Chapter 58: Prism's test of Friendship

The Sun was rising and Rosebud was setting two plates on the table. Lunarstar in her winged Unicorn form and Prism walked in the dinning room smelling the hot steaming pancakes.
Lunarstar sat at the table with Prism next to her and began eating. Rosebud walked in the dinning room setting the glasses of orange juice down in front of them.
"So are you girls going out today?"
"Yeah," Prism answered.
"I'm going to introduce her to my friends," Lunarstar answered.
"Ok but you be careful," Rosebud remarked.
"I will."

After breakfast, Lunarstar in her earth form and Prism left the house, they hurried down the street, through the park and into to the Ice Cream Shop.
"Hi, guys," Lunarstar exclaimed.
"Hi," they replied.
"We haven't seen you since the games," Starlight commented.
"Who's that?" Sweetheart asked, noticing the yellow pony with rainbow hair.
"This is Prism, she's staying with my parents for a few days," Lunarstar explained, "Prism, these are my friends." Lunarstar continued to introduce Prism to her friends.
"It's nice to meet you all," said Prism.
Stardust was sitting in a booth having a Shake when he noticed Prism.
"It's that same pony, the princess was playing with...hmmmm," Stardust muttered.
"It's nice to meet you, Prism," said Bright Eyes.
Prism and Lunarstar sat down on the stools.
"Would you two like to go skating with us?" Melody asked.
"Skating? as in Roller Skating?" Lunarstar asked.
"Yeah," Starlight answered.
"I can't skate," said Lunarstar shyly.
"I can skate but I didn't bring my skates with me," replied Prism.
"I have a pare you can borrow," Bon Bon replied, "They're my sisters. I'm sure she won't mind."
"Thanks," Prism replied.
"Lets get our skates and meet in the park by the lake" Patch suggested.
The ponies agreed and left the shop, with Stardust behind them. He followed Prism, hoping she would be alone. Prism went to the lake while everyone ran home to get their skate. Prism sat next to the lake and watched the ponies in the distance on their boats.
"Hi," said a voice.
Prism turned around, she recognized the pony from The Games.
"I remember you. You were one of the ponies that won the race," Stardust remarked.
Prism smiled, "Yes, I am."
Stardust walked up to the lake and stood next to her, "Do you live around here?"
"No, I live a few towns away."
"So, you don't have any friends?" Stardust asked sumptiously.
"Yes, I have friends here."
Prism was getting nervous of him asking questions.
"Would one of them happen to be white?" Stardust asked.
"With white hair?"
"No, they don't have white hair."
"Are you sure?" Stardust glared at her.
Prism stood up feeling nervous, "I never seen a white pony with white hair."
"Prism!" yelled a voice.
Prism looked and saw Lunarstar's friends at the doc, they all had their skates on except for Lunarstar who was carrying par in her mouth.
"Excuse me," said Prism, she left Stardust and ran to her new friends.
Bon Bon handed her a pare of light blue skates, "here."
Prism took the skates and put them on. She noticed Lunarstar was wearing hers, "Aren't you going to put them on?"
"Yeah," Lunarstar sighed, she was a terrible skater and didn't want to skate but she wanted to do something with her friends.
Lunarstar sat on the grass and put all four skates on.
"Lets go!" Patch exclaimed.
Lunarstar stood up and as soon as her skates touched the sidewalk, her two front legs rolled out from under her.
Prism and a few of the girls couldn't help but laugh.
"I can't help it!" Lunarstar complained.
"We know, Lunarstar. I'm sorry," Starlight apologized.
"We're all sorry," added Bright Eyes.
"We'll help you learn to skate," Sweetheart proposed.
Prism helped Lunarstar up and skated with her. They skated around the park trying to teach Lunarstar how to skate. She eventually stopped falling only she couldn't stop.

They Skated around the lake and stopped at a water fountain getting a drink of water. Prism was more thirsty then they were, "Go ahead, I'll catch up."
The girls left Prism and skated back into the park while Prism took her time drinking the water.
"Hi, again," said a voice.
Prism knew who it was, she looked up and saw Stardust standing in front of her.
Lunarstar decided to wait for her friend so she turned around skating back to the lake
"So, are you sure you don't know a white pony with white hair?" Stardust asked suspiciously.
"No I don't. I never seen such a pony."
"Oh?" Stardust knew she was lying, "Sure you have. I saw you playing with her last night."
"It wasn't me. I was in bed."
Stardust walked towards her. Prism walked backwards with every step Stardust made.
"Where is she?" Stardust exclaimed angrily, "I know your friends with her."
"Who?" Prism asked in a shaky voice.
"You know who. Princess Lunarstar. She's a pure white winged unicorn!"
"I...I uh...don't know who your talking about!"
Prism continued to walk backward towards the lake.
"I'm tired of this stupid game. I saw you last night, there was no mistaking it!"
Prism was scared, his stare was cold and he could see right through her lies. He had a way of getting a pony nervous to tell the truth.
"I..." Prism was about to say when suddenly she heard a familiar voice, "watch out!"
Stardust and Prism looked onto the sidewalk among the trees, Lunarstar was skating straight at them. She skated down hill and was going to fast for the grass to slow her down. She flew down the sidewalk and onto the grass ramming into Stardust.
Stardust was thrown into the lake causing a big splash.
Lunarstar sat on the grass next to Prism looking surprised.
Stardust jumped out of the lake, his coat was soaked and his hair was wet. Water ran down from his back and hair.
Prism started to laugh and then Lunarstar, before long, the two were rolling on the ground laughing.
Stardust glared at them, he was humiliated and mad at the same time. Stardust shook his hair and coat dry. He wasn't as wet as before but his hair and fur stood on end.
Lunarstar Prism continued to laugh as Stardust left.
"I was so close to getting the truth out of her...that pony ruined it," Stardust thought.
Once Stardust was gone and the two had calmed down a bit, Lunarstar wondered what Stardust wanted with Prism.
"That was Stardust but what are you doing talking to him?" Lunarstar asked.
"He wanted me to tell where you were and I wouldn't tell him."
"Me? why would he ask you?"
"He saw us playing that night."
Lunarstar gasped, it was getting hard for her to hide at night, Stardust was everywhere.
"Don't tell anyone, Prism. If my Parents or Buster and Charades knew..." Lunarstar begged.
"It's ok, Lunarstar. I won't tell anyone." Prism smiled at her, "Lets get back to the others before they start to wonder."
Lunarstar stood up and skated with Prism, they left the lake and went into the small forest looking for their friends.