't know," Buster answered.
"We don't...think you even had a father," Charades hesitated to say.
Lunarstar felt sad, she desperately wanted to know who her real father was but no one knew.
"I'm sorry, Lunarstar but as far as we know Queen Royal Heart ruled Ponyland. We don't recall ever seeing your father," added Buster.
Lunarstar lowered her head, she felt sad and wanted to cry. All she knew, was that her mother disappeared and she had no father but Lunarstar refused to beleive she had no father. Were they lying about her not having a father or did she really not have one?

"We should get you home," Charades finally said.
"It's to early to go home, can't we stay out a little bit?" Lunarstar pleaded.
"I guess..." Charades was interupted by a twig snaping.
Buster and Charades stood close to Lunarstar watching the forest
Stardust came out behind a tree, "Well, well. If it isn't Buster and Charades."
Buster and Charades stood guard over Lunarstar.
"Your not getting her!" Charades yelled.
"The Gate is open and you two can't stop me," Stardust replied.
Suddenly Stardust bolted in to a run. Bustar and Charades ran towards him and managed to knock him down. Lunarstar stood watching, she was scare, too scared to move her feet. Stardust stood up and ram into Charades, Buster knocked Stardust down but he didn't stay down long.
Just before Charades could get up Stardust threw Buster off of him and jumped to his feet.
Charades ran to Stardust, he stood between him and Lunarstar, trying to keep Stardust from taking a step towards Lunarstar. Buster joined Charades and kept Stardust from going around them.
"Do you two accualy think you can stop me?" Stardust hissed.
"Lunarstar, Run...Run as fast as you can!" Charades yelled.
Lunarstar froze, she couldn't move.
"RUN!" Buster cried.
Lunarstar snapped out of it and swirled around running as fast as her legs could move.
Stardust ran at Buster and Charades, slaming into them and knocking them to the ground. Charades quickly stuck his front hoof out and tripped Stardust. Buster jumped to his feet and layed on Stardust, keeping him from getting up. Charades did the same.
Stardust was getting mad and annoyed with the two ponies. Stardust stood up with Buster and Charades still on his back. He reared up letting the two slide off his back. Charades quickly stood up only to find Stardust's back legs stretched high in the air, suddenly Charades went flying back into the forest several yards away.
Stardust bolted into a run towards Lunarstar who just disapeared into the dark forest.

Lunarstar was breathing heavily, she was scared and worried. She ran pass trees, bushes and large rocks. The hill was steep but she didn't care, she continued to run. Lunarstar glanced back, she could hear someone running after her and the sound was getting closer.
Suddenly Lunarstar tripped, she fell on the grass but quickly got to her feet. She galnced back, she could see a dark figure heading towards her.
Lunarstar bolted into a run, she had no idea where she was, she had never explored this part of the forest. The hill had flatten out which made it easier for her run.
She glances back and saw Stardust running towards her at high speed. She felt afraid and wanted to desperatly to get away. Her legs were starting to hurt but she couldn't stop or slow down. She glanced back again, Stardust was right on top of her, he was so close that she could feel him breathing on her.
Lunarstar suddenly noticed some wooden boards on the ground, when she got close to it, she realized what it was, the boards covered a sqare hole in the ground.
Lunarstar hulted to a stop, catching Stardust off guard. He slammed into her and the two fell on the boards, braking them in half.

Buster slowly stood up, fighting Stardust was painful. Buster turned and searched the forest for Charades. He walked straight in the dirrection that Stardust kicked him at.
He soon found Charades in the bushes, he was unconscious with a few scratched and two hoof marks on his side.
"Charades!" yelled Buster.
Charades still didn't wake up.
Buster lightly shook Charades, "Wake up!"
Charades slowly woke up, moaning, "That was painful."
"Are you ok?" Buster asked.
Charades climbed out of the bushes and felt bruses on his side, "I had no idea he could kick that hard."
"I had no idea he was that strong. He was able to lift both of us," Buster exclaimed, still trying to get over the shock.
"It's hard to tell how strong he is, he didn't seem to have any trouble lifting us but at lest it explains why he's so fast and rarly tires out," The longer Charades stood the more pain he felt from his side.
"Yeah, it explains alot of things, like why his two brothers respect him and why no one has ever betten him in a fight," added Buster.
Charades looked around, he just remembered Lunarstar running into the forest, "Lunarstar!...we have to go find her!"
Buster and Charades ran out of the forest, cross the meadow and into the dark forest where Lunarstar had ran into.

Stardust woke up, he saw Lunarstar laying on the ground unconscious, her head had a cut. Stardust sat up, throwing the boards off of him and looked around. They had fallen into a deep hole, the sky was still dark but not as dark as it was when they fell in. Stardust stood up on his hind legs leaning on the dirt wall. He couldn't climb out, the walls were too high. Stardust stood on his four feet and looked around for a way out. The Gate will close soon and he had to get out with Lunarstar before the sun rises.
He notice a square like cave but it was boarded up. He walked up to the boards and peeked in but it was too dark to see anything. Stardust didn't dare venture in the cave without some kind of light. He turned and looked at Lunarstar, she is a winged unicorn, maybe she can help him?
Stardust layed down on the dirt rocky ground, folding his feet under him and waited for Lunarstar to woke up.