Chapter 57: Staying at the house

The sun was just rising. The sunlight peaked through the certains waking up Lunarstar. She slowly woke up and threw her covers off. She yawned and sat up in bed staring at the Meddle on the wall the she had won at The Games.
Lunarstar got off the bed and stretched her front legs, then her backs legs while extending her wings. Then she walked to her dresser near her door. She picked up her brush and stroked her long purly white hair.
"Lunarstar, will you come to the Living room?" Rosebud yelled.
Lunarstar set the brush down and left her room. She walked down stairs and headed into the living room. She suddenly stopped, standing in the living room was Prism with a couple of bags.
"Prism is going to stay with us for a few days," Rosebud remarked.
"Really?" Lunarstar asked, happily.
Prism had seen what Lunarstar looked like once but she still couldn't get over it. Lunarstar was pure white with white fluffy wings and purly white horn.
"Lunarstar why don't you take Prism to the guest room and meet back here?" Rosebud suggestd.
"Sure, mom."
Prism carried her bags and followed Lunarstar upstairs next to her room. Prism layed her bag on the bed and followed Lunarstar downstairs.
"I'm so glad you could stay," Lunarstar exclaimed.
"It's just for a few days and besides, we have alot of catching up to do," Prism winked.
Lunarstar smiled and hurried to the Living room.
Rosebud and Booster was sitting on the couch while Buster and Charades stood. Prism reconized them and instintly noticed their hairy feet.
"Lunarstar, what have you already told Prism?" Booster asked.
"Only about the monster and what I am."
"You didn't tell her anything else?" Rosebud asked.
"There wasn't enough time."
"Tell me what?" Prism asked.
"Prism, have a set. It's a long story," Booster proposed.
Prism and Lunarstar sat on the couch while her father began to tell Lunarstar's life story.

After Booster had told his story, Buster and Charades continued.
Prism was surprised, it was like hearing a fairy tale. Prism had to glance at Lunarstar every now and then to be sure she wasn't dreaming.
"And so, that's why we are here," Charades finished.
"To watch and guard, Lunarstar," added Buster.
"That's so cool, Luna. Your a Princess...and your so pretty too," Prism exclaimed.
Lunarstar blushed and everyone laughted.
"So the ponies in your world has hairy feet?" Prism shyly asked.
"Yes, that's normal for boys," Buster answered.
"Prism, it's very importaint that you don't tell anyone about Lunarstar," said Booster.
"I won't. Lunarstar is my friend."
"Well, we sure hope you don't...I better go, I have to make dinner," Rosebud got up and walked to the kitchen.
"Can we go out after dinner?" Lunarstar asked.
"It's fine with me," Booster anwsered.
"Ok with me," Charades replied.
"A walk might do me some good," Buster commented.
"Is your leg any better? Lunarstar asked.
"Yes, much better."
"What happend to your leg?" Prism asked.
Lunarstar closed her eyes, she could still see Stardust landing on his legs.
"My leg almost broke in a fight."
"Lunarstar," Booster whispered, "Are you ok?"
"I'm fine."

After dinner Lunarstar and Prism left the table in the dinning room.
"Are we going?" Lunarstar asked excitedly. She was happy to have her best friend know her secret and was anxious to play with her. Prism was anxious just to get out at night and see the stars.
"We're coming," Charades answered, getting up from the table.
"Lunarstar," Booster began, "Your not leaving the house like that, are you?"
Lunarstar blushed, she was so excitedy about leaving the house with her friend that she forgot about changing her form. Lunarstar's horn began to glow and within minutes, she looked like a normal earth pony with purple hair.
Lunarstar left the house with Prism, Buster and Charades behind him, walking down the street.
"Where are you planing to go?" Charades asked.
"The Park?" Lunarstar asked.
"That may not be a good idea, I've see Stardust in the park quite often," Charades answered.
"Where then?" Lunarstar asked.
"Certainly not at the Stadium," Buster answered.
"Who's Stardust?" Prism asked.
"He's one of the black ponies we told you about," Charades answered.
Prism remembered a black pony at The Games and wondered if he was Stardust.
Lunatstar was quiet, she was busy thinking of a place. It had to be a quite place with no ponies around, "Well, what about the School?"
"School?" Buster asked.
"Yeah, no one is there and we haven't been there at night."
"Ok," Charades replied.

They walked to the park, heading to the school. They walked pass the school to the field behind it. Lunarstar ran to the center of the feild with Prism behind her. Buster and Charades hurried after them.
"Stay where we can see you," Charades ordered.
"Ok," Lunarstar replied. Her horn appeared, glowing, then her wings appeared and her hair turned white.
"Now what?" Prism asked.
"We play."
"Play what?" Prism asked.
"Ummm...tag?" Lunarstar asked.
"Ok," Prism smiled then she taged her, "your it!" then she ran giggling.
Lunarstar laughted and ran after Prism. The two ran around the field, Lunarstar was quickly catching up to her and soon she was able to tag her. Lunarstar turned around and ran with Prism chasing her. They ran around Charades and then to Buster keeping him in between them.
Lunarstar smiled and laughed, Prism ran pass Buster and chased her.

Stardust was walking through the forest draging his feet, heading back to his shack.
"I'm too tired to even search for her," Stardust yawned.
As he was walking, he heard laughter. It seemed strange to hear pony laughing late at night. Stardust was cerious and followed the laughter. He walked through the bushes passing the trees. In the distance he could see a small group of ponies. he quietly walked closer to them hiding among the trees. His black coat blend in with the dark surroundings. He came to the edge of the forest and stood behind a tree watching.
"Princess," Stardust muttered surprisingly.
He noticed Lunarstar was plying with another pony.
"So Princess Lunarstar has a friend," Stardust turned and continued to walk in the forest, "that's interesting."