Chapter 6: The Trail

Early the next morning, Lunarstar was awakened by her mother. Rosebud light shook Lunarstar with her hoof.
"Mmm?" mumbled Lunarstar.
"Time to get up!"
Lunarstar slowly climbed out of bed and mad her way to the dresser
"Hurry up and change, I got to get breakfast ready."
"Did you forget? Buster and Charades spent the night here. I'm not leaving the room until you change."
Lunarstar looked at herself in the mirror and with a glowing horn she began change, her hair turned purple, her wings and horn disappeared.
"Good, see you downstairs."
Rosebud left the room and hurried downstairs.
Lunarstar brushed her hair and hurried out the room. Buster and Charades were just leaving their room when she almost bumped into them.
Charades stepped back to give Lunarstar some room in the small hallway, "Good morning."
"Morning," whispered Lunarstar, she was too tired to say anything else.
Lunarstar walked downstairs with Buster and Charades behind her. She walked to the dinning room and sat at the table in her usual place with Buster and Charades on the other side.
"I hope you like Pancakes," remarked the mother as she set the plates in front of them.
"I don't mind," answered Charades.
"I love Pancakes," added Buster.
The mother smiled, "Lunarstar loves them too. She has them every morning."
Lunarstar didn't waste anytime eating, she quickly ate her pancakes and left saying "See you later!" while grabbing her school bag in the process.
While she walked through the front yard, she took a quick look at the forest. She remembered last night and the mysterious cobble stone trail. She couldn't help but wonder where the trail led to. All day at school she thought about the trail.
Who made it? She heard that part of the forest was unexplored but that just couldn't be. She even remembered about the dark coated pony. Who was that pony? Would he still be there? Questions kept racing through her mind. She couldn't wait till night fall. She had to find out after school.
After school Lunarstar rushed home and set her school bag in her room, then she hurried downstairs to the Kitchen.
Her mother was getting ready to prepare three glasses of Lemonade when Lunarstar walked in.
"Hi, honey."
"Mom, I'm going out. Is that ok?" Lunarstar was hoping her mother wouldn't ask where.
Her mother set the glasses on a tray, "Could you get the door?"
Lunarstar opened the back door and waited for her mother who carefully carried the glasses outside.
"Have fun, honey," remarked the mother as Lunarstar shut the door.
Lunarstar felt exited and hurried to the livingroom, standing between the chairs. She looked out the window and the looked through kitchen window, no one was looking.
Once shw was sure they couldn't see her she made her horn glow, then changed forms to a white winged Unicorn and disappeared, reappearing in the forest away from home. She knew it was dangerous to be out as a white winged Unicorn during the day but her mind would never be at rest if she didn't look over that hill.
She ran through the forest, passing trees and streams in the process. Running through the forest during the day was different from at night she could see the trees better and hear the birds were chirping, she even saw a deer. The squirrels scattered up the tree as she ran by and rabbits hid in the bushes.
As she ran, she wondered if this was the right direction? It was hard for her to recognize the area since she only' saw it at night. Soon, she found the Cobble stone trail and was happy that she was going the right way. The hill was a little steep so she walked up the hill instead. She could see the cobble stone on the ground more clearly. The stones were large and gray. Little brown stones ran along the sides with grass growing between the cracks.
When she reached the top of the hill, she saw the trail kept going, all the way toward the Mountain.
"I hope I get back before dinner time." Lunarstar muttered, noticing the trail didn't seem to end.
Lunarstar took a deep breath and began running. She felt relieved that the land was mostly flat from the hill to the mountain. Lunarstar followed the trail into the forest, through the meadows and into the forest again. The closer she got to the mountain the thicker the forest got.
As she got close to the base of the mountain, she found herself in a meadow with a few trees and tall grass. She walked down the tail and saw broken statues on both sides of the trail, it was hard to tell what they once looked like since all that's left is the base of the Statues. She continued walking a little further to the edge of the meadow and stopped. Ahead was an archway, shaped like a horseshoe which was covered in moss and vines. Past that was something that Lunarstar never expected to see. Walls that had mostly crumbled to the ground from age, large white pillars surrounded the area, most of them had broken in half or was laying in pieces on the ground.
The ground was covered in large flat stones with designs on them, the grass grew in between the cracks, vines grew on the walls and on most of the stones. Lunarstar walked past the archway onto the flat stones. The area was covered in large quare broken stones in which she had to watch where she was going. In the middle of the ruins among the broken stones and walls, stood another Archway but this one was larger and completely in tack covered in Vines. She walked over to a small platform where the Large Archway stood and began pulling off the vines as best as she could except for the top which she couldn't reach. The top looked like some sort of shield but she couldn't be sure. Her Horn started glowing then the vines on top broke apart and fell to the ground. Now she could see what it is.
The Archway stood by itself and was covered with swirl designs with ponies all over it. At the top was a Shield carved out of stone with a carving of a large heart and a crown on the heart, in the middle of the crown was a crescent moon.
For the rest of the day till down, she spent her time looking at the drawings and designs. One thing that interested her was the pony drawings, most of them were earth ponies but a few were Unicorns and Pegasus.
As she looked around, she noticed something in the distance on the other end of the Meadow. At first it looked like a black spot but looking closely, she realized it was a Black pony. He was blacker than the average ponies, his hair was black and blue, he was too far for her to get a good look. The pony was heading in her direction, Lunarstar noticed something else, he had wings or she thought it looked like wings, he was too far to for her to be certain.
"That's not possible. I must be imaging it. There are no ponies that have wings like me," thought Lunarstar.
She had a bad feeling about him, she wasn't sure if she was scared because of his appearance or something else but whatever it was she didn't want him to see her. She ran through the forest and to the trail following it back home. She glanced back, it seems that the black pony didn't see her which she was glad.
The sun was going down and she had a long way to go before reached the end of the trail. With her Horn glowing, she disappeared and reappeared in the forest close to her home. She then changed forms to a normal earth pony and quickly walked out of the forest before anyone saw her. She walked across the street and in the house when her mother called the boys in for dinner.
Her mother had just came out of the Kitchen with a pot when she noticed Lunarstar standing in the livingroom.
"Oh, I see your back. Would you help me set the food on the table?"
After dinner Lunarstar stayed up a bit watching TV with her father, Buster and Charades then she went to bed. As she laid in bed thinking about the Black pony that she saw earlier, she wondered who he was. The more she thought about him the more she was certain he had wings.
She continued to think about black pony until she fell asleep.